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Samir Jalloul
World Citizen USA
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Blogging on Raioo, because Adnane was great enough to implement the [reset] functionality!!!! ;-)
09:03:22 PM Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

This will be my first post on Raioo and hopefully not the last. I have been blogging on various sites under my sjalloul handle and sometimes anonymously. The habit of blogging has been an incurable disease of expressing, replacing and challenging views at anywhere and at anytime of the day via my blackberry or via an archaic medium of slow network of satellites & ADSL and lasers. - It's an expression ;-)

As a long fellow blogger, critique and devil advocate, I live to voice my opinions, thoughts and concerns is critical write-ups sometimes short briefs, op eds, and lengthy write-ups. As a writer and everyday human being, I like to think of myself as a seasoned writer and a credible source of information. I am not a victim of the mass media or people who believe Facebook is worth 15 billion. Don't expect me to chime in with the Zukerberg's and Tom's as well.

But my passion as you'll see is Entrepreneurship and starting something great, making a world a better place, increase the quality of life, right a terrible wrong, and prevent the end of something good. I also code in Rails & love LAMP and everything linux, most of the time! ;-)

So I hope those words are encouraging not only to make you read my posts, but change the world into something great. Let's get started!

My first post would be on Guy Kawasaki, do some research and you'll take away more from my write-up.


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12:26 am    December 15, 2007
Baba Salem
Thanks Samir and Welcome!

While searching the web, I noticed that Guy Kawasaki was "preaching" Evangelism. I confess I was a bit confused at the beginning. I continued the search and figured out for the first time that the word EVANGELISM used in the business context has nothing to do with the christian religion branch bearing "Evangelism" as a name.

I picked up the following definition: "Evangelism, as defined by author, consultant and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, is the process of convincing people to believe in your product or idea as much as you do. Guy is an expert on how to find, train and recruit new evangelists and has presented and written extensively on the subject".

According to Guy Kawasaki, Evangelism is a word that comes from Greek, meaning "bringing the good news".


8:06 pm    December 14, 2007

Samir Jalloul message
Indeed, Guy Kawasaki is perhaps one of the best public speakers and bring raw energy to his presentations. I simply enjoy listening to this guy speak, and have attended multiple WebEx conferences and enjoy watching this guy speak on Entrepreneurship and business principals. I think everyone should attempt to pick-up any of his eight books and commit to reading, it entirely and internalize these ideas as their daily mantra or way of life!

Look out for more...coming very soon!


9:18 pm    December 12, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Samir hey! and yes you can claim total rights to that [reset] feature because I would have never gotten to it if it weren't for you. Welcome

As for Guy Kawasaki, I remember this fellow. He spoke at a meeting in my company a few years ago. He's definitely a good guy to befriend as an enterpreneur!


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Blogging on Raioo, because Adnane was great enough to implem..

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Get Going!
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