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Hudhud has traveled through time to come to you from the age of King Solomon, thrilled to see that modern times have brought photographic technology to the aid of her curious travels to Sheba. She enjoys being in the great outdoors, especially where the skies are blue. Occasionally, in her spare time, she works! Stay tuned for her flickr updates!
Joined: Aug 5, 2005

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Nouria El Yacoubi From Figuig: Moroccan Champion of Karate Cannot See Her Opponent


Nawal : 7:19 am    July 20, 2008 reply

New York and I are offering the coolest summer vibe for you :) Life is good .


Adnane Ben. : 1:10 pm    May 4, 2008 reply
regarding blurb, as a warning and based on my experience with them, don't order the 7x7 size. Go up to 8x10. They use different printing process. The 7x7 process is inferior. I am planning now to redo my trial photo book with 8x10 and maybe request a refund for the 7x7.


Adnane Ben. : 8:40 pm    May 2, 2008 reply
Hi there ~ I have a suggestion for you. I'd like to go to and look into printing your photography in a book. Ok? give it a shot. blurb is highly integrated with flickr so you should be able to export your flickr photos to a blurb's book easily. Design the layout of the book, put text if you wish as commentary of the photos or whatever you like. It takes like 2 weeks to get it, but I think it's a cool thing to have your digital photos on hand and in your bookshelf. If you do a north african themed book I'll buy it. You can market it on raioo, flickr, facebook etc. Think about it. It's also an easy way to organize photos you take after photography gigs (like weddings, events etc) and make them available for sale with profit.

I made a small book (7x7 hardcover, darkroom theme) as a trial. I wasn't too happy with the paper and print quality, but it's ok, I had a nice book I can browse once in a while and show to friends.

Good luck,


akhtar raja : 6:12 am    March 25, 2008 reply

I love my work.

The debate is bordering on the crazy.How can you demand shariah in a society that is firstly governed by non muslims who have no obligation to do so, and secondly in an environment that is not suitable (much like many Muslim countries).The UK is a sovereign state with its own rights of governing as it wishes to, just like any other country.We can of course demand fair treatment and justice.

If we want to regulate our personal lives according to Islam then of course we can Also that should bring out such a great deal of attractiveness in us in our relationships with all others,

Having a system of tribunals for matrimonial disputes and other disputes is fine as long as people can submit voluntarily and the people that adjudicate are sound. The latter is very very difficult to acheive.

sorry for the outburst!! Fellow Muslims just annoy me sometimes in the way in which they sometimes shout and scream but dont think first!! I suppose we are all prone to that sometimes!

Anyway tell me more about yourself!!


akhtar raja : 12:19 pm    March 10, 2008 reply
Hi! I mainly practice cases involving human rights issues and misconduct or abuse of powers by governments. I also do main stream commercial litigation.

The scene here is not really as authentic as in Morocco itself! Restaurants are generally a far cry from cuisine you are welcomed with at home. I think I need to retire in Morocco!!


Adnane Ben. : 11:26 pm    February 18, 2008 reply
Yea, I think there are issues with uploading gif. jpg should be ok. I haven't really had time to resolve it.

And thanks for the book, I got my copy from amine. Nice surprise, I'll start reading soon!


Salem : 1:50 pm    February 18, 2008 reply
Thanks Hudhud for the link to the flamenco site. You're an angel.


Salem : 2:12 am    February 16, 2008 reply
Thanks Hudhud for being there. Best regards.


Nawal : 1:04 pm    February 9, 2008 reply
hello hudhud , how s life treating ya ?


Housna : 8:04 am    January 8, 2008 reply
Happy new year dear and all my best wishes for 2008.
Hope you enjoyed your holidays.
On my side, I went to see my family in France to spend the aid with them. But I guess you know how France is now, you can not sacrifice your own cheap for the aid. So many people got it confiscated and had to pay fines. Yeap, France country of tolerance and freedom, where religion (I would say mainly Islam) has to be put at the door. That is integration!!!
Anyhow, I had a great time with my family, I miss them way too much.

