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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Is Boycotting America A Wise Working Strategy ?
12:00:00 AM Wednesday Jan 15, 2003

I understand that the intention of boycotting American products is to let USA feel the public opinion of arabic voices muted by local regimes.

I also understand that one can't ultimately boycott every single USA product potentially in consumption in Morocco or an arabic community elsewhere. As we hear thorughout the arabic world one targets a few UNHEALTHY or unintelligent products. It seems to me that this boycott, since it is initiated by the people as opposed to the governments, is in essence ultimately a way that could improve health rather than have a political impact on foreign American policy in the arab world, as sarcastic as this could sounds.

Boycotters are accepting the best and healthy of America: Intel processors, technology chips, software, pharmaceutical products and equipment, oil contracts, wheat, knowledge.. and abstaining from the worst and the cheapest. Many of the products they are still accepting are just beyond their ability to choice. I doubt the current boycott have any political weight given the products (Soda, Fast Food, Beauty products..) we see being boycotted in the arabic countries.

On another note, as much as I respect the freedom of expression of the arabic boycotters who are merely trying to excercise the only right they have: the choice to consume, I still think that boycott, if misused or misunderstood, could result in anti-american sentiments not only against the foreign US policy but also the american people and culture as well. If the boycott is passed on to future generations it could be a greater danger that will make peace and trust crumble. I maybe wrong though, and that's why I started this discussion to hear what you have to say, learn from you and fill my gaps.

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4:20 am    February 25, 2008
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2:08 pm    February 1, 2008
Samir K
We got a dirty spam here, in the previous comment posted by Huanita.

11:15 am    January 31, 2008
Dei ats mujer mila bellas sta aveva.

11:49 am    January 27, 2008
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9:19 am    October 28, 2005
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7:24 am    June 1, 2005
i totlay agree with you those arab who want to boycot the american merchandise are far away from the common sense if you want to do that you have to be a producer of something what we have like a second choise for the AMERICAN products?nothing so you know what just stop bullshiting the arabic people who just want to have a good and life and live with dignity!

9:48 am    May 18, 2005
i do agree witha lot of what is being said and the idea of a boycott on all things american/jewish etc is very noble but the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not to switch brands is whether or not theres a choice.

like havana said, where there is a choice of pepsicola or meccacola - i think out of principle and morals - boycotters would choose the meccacola (even though it goes flat really quickly!!). alot of foodchains in london are now starting to distribute halal pre-packaged foods more widely these days and inevitably more muslims and non-muslims are taking advatage of these options. however choice is only available with a marginal number of products, so even where a conscious effort is made to support the arabic cause (or for what ever reasons people are choosing not to buy american) like the editor said - the products which support the backbone of the american economy monopolise the market and therefore people are forced into contributing to the economy despite their efforts.

if arabian countries would manufacture and widely distribute their own independent products and to a high enough standard, people will have a choice and therfore people will buy.

take it easy - love the website

cher XX


7:11 am    June 22, 2003
al maghribi
moss the aya yu refere to is not written as it should. Please check it in the coran before writing it wassalam i think it is :
Bissmilahi Rrahmani Arra7im, La yougayyirou allahou ma bi 9awmine 7atta youghayyirou ma bi2anfoussihim.
wallahou a3lam

3:06 pm    June 21, 2003

The boycott is used every where. Even in usa by Americans, and it was born here.
Why are we making excuses for everything?
We have to do our homework.
Yes you can't boycott something that is necessary and no choice at hand, but no excuses when there is a plenty of choices.
Will you drink starbuck or maxwell?
Will you drink Pepsi or meccacoola ?

9:54 pm    March 2, 2003
well i am a new participant,i really admired what mr lmoudir had saied.we have learned one thing from our prophet mohamed s.o.s.if u want to give a exemple,start with u r self,and god t.w.t saied in this issue.layo ghayoro allaho kawman ila yoghayoro ma bi anfossihim.Iwas two ears agoo in morocco,Ihad seen peaple that i know reframaing from smoking u.s cigarettes+boycotting mc donalds without any sort of propaganda.even hear in montreal many are educating there children about the boycott,anyhow,its working.finally,the succes of tue juise after the holocast was the unity and of the japanese after perl harber was olso the unification.assalam oalayqum.

10:33 pm    January 19, 2003
well, I know that the way we're doind it is wrong. and sure it is in a way useless, because we don't have the ability now to produce any goods that they're equal to the products of usa. but we can in a way shift to the technologies and products of other countries such as japan and korea till the time comes and we can produce our own goods. but for the time being, there are goods that we can avoid because we know we can survive without them. if you want to drink, drink te instead of coca!, or smoke Davidoff instead of Marlboro, drive a Toyota instead of Ford, till the day come and we find a Moroccan car that can be driven instead of ford or GM cars.
that's all!

9:33 am    January 19, 2003
Heyyy guys!!.who said boycotting can affect the geant economy of US if only "we" arabs and muslims stop in somehow shopping our less-valued american products when a handfull of arab princes co-share largely in such companies which bring thoses products closed to our homes..the boycot as i see it. is a moral fact, can experss one`s view over a event,phenomenon..peacefully, moreover collectivelly if we need to see its effect we wait for...i hope my words could reach thoses princes. As you know,the Mcdonalds is about to lose its indian markets as well as its Hindous customers all over the world...even tough, they (Hindous) dont eat beefburger for religious reasons..but they can choose from other select of other the point is, it has been proven that the Macchips is deep-fried in oil,derived from beef fat...that caused an entire angre between the Hindous who harry up to boycot this company regardless of any social or economic position the one occupy in their society...thanks a lot.

5:42 am    January 19, 2003

Tu dejeune a Mc do ? Ah, la tu me decois!
cela veut dire que chaque jour tu manges le meme truc...c est pas bien pour la ligne tu sais... ( : |

La dernier fois quan j 'ai voulu prendre mon diner a Mc Do au Bd M5, le doorman ma empeche', car je n avais pas de cravate...:( alors, jai fini par manger dans un restaurant marocain classic (noir et blanc) le tagine etais magnifique et sans effect speciaux.
A propos, est ce que les gents mangent a McDo avec la fourchette et le couteau, ou bien seulement evec la main.

maybe they use the chineese chop sticks.




10:48 pm    January 18, 2003
en tant que arabes, nous devons boycoter les produits am?ricains, si on peut pas forcer le retrait de nos braves-laches chefs arabes, on peut au moins faire signe ? l'administration am?ricaine et ? leurs exportations envers nos pays arabes. c'est s?r que ?a ne va pas vraiment affecter leur ?conomie, mais ?a sera le d?but car je sais qu'on peut faire mieux, mais mettons nous d'accord sur quelque chose au moins, car ?a sera notre force si on pourait se mettre d'accord davantage sur pas mal de choses, et les am?ricains le savent bien.
les peuples arabes, ou disons plut?t le peuple arabe est tr?s conscient de ce qui se passe autours de lui, et si seulement le boycote s'?talera pour toucher tous les pays musulmans, alors la ?a sera vraiment tr?s fort.
alors donnons signe aux autres, et la suite viendra.

