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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Special Registration For Moroccan Non-immigrants in USA
12:00:00 AM Saturday Dec 21, 2002

Non-immigrant Moroccans who are staying in the United States with a temporary VISA (students, temporary workers..etc) should register in person at the nearest immigration office in your state BEFORE January 10, 2003. Take with you any evidence that proves your identity (passport, driver license..), VISA (passport, school I-20, and/or INS forms), residence (telephone, power, cable bills), work (recent payrol stubs and/or employer letter..) You will be finger-printed and asked some basic questions to prove your legal status. Make sure you show up early in the morning to the offices, 7 AM, because of the usual long waiting lines in immigration offices.

Documents of interest:
Read more details here
Frequently Asked Questions

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10:33 pm    March 27, 2008

karim mhijar message
hi there ,
it is me karim all what you need to do is to consult a competant lawyer , someone who master immigration law ;
remember the law of the land in America has been made to perfection and i do mean it ; it is the law that is fair , just and gives chance to all residents regardless of citizenship .

what happens however is that immigration department , and or some of its staff does violate the law on a daily basis and it does simply go away with it
do you all want to know why this is happening specifficaly if not only on this department?
the answer is that the victims are and have been law-abiding immigrants , individuals who do not have a voice , IE, A VOTE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE MAKE UP OF AMERICAN SOCIETY ;
also most of us immigrants do not know the law and therefor are prone to to easily be victims to the notorious bureaucratic immigration records untill enough patriotic AMERICANS DO INSTIGATE DISCUSSIONS OF SUCH ABUSE IN BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE THOUSANDS OF VIOLATIONS WILL BE PRACTISED ON A DAILY BASIS ON US THE POOR VOICELSS IMMIGRANTS


11:15 am    March 10, 2008

karim mhijar message
i would have never concluded that my life might be so miserable the way it seems now had i not been through an unexpected immigration requirement i had had to go through in the past ;IE, special registration program .

i am a Moroccan citizen from the west side of the kingdom , have been residing in the USA since 2000 , have been married for 4 years to my beloved American spouse ,a privilege that automatically qualifies me to file for my adjustment of status and do become a US resident .

the long waiting period for my applications to process has taken for ever , taken years of wait having no clue as to what has been going on with respect to my applications .
citizenship and immigration services had made our life even harder through refusing to give my wife a clear and concise reason as to why this unusual abnormal wait.????????????????????
my wife and myself had to resort to an other government branches outside CIS to have our questions answered.
we had to contact the honorable SENATOR JOHN KERRY , along side the HONORABLE CONGRESSMAN RICHARD E. NEIL and the ACLU OF MA that at last knew the cause of this unprecedented delay to process my immigration applications







OBAMA 2008


2:17 pm    July 17, 2007
hi 2 u

8:33 am    June 12, 2006
rabii sami

10:21 pm    May 8, 2006
how are u

10:20 pm    May 8, 2006
how are u

6:55 pm    April 21, 2006

7:47 am    October 24, 2005

8:42 pm    May 3, 2003
hello eferyone
I wonder if u remeber my story back in January about the poor guy who was in limbo abotu the registration. Well, sad enough, he got an NTA after he has been locked for 3 days and released on a $5000.00 bond!!!!!!!! Now, he is waiting fo rthe notice to appear.
i'd like to ask all of u if u happen to hear or know about others who appeared in front of an immigration judge already, what is the possible outcome, is it an automatic depo or is there a chance for adjusting the status? I would really appreciate ur help with any kind of info that is related to such a case.thank u

12:57 pm    January 27, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
they don't dig in your religion ever. all they ask about your background is your citizenship country, the city born in, name of your father, mother, their birthday.

fingerprinting, well they don't use ink, they use computer finger printing with light ;)

they will focus mainly on your current status, and your past status. they wll ask about the last time you entered the US and what was your status.


