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Boston Massachusetts USA
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Andalusian Music Festival in Boston:Feb 20th
09:01:07 AM Saturday Jan 24, 2009

In this sixth concert of the Andalusian Music Festival national tour, essential luminaries of classical Andalusian musicians are presented in the beautiful Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory.

Orchestra of Tangier, led by the legendary master Ahmed Zaitouni, returns to Boston, performing Nawbat Hijaz al-Kabir. The Tunisian singer Lotfi Bouchnak, one of the greatest Arab musicians of all time, performs Malouf from Tunisia and Wasla from Egypt with his ensemble (full of Tunisian virtuosi!). Marouane Hajji, the 22-year-old Munchid from Fes, opens the concert with Samaa.

8:00 pm
Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory
(290 Huntington Avenue)
Metro - Symphony Station

Tickets: $$35/45/65/85 & (800) 595-4849
Box office opens on Jan 29 - (617) 585-1260

For info, (800) 220-6270 &

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10:20 pm    February 20, 2009 message
Wonderful Night!
I was seating on the second floor, so I couldn't for some reasons enjoy Lotfi Bouchnak,may be the sound system,or may be is just me.But as I said,seating in the socond floor and in the midle gove me the chance to see every thing from a diferent perspective: Adnane I agree with you, the stage empty but the colorful and traditional clothes loose in the midle making a great contrast with the hardwood. Metalic pipes from the roof along the stage facing down like an old organ with a small statue in the midle. Arabab,Al-Kamane,Al-Oud,Al-Kanoune,.....were like pieces of art exposed by there masters.Music is art,and art is expertion,that how i feelt tonight ,my presence there ,paying attention,listening,documenting without my 30D camera,looking at the peoples reactions ad so and so was for me a way to express my self.

9:45 pm    February 20, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
I just came from this concert feeling wonderful, nostalgic and refreshed. It would take me many words to describe what I saw and felt. I'll keep it short, and keep the secrets to myself :) I have to thank Kazko first for making this possible. I hope she keeps doing this every year, twice or more per year. Her events always go smooth, clean and become memorable. I noticed she keeps the stage simple and void of any North African memorabilia or decor except for the musicians and their instruments. These are the elements of art in every sense of the word that stand up in the stage. Their clothes are reserved for special occasions where we come from and on stage for some odd reason I can't help but notice, rediscover and appreciate every detail of the uniforms. from the red fezes, to the bright djellabas, to the white thin sox to the bright yellow slippers. Their instruments look so archaic and historic in comparison with today's as if they are an elderly giving advise to a young man. The musicians were a total delight. every single one of them. And the show wouldn't have been complete without Lotfi Bouchnak and his amazing ensemble. He blew my mind away especially when he sang my favorite song: Lamouni Li Gharou Menni.

So Thank you Kazko, and come again soon. Next time we will be far more numerous!


9:29 am    February 7, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Kazko Hello and welcome. It' very generous of you to offer raioo the 30% discount, we appreciate that and we will come. You're a wonderful ambassador of Morocco in America through MENA and we respect that. Thank You!

I can understand why Lotfi's fee is high. He is a master of his art and a great performer. Not many people know about him. One should simply watch this and rush to buy your tickets!!


1:54 am    February 7, 2009

MENA Music message
Hi there. I am Kazko Kawai of MENA Music, the presenter of Andalusian Music Festival national tour. Thank you so much for your comments. I learned about this site from Addi of Moroccan Caravan.

I am sorry about the ticket prices, but it is a real concert hall with extremely lovely acoustics - never like a giant stadium with the star singing far away from your seat even when you paid $100.

Lotfi's fee is so high. That's why I ended up with high ticket prices.

But there are not so many $85 seats. There are student and senior prices, and the least expensive is only $15. So I hope everyone can find his/her best seat.

However, yes, I am willing to set up a Discount Code for the raioo community. How about 30% off regular prices with Discount Code - raioo? It will make $65 down to almost $45.

This will be immediately available online and telephone sale. (search for Andalusia) and 800-595-4849.

I would like you to come in traditional clothing to impress American people.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks. See you in the concert. Kazko


7:45 pm    January 24, 2009 message

7:21 pm    January 24, 2009 message
the auditaurium is huge,and it has 2 floors,so i dont think we gonna need to go to 2nd floor.and also i think you chek the available seats on the conservatory's web site.

did u get my message about new website?


7:04 pm    January 24, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Well MACCA likes to make their stops at raioo as rare as possible so we can beg them to contribute :)
At any rate, I can handle the $35 or even $45 hit, but the $65 and $85, which are probably the best seats in the house, are considered damage. I just hope that the cheap tickets do not require binoculars. Overall, given the excellent set of performers, the damage is ultimately worth it.

6:38 pm    January 24, 2009 message
I don't know about discount. Adnane,maybe MACCA should contact Mina :)

2:55 pm    January 24, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
This is great! Thanks Driss for letting us know. I will be there inshallah.
I've been to the Orchestra of Tangier last year led by master Zaitouni and it was memorable. No one should miss this.

Any discounts?

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