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Morocco:Poor participation in Immigrant's Parade in NY City
11:24:21 PM Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

Last weekend ,I went to NY City to participate in the Immigrant's Parade.For me the participation of Morocco was very poor.
Go to to see the photos

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2:32 pm    July 2, 2008

hudhud message
it's just one show. here's the info

Rachid Taha rocks.



1:24 pm    July 2, 2008 message
I had Gyro in Brooklyn and was good.So what about the Chab Taha?It's gonna be a festival with other participants,like the whole weekend?or just one day concert:Public park,.

10:27 am    July 2, 2008

hudhud message
which restaurant was it?

This immigrant's parade doesn't sound very representative of NY. Every other corner in Manhattan boasts an Egyptian-food pushcart. 3ayez falafel? :)


6:30 pm    July 1, 2008 message
Salam Hudhud,
Only Egypt supose to participate,but i didn't see them,I think the canceled at the last minute.I went to a moroccan resuarant but owned by an algerian:The food was good,and the decoration was very exotic too,we went to watch the soccer game:Italy vs Spain

3:37 pm    July 1, 2008

hudhud message
Do they have a vision statement?? =D

*ducks as the shoes start flying*


3:18 pm    July 1, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
What is the role of the Moroccan embassy in the US?

The reason I ask because I don't feel the presence of the embassy in the fabric of Moroccans in America.


3:05 pm    July 1, 2008

hudhud message
hmm.. I don't think it would be the embassy's job either.. can't think why it should fall under their domain as far as cultural activities that they'd promote. After all, they're not the actual parade organizers, right?..

Having said that though, I'm curious to know if Tunisia's embassy/consulate did any advertising or awareness/promoting/ $ supporting of participation in the parade, or if the folks present were just organizing their part on an individual/ngo-cultural group level. I noticed they had an actual float (in the pictures) - who paid for that?

btw - Driss bro - you have fotos for Morocco, and for Tunisia.. makes me wonder, was there no Algerian presence?? there's a lot of dzayris in NYC and Boston/tri-state area..

or maybe they were all on summer vacation in Tunisia.. =D


8:15 am    July 1, 2008

Rasta Gnawi message
I am not sure, but I imagine the participation of France must also have been poor in that Immigrant's Parade :)

8:04 am    July 1, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Maybe not the consulate, but rather the embassy. I always thought one of the efforts of the embassy is to be a cultural bridge. No? or is this left to individuals and associations?

if you look at the US embassy in Morocco or France, they have a department for US culture with regular activities.


7:23 am    July 1, 2008

Rasta Gnawi message
It's possible they didn't know about it. Or maybe they were working that weekend.

I don't understand why the consulate should promote such an event.


10:28 am    June 29, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Man the Tunisian parade looked marvelous !! the Moroccan looked poor indeed. But we got to give it up for those who did it even when they must have knows they could do better.

It is despicable and pitiful that there is no support whatsoever from neither the consulate nor the embassy for cultural activities related to Morocco in America. The result can clearly be seen in the poor "parade" by Morocco in New York's Immigrants Parade day. Tunisia, a smaller country was able to pull off one of the most attractive parades!! ~ And don't tell me this is a public non-governmental effort. The embassy/consulate have a huge stake in this, and should have been sponsoring the Moroccan parade.

Every day, I see things that make me lose faith and trust in Morocco's officials. Like BZIZ said, they have a dangerous disease called Elkorssititi.


1:39 pm    June 27, 2008 message
Comparing with last year(After what i saw on photos on and people the were present they told me)the diference is huge not only on number of participants ,but also the way how they did represent the contry:Morocco.While Tunisia as you can see on the photos,the number was small,but at least they did it the right way:Same clothing,Tunisian's flags,and the music in play back(It was there first time in the Parade,and the person who organized is from Haiti)

8:21 am    June 26, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Thanks Driss for taking the pictures, some of the shots are nice. So, what made you think the participation was poor? I did indeed see just a handful of people in your photos..
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