12:31 pm    January 15, 2003
thank u 3afrit for ur reply.
i want to ask u do they stick to the fingerprinting, questioning related to ur baground, religion...etc or do they dig in u rapplication for change of status ? that's mainly the big concern.
i thank u so much

11:08 am    January 15, 2003
que vais je te dire? j'ai eu cet interview, tout s'est passe pas mal, mais ils t'ont dans leur base de donnee, c'est a dire que s'ils t'ont laisse partir apres l'interview ce n'est pas la fin de l'histoire en tout cas, pour le mec qui s'est mariee, je ne sais pas quoi te dire, il doit faire tres attenetion, leur dire qu'il etudie et qu'il est mariee en meme temps, c'est la seule solution, et puis qu'il s'octroie les service d'un avocat, fhad leblad, flouss kethaddar hta l'ins waldiha, qu'il parle a un avocat, mais qu'il pense beaucoup a son interview, ALLAH EL MOU3INE.

10:42 am    January 14, 2003
wow, no reply whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!
r u waiting on me to tell u after friday if the guy is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

7:48 pm    January 13, 2003
hello everyone
i've read all of these posts but i still can't get a clear idea, it seems that one can't tell for sure what might happen to u once u appear, it looks like it depends on each case and u can't really draw a clear conclusion wether u r in danger or not ( l7ar9in r excluded already , no question about it i think).
here is my case ( not really me but a close person ), the guy is scheduled to appear on this coming friday, he is scared to death as his file has been pending for more than 3 long years now after his 1st interview based on his zwaj byed m3a wa7ed bent had lblad, matb3ouch lih lpassport and he has been told we'll call u, it has been so since then, every time he check on it with the ins they tell him it's pending!!!!!!! he has a work permit but lmouchkila is that ma3andou walou m3aha fhad les derniers 3 yrs bach ybyen rah mjwej bessa7, now i don't know how it goes in this registration thing but what would u guys recommend, wach ghadi yjbdou lih l7ayel ou jdid ouytlbou lih les preuves( that he does not have) then tell him had zwaj machi vrai then yjm3ouh? i will really appreciate ur replies, anything that might help plz.
thank u so much

1:08 pm    December 30, 2002
everything went cool!

1:29 am    December 30, 2002
sadda9a laho l3adim
wa ina lilah wa ina ilayhi la 3aji3on
o galo l3idd ghadda tani
dabba nab9aw ntiro ta l INS tjim3o lina 7abb o tben
li 3ando chi khadra ola zragg way 3ad fih bi snano raha tassfiya jaya o 3lina nobba daba
yalah siro lah y3an ljami33
li bghana bghna o li krahna krahna
khitamoho missk!!!

5:00 pm    December 29, 2002
guys i'm heading tomorrow to the INS office in Chicago, i hope every thing goes smouth, and i'll give the updates at night (if i get back) ;)

8:54 pm    December 28, 2002 warning. obscene language.
Rouhi tkawdi

6:08 pm    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
hal yastawi el ladina ya3lamoun waladina la ya3lamoun!

1:10 pm    December 27, 2002
To go back to our subject, which has nothing to do with marriage =), and to try and wrap up this discussion, if you're in good standing in the US, then you have nothing to worry about, take all your proof documents (original whenever possible) and head to INS office early, make sure you ask the officer for the SPECIAL registration room because you might be wasting time in another room. If you're in so and so status then get some help and advise from your local Islamic center or other civil right organizations, you could learn something new rather than enprison yourself with the notion of rush/white marriage.. but then again it's your life and you will do whatever you think is best for your standards. Koulha w raioo!

2:20 am    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
it's alright man, we made a mistake answering some khaiba's e-mail, it's ok girl nobody is gonna marry you anyways 'cause you're too beautiful to get married, un job de trottoir t'est largement suffisant, bonne nuit tout le monde sauf hadik elkhaiba.

