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Mohamed Brahimi
Franklin Massachusetts USA
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HARVARD University needs your input
07:47:31 PM Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Are you in Massachusetts or surrounding areas???

I am currently working as a research assistant at Harvard on "Islam in the west project. This project is currently in the stage of organizing several focus groups composed of a diverse representation of our community. You can learn more about the MBS here:

Right now we are in the middle of collecting names of people who would like being in a focus group. The purpose of the focus groups is to learn from participants the best approach to asking questions for the survery on religion and citizenship and ethnicity. what questions will be most productive, respectful, accurate etc.

Not everyone who signs up will be in a focus group. There will ultimately be 10 groups of 10-12 people. Right now we want to collect as many names as possible so we can have enough interested people to put together the 10 groups.

If you would like to participate in a focus group, please email me your name and number and city/town and nationality/ ethnicity to:
Please write "Harvard" on the subject line
There will be a nominal compensation. The focus group ONE TIME commitment of no more than TWO HOURS.

Thank you

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4:05 pm    October 25, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
I remember I signed up for one of these a while ago. But at any rate, for the interest of stirring dialogue about this on raioo instead of keeping as a mere announcement, let's consider a raioo focus group. I'm opening the floor with 10 questions (many more are buried within) that I consider productive, respectful and accurate, maybe others will jump in for designing the questions this project could consider:

1. How important is spirituality in your life in the US?

2. How does your spirituality-practice-o-meter, or feeling of being spiritual changes in the US in different situations:
- at home?
- in your neighborhood?
- in stores?
- at school?
- at work?
- at the mosque?
- when you're alone?
- when you're among your familly?
- when you're with your familly in public?

3. Are you afraid or ashamed sometimes of exposing your belonging to a spiritual belief? if yes, what do you feel is the cause of that fear or shame: is it current events in the middle east, 911, the word association terrorist/muslim?

4. How important is it for you to show others that you're spiritual, or that you're specifically Muslim?

5. Do you feel the social culture in your American neighborhood challenges your spirituality? in either case, how?

6. Do your feel the economic system in your American neighborhood and the US challenges your spirituality? in either case, how?

7. Do you feel you have a purpose or an obligation to "spread the word" as people say of your spiritual Muslim beliefs? if yes, what are your expectations?

8. Do you feel more comfortable among people of similar spirituality as you? in the mosque? outside the mosque?

9. Do you feel others do not care about your spirituality? does that impression offend you? do you care about validating that impression? how would you feel if someone validates that impression, that they do not care about your spirituality?

10. Have you ever thought of moving to a different country, other than the US, where Islam is the official religion?

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Policy Research Institute on Diaspora International..
Moroccan American Fourth Annual Convention..
OBAMA Anthology..
HARVARD University needs your input..


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