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Adnane Ben.
Location: Boston, , USA

Bessmellah. Sob7anek YA Rebbi La3dim. You gave us the ability to communicate. My name in the fairy mirror is ilane Ben Anda. Doodler. Protector of raioo. Paints Moroccan culture in bits and bytes. Brings Points of Views to the table. Thrives culture. Likes to draw per.ty stuff. Has big Plans to get well after death. Make sure to Leave me comments, requests or complaints. Little prayers will come around for you.

Malhoun X once said:

Sta3ent b’daayem lmolk dou l7ssaane ................ Men kwwen sourti w laa 9ett nssaani

Rahmaane r7iim l7liim dd’yyaan ................ Man nayyerli masba7i 9abl nchaani

Zedt d3iif 3aari ljetta 3ajzaan ................ Berr b do3fi wsaan jasmi w ksaani

W j3al liya Khlaa9 l2om chfaa9 7naan ................ Lal9out lli 7tajtou menou ghddaani

W 3taani ssam3 w lbser w dyaa ldhaan ................ W t3mni basset n3aayem w s9aani

Yssrli not9 w lfhama w ttawnaan ................ W d7it n7e99 zaaydi men no9saani

W n9lni lchbaab men 7aalt Sbyaan ................ W kammel rjoulti m3a taf7 zmaani

Tomma stawit baalgh sniine lkhlaan ................ Byaad chchiib zaahaa fi wd9aani

Nchkor fadlou w ntrajja khirou lil2aan ................ Ysla7 2amri kimma 7fedni w njjaani

Ana fi 7orm khir modar w 3dnaan ................ Khaatem lrsaal kawkab tta9alaani

Lmaa7i sayyad maa ykoun w maa 9ad kaan ................ Na7med men haab li slaatou w hdaani

Hiya 7arzi w r9eyti hiya lamaan ................ Hiya hafdi w soun dini w ymaani

Slaatou zahwi w nzaahti, Hiya slwaan ................ Hiya 3zzi w hormti, hiya chaani

Hiya Wardi 3la ddwaam fkol 7yaan ................ Ya far7at man ktab famdi7ou chotraani

Yaskone fam9aam maa Ynakhreb lou bonyaan ................ Manzel ma2moune saaknou men l7zaani

Haadi l3icha lillaa ykaddarhaa fo9daan ................ Haadi daar dwaam haadi ljnaani

Fiha ma tchthaa nfous w l3yaani

May God guide all of us. Enjoy the site.
Your pal, Adnane.

Joined: May 5, 2002

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Latif Nfoukh : 7:10 pm    November 24, 2009 reply · ·
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner regarding your PM of 17 Nov. It was filtered to my spam folder, I only found it today. All my recent submissions deal with the treatment of Palestinians at the hand of the civil and military Israeli authorities and the silence of the rest of the World. All the articles carry the names of their authors, dates and where they were filed and that goes to show how much you have read of these posts, they were not intended for flippant replies. I know most of the media has been got at and gagged by powerful lobbies.
Hey! Guess what, your latest post is a cut and paste of Robert Fisk from the Independent and so are many of your posts, at least I have read them and followed them to their sources and I do not think that pasting a link to a video clip of an idiot mocking his fellow citizens is helping to raise the position of Morocco. Call me sensitive or touchy if you will, but open your eyes and look around you. There are too many people putting us down we do need our own to give them a hand.
Try and watch ALMANAR TV from anywhere in the US. You are probably already aware of what I am referring to, but if not I must warn you that it is illegal and carries a 15 to 25 year prison sentence, now that’s what I call freedom of speech!
Since my posts are not the kind you what you want on your forum and I am not out to convert anyone, I have posted my last.


Columbus Sound Live : 9:38 pm    November 7, 2009 reply · ·
Yep Moroccan DJ business: Columbus Sound Live


Zineb Benhssein : 4:27 am    October 12, 2009 reply · ·
Hi adnane !!!
I was watching TV yesterday and I came across that news about that famous meeting of moroccans living in USA were you there????


