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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

The eCommerce question is new in format and not in substance. The majority of the letters in eCommerce spell 'commerce' which is simply an exchange of goods and service. The 'e' at the beginning of the word simply indicates that the medium used to connect different parties of the exchange is electronic (I would argue that the phone is an electronic medium as well, but eCommerce did not prevail as an appelation in the past few decades.)

eCommerce, using the video and communications capabilities of the Internet, is simply a combination of TV advertizing and phone communications services. As such, any economy is ready for exchanges of this nature. What distinguishes the "usefulness" of eCommerce in any community is the degree to which that community has integrated the Internet in its daily activities. Back in the seventies and much of the eighties in Morocco, for example, it was customary to go home at noon time for lunch, turn on the radio and listen to the news at 1 o'clock. Before or after the news, or even during the news, as was the case with Medi 1, we were bombarded with 4 to 7 advertizing messages of various products and services. After a month or so of conditioning, we would go to the market and seek those products we heard of over the radio. Listening to the radio was part of our daily life. Women that did not work listened to the radio even longer and hence were exposed to much more advertizing. This was one form of eCommerce as people were offered products and services much in the same way 'push-technology' is used on the Internet to push products to viewers. TV advertizing was an evening phenomenon because broadcasting did not begin until 6 o'clock on channel RTM, but even then, watching TV was an integral part of our daily life that eCommerce worked.

Is Morocco ready for Internet commerce? It's difficult to tell. The numbers would suggest that it is not because PC penetration is very low, let alone internet penetration. The market for the current eCommerce is people that have access to the Internet, and in Morocco that market is very small. Even within that market, the number of people able to transact over the Internet is even smaller. Will there be a market in the future? Perhaps, if telecom dirregulation takes place and allows for competition to generate lower prices and greater usage, if the economy blossoms and creates a larger middle class than the current one, and if the financial system develops into a lubricated supporting platform for transactions. Theoritically, all three can happen, but without social reform, educational reform, legal reform, and industrial reform, that target is far out of sight.

Those were my two cents.

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4:02 pm    March 28, 2006
I?m increasingly becoming aware that despite the many hours of hard work that I?ve put into building up my business that many others work just as hard and are much more talented than I am but do not enjoy the success that I?ve been fortunate to have. While I don?t believe that luck is the main ingredient in my own story I am convinced that in combination with some of the other things I?ll talk about below it has been of real importance.

The luck I?ve had along the way has included just happening to bump into the right people at the right time (on many occasions), discovering ad systems that just happened to work well on my blogs, starting successful blogs quite by accident, getting links from bigger blogs that led to a snowball effect of incoming links from elsewhere through to choosing the right partners for different projects. I could write many thousands of words on the luck I?ve had but I?ll not bore you with the details except to say that I?ve been a lucky boy.

The key I?ve found with luck is to run with it and to make every lucky instance last as long as possible. So when you strike it lucky enjoy it but also ask yourself ?how can I capitalise on my good fortune??

i would like to share my experience on my busness.

and good luck.


4:39 pm    October 10, 2002
It seems like medina of "Fez" in summer time...

1:24 am    July 13, 2002
Nice reading, I will develop and give more details and my opinion about this subject later.

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