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Suzy Cameleon
Meknes Morocco
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Artists in Morocco or anywhere else
03:51:15 PM Friday Nov 2, 2007

Whenever I travel to Morocco I am always looking for contemporary artists. I am interested in where the contemporary art scene is right now in Morocco. I have seen oil paintings in Asilah, and have seen advertisements for galleries in Tanger and Casa. I was disappointed when I was in Meknes and couldn't find not one art supply store. I intend on living in Morocco (hopefully within the next couple of years) and I would like to start getting connected with the artists there and maybe even have a show in a gallery before I move. It's difficult networking in New York City and as an artist I cannot imagine where to start networking in Morocco when I am not even on location. I do speak French and I am working on my Arabic.
If you are an artist out there somewhere, let's talk about galleries, promotion ideas, workshops etc. that are happening in Morocco. I am planning a trip to Morocco for February.
Right now I am in New York City and will be having a trunk show this December as a first step in getting my work shown in New York City. I used to live in New Orleans and had no trouble getting shows there.
Peace. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Sorry I am having trouble uploading photos to raioo.

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8:47 pm    May 29, 2008

oualiart message
Dear suzy
please take a look in my website
hope you will find what you are looking for
let me know
love an light

1:39 pm    January 24, 2008
I've seen his stuff before, Escher's pretty well known. I love the Balcony and the Concave and Convex, they are really cool. his artwork is like puzzles for the eye. intriguing for the first 20 minutes or so until I start to get dizzy :o)

8:34 am    January 24, 2008
3abir Sabil
Errata:it's better to try this website:

6:44 am    January 24, 2008
3abir Sabil
Thanks Peter white for talking about mandala.I just learned about this art.
I agree with Adnane that moroccan mosaïc (zellij) need some renew.This make me to remembre Maurits Cornelis Esher who visited one day Alhambra in Spain(Granada) and was inspired by the design of these mosaics to create his own style. See some of his work at:

7:20 pm    January 23, 2008

hudhud message
hey these mandala's are pretty cool. I totally agree with Adnane, Peter you should totally collaborate with some Moroccan ceramics pros and tilemakers to create these mandalas in ceramic form. I think you'd find a happy market for your art. Personally I especially liked one of the b&w ones.. but they're all pretty darn cool.

And thanks for the alex grey reference. I found this on his site as I was looking at his Sacred Mirrors work.. it's an inspirational few words that really hit home for me these days..

"In a cosmos of billions of galaxies
In a galaxy of billions of stars
There’s a planet with billions of people –
The only one we know of –
And every breath we breathe is a miracle.
Our hearts pump.
We see.
We feel.
We taste.
We touch our world.
And sometimes we forget the pure wonder
Of our brief journey on Earth."
(from )

btw - the symbols he uses on some of his sacred mirrors are really intriguing.


6:25 am    January 23, 2008

peter white message
hello suzy nice to receive some good feedback from yourself and others regarding my for the process and present i use either paper or daler boards.i use a compass and/or circle templates,generally the rest is free for meditation,i meditate when i draw.when i started the mandalas it was to fill in the time when i wasnt so motivated to draw more realist artwork and over the past 10 years it has evolved.i have produced quite a few pieces since returning from morocco and i hope to be able to post some recent work very soon.I would be interested in seeing any of your work if you have any online that would be cool.I have recently found some great artists if you want to check them out at (a surreal polish artist) and who you may already be familiar with.hope to hear from you soon.peace peter

9:01 pm    January 21, 2008
suzy cameleon
Dear Peter, I had an opportunity to go to your website. I marveled at the mandalas. I was very impressed at the level of detail and control. Bravo.
I would have like to have learned a bit about your creation process. Perhaps you can add some information about how you make the mandalas. Are they on wood, canvas etc. If the information was there already forgive my remarks. My next question is, "Do you meditate?"

12:02 pm    January 21, 2008

peter white message
hello adnane B,thanks for the comments and the ideas.I am always seeking advice and direction.I am hoping it wont be long before i am back in m'kech and i will look into the ceramic/mosaic when i get 'home'.i am working on some more mandalas,with some more moroccan inspired influences,i will post them soon.inshallah.keep in touch.shukran.peter

11:06 am    January 21, 2008
May Wilson
Hey Peter,
I too am really excited about your mandala pieces as well and the artist community you seem to be involved in. I am not there yet, but hopefully I can make contacts with artists before I arrive and get a feel for what kind of contemporary art is around in Morocco right now.