6:43 pm    January 18, 2003
Where is the fun in this picture??? poor, underpaid, abused moroccan construction worker????????

That won't be hard talking them into boycotting or is it? They've been boycotted their whole miserable life day in day day out by their own political leader and their government.
If you give them some money they might even boycott anything you want a little more.



9:51 am    January 18, 2003
ALMOUHIM, for those who want to see Morocco financing the rebuilding of WTC baraka m les reves :) be realistic. But maybe this picture will make you feel better of Raioo School Of Tmassonit

As for boycott, I respect the freedom of expression of every moroccan, muslim and arab, if you wanna boycott go ahead, follow your belief, enjoy your choice.

I think someone who boycotts is better than someone who just talks talks talks talks talks and create more confusion and problems and DO NOTHINg at the end of day, nothing such as work hard for your finals, work honest in your company, and contribute to your local community, give charity and stuff like that.

take care folks!


9:42 am    January 18, 2003
bini wbinkoum, let?s boycott the fucking states.....

9:40 am    January 18, 2003
WHHHHHHAAAAAT? Should we arabs give money to rebuild WTC???????????? It is sick to think so, an i?am sorry for you the one who compared a mosque to the Wtc :-(

9:19 am    January 18, 2003

Je suis completement d' accord avec toi.
I think the Arab countries should financing
the rebuilding of the WTC .

Why wouldnt each Arab country ask its citizens to donate money for that matter. Just like the Moroccans did when they built Mosque Hassan .2 ?

What do you think ?


8:44 am    January 18, 2003
I am very happy to read all your thoughts. Now, I think we understand better, and we know that the solution is not in Boycoting but deeper than that. It's in our leaders and system, and we should not blame USA more than our leaders.

8:00 am    January 18, 2003
vous savez quoi ?!! il faut boycotter l'INTERNET, c'est une invention americaine !!!
allez deconnectez vous vite et envoyez moi une reponse par telegrame...aah le telegrame aussi c'est eux !! hmm
alors envoyer moi votre reponse avec un messager ? cheval :)))
wa kikh kikh kikh
wach hadchi li kt?btouh lta7t, kadwiw men niytkoum nite ? :)))

6:43 am    January 18, 2003
on a beau dire que les US sont les mechants , moi je ne vois dans l'histoire que des mechants , vu que les gentils sont ecras?s par les chars de ceux ci!!
metaphore a part! je dirais que pour trouver le remede , eh ben trouvez la raison , si apres ttes ces ann?es les nations arabes oppress?es n'ont pas pu voir justice faite , c que les coulisses cachent bien des mysteres, des pays qui se font soudoyer pour ne pas se revolter , l'economie de tout pays arabe se trouve contamin?e pour la majaure partie de produits US ( et ils se laissent faire )les mac do , les KFC.... et j'en passe :p boycotter c produits c pas la solution , moi je fume du camel mais ca ne m'empeche pas de penser comme je devrais , d'oeuvrer pour ce que je pense etre le meilleur
nous avons d'autant plus un avantage plus sur qui est le suivant : la religion etant le point culminant du pbm , nous avons l'avantage de connaitre leur religion plus qu'eux de la notre , nos jeunes pensent que le fait de s'afficher comme etant un satanique est une fiert? :p ils commencent a traiter nos hommes barbus d" integristes" mais ne pensent pas a comprendre , a remonter le temps pour savoir pkoi leurs freres sont en train de se faire massacrer , et nous arrivons comme un enchantement pour trouver une solution bidon: BOYCOTTONS!!!
pensez vous sincerement que c ca qui nous sauvera!!le boycott n'est qu'une solution accessoire , ou est le principal , a quand les mains li?es et les yeux band?s et les bouches cousues!!!!!!!!

6:40 am    January 18, 2003
c'est pas les produits am?ricains qu'il faut boycotter... mais
la passivit? arabe !!! .. ns vivons un "hitler le retour" en costume de rhino ...

doc baramba : je paies mon taco en dhs !! et jprends mon dejeuner au mac do .. 7it ?a m'arrange .. ds le sens qualit?/prix


6:32 am    January 18, 2003
ce qu'il faudrait boycotter en premier lieu c les produits provenant de pays arabes qui ont la capacit? de faire arreter ces massacres mais qui restent passifs a l'encontre de tt ca ,
il faudrait etre rationnel et raisonner comme suit : les plus touch?s sont les arabes ( toutes origines confondues) alors si ceux ci peuvent reagir par n'importe quel moyen , et qu'ils se font les marionettes des N-U c que ce sont les nations qu'il faut boycotter en 1er lieu, ca sert a rien de rebacher que les US ( l'etat voyou comme l'a nomm? un ecrivain reput?) sont en train de faire revivre l'histoire des vikings... le temps ou les mentalit?s etaient impressionables et fragiles est revolu!! secouez vous !!

12:39 am    January 18, 2003
Ce que nous ne pouvons pas boycotter, malheureusement, ce sont les gros contrats de vente de mat?riel lourd que les am?ricains ont pass? avec leurs serviteurs qui sont ? la tete de nos pays.
Comme les avions de chasse, les blind?s, les pi?ces de rechange et l'assistance technique etc, qui rapportent des sommes colossales
au complexe militaro-industriel, qui controle la politique ?trangere, et qui est entre les mains des juifs
Les avions boeing sillonnent tous les cieux du monde arabe.

Mais si nous avions pris le bon d?part, il y a cinquante ans et plus pour certains de nos pays, nous aurions pu construire des universit?s qui ?galeraient yale, harvard ou cambridge et meme une universit? militaire du rang de west point. Combien couterait cette
universit?? Moins cher que la construction, l'ameublement, l'entretien et les r?am?nagements
fr?quents et d?biles d'un palais.

Si nous avions eu la possibilit?, au d?part d'administrer nos pays, nous aurions choisi le savoir, la science et la technologie. les imposteurs qui se sont rendus maitres de nos pays ont choisi de faire le contraire: museler les populations, les affamer, les terroriser pour s'assurer de leur soumission.

"Du berceau jusqu'? la tombe, mets-toi en quete du savoir, car qui aspire au savoir adore Dieu."
"L'?tude de la science a la valeur du jeune, l'enseignement de la science celle d'une pri?re"
"Le savoir illumine la route de la foi meme s'il vient de Chine"
disait le proph?te, ailaihi aasalat oua salam.
C'est avec ces pr?ceptes, en effet, que l'Occident domine aujourd'hui


11:00 pm    January 17, 2003
farass (part2)
part2 (please read part 1 below)

Come on don't you find it deeply INSULTING to tell a moroccan farmer or the people of secluded moroccan village still hold back in the middle age to boycott western product. Can you see the look on his or their face face. Do you live in his same reality.
It's absolutely disturbing when the intellectual diaspora looses track of it's role.
You know what? I always think about the cheikh who send youg palestinian to blow themselves up killing innocents bystandard in the name of Jihad. How come we never hear that a sheikh or imam did it, isn'it supposed to be the greatest martyrdom? I mean the youngster should be favoured to stay alive????? Nevertheless, listen to them (Imam) how they praise the sacrifice of these kids every joumou3a or so.

