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Suzy Cameleon
Location: Meknes, , Morocco

I am an artist working in my studio in Meknes. Finally realizing a dream.
Peace to all of you out there. Never give up trying to live your bilss.
Joined: Oct 30, 2007

Moroccan film fest in NYC..
My new website..
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Suzy Cameleon Painter..
Artists in Morocco or anywhere else..



oualiart : 5:01 pm    May 31, 2008 reply
Dear suzy thanks for your compliment write now I am showing in this space


hudhud : 11:21 am    November 9, 2007 reply
It's a beautiful dream Suzy and you can make it happen :) as they say rome wasn't built in a day, these things take time but that's part of the beauty of accomplishing your dream. I'll definitely give you a ring and let you know when I'm next in nyc. You'll have to show me your art and teach me a few techniques :) and remind me to bring you one or two of my aunts' so you can see what I was talking about.


Adnane Ben. : 2:11 am    November 3, 2007 reply
uploading photos, and displaying them as illustrations in your note writeups should be working, and hopefully easy to use once you get hold of it a few times. Why isn't it not working for you?


Adnane Ben. : 8:13 pm    November 1, 2007 reply
By the way, you should write a new note on raioo where you talk about your ambitions. My brother's wife is also an artist and would be interested in exchanging notes with you.


Adnane Ben. : 8:10 pm    November 1, 2007 reply
Thanks for writing me Suzy. I'm sorry for what you, your husband and familly went through because of Katrina. And I wish you the best in your endeavours. I know you wrote a note on raioo recently. I'm sure you'll hear from like-mind people eventually either here or in Morocco. There are plenty of opportunities in Morocco when it comes to art. It's true that many people would like to make everyone believe that art is not the priority in Morocco ~ but, whatever artists can do within the constraints of the society contributes to its progress. Honestly, Morocco is tolerant of art and would welcome any energy you bring to it. Good luck,


Suzy Cameleon : 8:04 pm    October 30, 2007 reply
drop me a message!


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