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Abdu El-Rhoul
oklahoma city USA
about: I was norn in Casablanca morocco. I Own a pizzeria in Oklhaoma City. I love playing Chess, Gardening, And riding my bicycle. I spend over 8 hours a day surfing the net. So much to say so little time. Check my website: raioo: I love raioo. It one of the best Moroccan websites. I love the posters, the discussions and especially the people. Grande vie aux Marocains

abdullah ibn peter phillips
brigantine New Jersey USA

Abou Huraira
Duluth USA
Abou Huraira, AKA Mahjoub. An Avid supporter of Raioo! I've Migrated from the homeland just little over 30 years ago, and settled up here in the wilderness of North America, Just south of the Canadian border. I love this State and the people of Minnesota where I raised 4 children and continue to live with my wife. I am blessed to have connected with Adnane little over 10 years now. Like many of you, through Adnane I've met so many wonderful people and made so many good online acquaintances, many of who are now dear friends. I love good and civil conversations, I like Classical Arabic Music Melhoon and Andaloussi, as well as classical Egyptian songs from 20's-70's. I also enjoy Classical Western music, and American Jazz. I would give my hose for a glass of tea with a good friend while listening to some of my favorite Abdelwahab.

abc Quebec Canada

Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
Bessmellah. Sob7anek YA Rebbi La3dim. You gave us the ability to communicate. My name in the fairy mirror is ilane Ben Anda. Doodler. Protector of [ raioo]. Paints Moroccan culture in bits and bytes. Brings Points of Views to the table. Thrives culture. Likes to draw per.ty stuff. Has big Plans to get well after death. Make sure to Leave me comments, requests or complaints. Little prayers will come around for you.

Malhoun X once said:

Sta3ent b’daayem lmolk dou l7ssaane ................ Men kwwen sourti w laa 9ett nssaani

Rahmaane r7iim l7liim dd’yyaan ................ Man nayyerli masba7i 9abl nchaani

Zedt d3iif 3aari ljetta 3ajzaan ................ Berr b do3fi wsaan jasmi w ksaani

W j3al liya Khlaa9 l2om chfaa9 7naan ................ Lal9out lli 7tajtou menou ghddaani

W 3taani ssam3 w lbser w dyaa ldhaan ................ W t3mni basset n3aayem w s9aani

Yssrli not9 w lfhama w ttawnaan ................ W d7it n7e99 zaaydi men no9saani

W n9lni lchbaab men 7aalt Sbyaan ................ W kammel rjoulti m3a taf7 zmaani

Tomma stawit baalgh sniine lkhlaan ................ Byaad chchiib zaahaa fi wd9aani

Nchkor fadlou w ntrajja khirou lil2aan ................ Ysla7 2amri kimma 7fedni w njjaani

Ana fi 7orm khir modar w 3dnaan ................ Khaatem lrsaal kawkab tta9alaani

Lmaa7i sayyad maa ykoun w maa 9ad kaan ................ Na7med men haab li slaatou w hdaani

Hiya 7arzi w r9eyti hiya lamaan ................ Hiya hafdi w soun dini w ymaani

Slaatou zahwi w nzaahti, Hiya slwaan ................ Hiya 3zzi w hormti, hiya chaani

Hiya Wardi 3la ddwaam fkol 7yaan ................ Ya far7at man ktab famdi7ou chotraani

Yaskone fam9aam maa Ynakhreb lou bonyaan ................ Manzel ma2moune saaknou men l7zaani

Haadi l3icha lillaa ykaddarhaa fo9daan ................ Haadi daar dwaam haadi ljnaani

Fiha ma tchthaa nfous w l3yaani

May God guide all of us. Enjoy the site.
Your pal, Adnane.

Alvin J. Golden
St Mary, Georgia USA
Born into the Nation of Islam, know of Christianity, Accepted,Passed,and Raised in Freemasonry,Kabala, Esoteriic philosophies. Married with no Kids. I hear so many versions of what Moors were I would like someone to reveal the truth. The truth of my identity,spirituality,and Sovereignty.

chicago Illinois USA
whats up?

Casablanca Morocco
Half french - Half Moroccan .. now living in Casablanca with my wife and my two children. I spent 3 years in Los Angeles to study "International Business" and work today as a manager.

nador Morocco
PLZ just be Honest and Respectable

Faisal El Azzouzi
the bay area California USA
about: I am an electrical engineer (specialized in Renewable Energy). I live in the Bay Area. I am married and my wife is pursuing a humane rights law degree. I like to jam on my derbouka with other moroccans. raioo: Raioo is just great! I love the art work! keep it up first blog: probably a summary of how I made it from Morocco to the bay .. stories on my trip in Morocco las summer .. renewable energy and how it relates to Moroccan life and economy. ..etc

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