Sorry, yes I drifted from the subject. But hopefully someone will catch my point.

How many of you know moroccan that had better chance in life because of america and the west. How many Patera does it take to finally accept the failure of the arabic world.

In an ideal arab or muslim world. I see us confessing and accepting the failure of our societies to live up to islam.

Seriously, I am asking the leaders of the arab and muslim world to finance the rebuilding of the world trade center. Don't you think that would be a great ides. Imagine, all the countries reaching an agreement, and delivering a press relesase`that would say something like: We are willing to finance the building of any project of rebuilding the WTC.seriously, that is the only way to show the people of the world that the name of Islam will never be soiled. That we are here still believing and prooving the greatness of our civilization.


10:58 pm    January 17, 2003
farass (part1)

I am against boycotting american or western product. That's my point of view and should be respected as any other. I am going to tell you why? Because it's a coward strategy. I mean what can we boycott: Pepsi. Ok let's say Pepsi. then again why not microsoft, or Boieng, and the list goes on and on. Now what? did you get it? Can you see the power and the genius of this countries. It's unfortunately very funny, the way arabs are only focusing on america and the west as the source of their problem, I can't understand this logic. I don't see any foreigner governing any sovereign arab or muslim country? If there is someone to blame or hold accountable for the state of one's nation or country, it's this very governing powers, not some spook or western evil.


8:06 pm    January 17, 2003
saadyou (part 2)
Read the comments i made below then continue with this one

Knowing that we are weak compared to West we need to pressure them by their own means, in this case in their economy and their own fields. And all that is certain is that the role of MNCs will nly continue to increase as the new tax cuts by Bush foreshadow.
But I do not understand how you cannot support peoples own will to have a political stance, or FREEDOM. We talk about democracy, but the first thing to make a democracy succeed is popular and the most possible implication and concern in the matter. The US in my view is not as much a democracy, or should we say democracy for who??
Before we can talk of unite arabe or watsoever we need to agree between ourselves. Address the local issues and our incomprehensible divergences, before we talk of a regional and international level. But in my view I still believe that there is great affinity between all arabs (les peuples at least), but lets imagine if we are not only talkin of the 200m arabs but on a larger scope the 1.3b MUSLIMS! This market is immense and has ENORMOUS potentials, and I am sure that with such market the foreign policies will change DRAMATICALLY. We just need to establish consensus between us first, Moroccans, then... i assure you success and change


8:05 pm    January 17, 2003
I feel really disgusted to hear of your responses. I dont understand how you guys can be so hostile to allowing ourselves freedom to consume and to have a political view, which often translates for us as being HUMANE.
It is evident and undeniable that the arab market is quite small compared to the large markets else where. But nevertheless, 2% of the production and distribution is immense in terms of budget and chiffre daffaire.
let me explain that the reason I say that boycott is 100% positive is that it first allows us to be actors and DEMOCRATIC actors at the international level. Furthermore, this will transmit a message of reform and demand for reform to the foreign policies of the West. But I believe that this strategy is a great advent that wold allow us to mark a GREAT step towards freedom and democracy knowing that we are DIVERGING against the our elite and policies esp knowing that they enrich themselves to a large extent due to the intimate relations they have with West.
Second, I wish to bring out the great role that MultiNational Corp have in US foreign policy. They have become the major state actors in all govt policies. The lobbies are enormous. And so, when we boycott a produc, it translates as boycotting a lobby, which will then have to reform or at least think about the issues and take some considerations concerning their own self-interests.


5:22 pm    January 17, 2003
H K RaBaT, L'Unit? Arabe?
Tous les dirigents arabes sont en conflit les uns avec les autres pour des raisons personnelles, ils se m?fient les uns des autres, ils se m?prisent et se haissent, parce qu'ils n'ont pas la ser?nit? et la confiance de la l?gitimit?.
Ils savent tous qu'ils ont vol? un pouvoir qui ne leur appartient pas.

Ils se sont empar? de ces pauvres populations malheureuses par la ruse, et souvent par la violence.

Les peuples ne sont pas ennemis les uns des autres, bien au cotraire, ce sont les dirigents qui veillent ? ce qu'il n'y ait jamais d'entente entre les pays, parce qu'ils ont peur qu'ils ne soient conduits un jour, par ces peuples unifi?s, vers l'?chafaud ou le peloton d'ex?cution, pour tout le mal qu'ils ont fait ? nos pays, le vol et le pillage qu'ils ont commis, l'asservissement et l'humiliation qu'ils ont fait connaitre ? leur prpopre race.

Mais pourquoi ont-ils fait tout cela me diras- tu? La folie des grandeurs
et la m?galomanie, l'obssession de s'enrichir, enrichir sa famille et ses proches sans limites, sans vergogne au d?triment de tous ces peuples d?sh?rit?s et sans avenir.

L'Etat c'est moi! clament ces d?biles mentaux sanguinaires. cela ?quivaut ? dire: Tout l'argent du pays est ? moi. Et c'est pour cela qu'ils terrorisent, emprisonnent, torturent et tuent tous ceux qui veulent une distribution ?quitable des richesses
ceux qui veulent une justice pour tous, ceux qui refusent de ramper
et veulent mouriir debout plutot que de vivre ? genoux.


5:19 pm    January 17, 2003
Boycott or not to boycott? do what ever you want but remember when you'll have no choice to choose, that's because when you had to choose you've chosen not to!
Buying a product from a company that supports ISRAEL or donates to senator that do so, will for sure result in giving them money to stronger their genocide against palestinians. Think clever when you buy and where your money will go, substitute all what you can !!!

2:01 pm    January 17, 2003
abdulah:bonne analyse ceci-dit ou sont les symptomes de la pseudo unite arabe? neant;
effectivement notre pouvoir d'achat de quelque millions de marocains n'est pas significatif, cependant a une echelle arabe nous commencons a pesez dans la balance internationale. mais une chose m'echappe: quand on est encore en conflit avec nos plus proche voisin (ex:l'algerie) comment pouvons nous pretendre une unite et paradoxalement arabe. faisons les choses commme il se doit et ne sautons pas d'etapes.
1- instruire les gens (l'ouest n'est pas si allechant que le croit al 7aragua par tous ou ils sont et si seulement c'etait que l 7aragua, nous sommes tous les deux a montreal et nous savons le niveau culturel des gens qui y immigre).

2- regler nos propres diffrents avec nos dirigenat et nos voisins.

3- consolider nos echanges economiques et culturels par des partenariats que ce soit au niveau academique ou en recherche scientifique.

4-diminuer notre dependance de l'ouest a tous les niveaux sans bien entendu rompre
completement avec ce dernier. l'autonomie ne signifie pas l'autarcie

5- creer un troisieme pole d'ordre mondiale qui se mesure aux usa et a l'UE et qui donne la legitimite et une voie aux arabes

adnane : ou en es tu avec la petition de solidarite avec l'irak. je n'ai pas eu de reply a l'email que je t'ai envoye.