I return the invitation, if you come by, I'll be glad to show you around, even though OK does not seem that attractive, it still has few interesting things...

You take care.

37 : 7:31 pm    November 23, 2007 reply
Assalam Hudhud,
Thank you for the coment,inchaa allah in the future you will see more shot from morocco.


Adnane Ben. : 12:48 am    November 23, 2007 reply
I also think this table is a steal... if you can get a custom made glass top for it.


Adnane Ben. : 12:46 am    November 23, 2007 reply
You'll probably be intersted in these steals.. the business is closing!


Morocco Insider : 11:39 am    November 16, 2007 reply
My website for the tour is
It is a place holder until I get my full site up and running in January.


Morocco Insider : 11:37 am    November 16, 2007 reply
Group size is 16-18 people to best balance price and comfort for my target market.


Morocco Insider : 9:16 pm    November 14, 2007 reply
Hi! So sorry about the delay in responding. I am working with a Moroccan Tour Director to build a really nice cultural tour where we will stay in Riads in the Medianas in Fes, Marrakech and Casa. I have a couple of guides I am working with as well. We are not in the market for a photographer at this time. My objective is to bring small groups of Americans, specifically from California (since much of our terrain and climate is similar to Morocco) to share the magic of this beautiful country and people that I have discovered and to grow more a broad American tourist base for the Moroccan trade.


Suzy Cameleon : 10:54 am    November 9, 2007 reply
I tried to click the befriend button but I don't know if it works like that. I appreciate all your feedback on the subject of Moroccan art and hope that one day we can meet. NIce to see a photo. Very cute.
I am still very focused on my idea about a gallery/art supply store. I am planning on going to Agadir this February. I also have a sister in law in Sale. She is a forward thinking Moroccan woman and I would love to hang out with her while I am there. This project and my ideas will take time to actualize but I believe it will all come together. I am encouraged. I have a big dream but it is not an impossible one. Stay in touch. Peace. Suzy Cameleon - cellphone 504-232-9879 feel free to call (New York time 3 hours later than yours)


Housna : 10:06 am    November 9, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
Thanks, I am sure I'll really enjoy the exhibit...and sorry again about yesterday


Housna : 9:26 pm    November 8, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
Hey lady!
sorry I was waiting for your email sometime earlier today... I was hesitating on going on my own... but the day went on and I was so busy in the lab... I ended up leaving at 5:00 pm before I got the chance to check my mail... I am really sorry... I will go tomorrow though to see how it is.
Did you enjoy it?


Housna : 10:49 am    November 7, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
No, unfortunately, not in the new building...too bad. My department is Microbiology and molecular genetic.
Regarding the expo, what time on Thursday? Sounds pretty good?
let me know


Housna : 10:49 am    November 7, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
No, unfortunately, not in the new building...too bad. My department is Microbiology and molecular genetic.
Regarding the expo, what time on Thursday? Sounds pretty good?
let me know


Housna : 5:06 pm    November 6, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
thanks for the tip


Housna : 4:52 pm    November 6, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
Don't drink soda either... but for sure I'll try the stuffed thingy... I am sure if i give them the description you gave me, they'll know...
I am an environmental microbiologist, I am working on some kind of difficult anaerobic bacteria that lives in limited amount of energy and we are trying to figure out how they are making a living...
but I'll probably try to go to Kerchoff tomorrow, I was there an hour ago to get some coffee... I might find the place.
How about you? Of course you are a bruin, what year? and what's your major? one of the numerous pre-med crowd maybe?


Housna : 10:17 am    November 6, 2007 reply
drop me a message!

You're right, somewhere on Venice, next to some brazilian restaurant, I kind of like the area.

I am not sure I can qualify myself as a bruin, I just joined UCLA 2 months ago as a postdoc... I am more of an employee... can't take advantage of any of the student status perks anymore, SUCKS!!!

