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Joined: Jul 17, 2007

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majhol majhol : 2:49 am    January 13, 2010 reply · ·
Je veux vendre des informations confidentielles très important pour moi Israël, mon somme d'argent considérable mon ckyp ci gilver987.


: 8:03 am    August 21, 2007 reply · ·
Hajar, I can only imagine how you felt. I wish you the best of luck in living in Morocco. That is one of the bravest things I have ever heard a woman doing :) I really mean it...Congrats to you and your husband and good luck with it all !!



Hajar Ayaou : 5:33 pm    August 14, 2007 reply · ·
Hi there! Hmmm an exotic zoo I felt when I originally moved to Morocco! The men love me and the women, at least in Oujda, hated me, hahahahaha! I now live between here, Zaio and Akemane and long to return to live in Morocco within a year. Hajar is NOT a happy American but a VERY happy Moroccan! Take Care


: 1:28 am    August 12, 2007 reply · ·
I am still based in SF but I am actually in Europe right now for 6 months. I am in Latvia at the moment and really enjoying myself here. I don't think they have seen a live Moroccan person before here so I feel as an exotic Zoo animal hehehe


Faisal El Azzouzi : 6:11 pm    August 11, 2007 reply · ·
Hey! Are you still in San Fran? or have you made it back to the east coast already?


Faisal El Azzouzi : 6:11 pm    August 11, 2007 reply · ·
Hey! Are you still in San Fran? or have you made it back to the east coast already?


Hodhod : 1:09 pm    August 6, 2007 reply · ·
hi there :) thanks for the add. I'm actually the same as "hudhud" on here - will correct the other profile as soon as our webmaster is available to help =D
so where is Kaza? what's it like there?
if you ever come down to LA/socal hit me up :)


: 6:53 pm    July 17, 2007 reply · ·
Opps I think I sent you couple empty messages sorry!!
My dog is a Shelty and her name is "Pumpkin" :)
I just thought we may make good friends since I absolutely love Gnawa music and Reggae :)


Rasta Gnawi : 6:45 pm    July 17, 2007 reply · ·
Thank you for the friend request. Sounds like your parents made a good mistake :) Nice dog. what breed?


: 6:18 pm    July 17, 2007 reply · ·
I was born and raised in Kaza. Then my parents made the biggest mistake of giving me my passport :) after that I lived in Boston, Madrid, and San Francisco...Looking to be back to the East coast (NYC) soon.
My work: Internationalization specialist with Google. fashionista and artist. Hobbies: learning a new language, salsa, painting, and proverbs.


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