1:32 pm    January 17, 2003
Frankly, I don?t see how you can interpret what I wrote the way you did. Please read my comments slowly and carefully. Be sure that you keep in mind that I am talking about current events, as in possible war against Iraq as well as the disastrous Palestinian situation. Forgive me if I am annoyed of repeating myself.

You wrote, ?United States does what it takes to assure its stability of their policy and system?.
What it takes = killing a million child and destroy families.
Assure its stability = enough FREE (take by force) OIL for future usage.
Policy and System = imperialism and exploiting others? natural resources (e.g., oil).

About Sadam Hussein, as of recent elections in Iraq, which the world witnessed on TV, people voted with own blood, screaming their lungs out in front of the News cameras, putting the whole world in a witness chair assuring their desire in Sadam as their formal leader.

Boycotting American/Israeli products is ONE of the things we all can do, I never said it may work but it?s the least we can TRY (please, again, re-read what I wrote about the boycotting solution). It would be more like a symbolizing and unified stand in front of the true aggressors.

PS: I urge you to please read carefully before you answer to this comment.

Peace N Love.


12:38 pm    January 17, 2003
First of all, it was never the people of Iraq or any of other Arab country who chose their leaders. Saddam has been helped by the western for the Coup d' Etat and so many others. Democracy concerns very much the way of an intern national life, though, it has nothing to do with overthrowing other leaders. United States does what it takes to assure its stability of their policy and system. For you to be annoyed repeating urself over and over doesn't make a convincing argument. What can possibly an Arab leader do when his beloved people are even worse.
No matter how loud our voice is, we are still on mute. When we start being more creative, then perhaps we can invent something to trade of. Boycotting American products is non sense.

12:35 pm    January 17, 2003
Le boycot sera insignifiant pour l'?conomie am?ricaine parce que le pouvoir d'achat de nos compatriotes est faible, voir nul.
Combien de familles vivent au Maroc avec lkhobz ou ataiy?
Et qu'est ce qu'une dizaine de mcdo ? casa-rabat alors qu'ils sont 900 en France et 1200 en Allemagne par exemple?

Le boycot sera un symbole tr?s fort et determinant pace qu'il fera comprendre ? tous ces n?vros?s qui se sont empar? du pouvoir dans nos pays, de l'atlantique jusqu'au golfe persique, que la prise de conscience politique est pr?sente, que l'unit? des populations est la seule force, et que leur volont? est le seul pouvoir l?gitime, et non pas des gens au pouvoir grace ? des ?lections falsifi?es tout le temps.

Si tout le monde participe de fa?on symbolique, ce sera la fin de la tyrannie pour nos populations.


11:13 am    January 17, 2003
Your arguments are greatly considered yet do not fall in the context of the current events we are discussing. I am annoyingly tired of repeating myself over and over again. Overthrowing Arab leaders justifies neither the killing of innocent people nor exploiting their natural resources. Also, I never acknowledged that all leaders and governments in the Arab world are democratic. Ironically, the US isn?t democratic either when it tries to dictate to other people who their leader should be. (Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea,...etc)
I am glad you brought up the Venezuela incident. It is the US Special Forces, who overthrew Venezuela?s leader. Then, the people put their leader back in power in spite of the US.

Let ?s just stay focused on the ?war? the US is launching on Iraq and long time ago lunched on Palestine. Let?s think of a possible way ?Boycotting American/Israeli products? to let the world know that we object to their violent action to kill innocents, who happen to be a big part of our identity.

Peace N Love


10:38 am    January 17, 2003
I appreaciate your thoughts. But again, let me stress that Israel is the ONLY Democraty in the Midle-East. The only one. At least in Israel and USA people vote for their leaders and can critisize their leaders. tell me any Muslim country or arab country where this is true. Iraq is not a Democraty, Seddam is an evil just like other Arab leaders. He has been in the power for ever, and 100% vote that he won recently demonstarte how scared are the people in Irak. I do have peity of people in Palestine and Irak but not for their leaders. I think it is time for people to revolte and say no to their leader (like the example of Venzouella)s. At that moment USA and Israel will fear the arab world and will take fair decisions. I hope I made my idea clear to everyone. Especially you!

10:23 am    January 17, 2003
Dr.Bambara Michel

AirBus, parmis d autre model... est un d avion de ligne, qui est made in europe,
elle vole grace au petrole.., et qui va aussi pour le pelerinage si tu es interessee... :I
apparement qd tu prends le taxi pour rentrer chez toi, tu payes en devise, tu fais des prieres au chauffeur, et tu lui donne tes benedictions comme tip avant de descendre de son Simca..
c est facile d accuser les autres de traitres, hypocrtie, passif et paresseux...
alors que nous meme, comme individue,
on se comporte comme celui qui fait le commentaire d un match de football...


10:09 am    January 17, 2003
How can you say that the US reserves the right to kill innocent people in Iraq and Palestine because there is no democratic regime in the Arab world?
What is democracy to you ( hope not the US ) ?

10:08 am    January 17, 2003
People in both Iraq and Palestine chose their leaders but the US didn?t accept their choices and wants to pick a leader for them, is that the democracy you are talking about? Or when the US killed one million Iraqi children, is that democracy to you? Or when the US provide Apache helicopters to the Israelis to kill helpless people, is that democracy to you? Or when the US calls freedom fighters terrorists, is that democracy to you? or?..(not mentioning the US role in South America & Asia)
No one in this entire world (Arab or not) agrees with the aggression and bullying of the United-States towards our people. You are an Arab, who is bounded by history and rich heritage to the Iraqis and Palestinians, and should at least feel their pain and suffering, regardless of their regime because RIGHT NOW that is not the issue.
All I am saying is that boycotting American/Israeli products is a tool that would VOICE our opinions, and let the international community hear what we all, Arabs/humans, are trying to say. Again, ?Boycotting-what-you-CAN? everywhere in the world would definitely affect US companies revenue negatively. So, why shouldn?t we try it? Isn?t it worth it, if you take the time to select the items you purchase?

In fact in the US, people are doing the same thing right now. They are running negative ads about SUVs, saying that buying an SUV is like helping terrorists because SUVs consume a lot of Gas, which they get from the Middle-East (the biggest terrorist cell).
If we all do what we can, as one community, to carefully select items we buy, we might pull this off and trigger a wake-up call within the American society.

Peace N Love


9:23 am    January 17, 2003
In every topic, our anger is expressed toward our Government. The fact is, no matter how educated we can be, a very large part of our population (Morocco in particular and Arab countries in general) is still uncivilized and unproductive. The fact when 2 people alone waiting at the bus terminal pushing each other to grab a seat next to the window. The fact when a rumor comes out about increasing the flower or sugar price, people buy 10 times of the quantity they need. The fact that a college Brilliant math student doesn't even know what the real meaning of a derivative is or what the real use of it in real life is.
We might purchase "LaCost" instead of Polo Ralph Lauren. Or we may also buy a japanese Desktop instead of an American one. Windows still dominates the world market as an Operating System. Boycotting can't be 100% enforced.
We talk bits and bites when we can't even lineup at the theater in a fashion way.