9:48 am    January 18, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Peter, the manadala pieces are fantastic work of geometry and art! I can tell you that if you focus on developing that further you will break into a huge niche in Morocco and Kesh. I personally get bored and rather saturated sometimes with the Moroccan busy mosaic patterns. Your pieces reflect a contemporary version of the ancient moorish mosaic. Next time you to go to Kesh, hire a ceramic/mosaic worker to build an actual mosaic of a simple artwork from your collection using those tiny colorful pieces they can carve up.

5:39 am    January 18, 2008

peter white message
I too am an artist who has recently returned from morocco.i have been travelling for awhile and developing several art styles.I seem to have a 'talent' for mandalas,something i feel there is potential for with the exquisite ceramic,ubiquitous in morocco.i am anticipating a move to marrakech by the end of the year.when i was in m'kech i met a small community of artists and hope to set up,in collaboration with them,a small exposition.i am making the first few tentative steps to establishing myself there and trying to make contact with anyone else in the art community with similar objectives.i wold like to connect my new found friends in morocco with anyone else interested in tapping into the world of see my varied work check out to hear from you.peter

7:09 pm    January 17, 2008
suzy cameleon
Looks like most of the galleries are going to be in the larger cities like Tanger, Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech. I wish you the best. I know that some of the Raioo members have been very helpful with their suggestions. I haven't made any progress. My New York life is spinning out of control. Sometimes when you stay too long in a place your feet start sticking to the ground and your ass starts dragging. I am giving myself 2 more years and then I'm out of here no matter what. Good luck.

6:47 pm    January 17, 2008
May Wilson
I was wondering the same thing. I am an artist finishing school at maryland institute college of art and am applying for a grant to go to Morocco. I am still in early stages of research about everything, including the contemporary art scene. No help, sorry, but I'm interested too...

10:15 pm    November 10, 2007

Salem message
Look into this one

5:53 pm    November 10, 2007

Suzy Cameleon message
Baba Salem - I just got the chance to check out those websites you gave me. The art on the artmaroc site is great. I think the best way for me to really continue my quest is to go visit the galleries and try to talk to people face to face. Also planning on writing to the ministere de la culture and presenting myself to them. I would be open to do artist in residences to get started in Morocco or even teach through a school to get my foot in the door. So I continue on my dream. Thanks for the leads and the encouragement.

12:29 pm    November 9, 2007

Suzy Cameleon message
Thank you Abir Sabil for the information about where to acquire the supplies. I told my husband about this and he thinks the idea of an art supply store in Morocco would work. He is more supportive about my dream of opening a gallery/art supply store now since I have been on line with Moroccans who know about the "art scene" in Morocco. I want to thank you again. Peace.

1:08 pm    November 5, 2007

Salem message
Look into these addresses. They might interest you.

Painter Tibari Kantour is leading a very interesting experience. He has well advanced in the construction of an art complex in in Sidi Maachou, a countryside location about 100 Kms south to Casablanca. Read the article written by the moroccan writer Edmond Amran El Maleh on him in the second address.

I'll post other addresses next time to introduce other painters I find interesting.

By the way. I actually live in Rabat. If you need any help I can provide while you're in here, just let me know and I'll give my email address.
Good luck.


12:19 pm    November 5, 2007

Suzy Cameleon message
Merci Bab Salem- I appreciate all leads. I am just now looking into all possibilities so anything that brings me closer to making contacts with real people is great. I intend on visiting some galleries this winter while I am in Morocco. I am open to all ideas. Eventually I believe I will find a way to achieve my goal of living and working in Morocco. Please continue to send ideas and web addresses. I will continue to look into them further.

2:16 am    November 4, 2007
Bab Salem
This is Suzy's late note which I'm copying here for the sake of information integrity.

