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Moroccan Caravan
Somerville/Boston USA
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Come Celebrate Yennayer 2959 in Boston
06:23:39 PM Thursday Jan 15, 2009

The Amazigh Cultural Association in America ACAA celebrates Yennayer 2959/2009 in Boston this year. Mark your calendar and purchase your tickets soon. The party is this Saturday!

When: Saturday January 17, 2009 @ 6pm - 11pm
Where: YWCA 7 Temple st. Cambridge MA 02139

Admission + Dinner: Adults $15, Kids under 12 years $5

Please help organize by purchasing your tickets in advance at:

The Moroccan Caravan store: 285 Washington st. Somerville MA 02143
Online: the Moroccan Caravan store

For more info please call Addi or email Zuhir at the number and email listed in the flyer below.

It is safe to place your order through our website. Yes, this event is family friendly. Tickets sold through Moroccan Caravan are non profit. Moroccan Caravan is helping and suporting the event.

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12:30 pm    January 18, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
The party was excellent!! I was impressed. There were around 140 people, bands, various small talks and delicious authentic couscous. The place had a nice intimate vibe. Some people came even from neighboring states. It was fascinating to see several American people from all ages too. I really loved it and look forwards to next year's! and Addi over here did well helping organize and present bands and fill the gaps :)

One thing I heard people were waiting for is Mint Tea, but it's no big deal, maybe next time.

Great job Imazighen Boston!


7:44 am    January 16, 2009

Moroccan Caravan message
I know! it is alot of fun :) . Mehdi, I am glad you enjoyed the Yennayer in Madrid. The oficial first day of Yennayer is Janyuary 13 but we are celebrating on Saturday because we want it to be a day when most people cna come since it's a weekend. Well, people come and learn something about each other.

1:32 am    January 16, 2009

Mehdi message
In Madrid, we already celebrated it...It was amazing...
i will send you some pictures and upload a video on youtube soon...

Happy 2959!


7:56 pm    January 15, 2009 message
Hi every body, I had chace to attend to last year's event and really was amazing: Huge diversity
In Amazigh culture.Colorful clothes,and interesting music with this special tone(TONALITE).

Addi, see you at the event, I'm gonna latter because I'm going to a dinner fundraising about Gaza, bto cover the event: Photography,but see you later.
Good luck

6:31 pm    January 15, 2009

Adam Toughrai message
I wish I could come too bad I live in the very south Florida. Thank you for the notification :)

6:29 pm    January 15, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Thanks Addi ~ I've bought my tickets and most likely will be there. I look forward to the couscous. Does the Amazigh Cultural Association in America has a website I can check out?

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Come Celebrate Yennayer 2959 in Boston..


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