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I live for the beauty of the universe, the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon. I live for the beauty of our planet, the ocean, the forests, the rivers and the deserts. I live for the beauty of my country, the sea, the sand dunes, the mountains, the cities, the villages and the people...
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Ennio Morricone reminds the Rbatis of the cinema golden age..
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Isn't Nina a Gnawya?..



Adnane Ben. : 12:52 pm    February 21, 2009 reply · ·
Actually correction, it is Bab El Mahrouk, in Fes el-Bali.


Salem : 11:24 am    February 8, 2009 reply · ·
Putting them together with such a harmony was your touch, your contribution to this highly artistic image formation. keep up creativity!


Adnane Ben. : 6:04 pm    February 7, 2009 reply · ·
Yes it's a fiat, you got it, but more precisely it's a fiat 600. By the way I wish I was the one with the photograph credit. I pulled both photos, the wall and the rest, from the internet and put them together.


Adnane Ben. : 4:43 pm    February 7, 2009 reply · ·
Thank you sir! it's a wonderful cute little car too :)


hudhud : 10:50 pm    February 18, 2008 reply · ·
glad you like it!


hudhud : 9:30 pm    February 17, 2008 reply · ·
hey Baba Salem have you ever checked out you might like it!


hudhud : 11:17 pm    February 14, 2008 reply · ·
kach jdid ba Salem?? how is life? no new posts or stories to share?


Suzy Cameleon : 3:06 pm    January 18, 2008 reply · ·
Dear Baba Salem, I am wondering about the cost of renting a 2 bedroom apartment in Rabat. I am still working on my "Plan Z" to get to Morocco. I just want to have an idea of how much I would need to be living there for my first year with or without employment. Let me know what is going on in Rabat these days. Hopefully within the next 2 years you and I will be sharing a pot of tea somewhere in your city. Peace. Happy New Year.
Suzy Cameleon


Amine : 2:54 am    December 17, 2007 reply · ·
Sorry bro for being late:(
Thank you for your nice note!
Here in Japan life is soooooooo boring! and stressing sometimes:)


Adnane Ben. : 7:59 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
That was the funniest comment a critic has ever told me :) and I have a few critics.


Adnane Ben. : 1:03 pm    November 10, 2007 reply · ·
Yes indeed, thanks for reminding me of that ~ should do the trick. But it's still okay and cool and appropriate when people wanna leave public messages. It's the person's call.


Adnane Ben. : 6:49 pm    November 9, 2007 reply · ·
I mean ~ not exactly a room. But add the option to make a private comment on one's profile. I think it's ok to have public messages too. What you refer to as rooms, privacy protection etc, is a different thing I would call groups. Yes, in the works too.


Adnane Ben. : 3:48 pm    November 9, 2007 reply · ·
Oui ~ yes I agree, it's been on my list of things to do. Infact, I'll try to find some time to develop this by this weekend.


Adnane Ben. : 3:46 pm    November 8, 2007 reply · ·
Baba Salem ~ no problem! yes, sometimes I do silly things like that :) keep them coming.


hudhud : 4:29 pm    September 11, 2007 reply · ·
ok i told our noble raioo-master guru swami Ilane ben Anda to put up a help menu. ask him next time since he's the raioo-master and he's good at explaining things. ciao!


hudhud : 4:25 pm    September 11, 2007 reply · ·
wach baba Salem ca va. it's easy you just use these brackets [ ] just like how Adnane wrote it out:

To link words use: text

so you put [

then you leave a space and then write the name of the website or whatever you want to call it, like Website so-and-so is cool, click here, etc.


Adnane Ben. : 5:30 pm    September 2, 2007 reply · ·
Salem - Yeah, good catch! I will need to add that to the list of TODO. Keep them enhancements coming, whenever I get some time I roll up my sleeves so no worries.


Rasta Gnawi : 7:51 am    August 31, 2007 reply · ·
Thanks for the note Salem. I can't make it to that conference, but it sounds like the type of events we would go to. I am always interested in future events in case you come accross something similar.


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