9:11 am    January 17, 2003
Lhyia: La dette exterieur est d'environ 13 Milliards en ce moment. Est ce que tu penses que boycotage des produits americains serait une solution efficace? Je ne le pense pas!

8:54 am    January 17, 2003
Salut :
en fin des cerveaux qui reflechissent avant qu ils se prononcent dans des opinions!!! la situation actuelle est tres politique prenant le cote religieux comme pieux de divergence et de cause! Oui, le fond juif aux US veut bien monopoliser la region de l orient, dans les annes 80, ils ont bien aide a detruire l Iran en aidant l Iraq , ils ont tout construit la bas, aucun peuple arab n a fait le point! , a l epoque, Iraqi president etait Ilmani, pas completement Muslim, apres avoir construit un etat solide, il est devenu le souci des US dans la region, il a eu une economie et une politique tres divergente aux interets des US, ...vous connaissez la suite...
Je veux dire par cet example que le boycottage en sa propre signification est un debut d une defaite, une failure! oui, je prends toujours le cas du Maroc, c est un pays qu on aime, on a 22 $ Billions de dettes exterieures, a + 50% des US, dis moi toi, comment on vas pouvoir boycotter les produits americains, mais quels produits,... Coca, Mc Do, qui mangent ca au Maroc, Mc Do qui coute le meme prix qu ici, on a les moyens pour les acheter, biensur si tu es le fils de papa, un de Riad ou un de california ou un de gueliz!!! Coca, on la boit seulement dans les fetes d El Haouli!!!::)) il ne faut pas trop exagerer, !!!
Je felicite les marocains et marocaines partout dans le monde qui travaillent hard pour le bien d eux et de leurs familles, ce que je vois comme premieres etape de bien etre!
A vous

8:41 am    January 17, 2003
Etats unis a le droit de faire tt ce que elle veux tant que il n y apas de democratie dans les pays arabs et musulmans. moi je suis contre le boycot des produits americains, mais je suis pour un boycotage des governements arabs et musulmans. please be yourself good and then ask people to be good. les chefs d'etats arabs font plus pire que Bush, alors comme peuple arabs il faut faire la revolte au sein de nos pays avant de chercher ailleurs. Peut etre que jai tort! 7ta nmout?

8:10 am    January 17, 2003
La question maintenant est urgente et ce n'est pas a popos des r?gimes dans les pays Arabes. La question est a propos de l'agression d'Etats-Unis contre notre poeple en Iraq comme en Palestine. Que pouvons nous faire pour aider notre poeple dans ce cas actuel? l'idee' "Boycotting-What-You-Can" n'exige pas un effort suppl?mentaire de nous. Peut ?tre nous devrions faire les courses et choisir des articles plus soigneusement. N'est ce pas bien le moindre que nous pouvons faire pour l?instant.

Peace N Love


4:58 am    January 17, 2003
pq ne pas partir au pelerinage cette ann?e mashiyane 3ala al a9dam ..ola sur des chameaux cm au tps ou l'islam "gouvernait le monde" ... au lieu de se poser sur un joli tit avion usa made ? ..



1:55 am    January 17, 2003
Ashman Boycotting llah yahdikom, awallah oshi dawla 3arbiya ddir l Boycotting tatwalli b7alla 3aysha fal3assr l7ajari. Ma9addin nssaybou taw9ida katash3al. Educate and build productive arab people. Challenge their intelligence before their products.

5:47 pm    January 16, 2003
I wanna join my worlds to la7ya's. le Maroc est pourri par les gens qui le governent, non pas par son peuple et sa nature. Je ne suis pas contre le boycotage des produits americains, mais je pense qu il y a d'autres voies plus efficaces. les pays arabs, sans exception, manquent de democratie, et leur leaders ont besoin du governement USA pour les proteger! Si il y a une democratie, tt les problemes vont se resourdre. Donc avant de se meler dans les affaires de USA et au boycotage des produits americains, il faut penser a comment instaurer un regime democratique dans les pays arabs. une democratie qui tiendra compte de l'opinion de son peuple, une democratie qui peu decide le boycotage de l'amant, et d'eliminer la corruption, et le chomage des cadres, et karim al 3amrani et d'autres dossiers.

3:03 pm    January 16, 2003
First of all, boycotting American products is a solution to what problem? Let us first define why such an act is necessary and if indeed is worth adopting.
American foreign policy towards the third world countries and the Arab world is certainly a fatiguing apprehension, which leads to deception and anti-sentiments against the US we once so long admired.
More specifically, our pride, history, heritage, cousins, brothers, and sisters get raped, die again and again under Israeli?s strong army, which who else but the US provide its weaponry. Furthermore, The US is eager to attack an Iraqi population that lived for twelve years under <> harsh sanction, deprived from the basic needs of survival. Of course, we hear, read, and may be see, all things I just mentioned, on TV but do we live or feel it the way Iraqis/Palestinians do, not only no but HELL no. Baghdad, the capital of our origins and roots, deserves more respect and care than what?s given to it in this era, so does Palestine.
We all share the same sentiments but we lack a voice, a loud one, so loud that it?d shake the don?t-care-about-the-rest-of-the-world mentality Americans have. If we boycott US products everywhere in this world, this act would certainly affect their giant corporations? revenue negatively, knowing that MOST of US companies are profit oriented. May be then, the American people would rise up and join the rest of the world in putting a halt to the ?war? (more like an aggression) against our people.

Now, Is it worth trying? Heck yeah. Is it realistic? Let?s find out.
Peace N Love


1:47 pm    January 16, 2003
svp si qq peut nous donner un lien via le net pour capter 2m comme ca on pourra voir le match wac raja dimanche prochain nous sommes des fan du foot, malheureusement via le satellite ca ne marche pas et meme le lien figurant sur ce site ne marche pas. merci bcp pour le service j'atends votre reponse rapidement.

12:42 pm    January 16, 2003
Pour ceux :

12:37 pm    January 16, 2003
Pour Maroquine!!
ce n est absolument pas le cas, quand tu dis le maroc est pourri, ca veut dire relativement au pays a boycotter. Donc, je le dis et j assume toute signification du mot: Pourriture, bien sur je suis marocain , et c est parceque j aime mon pays, j aime bien voir nos 65% de ruraux bien loge, alimentes en eau et en electricite, recevoir leur droits de vivre. La pourriture reside en ces cotes, de voir la famille Karim AAMrani recevoit 10% des revenus de Phosphates , pourquoi? peux tu me dire la raison pour ca!! on en a marre de voir ce genre d habitude!!!

12:19 pm    January 16, 2003
boycotter quoi de quoi ?
this is only my opinion so dont get mad ,people that live in America cant talk not even mumble about boycotting America cause thats where they make them money and that s where they belong right now.others tell me how ?
by not drinking coke or pepsi by not driving a Ford or chevyby not wearing a levi s jeans ....
yeah why not sounds like a solution is it gonna harm America ?may be may be not .
always remember
USA = Israel
you want to end America you better end Israel something you can t do right here right now so till then lets drink pepsi and coke and drive ford ,chevy , wearing a nice levi s jean ...
it s not me it s not you its our governement s7ab zero wal petrol
Ina lilahi waina ilayhi raj3oun .