Salem : 1:59 pm    March 1, 2009 reply · ·
Nice to see your photo again.


Salem : 2:59 pm    February 22, 2009 reply · ·
Bab El Mahrouk, in Fes el-Bali. Thanks. Next time I go Fez, I'll visit it.


Salem : 12:57 pm    February 20, 2009 reply · ·
Is the gate on the 100 Francs, in Meknes? is it Bab Mansour?


Salem : 12:41 pm    February 20, 2009 reply · ·
Adnan~the size font size is too big, King Size! :-)


Salem : 11:24 am    February 8, 2009 reply · ·
Putting them together with such a harmony was your touch, your contribution to this highly artistic image formation. keep up creativity!


Salem : 5:07 pm    February 7, 2009 reply · ·
I Would be unfair if I don't mention the Gate, the big door, as the third main component of the picture! I can't imagine the picture without it!


Salem : 4:51 pm    February 7, 2009 reply · ·
I think it's a Fiat 650! isn't it? It's anayway a major peice of the big picture. Makes me nostalgic. But man, that wall!!! is of a rare beauty! Thank you for sharing.

Salem Baba


Salem : 3:55 pm    February 7, 2009 reply · ·
I can't think of a better way to bring some Red to the Raioo Banner! Great!

Salem Baba


Tagine : 8:23 pm    January 15, 2009 reply · ·
Hi there! yeah it s been a while. I am doing a PostDoc at Stanford, and yes I am enjoying the sun we 've been having a 21+C weather over the last couple of days..feels good


Salem : 5:41 pm    September 3, 2008 reply · ·
Hi Adnan, I hope you're doing well and Ramadan Kareem!
I just wanted to thank you for changing the "stick" in the hand of Mr. L3eed, Cheikh l7ouma. It's just great! the new stick fits perfectly. Thank you again and congratulations!


Oussama : 1:03 pm    July 25, 2008 reply · ·
Hey ba Adnane
Comment ca va??

Ra7na twa7ashnak
Ma b9ash msn ni ri1 du tt
Hope to talk to u soon


achraf Benaddi : 6:35 am    July 24, 2008 reply · ·
Adnane ,

Did u recive my private message and if not i would like to know the email that u use often for that i can send u. thanks



Reda J : 12:35 am    June 10, 2008 reply · ·

adnane...well..i've just talked to docteur stambouli ..and he is trying to create with us as mOroccans algero-moroccan association ...are you in ?what do u think ?


Reda J : 9:20 am    June 8, 2008 reply · ·
hey's me Reda from washington,dc ..can u drop me a line i would like to make a proposition for you ??
cheers \


Reda J : 9:20 am    June 8, 2008 reply · ·
hey's me Reda from washington,dc ..can u drop me a line i would like to make a proposition for you ??
cheers \


Reda J : 11:16 am    April 20, 2008 reply · ·
i 've just talked to my father in law ..because he is a surgeon in california...and told me that the cost of the surgery is around a quarter million dollar ( 250.000$) and he insisted that the surgery is very very complicated lets help our little brother,son ..Mounib ..and pray for him...i already talked to DR stramboli here in DC ...and promised him that i'm gonna try to spread the word among the moroccan community here in the WASHINGTON,DC AREA ....allah al mou3ine


junesun : 6:25 pm    April 12, 2008 reply · ·
I agree, those sites are great too, not mine, but i definitely support, spread the love :)


junesun : 6:20 pm    April 12, 2008 reply · ·
Yup it's Fairey's work and his famous little man face...
Amazing for connecting, keeping it up and opening some floors and doors.


junesun : 6:04 am    April 12, 2008 reply · ·
you are amazing


axelle : 9:08 pm    March 25, 2008 reply · ·
thanks for adding me. yes i love morocco and oujda is a beautiful seaside village as you probably know. what else do you want to know? i have many moroccan stories!!!!