I'll try to stop by sometime this week somewhere in Kerchoff right? I am sure I'll be able to find it



Housna : 5:36 pm    November 5, 2007 reply
drop me a message! Hey Hudhud,
thanks for the little note... I am still trying to find my way around... besides the daily home-UCLA trip, I walk around town to find places I might appreciate. Yesterday, I went for a walk behind my complex, and I discovered a whole new part of town I wouldn't have guessed could even exist, a lot of little stores with a hallal meat store. Thought it was kind of neat. Oh well, it will take time but how we say, slowly but surely....
thanks again


Morocco Insider : 10:59 am    November 4, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
I am new to the site and have enjoyed reading through your notes, thank you!


Morocco Insider : 10:57 am    November 4, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
I am new to the site and have enjoyed reading through your notes, thank you!


Morocco Insider : 10:57 am    November 4, 2007 reply
drop me a message!
I am new to the site and have enjoyed reading through your notes, thank you!


Blooming Warda : 11:22 am    October 12, 2007 reply
Eid Mobarak Said :)


Salem : 4:03 pm    September 12, 2007 reply
You're soooo nice! Thanks a million. :)
I'm gonna try it rhight now. If I succeed, I promise you'll like the video.


hudhud : 3:00 pm    September 12, 2007 reply
no problem. you can still knock here too but I am not always so good at explaining things :o)
very good choice for your new name =) mabrouk!


Salem : 2:39 pm    September 12, 2007 reply
Thanks Hudhud. Next time I'll nock at Adnane's door.

By the way, I like the way you call me, I turned it to be my official name @Raioo.


Salem : 1:12 pm    September 10, 2007 reply
Hi Hudhud,

How do make those links to pictures, videos, sites... without actually overloading the space reserved for comments?


Salem : 5:28 pm    September 7, 2007 reply
Thank you!


Salem : 4:27 pm    September 7, 2007 reply
Hudhud. Do you accept to be a friend of mine? Because I want you to be a friend of mine.


Adnane Ben. : 11:04 am    September 1, 2007 reply
I will try to do that by weekend's end. I thought hiding notes puts them in the drafts folder which is almost like deleting since nobody else can see them.. hmm i'll see what's wrong with that


hudhud : 4:10 pm    August 23, 2007 reply
nope. it doesn't hide 'em.
doing anything in reverse confuses me. it's all i can do to pull out of a parking spot ;o))

I just realized I'm addicted to candied almonds. (random thought #3785)


Adnane Ben. : 3:25 pm    August 23, 2007 reply
Hmmm, you should be able to edit or hide notes (hiding is like deleting except it's still visible to you). And you should be able to delete people's comments on your own notes. As for my nick, feel free to come up with something. Try to read ilane ben anda in reverse..


hudhud : 5:27 pm    August 22, 2007 reply
btw - we still don't have ability to delete posts. i have a lotta crap to delete (pardon my french, ahem..)


hudhud : 5:27 pm    August 22, 2007 reply
doh- gotta think about that... ;o)) just kidding lol. I think keep this one. moutashakira awiy khaless.


Adnane Ben. : 5:18 pm    August 22, 2007 reply
I will have to do that, transfer your stuff around. So which account do you want to keep and which do you want to disable?


: 1:33 am    August 12, 2007 reply
Hello Hudhud, Kaza is casablanca, Morocco but people from there call it only with this abbreviation. It is a great city...I absolutely love it and spent one of the best years there of my life but will never return to live. There are simply too many places in the world to experience :)
How about you? you are from Oran? I love the photography work you have posted.


Banota : 4:33 am    August 2, 2007 reply
I thought u added me?... Hey, dont matter. Your most welcome any how.


Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) : 9:57 pm    August 1, 2007 reply
Glad to have you as friend.



Banota : 6:41 am    July 14, 2007 reply
Hey huhud! Im presuming your name is Houda?? Correct me if i am wrong.Thanks for wanting to be my friend. Im really new to all this. So bear with me. How are you doing and tell me more about yourself please.

Banota. x


hudhud : 5:27 pm    June 27, 2007 reply
yes, you can leave me a comment, I promise I won't charge extra for that =D


Adnane Ben. : 2:03 am    May 20, 2007 reply
Just testing to see if I can leave a comment. If it doesn't show up, oh well! it's probably something illogical I did!


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