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Samir Jalloul
World Citizen USA
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Get Going!
06:30:13 PM Saturday Dec 22, 2007

Getting going is always a port bill for any entrepreneur or group of individuals. Being scared to get going is a day-to-day reality; no entrepreneur will admit his/her fear of failing. If you are then you better build a crocodile skin before you are ever skinned by venture capitalist, probing your business model, financial records, marketing strategy to your personal background. Today’s entrepreneurs are tasked to get going and sell million dollars ideas via elevator pitches. Forget the equivalent five minutes of fame on television; we are talking about 30 second sometimes less. It’s all on the line, it’s game time. Out of breath after the first tackle, and they’ll feed you to hungry hyena’s waiting for scraps.

Getting going is key, things like ordering business cards, meeting people with reach in the venture community is also important. The more you network the more you absorb new insightful ideas, technology trends and direction of current investments. Be active, in your pursuit listen to what is being said from all sides.

Develop these skills early, venture capitalist not only invest in ideas but people behind those ideas. Avoid hierarchy structures, titles, and roles; let your people push the boundaries in a common effort to create something fresh. Forget specs on how something should work, focus on delivering something unique and encourage innovation. Push the boundaries of x and y; venture capitalist love seeing something totally new.

Take risks in corporate finance you will frequently hear the following phase “the more risk the higher the returns” banks have established complex algorithm for mortgages, business plans…etc. So take some risks, the more you do the more you’ll appreciate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who are constantly refining, products, services, technologies and business models.

Just take a look at popular companies like YouTube, a new business model of serving video’s on demand. Making YouTube amongst one of the most visited website on the web. Justin.TV bored of your boring life, why not see what someone in Paris is doing or across the world. These are some ideas; they would have never flourished if someone didn’t get going.

So the message is get going, have an idea get some hungry people excited and motivated. Don’t have money well take a risk, most credit cards have credit limits up to 10K or more.

So get going. If it’s a good idea it’s worth a try, believe in it, get people wet about it and get going.

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5:10 pm    January 8, 2008
mounir chouraq
good luck of our club national in africa really we want the cup becouse it's a long time that we didn't see this cup between our hands

2:13 pm    December 30, 2007

wedadeya message
I think fear is main thing that scares most people, they start to check the statistics and even when they have great ideas they dont end up going on with them, so ur right get up n get going! take a risk!

1:58 pm    December 24, 2007
Samir J
Hi Samir,

Of course a handful of Moroccans in the US and abroad operate successful operations, one obscure but very know multinational brand is Aldo shoes by Aldo Bensadoun. In my last visit to Morocco, I was glad to see a few VC groupe being established in Morocco. So hopefully will be seeing more coming from Morocco, and would love to have visibility of new ideas making it to the global platform.


1:39 pm    December 23, 2007
Samir K
Any success stories in this field of Moroccans abroad? in the States?


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Get Going!
Get Going!
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