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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Morocco-USA Trace and My Bla Bla..
10:36:59 AM Sunday May 21, 2006

While reading past articles about US and Morocco completion of negotiations on Free-Trade pact, I couldn't help but notice the following and couldn't resist my bla bla:

"...Moroccan Minister-delegate of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Taib Fassi-Fihri..."

"...Speaking through an interpreter, Fassi-Fihri said he hopes the deal will be viewed as a sign of trust in Morocco's economic reforms and help the country become a platform for foreign investment and production for export to Europe and the rest of Africa..."

Wash a 3ibad Allah, still these people talk thru interpreters? Isn't it time for the government officials that deal with foreign investments, foreign affairs speak English??? How about ministers? ...I found it very absurd that they have to speak thru interpreters, negotiating international deals!

In 2001, I attended, International Electronics Conference, an international conference hosted in Morocco (Every year, they meet in a country). Most attendees (95% or more) were non Moroccans, coming from USA, Japan, Germany, England... representing dominant companies in the Electronics industry. The language spoken was English (presentations, discussions...). To my surprise, Mr. Youssoufi, the prime minister of Morocco at that time came late to the conference (he was supposed to give an opening speech) and gave the speech in French without a warning. I could not believe it! Not only that he was late, that he spoke French but that they never announced that an interpreter was going to speak later. The same thing happened when minister Oualalou gave a speech. I am not even going to mention that the government of Morocco had handbooks and papers (trying to attract investors) in French. I told an official that and he answered that they had a problem in the printing and the English papers were coming a day or two later! (the conference was 3 days and half)

I could not grasp the fact that high officials could not even read a speech in English! As if they well read French any way :-)

To my knowledge and I can be wrong, Benissa is the only minister who can speak English and communicate it well. I think it is about time, others speak it. English as we all know it, is the International language and the language of business !!!

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10:48 am    November 4, 2006
it is a shame, moroccan hasn't got yet his independence, the french went out but they left all msamer lmida.

4:29 pm    July 11, 2006
the future is for iguerbizn, so please get into it before its too late and start learning tashele7it 101.


4:27 pm    July 11, 2006
the future is for iguerbizn, so please get into it before its too late and start learning tashele7it 101.


10:16 am    June 1, 2006
I think it is about time this guys retire and let some fresh bloods do the talking. Iam sure that they are plenty of people that are business oriented and speak fluent english that coiuld do their job. No excuse for someone to preside and be late for a convention.

7:43 am    May 30, 2006
It's a shame that these guys can not make any effort to learn English or be on their toes when it comes to attracting investments and be serious about...the fact of the matter is they don't give a damn about it...That's how they think these pack of idles..."if they want the welfare of our country..they have to come to us"....they think that foreign investors would make the effort to come visit and carry a dictionary to understand what they say....Anyway of all that jazz...I salute Benaissa he is a great asset coz he speaks fluently arabic, french, spanish english and Italian...and Mourad Sharif I saw his speech in world trade show in Marrakesh long time ago...he is very fluent too...Others they need to work on that or at least be serious in providing translated materials...I attended firts FTA free-trade meeting in chicago about Morocco-US and the minister who was leading the "delegation" was not bad as he provided a speech even with a terrible accent and mistakes but he was to the point and transfered the message properly...some other Executives were impressive too and some were for the show and a mini vacation in chicago....I noticed however the minister has to take many smoke breaks with some of his aides frequently and left the afternoon session very early before the meeting was ajourned which was a if "lawzir" got tired he has to go relax...or maybe do some the way "lawzir" was Rachid Talbi Elalami...

5:55 pm    May 26, 2006

wedadeya message
well i can c it from both sides, i can c ur point about more ppl learning english cuz like u said its the language of business, but also keep in mind learning a foreign language later in life usuallay after ur 20's is harder unless u have strong motivation and stick to it. I know now in Morocco more youth is speaking and learning english in schools, so hopefully the number of ppl who speak french back home will be equivelent with english speakers, beacuase it gets frustrating sometimes.

haVing a translator is not a bad thing, but arriving late, speaking in french with no warning is just un-professonal!


3:58 am    May 25, 2006

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
business culture based on Lem3erfa...maybe...
But then, what's the point of holding an international business conference ?
Some people have to get rid of the Bazar mentality and learn how real businesses are run in the rest of the world ...


2:24 am    May 23, 2006
Zorro al Maghribi
walakine you know that it's not les competences that counts in Morocco... It's "Lem3arfa"..... And also politicians are not commited to the welfare of their country... Koulwa7ede kihemmou lpaychek dialou ou safi

3:34 pm    May 22, 2006

hudhud message
that is frustrating..

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