mostafa : 1:14 pm    March 8, 2008 reply · ·
Adnane B
relly i am happy to be your friend.
so and as i know you have alot of friends on the beutifull raioo
i hope you to send that link for all your friend .. and i wish Allah be with you
first it alink for a site that is designed to help people to know about the prophet Mohammed PBUH.
Thank you Adnane B.


hudhud : 10:48 pm    February 16, 2008 reply · ·
hey Adnane, is there an issue with uploading .gif images?


akhtar raja : 7:09 am    February 1, 2008 reply · ·
Hi! Do you also do photography?


Yakkout : 11:19 am    December 6, 2007 reply · ·
Salam Adnane,

How are you doing? Hope all is well!!! It is me the soussiya from New York...An old friend of yours.....i hope you still remember me!!!! **I used to write in Raioo under Moulat Lhrira!
Just wanted to say hello to you and see how you are doing!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Tanmirte m'kourne...
Yakkout/Moulat lhrira


Adnane Ben. : 8:26 pm    November 30, 2007 reply · ·
۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

39 : 8:16 pm    November 23, 2007 reply · ·
Ok si Adnan,then talk to you later and keep in touch.

38 : 8:06 pm    November 23, 2007 reply · ·
Assalam si Adnan,
First,is a pleasure for me to have speacial people interested on my photography.
Answering to your questions:1/Almost all images in my website they have a hig
resolution:3000 by 2000.
2/I prefer to send the print,then the price will depend on how big is the print.


Salem : 2:15 pm    November 15, 2007 reply · ·
Adnan, has your beard grown up in this image since it was first displayed. I know you are an artist and you may have made hair grow up on your image face. I find it's better so, or was it just an illusion?.


Salem : 8:44 pm    November 14, 2007 reply · ·
Thanks Adnan, I think it's alright now. The feature is working. You're great.

Baba Salem


Salem : 3:25 pm    November 14, 2007 reply · ·

By the way, I wanted to come back to new feature "Private" and give you a feedback. I don't know if you have tested dropping a private message to someone. I did. I sent a message to myself with the mention "private" and went the other side to see the way I'll be receiving it. The result is yes. The system indicated somewhere on the toolbar that I had a private message. I clicked on the indication and the message was displayed. Everything was OK so far. But after having moved away from that place and came back again, the message wasn't there any more, and there was no way I could find it again. I think the message was hidden from me somewhere although I am logically the owner.

Now I have a suggestion. I agree with you that most dropped messages are meant to be public. No problem with that. It's however interesting to have the possibility to drop private messages to other members for the sake of privacy. We agree on that. Now, logically, if the place is basically public as it is right now, and you want to drop a private message you have to check "Private", right? The receiver of the message gets a signal that he has received a private message. This message with the mention "Private" which arrived in a public place must keep that statute until the receiver wants to open it with no possiblity for anyone else to open it. This means the receiver must use his/her password to open it. There is a need to use a password to open private messages. I hope was not too ambiguous axplaining my point. Good luck and thank you so much.

Baba Salem.


Salem : 3:02 pm    November 14, 2007 reply · ·
Hi Adnan, I see you have been recently quite busy improving the shape of this place. I just wanted to thank you for that. The new look of the profiles is great on both banner and content. Shape is beautiful with its color, a warm blue. Content is interesting. It provides meaningful information about members.

Do they not say in America : "Slow and steady wins the race"? our here: "Belm8al kay tkell boudenjal"?


hudhud : 10:06 am    November 12, 2007 reply · ·
tanmmirt a si Adnane!! is that really you under the fro? looks great. now we need the delete function :o)


Salem : 1:52 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
Kind of expression of a respectful Webmaster ;o)

I don't want to be private so far :o)


Salem : 1:49 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
Wow! I like this image of you? there is a smile within a tough look. Kind of comments critics do about the Da Vinci historic and universal "La Joconde".