"I truly want to thank all of you that have responded to my comments. Now I actually feel like I am communicating with real people on the internet. I don't know where you all are located around the globe but I appreciate your reaching back out to me with your thoughts and feelings about Art in Morocco, especially contemporary art.
I myself am a painter and a writer. I usually paint on silk and make fabric that can be worn as a scarf or cut up and sewn into garments and home furnishings. I also love to paint with oil on canvas and I every now and then get a commission to paint an outdoor mural. My designs are colorful and usually uplifting.
As for my writing I have written a book titled "Moroccan Honeymoon- a travel memoir" and it is out with the publishers right now. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
My dream of living in Morocco requires that I figure out a way to make a living there since I am not independently wealthy (at least not yet). Therefore I hope to open up a gallery-salon one day and I really would love to put on workshops for children or even adults showing them various techniques in fabric painting like: tie-dye, batik, gutta serti method and my personal favorite "nassen" a Japanese stencil dyeing method that is at least a thousand years old.
So I require dyes, (French ones are very good) and silk. I also need some ingredients that only come from Japan but that can be ordered and shipped so can the dyes.
I find it fascinating that an artist has to go to so many places to get supplies. I wonder if I opened an art supply store somewhere, if it would be successful. Come to think of it, it would actually be a very good way of getting students too. Nonetheless I am not currently financially able to open a store. I wouldn't mind being a partner to someone since I actually have lots of experience with art supplies. Let me know if anyone is interested in opening a gallery/art supply store in Morocco (preferably somewhere along the coast).
So that's a little bit about me and my aspirations.
Please stay connected and help me contribute my talents to the Moroccan folks. When I am there I feel so at home that I really know that's where I need to be living, not here in New York City where I feel so restricted in so many ways.
Peace to you all. Peace to the world.
Yours truly, Suzy Cameleon"


2:08 am    November 4, 2007

Salem message
I would recommend that discussion on this topic continues rather on this Suzy's note as it is already well advanced in here.

Please note that this is only a recommendation and hope that our Webmaster Adnane would approve my intervention.


1:52 am    November 4, 2007
Bab Salem
Baba Salem 1

In this URL address, you'll find information about Galeries and their program of activities and a lot more while browsing the website of the Mintistry of Culture:

... and here is a virtual galerie where you can enjoy a lots of art

An occasion for you to revive your french.

Suzy, Please continue puting up your comments on this note to save the integrity of all comments about the topic in one single location and so let to participants know about all what has been said on the topic so far. Thanks


6:36 pm    November 3, 2007
"abir sabil
It's right,I have visited New York city and New Orleans and I was pleased to find art supply stores.In Morocco things are not the same as in USA.Let me ask you to change your approach.
In Morocco,artist-raw-materials need to be looking for in these places:
-"Les papetries": all kind of paper,inks,pen,quillpen,color-pencil and water-paint(aquarelle and gouach).
-"Les drogueries":you will find tools for the artists and different oil paints,varnishin stuff,glues and bruches.
-"les verruriers":for glass and frames.
-"Les menuisizers": all wooden use.
-"Dar dbegh": to tan skin animals(for taxidermist)
-"Souk dlala dial jeld":it's a weekly market for leather
-"Souk sof":a weekly souk for wool and coton
-"Assabaghine":to color threads and cloths
-"Assabarine":to sell threads made of silk
-"Al 7Addada": all what is needed to be made from steel or iron
-"Assaffarine";they deal with copper,bronze and other alloy.
-"Souk al kattan":they sell cloth material
-"Assakakine":jewerllers (gold,silver)and beads
-"Al fakharine":they deal with clay,glaze and enamels
-"Achama3ine":they deal with wax and making kandles.
-"shops for building malerials":they sell plaster,sand,cement,etc

I don't know what are you targgeting as raw materials??I hope you will find what you are looking for and I hope that a moroccan dear to oppen in Morocco a store that sells all what an artist need.


10:05 am    November 3, 2007

hudhud message
what kind of art do you create?

2:09 am    November 3, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
I'm sure you'll hear from like-mind people eventually either here or in Morocco. There may be opportunities in Morocco when it comes to art despite what people usually think. Recently, I've noticed a spike in the private education sector. I can only imagine that these institutions would include art education as an extracurricular activity to foster the learning of Moroccan students. Public education does not offer such an education unfortunately. On the hand, American, French and Spanish schools in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangiers, Tetouan, Marrakesh, in the tradition of western education, do expose students to the arts early on. They may have openings, you'll have to contact them.

You may want to consider, if it interests you, an interior design degree so you can have a wider window of opportunities, given the booming real estate and makeover business.


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