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I am one of those moroccans who have lost their roots wondering somewhere in this world and trying to figure out where they belong... or maybe I am just a morocan period, no matter where I live. I need to find myself and perhaps learn arabic to try to understand what my fellow "raiooer" are writing, that would be a beginning...
Joined: Oct 9, 2007




hudhud : 1:33 pm    January 7, 2008 reply
hey H, how are you doing? how was your eid and new years? hope you're doing great. If you ever plan to visit out here and want to escape the cold, lemme know :)
hope you are well.


hudhud : 3:36 pm    November 14, 2007 reply
hello doll,
i sent you an email about an event. please say you can make it :) let me know if you need a ride from wwood.


hudhud : 11:18 am    November 9, 2007 reply
no worries girlfriend, just make sure your lab doesn't keep you from enjoying all the beautiful things that campus has to offer :) i have a sis who did microbio too, i know that lab life is not easy :)
bon weekend


hudhud : 9:15 am    November 9, 2007 reply
The photographs were beautiful, I went through the exhibit twice and loved it. I'm sure you'll like it too :) show goes down nov. 25 so don't wait too long to see it. the only part I couldn't really stomach was the part about water diseases. but it was very educational too..

I haven't yet seen the African writings arts exhibit though. maybe next time.


hudhud : 5:34 pm    November 8, 2007 reply
I think I sent you an email :o)


hudhud : 5:21 pm    November 8, 2007 reply
still interested in fowler today? say 6? i'll probably stop by kerchoff first for some caffeine.


hudhud : 11:40 am    November 7, 2007 reply
def in the evening, probably 6 or 6:30ish but I'll confirm. tomorrow is going to be a crazy day for me so I'll be looking forward to a nice break after :) and I can't wait to see that guy's photography. I was thinking of buying the book but I want to see the exhibit first.


hudhud : 10:24 am    November 7, 2007 reply
btw - you're in one of the new sci buildings, yeah? how do you like it? I drove past there a couple of weeks ago. it's amazing how fast and how much the campus keeps growing and changing.

I might be taking a friend to visit the fowler one of these thursdays if you'd like to join us. There's a photography exhibit on women & water in West African villages, and another on African writing arts.


hudhud : 5:02 pm    November 6, 2007 reply
sounds interesting. one of the mysteries of science. who knows what you'll discover.

def _not_ pre-med, i lived in bunche and generally avoided south campus :o) i was pre-architecture/urban planning but still haven't done grad school yet. it's kind of a hazy distant dream :o) someday perhaps.

btw, the fowler museum near janss steps is one of the school's hidden treasures. they recently had a great exhibit about Touareg culture and they brought the Tinariwen band to perform there. i think the exhibit is over, but their gift shop probably still has some nice books and little drums or something :o) anyway it's a nice quiet place to take a break and the courtyard is pretty relaxing, very quiet.


hudhud : 4:26 pm    November 6, 2007 reply
oh and try their guarana soda. good stuff (and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally drink soda :o)


hudhud : 4:23 pm    November 6, 2007 reply
yup there's a little brazilian community in that part of west LA and quite a few restaurants. they have this yummy kind of stuffed thing kind of like the syrian kebbeh but way bigger. i forgot what they call it. starchy, stuffed with meat or shrimp or potatos and they serve it with salsa. delish.

kerchoff main level (right below the cafe level) if you go in through the cpo office.

what's your postdoc about?


hudhud : 9:38 am    November 6, 2007 reply
btw - there's a moroccan fellow at ucla name of Mehdi I think. donno any others tho. stop by the msa newspaper office in kerchoff, you'll find some friendly faces. and they usually have a basket of chocolate lying out there too if that helps :o)


hudhud : 9:36 am    November 6, 2007 reply

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! GO UCLA!!!! dat be my alma mater friend!!!!

there are lots of halal meat stores in LA :o)) which one did you find? I'm guessing you probably hit asia foods, the indo-paki grocery on venice. yeah?


hudhud : 1:34 pm    November 5, 2007 reply
hello H. I'm an H too. hush don't tell, they'd banish us, you know :o)

LA is especially good at making people feel lost and lonely. first you gotta figure out all the freeways and how to get your toes from A to Z and how to survive the depressing commutes. then you gotta stumble out of your wagon and actually carve out your niche! LA is a tough town to make friends in, but you'll manage eventually. good luck!


Housna : 10:01 am    October 12, 2007 reply
drop me a message! Thanks a lot Adnane and Aid moubarack a little ahead of time.


Adnane Ben. : 12:44 am    October 12, 2007 reply
Hi there, welcome to raioo! I believe there are a few people in this website from LA.. Hudhud is one of them, message her.


Housna : 1:35 pm    October 9, 2007 reply
drop me a message!


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