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Samir Jalloul
World Citizen USA
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Write things down!
09:21:11 PM Sunday Mar 9, 2008

Write things down!
by: Samir Jalloul

Every time a light bulb goes off write the idea down. Harvest these ideas and track your progress as a writer, thinker and entrepreneur. Knowing your product relies on knowing where you came from and where the ideas is going. Be proactive engage in talks with others and share your ideas with women, they are usually eager and can circumvent any ideas flows. Avoid talking to men about your idea, we have the killer gene as quoted by Guy Kawasaki, we (men) have the killer gene; we like to kill ants, spiders, bees and ideas.

So write everything down, good ideas, bad ideas, things you plan to do. This will serve you better, when you have multiple tasks and responsibility as a developer, product manager, and product evangelist for your own startup. Even if you are the team lead. It’s a good practice and the more write down the more you are going to prepared to grow and lead your team in the right direction.

Just look at everything else, businesses have a documented process for everything, even the delivery approach of x, y, and z to your door. Writing things down is important; practice these skills because every business has someone who should be able to draft an executive summary a ‘one page persuasive, concise and both error and grammatically proof’ document. Writing a business plan is a good skill to have and will prepare you to eloquently speak and present your ideas to any audience or focus. After everything is said and done you’ll appreciate reading, refining, setting goals for your x, y, z, and even setting milestones on your x, y, z ideas.

Keep a log or multiple ones, this could be a simple text document it doesn’t need to be fancy, with charts, images. Just keep it simple and write everything down. x_verion1, x_version2, xversion3, this will help you trace your idea and develop a story for your x product/service. It’s important to have a story for your existence. So don’t worry too much about this part, just focus on writing good notes, action plans, and scenarios based on your goals. (i.e. work on phase one of design for the main page! – good note is always clear; Develop a mock-up of the main page with some or full functionality – action plan; If done with mock-up then work on next item line. – it’s all about the If/Then, or Loop until task is accomplished in scenario.) You can get fancy and use project - just get in the habit of writing things down.

People will tell you they would prefer it in a certain format, so they can see bar charts, time lines, milestones. Forget all this and start with the basics, this will help you understand your business; your progress or the teams progress and makes you accountable. A good entrepreneur knows his business and doesn’t need a PowerPoint presentation to explain his idea/vision. This will force you to know your stuff and all the underpinning of your business. So write stuff down, because someday someone will read it with intention to seed your company. So have the leg up on the competition, and be different many business plans read the same way; in other words are boring, use the same language so craft your own style and read other business plans for ideas. If you can’t sleep find a business plan and read it, you’ll appreciate it and will learn to be a better writer.

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4:56 pm    March 12, 2008

hudhud message
I had an idea the other day but didn't write it down. =) a gf of mine was telling me her horror stories from Oumrah in Makkah, how some of the guys would just get way too close, so we were joking and I thought of this idea where you could invent some kind of invisible hula-hoop type thing, where if anyone comes too close within a certain radius, they get an electric shock or something..

Or something - is precisely why I should've written/drawn it out. =D


1:10 am    March 11, 2008

Salem message
In the Moroccan Arabic (Darija) we don't say "Sejjil8a" for the record, we say "9ayed8a" which comes from "9eyd" that translates for "shackle" and coincides exactly with the concept of "capturing" the ideas, one of the basic concepts of the Knowledge Management new discipline.

That would be a good daily practice.



5:21 pm    March 10, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Great advice! I agree, it does work. Thanks.

I actually do this often at work, and with my personal endeavours, and it works wonders. My favorite tools: notepad and raioo's draft folder.
On another note, I DISLIKE MS Project. I dislike it so much, I wrote my own project management application.


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