11:58 am    January 16, 2003
hello sallam
i really don t know if we re talking about boycotting America itself or just boycotting American goods.
boycotting America is not a good sthing to do right now an army that can fight two wars in the same time can ask for the third or the fourth, boycotting american goods is very hard to do cause it is going to affect other countries from the 3 rd world, most american merchandise is made in taiwan, china , singapore...even morocco.
so think about how many poeple are losing them job because of it.
believe me it s not the right time to boycott america . the country is going to fall on his own step watch..

11:46 am    January 16, 2003
Salut tout le monde. Je m'adresse tout dabord a "lyhia". Nous sommes en train de discuter le sujet de boycoter les produits americains, et il a fallu que tu te mettes a insulter le maroc. Si tu penses que le maroc est pourri alors que tu es marocain, donc tu te traite de pourri.
If you say we have to change our beloved country, then you might wanna start by giving it some respect when talking about it.
Take care u all!

10:40 am    January 16, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I think you all are trying to experiment with this topic of boycott, and stretch as many straps as you can to understand what's going on. I'm glad Raioo fuels your freedom of expression.

I read your writings and I feel I am learning something from both you who are PRO boycott, and those who are CON. I prefer not to point fingers in my replies, just keeping it real, simple and clean.

So, It seems to me that this kind of discussion has brought up many of your who realize that there are fundamental bugs in the attitude of arab world, be it governments or people, and that boycott is quiet silly coming from buggy people like that. So your message is work on your fundamentals first. Point taken, I couldn't agree less.

I know that God asks us when we see a bad thing or someoen with bad behaviour, we should try and fix it personnaly with whatever skills we have.. be it a broken knob on a door (layar7am ba ssidi he never misses a broken think in his house and he always fixes it not later but right there), or be it a printer, a fridge, a balcony, or be it a company strategy, where people should do more mental or physical work to perform better and provide a great usefull product that is not going to break often down the line... or be it a government policy where someone has to take action and come up with new laws, policies, strategies etc... God tells us then that if you think you cannot directly, personnaly fix things, then move on to next alternative which is to talk about it.. to voice your opinion through media, in the street conversations, in the press, bring it up in the next meeting with your boss.. so maybe someone who is more suitable to directly fix things will hear your ideas, like them and pursue them... God tells us that if you cannot even talk about it, and you're running out of ways, then move on to the next step which is to tell yourself and only yourself about it.. to remind yourself about it, to do whatever you can to avoid the consequences of that bad thing.. I also, in my humble opinion, and after thinking about it, believe that God means if we choose to go with the first alternative which is to directly fix things, then we are also automatically bound to assuming the responsibility of practicing the other 2 alternatives. If you choose to go with the second alternative which is to talk about it, then you're also supposed to practice the 3rd which is to tell yourself about it first.

This leads me to think that boycott is a combination of the two last alternatives, more stronger towards the 3rd alternative.

Based on that, the first alternative is clearly being skipped.

In my opinion, I think that if you as a non-politician arab citizen want to contribute to the solving of the problem of US foreign policy towards arabs, you should be aware that you can also take adantage of the first alternative, besides using the 2nd and 3rd, and one of the ways you could use these is but not limited to boycott.

How can you use the first alternative, and be directly involved ? Well someone already made a point of that in this discussion trail and that is to seek knowledge, to work hard, to learn, to exchange ideas with US, to believe in your country as a starting point and not leave your country as a starting point. To contribute to the success of your country without inflicting any harm on others just because they caused you harm or are willing to cause harm. When I say contribute to the succes of the country that means on all levels since people are diverse in their potential.. some are good farmers, other are good engineers, other are good soldiers..etc. It sounds like heard-it before kind of thing, but I believe it is as simple to say as that I admit. Practicing it is the hardest thing and probably 50% of why God put us on earth: Le travail Honete. Honest Work. Also God says something that intrigued me since an American Muslim artist said it in a New York conference about 9/11 he wrote in caligraphy a verse that changed my views since: God says: La Darara, Wa La Dirar. This means that don't commit any harm, and don't respond with any harm if someone harmed you.

Understand it as you wish, but the essence I learned from it will keep me away from trouble I hope for a while.

9:54 am    January 16, 2003
salamou alikoum..kedayrien drari........
i wanna say something with my respect to all the opinions.....i dont think that there is a need for not accepting american products?!!whats matter with usa?!!!!i think that usa is the only country that we must exchange with ideas ,products and sure using it's great products!!!
microsoft,intel, factories nescafe and anything u imagine is american and no arabic alternative is there and will never be there...coz there is no arab these days arab times has gone and now it's the mind time...u think in a proper way u will gain and have what u want.....
so instead of thinking of things like that let think of how we can make local factories,our own technology and everything.....
with respect and love and peace out:)

9:06 am    January 16, 2003
Salut tout le monde: tataajbouni bi les paroles!! chaab dial Hadra::)) Li rass malou Hadra ma Baa ma Chra!!! Taigoulou had lmatal fi le Maroc!!! Oui, c est vraiment desole de lire ce qui est venu d etre ecrit!! oui par cette expression!! eh les gas , j ai une question, pourquoi vous etes la, surtout ceux qui veulenet boycotter!!! etes vous la pour servir notre pays apres ou pour vivre une vie pour vous meme en meilleure qualite!! parce que le Maroc, comme tout le monde le sait est pourri, !!! vous savez ce que jepense est que le boycottage doit etre realise contre le Maroc!! oui, on paye 20% pour les taxes, vous vous rendez compte 20>>>6.5 paye aux USA, compare aux exploits et infrastructures dans les deux!! Pas de comparaison!!! l autre point des gendarmes , ce n est pas nouveau, et ca sera pour toujours!!
what we can provide is living in peace and harmony with ourselves first and we have to change our beloved country, if it s not for our last days , it should be for our children if we will have some!!!!
Take care

8:41 am    January 16, 2003
You know to talk about Boycotting a country (First Economic Power in The World) You need to have strong and independent Economie ,and as the Arab World WE ARE NOT...yeap ,so the only thing we can do ,We need to talk as one voice to those countries not only USA but to the whole World and show them that We are in this Planet to live together and to respect eachother "Bismiallah Arrahmane Arrahim : ...Wa jaalnakom Chouooban Wakabaeela Litaarafou Inna Akramakom Inda Allah Atkakom " and that is All.We are not here to fight.and none could consider this World for his own ,It's for US together .
Before I finished I want let you think about this .We are Brothers right...!!!???,We are We are fighting after every Soccer's match like children We need many thing to do ,We are lost ,We are not Adult yet it's Sad.Good luck Arab World.

8:27 am    January 16, 2003
MOUNIR al fassi
Par exemple je sais pas est ce que vous avez chez vous aux State (meca-cola) mais vraiment c genial c pas cher c le rapport qualit? prix rien a dire 1?50 la botels elle va devenir le pire cochmar de coca-cola vous allez voir elle a envaill? toute l europe .

