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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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06:24:32 AM Thursday Dec 22, 2005

Has anyone seen this book or heard anything about this writer?
Aside from mandatory readings in high school, I have not been a big reader of Moroccan fiction books. I'd like to get into it a little, to discover some of the new litterature coming out of Morocco. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Otherwise, I'll try this book first.

Happy holidays everyone (I am referring to the Eid lkbir -can you believe those airlines tix to Morocco; this is extortion)

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2:06 pm    January 17, 2006
Driss R. Temsamani
First I must apologies to all of you, I just learned that this topic existed n raioo while googling.

Thank you all for showing interest in my work. I have been to Orlando and DC to promote my book and my reaction to the Moroccan community's support is simply "Wow". I wish I can share with you in words how proud I am to be Moroccan.

Following is a link from the WMC covering the last event:

Again thank you and I will be with you in raioo if there is anything you would like to know.

Driss R. Temsamani


4:59 pm    December 22, 2005
How about Aissam El Faresse, I think this guy is brilliant when he gets patienate about writting. His piece Casablanca, lost and delirious is just a breath-taking metaphore I recommend anyone to read.

May be I find real interest in that piece of work because I relate to it, and not because I am from Phoenix, but rather because of the way of life of a Phoenix.

Have you read this before? Do you know about this guy? What do you think?


3:55 pm    December 22, 2005
I have read a lot of Mr Temsamani's material. I personally like his work and choices of words. If you are interested in reading some of his poems and plain aritcles, about his longing to morocco or simply his confession of love to his newly found bent llad, I suggest you go to

Great Job Mr. Driss and good luck to you in your future projects.


2:51 pm    December 22, 2005

Aziz Bezza message
perfect i can't wait hearing from him in this site.i wish i read his book so i can practice some critic :)
anyway i remember he wrote about lkhwanjia. i like his brilliante analysis religion isn't a job.

2:23 pm    December 22, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Forgot to add he's actually raioo blog "Lm9adem". Still awaiting his contributions to his blog or participation in raioo blogs and discussions.

And also looking forwards to see these folks write: Samir, Mahjoub, Antr, Bibicha.. they were early contributors to raioo material, and to Derb (pop mailing list back in 90s).. but somehow I see that they grew old or something? :)


2:14 pm    December 22, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
I did :) I read some of the pieces in his web site, and I enjoyed the one entitled something like If Americans were Moroccans. I am yet to read something serious by him, but so far he seems to write from nostalgia point of view. He loads his writings with satire, and sometimes critiques the Moroccan "average" person. It can be constructive sometimes, but he might get some backfire. I'm not sure.

2:06 pm    December 22, 2005

Aziz Bezza message
very good writer? you must have read some previous books of his or you are so generous in rating moroccans. hey give some of your positive crediting:)

11:36 am    December 22, 2005

hudhud message
but curious to know the content. something autobiographical of sorts? seems kinda young for an autobio, non? although there are some young ppl who have lead extraordinary lives worthy of writing about..
saw a report last night on bbc news about the child-soldiers in uganda.. it broke my heart. i know there must be books out there written by former child-soldiers from other wars too, about their experiences and escapes.. now that'd definitely be a book i want to get my hands on. or smthg about tales of survival and escape from the algerian massacres. or smthg from tunisia, the silent stuff goin on there until now.

am dreaming of this lil photojournalism-book-project i want to do if i get to land in morocco and dz next yr (inchaaaaaaalllah...) i love writing but love photos too....
keepin my fingas and toz crossed..


10:16 am    December 22, 2005
It's really great to see our fellow Moroccans publishing in the U.S. I've just finished Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila Alami. It was interesting.

8:19 am    December 22, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Driss is a very good writer (by passion/hobby) based in Miami, FL. His writings seem to reminisce of Morocco. He mixes Americana and Moroccana, and the whole thing rhymes nicely.

7:54 am    December 22, 2005

Aziz Bezza message
I was sent an e-mail ad about his book. i didn't buy his book, but i checked his website about 2 weeks ago. some of his writings are pretty intersting(progressive thinking) apparently he is new in the business. i think he might come to boston to promote his book.

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