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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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great film
06:31:28 AM Thursday Jul 19, 2007

A dear friend sent me a Fellag clip that was hilarious. I remembered Fellag from his early days. The Algerian TV station aired one of his stand-up sessions in 1990 (I remember I was cramming for the Bac, the clip aired on a Thursday - by the way, does Algeria still have thursday friday off?) Anyway, all of us in school were obsessed with that session.

So that clip sent me on a search through the internet for new material of his. I was so thrilled to see he starred in what looks to be an amazing french film Michou D'Auber. Take a look at the site, and I\'ve included the youtube clip as well. I wonder if Amazon carries the film.


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10:31 pm    October 12, 2007

hudhud message
fellag.. it's an obsession.. =D
Fellag-Un Bateau Pour LAustralie-1Uploaded by algeriemusique

9:41 pm    October 12, 2007

hudhud message
don't know if you've already seen this interview, but you might find it interesting..


4:19 pm    July 19, 2007

hudhud message

4:13 pm    July 19, 2007

hudhud message
this reminded me a bit of part of the plot to michael haneke's film "caché" - but only minimally, in the sense that two of the main characters in each were young algerian boys adopted by french couples living in the countryside - both set during the algerian war for independence which serves as an important theme but remains a backdrop rather than being the focus - a powerful way to set the mood without being sidetracked by historical details from the story at hand.
in each film, the boy's identity spirals into crisis - but each plays out very differently. in haneke's film, the adopted child was an orphan whose parents were drowned in the Seine during the massacre of 1961 but here the mother is supposed to be dying of a fatal illness and the father gives up both sons that he can't take care of on his own and sends them to foster care.
the identity crisis of the adopted child - a not-uncommon theme. in haneke's film there is the added theme of the "good son/bad son" but in gilou's film here the couple is childless. both couples in each film are in crisis.
fairly recent film btw - feb. 07 and I do wonder if they'd do a sequel as the director says he'd like to. would be interesting.

re: Fellag - interesting to note that he is still not playing such a central role in this film from what I can tell. he has played supporting roles in a lot of other great films, I remember seeing him in "inchallah dimanche" too. But I wonder if his career is really built more on a foundation of satire and black comedy.


2:16 pm    July 19, 2007

hudhud message
:) wednesday afternoons and fridays all day off from school, and thursday 1/2 day, friday for workplace weekends- rather a weird schedule I think :) za3ma 1 and 1/2 day instead of 2 full days of weekend - do you really think that means anything? most of la jeunesse are unemployed and have 7 day weekends anyway =P but you want the REAL schedule for ppl who have an office job? hak:
show up at 11
leave for lunch at 11:30
back from lunch at 3
go for asr and qahwa at home at 4:30
break regularly (read at every 15 minute intervals) to "help" the guy in the office next door

the most stable employee in the nation is the self-employed moule lpicerie!

did you see his episode "notre ami le chien" ? I think it's my fav of all of his standup comedy series..

Fellag is a genius. no one criticizes algerian psychology and social follies and politics the way he does. I'm a believer - c'est GENETIQUE =D


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