7:38 am    January 16, 2003
boycot boeing .. ou bien ne plus vendre du petrol aux am?ricains et anglais ...

pourrons-ns l'assumer?


7:35 am    January 16, 2003
si on prend la chose ds le sens le plus larger du mot BOYCOT ou? !! ?a pourrait ?ventuellement donner des resultats .. ( bons ou sinon faire parler de ?a si ?a changera en 1 rien ? la situation mondiale critique .. je crois pas non )...
mais si c'est juste le fait de s'abstenir de boire du coca et de manger du big mac !! oula de matter les films am?ricains!! .. jtrouves ?a plutot tres terre ? terre .. !
et pi pr moa la boisson mecca
n'est autre qu'un autre moyen de s'enrichir sur le compte des malheurs des autres ( les n?tres aussi!! ) ..


5:04 am    January 16, 2003
Salam @all

@mous : je suis compl?ment d?accord avec ce que t?a ?crit :-)!

@imoudir :vraiment amusant ;-)!

Pour le boycott c?est contre des produits que Israel direct/indirect en profite n?importe au il sont au monde !

#! Baykout : oui mais comment?

Pour convaincre le consommateur il faut d?abors avoir des produit alternative (concurrence qualit?(+), prix(-) ) pour ses produit afin que la qualit? de r?ussite (rounds, TOPS...etc.) serais avec un certain pourcentage garantis .

#! Exemple : //selon le hallal prinzip pour achat de la viande en EU

Coca Cola (USA) # [*] Mecca Cola (arabic product) etc..

D?ailleurs ici en germany en pourait dire que leboycott ? eux d?j? ses suc?es perce que tous la Communt? musulman est convaincu que le bayout que c?est efficace.

A propos en allemagne, si il s?agit les marks des produit d?origine musulmane les surnome le fundamintalisum de markes ? MARKEN-FUNDAMENTALISMUS[4] ? pour temps il s?agit d une concurrence l?gal :
?deux poids, deux esures? ??????!

Wa Salmoun wa rahmtou Allah
from Germany
your Rachid

Ref :
[*]Mecca cola :1.

Article :


2:10 am    January 16, 2003
Our case look desperate. We are unable to mobilize ourselves even for very easy issues. Let alone trying to stop wars planned against Iraq.

Gringo De la Mancha


10:24 pm    January 15, 2003
This remind me about the arab countries aftein the 19th centries asking themselves limada takaddam al gharb wa taaakhaara ashaark?> some of them said, ah, because we deviated from the coran and legacy, other said let s go back(Salafia), other grp said no because we followed the west, other said let's take all the bst things from the west and leave the evil things so we can avoid any stupid immitation etc.. today I am saying the same question nowdays at raioo.. hoe long we can repeat the same error and waisting times. the cause of our malheurs_suffering is our dictatership system these guys when the get the power they leave it tks to a puch(inkilab_tawra) or when they died too much, too much men.. they brought us shame and chouha no matter what we r trying to learn nd be good future citizen, but forget about it!

finnaly, special thank to afarite for the link but the connection was lost??


10:20 pm    January 15, 2003
Avant de faire le boycot des produits americans, penser a gens d'armes qui rentrent chaque soir avec thousands of dollards in their pockets and rien pour le tresor de l'etat. kon kan al khokhe ydawi kon dawa rasso!

10:16 pm    January 15, 2003
I really like to to help but I think that, we, as Moroccan, should improve ourselves first before thinking about making moral to USA. I was in Morocco recently, and I was shocked by the corruption magnitude there. Everyone does participate especially security people (gens d'arme). Alors je pense que j ai honte de moi comme etant marocain de critiquer la politrique des Etats unis alors que au Maroc rien ne fonctionne ! D'abord il faut critiquer les choses au Maroc, am i wrong? I think that everyone in Morocco is corrupted, everyone. I feel ashame to give examples, but I have them.

9:33 pm    January 15, 2003

comme nombre d'entre vous l'ont exprime, un boycot signifierais une prise de conscience. cependant ne sommes nous pas dependant des americains, c'est-a-dire nombreux qui se trouveront au chomage si l'on boycote tous le produits americains.
franchement avec la crise d'emploi vicerale qu'on a au maroc, on se foure le doigt dans les yeux. non pas que l'idee n'est pas bonne mais il faudrait d'abord creer une concurence avant de s'en departir (les produits americains). vous me diriez comment et surtout avec quel argent? avec l'argent dont une bonne partie de la bourgoisie marocaine et qui se chiffre en milliars de dollars prefere faire fructifier avec des taux d'interet bancaire (riba) plutot que de les investir dans des start-up dans le secteur industriel ou technologique.

je suis sur que parmi les gens qui visite ce site, certains ont des experiences professionnelles qui peuvent etre exploiter au maroc mais cependant il est difficile de reunir le capital necessaire.

alors quand les detenteurs de fonds cesseront d'investir dans des cafes et teleboutique la nous pourrons boycotter les produits americains pas en totalite mais assez pour mettre au chomage des americains et ainsi mettre de la pression sur le gouvernement americain.

concernant un dossier connexe, j'espere sincerement que le maroc n'ai pas de petrole parcqu'alors nous serons pour les americains ce que les saoudites le sont.

arabic: ???? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ?????.



8:04 pm    January 15, 2003
30M Moroccans will stop buying INTEL microprocessors. WAW this will stop the American growth. 200M Arabs will stop buying Boing airplanes. Achh, the world economy stops.
Come on guys, don t be silly. we have 50% illetracy. The Arabic market share is insignificant.
If we want to boycott something, let boycott ourselves. As Japanese did at the time of Hassan I or the Germans did after the second WW, let shut up for 40 to 50 years and work. Let educate ourselves, read, work. Let not spend money in uying old Soviet arms and fight eachother. Let have a long term plan to have a better future for our children because today the famous green passport does not open any door..

4:22 pm    January 15, 2003
c'est simple:
pour soutenir notr cause:
-faire la guerre aux americains..p?rdu d'avance.
-soutenir le terrorisme? inhumain ,et sans r?sultat.
-faire du lobbying pour infl?chir la politique de la maison Blanche...les pro-israelien occupe d?ja le terrain....
il nous reste le boycott, methode civilis?, pacifique et tout le monde peut participer, le principale facteur d'?fficacit? ce n'est pas le tord caus? aux multinationales, car le march? musulman est insignifiant, mais le message envoyer aux am?ricain, nous sommes 1 milliard et nous nous sommes pas d'accord avec votre politique et nous avons une oppinion publique REVEILLER.