PS. The comparision has nothing to do with gender.


Salem : 12:41 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
Did you add the feature "Private" today?


Salem : 12:40 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
Yes Adnan, I think you see what I mean. Good luck.


Salem : 11:58 am    November 9, 2007 reply · ·
It's me again. I've been visiting Inboxes of few members starting with yours to post my previous message. I also visited Hudhud's one as I have a special communication with "Her", which lead me to Suzy's inbox. While doing so, I noticed that members communicating this way on this space make their exchange as if they were communicating in private somehow. At least they tend to behave so as they speak sometimes about kind of "private" things like giving their phone numbers, making appointments, etc.

My point is what is the purpose of droping messages to each other while entirely visible to other members? don't you thing that it would make more sense if members could communicate in a private room and so people would be encouraged to communicate with the members they want to communicate with, easyly and under some privacy protection?

Just a question.

Best regards


Salem : 11:34 am    November 9, 2007 reply · ·
Is this an updated look?


hudhud : 5:27 pm    November 8, 2007 reply · ·
what happened to your hair??! :)


fgsfg : 9:04 am    November 7, 2007 reply · ·
hey thanxs 4 da add.not used to this site yet i mostly use myspace.l


Salem : 10:23 pm    November 6, 2007 reply · ·
Hi Adnan,
Good move ! I find the new "United Notes" menu an easy strong tool for for raioosters or just guests to browse the site.
Best regards,
Baba Salem


Suzy Cameleon : 6:26 pm    November 1, 2007 reply · ·
drop me a message!
Hello. I am happy to find this site. I love Morocco and hope to one day live there permanently. My husband loves New York City for now and since having to leave my favorite city - New Orleans - after Hurricane Katrina, we have been living here in a semi-limbo state. When I get to live in Morocco I hope to bring something to enrich people's lives. I believe in art and showing folks new ways to express themselves. Peace. Suzy Cameleon


harris : 12:07 pm    October 31, 2007 reply · ·
drop me a message! salam walekom, hi mr adnan how u no me and how u get my email addres so pls i want 2 no . thanking you harris


pumuky : 2:58 pm    October 12, 2007 reply · ·
eidun mubarak


pumuky : 11:49 am    October 7, 2007 reply · ·
drop me a message! hey adnan its me i have enjoid your circle.


mariam : 12:18 pm    September 26, 2007 reply · ·
I m the sales / Marketing director for the Hilton hotel. I book event, groups, and meeting. I m also in charge of negotiating business account. It requires lot of attention to details. Im not doing very well in this Month( Ramadan).It's very hard to stay focused.
Are you facing the same problem???


hudhud : 4:28 pm    September 11, 2007 reply · ·
ya Ilane ben Anda, it looks like i'm raioo's how-to guide. so you gonna pay me from now on or what?? =) y'all should put up a Help menu.


Badr : 1:25 pm    September 11, 2007 reply · ·
Je me suis rendu compte que Rasta était Amine 7ta nzalte le Maroc.....:) :(

Excuse me Mr. Amine


Salem : 12:54 am    September 7, 2007 reply · ·
I was using the "hide/remove" feature to clean up my Raioo mail box from the empty messages I had sent to myself when I was learning how to use the site features, and I removed by mistake a message I didn't want to remove. I wished the system could have ask me if I was sure to remove the message before removing it actually. Can you help in that too? and I hope I'm not bothering you with my requests.


Salem : 12:35 am    September 7, 2007 reply · ·
I mean a nicer place as it is and has always bee a nice place. Bravo!


Salem : 12:31 am    September 7, 2007 reply · ·
I join Hudhud to welcome you back. I hope you brought with you plenty of energy and hope you will find time to make this site a nice place to meet with friends and interesting people.


