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Suzy Cameleon
Meknes Morocco
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My new website
03:31:26 PM Friday Sep 5, 2008

Dear Friends at Raioo - I finally have a website that is up and running. Feel free to check it out and send your feedback to me.

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10:41 pm    September 8, 2008

Suzy Cameleon message
Okay the weather insufferable. Feel better now?

to answer your question yes, it's possible to do the silk painting in a small room or even in a back yard, but I like to have a dedicated space for it so that I don't have to move other things around to get started. I have a 4x8 foot table that's just for nassen. When I lived in New Orleans I had 2 work tables and another area for oil painting. I had shelves and all sorts of organized space. Basically I had taken over what most people use as a living room and the dining room to do my art.
tTe kitchen is also an integral part to the process for washing out and cooking the silk. It's nice when the dyes are not mixed up with the regular cooking utensils, wouldn't want to eat blue soup. But not everyone has 2 kitchens.
Soon I will be saying goodbye to my New York studio. It's getting too expensive for me to keep and I need to save for the big move. Hopefully I'll be able to create a great art space in Morocco and maybe give workshops for aspiring silk painters.


4:46 pm    September 8, 2008

hudhud message
I was actually wondering about that and forgot to ask you.. one of my cousins and a late aunt of mine that I told you about once both used to do silk painting and they did it in their homes. I'm curious now that you mention the studio - does the space required depend on the type of process? do you need more room to create pieces using the Nassen process than say a more simple process of silk painting? (I remain still rather clueless about the many different styles and techniques..) just in general, wondering how practical it is to do this kind of stuff at home.

I miss ny so much. don't make me miss it any more. say the weather's bad at least :o))


3:54 pm    September 8, 2008

Suzy Cameleon message
Thanks for your feedback.
I think I told the hostmaster to change it up a bit before going online, but it didn't happen. We'll have to live with this format for awhile. But thanks for really looking it over.

The "Nassen" process is really time consuming, but I love it so much. Right now I'm working on creating as much as I can in the studio, because by the end of November I'll be moving out of there and concentrating on saving money for my migration to Morocco.

New York is rather pleasant right now. Warm and sunny - not too humid.


10:32 am    September 8, 2008

hudhud message
hi Suzy,
I love your site, it feels warm, personal and welcoming! I'm SUPER INTRIGUED by the Nassen process... wow.

one quick minor suggestion: under "imports" section you may want to move this bit of text about your language teaching credentials and move to Morocco in 2010 over to your "artist bio" section:
"Suzy Cameleon has a CELTA and is qualified to teach English as a
Second or Foreign language. She hopes to move to Morocco by 2010
and teach English as well as art to students young and old. "

Can't wait for more images of your artwork.. how's the new york crowd been as far as your moroccan-inspired art pieces?

give my love to ny. peace!


11:44 am    September 6, 2008

Suzy Cameleon message
The goat skin bags come from Marrakech. There is one leather crafter named Baheej that makes them. We don't have anymore here in the states right now, we've sold out.

10:06 am    September 6, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Indeed, it is wonderful!! I wish to see more images of your work on the site.

Also, those goat-skinned hand bags are fantastic!!!! where can I buy them from your husband? I want one :)


9:27 am    September 6, 2008

Salem message
Hi Suzy, I think your website is a good start. Keep going ahead!

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