3:31 pm    January 15, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
hello all,
America represents 6% of the world population, controls more than 50% of its richess. stopping the consumption of MCdo or KFC is far from harming this huge economy, in addition to that we rely on america's products in various fields as Adnane montioned above. What upsets us about the US is its forgien policy,what we need is legitimate goverments to reflect our ideas and to meet our ambisions.we rather view the US as a stage of diplomacy combats to achieve our goals. assalam

3:21 pm    January 15, 2003
Salut tout le monde: Ca c est ce qu on appelle les paroles et paroles, paroles,... et ca c est notre grand problem!! Oui, ...Boycotter les USA?! comment? QUI? Quand? Ou? ....toute question, meme un statment est discultable dans ce sens!! Je vais dire qui va boycotter les US, commencant par notre pays, bien sur si on veut qq choses on doit etre les premiers a l;e faire pour montrer l example, il ne faut pas faire comme les pero!!! vous lisez les infos marocaines ou vous parlez dans le vide de dreams et de ... dernierement, l'association americo juive a donne un don de 21 millions de USD pour les PME marocaines, et savent comment tenir les cornes? vas toi, dis moi comment boycotter??? aussi le ministre de l emploi a propose un project de partenariat avec : France, Saoudia et les USSSSAAAA pour former 400 milles jeunes en techniciens !!! avant de commencer a prononcer qq ce soit, renseingez vous,...c est seulement des examples sur les quels on se base pour identifier notre bilans avanr de se lancer dans la polemique de boycottage!!!
dans qq annes , la grande zone de libre echange sera fondee au Maroc, vous le savez, vous savez aussi que les USA sone les premiers a s installer ...
cherchez la perspective religieuse: ISLAM-judaism ...
Salut a tout le monde

3:13 pm    January 15, 2003
It could be related.. C'est un sondage de Time Magazine en cours... c'est amusant:

The Biggest Threat To Peace
Which country really poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003? TIME asks for readers' views

enjoy :)


2:54 pm    January 15, 2003
Le boycot, c'est d?ja un pas vers la prise de conscience politique de nos populations, ? condition que tout le monde y adh?re de son plein gr?, en toute ind?pendance et par conviction.
Le jour ou cela se r?alisera, ou nous boycotterons des produits am?ricains simples comme le coca-cola, le mcdonnald etc, ce jour la devra etre grav? sur le livre de l'Histoire du peuple arabo-musulman parce qu'il constituera notre marche in?xorable vers la libert?. Ce jour l? sera un tr?s mauvais jour les tyrans.
Si cela se r?alise dans tous nos pays et ? grande ?chelle, alors nous pourrons, ? ce moment l?, commencer ? rever et ? ?sperer retrouver notre gloire, notre puissance et notre heg?monie pass?es que nos vaillants ancetres ont ?tabli sur le plus grand empire que l'humanit? ait connu en imposant le respect et non la crainte, la justice et l'?quit? et non la terreur. Ils ont conquit une multitude de peuples, de l'Indus jusqu'au coeur de l'Europe par le savoir, la culture et le raffinement et non par la puissance dont ils disposaient.
Est-ce un reve ou une chim?re? Rien n'est impossible pour la puissance divine. Salam.

2:03 pm    January 15, 2003
salam w alikoum
je suis d'accord avec toi khouya issam, mais un simple musulman comme nous qui n'a pas d'argent a investir et n'a pas le pouvoir qu'est ce qu'il fait??? il peu faire un petit geste non? s'il boit pas coca, fanta, pepsi... ou s'il change de shomppoin.... est ce que ca va change qlq choses dans sa vie? par contre si chaqu'un de nous dit moi seul je pourai rien on va reste comme nous somme maintenant, il faut que chacun de nous commence par lui meme "no9ta no9ta ye3mere el wad" je vous invite a voir cette page ;

12:46 pm    January 15, 2003
i agree somehow with that ' it is an important step to mae the maerican governement that the arab world has seen enouhg of this discrimination '''but the most mportant now is that we depend on those products we have no real productions that can compet with that of americans so when we feel that our products ar really competitives and with a hight quality then welcome to challenge but nowdays there is still a long way to go and work hard hope be soon .. thanks for this window raioo wchich permit us to share ideas with our beloved countrymen

11:17 am    January 15, 2003
ahlane tout les marocains. kidairin? ca va? j'espere que vous passez de beau moments, et j'ai pense a vous tous, check out this web site, you're gonna thank me after this:
it's real chaabi, don't forget to say thanks. bye

10:27 am    January 15, 2003
Allah ya3tik sa7a a khoya tarik. Mais sache que le public americain est innocent, et victime du media (CNN, FoxNews...). A mon avis, il faut que les arabs investissent dans le domaine de media aux Etats unis par la difusion des documentaires et interviews montrant au peuple americain la realite des choses. aussi, il faut changer le regimes politique dans tt les pays arabs ou musulmans, et installer une vrais democratie afin que toutes les decisions precises soitent supporte par tt le monde. !

9:32 am    January 15, 2003
C'est s?r qu'un boycot g?n?ral des produits americains et je dis bien GENERAL fera bouger les choses a la maison blanche parce que cette derniere est entre les mains des grandes industries americaines qui tirent les fils de la guerre derriere les coulisses .
On peut tres bien se contenter des produits europ?ens pour compenser ce boycott et donner une le?on a bush et a son administration d'une vraie union musulmane et arabe .

5:13 am    January 15, 2003

Tarik Fdil message
Tu as raison Adnane de souligner que le boycot des produits am?ricains peut ?tre mal
compris par le citoyen am?ricain lambda croyant que c'est une expression de haine
envers les am?ricains en g?n?ral. Mais avons-nous r?ellement le choix ?

Ne pas acheter un produit am?ricain est le seul moyen pacifique
? notre disposition pour exprimer notre d?saccord avec l'administration
am?ricaine. Il faut bien que celle-ci sache qu'il y a une opinion
arabe bien distincte de la position de ses dirigeants.

Nous d?sapprouvons compl?tement le soutien am?ricain ? la politique sanguinaire
de Sharon et nous condamnons l'action am?ricaine en Afghanistan et en Irak ou
encore le silence coupable en Tchech?nie. Cependant, contrairement ? nos dirigeants
nous ne contentons pas de condamner avec la parole uniquement. Le boycot des
produits am?ricains est un acte concret ayant une port?e plus que symbolique.

En boycottant les produits am?ricains (qui ne sont pas indispensables pour nous) nous
baissons le chiffre d'affaire des multinationales am?ricaines dans notre r?gion.
Les dirigeants de ces multinationales, dont le principal souci est le profit, ne
manqueront pas de constater le manque ? gagner et demanderont des comptes ? leurs
dirigeants. Nous esp?rons qu'ils mettront la pression sur leurs dirigeants pour qu'ils
modifient leur politique ?trang?re.

Maintenant il y a le risque bien r?el que l'administration am?ricaine profite du boycot
pour diffuser une propagande sioniste disant que les arabes sont anti-am?ricains et
anti-occidentaux primaires poussant ainsi leur peuple ? soutenir leur politique h?g?monique.
Ce risque nous l'assumons car notre situation est d?j? catastrophique, je ne vois pas ce
que nous pourrons endurer plus que ce que nous subissons aujourd'hui. Donner des concessions
? l'adversaire (je dis bien adversaire et non ennemi) est per?u comme un signe de faiblesse
et demandera davatage de concessions, mais refuser de courber l'?chine et protester par tous
les moyens ? notre disposition le poussera ? r?fl?chir et ? infl?chir sa politique.



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