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Boston Massachusetts USA
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Moroccan raising flag in Jersey City NJ
07:14:03 PM Sunday Dec 21, 2008

Let your friends and family know about a wonderful event
happening in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Together, our hearts will be filled with pride as we honor our
beautiful flag and beautiful country on Friday, January 9th, 2009

Mark Your Calendars !!!

Moroccan Flag Raising Over City HallFriday, January 9th - 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Jersey City City Hall,
280 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ
If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to Contact
Alex Lalaoui at 201-920-8523.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Alex Lalaoui
Melinda Vickerman-Lalaoui
Event Coordinators
soccerlearning@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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1:45 pm    January 13, 2009

Salem message
That was great. I really was pleased to see the photos on I even more appreciated the video clip that reflected in animated image and clear sound the mood of joy and happiness shared by both Moroccan and non Moroccan Americans. I paid particular attention to the beautiful symphonic music of our anthem, and guess what: I chanted the lyrics with the music. For a couple of seconds I felt I was just out there! Thanks to all the organizers, thanks to Moroccoboard for the coverage and thanks to Adnane for posting the Moroccoboard link.

9:13 pm    January 12, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
You can find the coverage of this event at this link in this link, video clip and photos. Alex is looking good in the Moroccan white jellaba and red fez.

Driss our community professional photograph? You didn't go to cover the event? :) It's ok, I know you have a lot on your plate in Boston as is these days. Between the Gaza protests and interfaith dinners, you've got Muslim Boston covered. Good job man.


6:27 pm    January 10, 2009

Rasta Gnawi message
How did the Moroccan flag raising go? I wold love it if you could share any pictures with us.

5:07 am    January 1, 2009

Salem message
Yes Adnane I have one. The following is an eglishsh translation which I like much:

Fountain of Freedom Source of Light
Where sovereignty and safety meet,
Safety and sovereignty may you ever combine!
You have lived among nations with title sublime,
filling each heart, sung by each tongue;
Your champion has risen and answered your call.
In my mouth and in my blood
Your breezes have stirred both light and fire.
Up! my brethren, strive for the highest.
We call to the world that we are here ready.
We salute as our emblem
God, Homeland, and King.


3:17 pm    December 31, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Thanks Baba S. do you please have a french or english translation of the anthem? I admit, I have some difficulty understanding some of its verses.

1:04 am    December 31, 2008

Salem message
For those who will be able to show up at our first ever Moroccan Flag Raising Ceremony at Jersy City City Hall on Friday, January 9. 2009 from 3:30 pm to 5 pm (280 Grove Street. Jersy City. NJ), here are the lyrics of the National Anthem.

As I am living on the other verge of the ocean, I unfortunately will not be able to physically participate, by posting the lyrics will be my contribution and hope that when the National Flag will be Raised over Jersy City Hall, somebody will sing it on my behalf.

I hope both the Hejeer and Gregorian new years will bring happiness and prosperity to our nation and hope they bring some peace in the world in these turbulent times.

النشيد الوطني المغربي

منبت الأحرار مشرق الأنوار
منتدى السؤدد وحماه
دمت منتداه وحماه

عشت في الأوطان للعلا عنوان
ملء كل جنان ذكر كل لسان
بالروح بالجسد
هب فتاك لبى نداك
في فمي في دمي
هواك ثار نور ونار
إخوتي هيا للعلا سعيا
نشهد الدنيا انا هنا نحيا
الله الوطن الملك


1:45 pm    December 29, 2008

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Is this the guy who was in "Rush Hour" movie ?

10:52 am    December 29, 2008

Mohamed Brahimi message
The brother on the video just drank a galon of " we were here first pink Cool Aid"

2:20 pm    December 27, 2008

Salem message
Sorry, he said the "Sphinx is over 20 000 years old".

2:09 pm    December 27, 2008

Salem message
I think so. And I remember your post about this cult. I made some research on Youtube and learned that the banner and color of our flag are coveted by this cult/group of american blacks called Muurs or Moorish who claim that they are native americans who lived in america way before the indians and hence are not african americans as commonly beleived in history.

What they say is their flag, they say "is more than 5000 years old, more anciant than the sphinx", and that flag is identical to the current Moroccan Flag. Weiiiiiird !! isn't it? They also use a Tarboosh 7mar (the Fez) which is moroccan and turkish as well. As you said, the outfit is amazing. And the eloquence too.


12:06 pm    December 27, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
I like his outfit!

I wonder if this is related to The Nation of Moorish Americans?

Also this takes me back to an old post I wrote about a Moorish cult in America. I wonder if all of these are intertwined. It would be interesting if these cult followers hear of the event and showed up, especially that apparently most of them are concentrated in New York :)


6:34 pm    December 26, 2008

Salem message
Listen what this guy is saying about Our Flag!


3:58 pm    December 26, 2008 message
I just spook with Melinda Vickerman Lalaoui ,and she told me that they are planing to have moroccan cookies and traditional music,because the event will be inside the city hall.

9:29 am    December 26, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
The Americans have good intentions for doing this. As does the people who lobbied for this. I know what you guys mean, but it's just a dispassionate phase I am entangled in these days.

Driss, I did some quick research and Mr. Lalaoui runs a very successful soccer club for the youth. He has tons of certifications and background. Now that's a wonderful achievement to be able to use one's passion for soccer, a Moroccan cherished sport, with the opportunities this country provides. His wife is a columnist.


8:46 am    December 26, 2008

Rasta Gnawi message
I disagree Adnane. It's good to be skeptical, but being cynical about identity issues runs the risk of being dispassionate.

I think it's a nice occasion. The flag identifies Morocco, so it identifies us. We blend in this country as we go about our business. It is nice to see the flag raised in an American city. It recognizes Moroccans. It is obviously up to Moroccans to show what they are all about, but the flag at least says "here's a group of people that say they have something to offer."

Thanks to the author of the note for bringing it up. If Jersey City weren't far, I would love to go there and take the kids. Still, I'll look into making it.


12:29 am    December 26, 2008 message
Honestly,first time i heard such thing,so i tried to understand I made some researches:Google.Wikipedia and asking people but no result,I don't know if it's an event that has to do with the American constitution,and that happens every time in one state,or only has to do with some states.
Do you have any information to share Adnane?

12:22 am    December 26, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
I don't get it. What's the occasion? there is not much background given.

S, based on that,.. oumen ba3d!! in other words, so what?

All of a sudden Moroccans are becoming patriotic for no relevant reason. Aweddi, wash bqat fel 3alamo yourafrif...? what's this non-sense coming from?

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