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Mawazine Festival 2008
01:35:04 PM Thursday May 22, 2008

\"The Mawazine Festival 2008 art director, Aziz Daki, is confident that as in the past, this year’s event will be successful in its goal of promoting diversity and plurality through music, culture and art. It is anticipated that the positive interaction of artists and audiences from different countries, age groups and languages will promote the values of unity, tolerance, security, love and peace. An international symposium, “Music of the World and Cultural Diversity” will be held in tandem with the Mawazine Festival.

The Mawazine Festival 2008 will feature artists from forty countries in more than 100 musical performances. By emphasizing jazz and gypsy music, it is hoped that some of the less familiar music of minorities or ethnic music – especially with regard to South American and African rhythms - will be encouraged to become part of the festival.

Audiences can look forward to a performance by multiple award-winning U.S. jazz guitarist and singer, George Benson, as part of the opening ceremony. Artists who will be appearing on the festival program include, US jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ziggy Marley from Jamaica and Cheb Belal from Algeria. Middle-Eastern performers include Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Saver al-Rubai, Diana Haddad, Asala Nasry, Fadl Shaker and Natacha Atlas. Renowned Moroccan artists that will be entertaining audiences include Saeeda Fekri, Hayat Al Idrissi, Fatima Tihihite, Nass El Ghiwane, Latifa Raafat, Jil Jilala and Lemchaheb. Hip-hop groups include Darga, Fnaire, Hoba Hoba Spirit and H-Kayne. Popular American singer, Whitney Houston is expected to perform during the festival’s closing ceremony.

An exciting feature of the Mawazine Festival is the “Mawazine Generation” contest, which gives aspiring musicians between the ages of 15 and 30 a platform to showcase their talent to a large audience and a professional jury. The National Radio and Television Company will give the winner the opportunity to produce an album and a video, which will be distributed to Moroccan television channels for broadcast. The winner of the 2008 Mawazine Generation contest will participate in the 2009 Mawazine Festival.\"

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3:44 pm    May 25, 2008

Salem message
Mawazine Festival 2008 (7th Edition) is over. I realize that I missed George Benson at the opening ceremony. It seems that he was real good.

One of the strongest moments was the closing ceremony with Whitney Huston. It was the only ceremony I went to, it was fantastic. Tens of thousands of spectators attended the ceremony in the soccer field of Hay Annahda, a popular neiberhood in estern Rabat.

To give an idea of the event, I've chosen for you these two videos which say far more than what I ever would be able to say.

The nest video doesn't reflect a sequence of the song "I will always love you" when Whitney stopped singing for a rather long moment. When she came to the most difficult passages her voice obviously sounded to much stressed as she had to jump by octaves higher and stronger. The strait was even more severe when, in addition to this, she went emotional. She suddunly lost control over her voice completely and stopped fora quite long moment, standing on the stage with her head bowing towards the spectators, the orchestra anxiously waiting for her to recover. She finally skipped the difficult passages and went ahead.

For her last song she dressed in a beautiful green Caftan before she ended the show.


1:50 pm    May 22, 2008

Salem message
After his performance on the opening ceremony, George Benson, obvioously happy with his interaction with a large audience, said to the TV reporter: "The Moroccan people is fabulous and beautiful..."

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