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Mohamed Brahimi
Franklin Massachusetts USA
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OBAMA Anthology
10:14:11 AM Thursday Dec 18, 2008

November 4th 2008, at around 10 PM Eastern time, Media outlets were finally ready to call it for Obama. You remember exactly where you were and the emotional volcano that shook you from under your feet and that was distinctively associated with that moment in history . Can you articulate that feeling into language? Can you translate those emotions into words? If you were asked to capture your sensations and ink them out on paper, what would write?
This is your chance to poor your heart out; the best 25 entries will be published in a book. For further details, please contact Mohamed or Khalid at the following e-mail:


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7:11 am    January 13, 2009

Mohamed Brahimi message
Dear Mr. Latif,
I read an article in the New Yorker magazine last week that made my stomach turn. The author included a couple of quotes from when Obama attended a dinner invitation by AIPAC ( the stongest jewish lobby in the US)
Obama cozying up with "Zion" basically told the entire Arab and Muslim population not to hold their breath and stop short of telling them to "suck it"
I will locate the magazine at home and copy you on the quote, make sure their is a bucket nearby
Thank you

7:29 pm    January 11, 2009

Latif Nfoukh message
Dear Mr. Brahimi,
Thank you for responding to my comment. It seems to me that people still think just because a candidate has made a promise during his campaign, he's able to deliver on it if he wins.
The elected presidents in general and American ones in particular have big multi-nationals and strong lobbies to anwser to, these are the real decision and policy makers. No amount of writing on the wall is going to make Obama stick his neck out - I am ready to take it all back - but We have to wait and see.
The Muslims doing the victory dance will be those regimes propped up by the US to implement a policy of divide and conquor and there lies the problem of the Arab world.

6:36 pm    January 11, 2009

Mohamed Brahimi message
Dear Mr. Latif,
Your comment is exactly what I was looking for. provided that it gets expounded on and given enough depth, your entry emtry would have definitely made the cut. I was not particularly looking for tears of joy or flowery expresions of elation. I was actually hoping for people who can see beyond the headline and tell me what exactly did they think. I certainly do not thing that Obama's win marked any waterhed in the history of the US. I still maintain that Obama have read the drawings on the wall and recognizes the line in the sand.
I am actually interested to know how many Muslims are foolish enough to do the victory dance

5:49 pm    January 11, 2009

Latif Nfoukh message
Sorry to disappoint, if you had any hope of change pinned on Obama regarding the Middle East. You only need to look at the people around Obama to realise that he is not the knight in shining armour or the saviour of the Palestinians and the Arab world and I quote from the IOS: "The Senate has just pased a resolution of total solidarity with Israel on a hand vote, not even bothering to take a formal tally. The senate in question is the newly elected, strongly democratic one, which has just met for the first time. Obama went out of his way to endorse Israel. He has appointed in the form of Hillary Clinton perhaps the strongest supporter of Israel ever to serve as Secretary of State, not excluding Henry Kissinger, though even she is surpassed in her commitment by Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff".
Maybe the reason there are no takers for your offer is simply the fact that people are waking up and realising that you can fool some of the people some of the time...etc

9:34 am    January 2, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
I don't know.. perhaps they lost hope in him; especially after his recent statements on the Gaza crisis. So I would go for neither apathy nor talent deficit, but rather for sympathy. Sympathy for the common man.

5:56 am    January 2, 2009

Mohamed Brahimi message
Si Adnane,
I asure you that there is absolutely no relation between the two projects. I, too, would rather see Obama speak in Iraq and present an official apology to the Iraqis for the ruins that Bush and his Hawks have caused that country. I still believe that the idea itself as a concept is not a bad one at all. Now, concerning the writing project, I just wanted to put together an anthology of 25 or 30 Moroccan American writers who have a command of the Englih language and have a better command of their feelings and have the artistic ability to convert emotion into word.
So far, No takers!!!
Is that apathy or talent deficit?? what do you think?

9:53 pm    December 30, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
I warned you that was silly :) Look, apart from Obama being black and well-spoken, I don't feel yet enough sensations to translate into a set of memorable words you're looking for. I have to wait and see how he handles challenges as they come. Anybody can promise hope and change. In my opinion, Americans would have been naive if they voted on Barack merely because he claimed to bring hope. To borrow your expression, I don't have yet enough Barack-as-president that I can sink my teeth into and give you a real sensation. The sensations I felt when he won were mainly due to the end-of-election rush and Barack becoming the first black American president. What we all knew but put a lid on is that he will still continue to fuel the fight in Afghanistan; he will continue to look for Bin Laden and kill him; he may still be stuck in Iraq; he will still offer military and emotional support to Israel, and he may do nothing for Palestinians.

By the way, are you by any chance collecting statements to decorate the online petition to convince Obama to speak from Morocco when he plans to deliver a message to the Muslim world? I don't support that petition. I've already replied to the original article here on MoroccoBoard.


5:33 am    December 19, 2008

Mohamed Brahimi message
salam si Adnane,
thi is just an attempt at having Moroccans, Moroccan/Americans, Moroccans living in the US or those living in Morocco articulate their feeling upon learning that Obama, a black American, strange name, not even from main land USA, was just eleced to be at the helm.
I can arlready read your feelings; you happen to think hat"america is back"; I need you to unpack that statement, Give me the beef, give me something I can sink my teeth into.
I just thought it would be nice to be able to publish the best 25 entries
Take care.
BTY, the friendship dinner has been postponed due to inclement wheather, I will keep you posted about the new date

9:06 pm    December 18, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Mohamed, this is out of the blue :) what's this book all about.

At any rate, this is what popped to my mind right now, It's a little silly, I'd be surprised if it made it, I am in a christmassy mood though.

After The Grinch stole Christmas, America got it back, and got its best Christmas gift ever, Hope and Barack! America is Back!

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