Salem : 6:02 pm    September 2, 2007 reply · ·
Thanks a lot Adnane. Until then can you do it for me? I'll tell what... There is a comment where I spoke about some people so specifically that anybody can recognize who they are. I did that without their consent. I realized that I have no right to do that. I feel guilty and I want to correct that either by correcting the comment or by simply removing it. Thanks again.


Salem : 8:19 am    September 2, 2007 reply · ·
Hy Adnane,

How can I modify or remove a comment I don't like anymore?


hudhud : 12:35 pm    August 31, 2007 reply · ·
how's progress on the transfer and on the DEL function...? merci khaless.


hudhud : 5:32 pm    August 22, 2007 reply · ·
we should invent a good nickname for you. ilane sounds a bit too fairy-tale. as a kid we had a childhood friend named adnane. we would tease him and call him adnane the boogeyman. but i don't think that fits you very well :o)) sooo... i suggest swami guru raioo master as an alternative. only trouble is -- now we may also have to order you a cape..


hudhud : 5:28 pm    August 22, 2007 reply · ·
we missed you webmaster!! welcome back.


Salem : 2:23 pm    August 21, 2007 reply · ·
Thanks Adnane, I'm happy to be here. I'm glad to belong to your community. I already feel the good impact of Raioo on me, although I've been participating just recently.


Kathleen Woolrich : 4:12 pm    August 8, 2007 reply · ·
Hi please disable my blog immediately and remove me from your site. I am getting stalked on here and until comments are not anonymous, I really dont want to be on here with people blogging cruel thigns to me and I cannot see who is doing it. I ahve a a good idea who it is.... but I just ask that you please remove me from your blog immediately. My email is I dont have the heart to take nasty nasty unkind commnets and I cant control what this woman is doing and she is stalking me all over the web. Just remove me for right now because I am now uncomfortable blogging.

Thanks.. my password is RAIOO. Just remove my blogs and log in and delete everything


Rasta Gnawi : 6:55 am    July 15, 2007 reply · ·
got it. thanks I just fixed it.


Rasta Gnawi : 5:55 pm    July 14, 2007 reply · ·
I couldn't figure out how to post that last one as a video. could you help me with that


Rasta Gnawi : 10:33 am    July 14, 2007 reply · ·
do you know of a software that does simple animation (much more simplified south park type of aniimation?


rabiek : 7:37 am    June 26, 2007 reply · ·
The Old Man's Job Application

This is an actual job application that a 75 year old senior citizen submitted to Wal-Mart in Arkansas.

NAME: George Martin

SEX: Not lately, but I am looking for the right woman, (or at least, one who'll cooperate).

DESIRED POSITION: Company President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place.

DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle.


LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility.

PREVIOUS SALARY: A lot less than I'm worth.

MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes.



PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more intimate environment.

MAY WE CONTACT YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER?: If I had one, would I be here?

LIFTING UP TO 50 lbs.?: Of what?

DO YOU HAVE A CAR?: I think the more appropriate question here would be "Do you have a car that runs?"

HAVE YOU RECEIVED ANY SPECIAL AWARDS OR RECOGNITION?: I may already be a winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, so they tell me.

DO YOU SMOKE?: On the job - no, on my breaks - yes.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE DOING IN FIVE YEARS?: Living in the Bahamas with a fabulously wealthy dumb, sexy, blonde, supermodel who thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Actually, I'd like to be doing that now.


SIGN HERE: Sagittarius

Wal-Mart ended up hiring the old man because he was so funny.


bou_rass : 3:13 pm    June 15, 2007 reply · ·
Im still lost a bit , but Iam trying bro, hehe its been along time! thats why..I guess we grow old and things change :(


Badr : 11:38 am    May 31, 2007 reply · ·
that's me yes ;)

Moroccans and Immigration in USA
I Draw and Paint North Africa

welcome to:

afasaFad2da afasaFad2da

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Sara Gint

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