2:14 am    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Thx Adnane for the advise
and I will take it with open heart.
Ur right, and i will not reply to whatever ":" says

I post my APPOLOGIES to ":"
sorry Sis

Off topic :

please guys let this verse be our rule from now on
" wa ida khatbahoumou al jahilouna 9alou salama "


1:24 am    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Adnane Ben. message
yes 7areg, Raioo has always promoted liberty of expression, but with every liberty of expression there's abuse of this liberty. People insult each other with foul language, or without. Some use sharp words to send a subtle insult, others not as creative settle for a conventional foul word. I don't see how any of the two methods can help everyone in this web site reach a hearty discussion. If you think someone is wrong, there's always a clean way how to get your OWN response through without speaking for EVERYONE, and expect a clean response back.

Have a good one.


12:26 am    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
on number 4 - we still have the liberty of expression

12:23 am    December 27, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
to ":" 3end rassek wa3era ghatemchi l INS kourraki nti birassek 7arega ou taye7a kate7ali fi foumek.

pr Adnane :
1- i did not insult ":" but i did make some assumptions that might be right or wrong , but most likely to be right :)
2- i never anybody to marry me, and if i was to marry someone i would have done it in 1996 when i got here.
3-the ':" girl is talking with a lot of arrogance, and no respect at all, like that all the moroccan guys should go to the INS to register AND write an official appology to her
4- as long as we r not using obscene language and We WILL not since we'r MUSLIMS
5- even if u ':' denounce ur origine and insult all the moroccan or muslim males in da world u'd still be my SISTER in islam
6- LAY yehdike and hold on to ur green card and don't let it slip away from ya :)))))))))))))


11:48 pm    December 26, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
: yati malik malik l9ittini sakran o 9ritt choha li ktebtti yaki dirti wri99at bghiti twalli gawria ti hodl teh earth u still a moroccan burner u weren t born here so be quiet at ease ur mouth theguys here are asking for some real help not some smarta$$ comments from u if u re willing to help well welcome darling if u re just enjoying urself and making fun of the others well the door can fit 2 camels ! u see that s what hate about u ugly moroccan girls u need to reach deep inside ur heart cuz i know u got some feeling left some good ones so plz keep that crap for urself and don t even come back !
if u wanna call the INS & teh FBI go ahead i ll give my phone number so they can get a hold of me but i catch i ll make u suffer ! and i meant
u re just a waste of time air and sperm !!!!! god i wanna break ur neck !!!

11:40 pm    December 26, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Adnane Ben. message
But 7areg, let me just understand where you are coming from. You hardly know this ":" person and you and 3afrit already created stories about her and her life. Marriage is not as easy as asking for it in a web site. Please stop treating this person like an object. This is getting ridiculous. Most people in 7arga (illegal) made that choice, how about they take the responsibility themselves looking for how they can improve their situation by having the least affect on other's lives? If they deserve a mate and if nature accepts, they will get married if they wish, and better be with the right person. But starting to make it sound OK to marry Moroccan girl just like that.. and as was displayed here even insult her!! what kind of intentions are here..

11:02 pm    December 26, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
u picked the wrong girl to mess up with! ghadi nwarik labnat 3layach 9adat! if I were I'd start packin' up now!

10:37 pm    December 26, 2002
to the ": "

well sister i am not gonna insult you , but i really want to make a point clear i am 7areg aux USA and i never thought that marrying a Mroccan girl will help in any sort, and let me tell u another thing most of y'all ( m girls ) are se7arrate et moucha3widate , alors pq vais-je me jetter dans le pertrain pour une green card comme si vous aller ( la ntouma la lmiricane ) nous offrire un sejoure au paradis .
wa 7eshemi shewiya rah hadouk li dellou ryousshoum ou telbouk ne savaient pas that there are some girls full of revange and envy to their fellow moroccan males , 'cause she was dumped or for the simple fact that she's ugly or ......
rah man tawada3a lillahi rafa3ahou akheti ,
how about u don't help anybody and keep ur mouth shut ??? spare us the space in this cause Adnane is paying for it


10:20 pm    December 26, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
The anonymous poster certainly made a good point that I share with her/him, except she/he generalized and got disgusted by all. I am sure not all of us share many of the ideas in the previous messages that out of nowhere start asking girls and guys to help each other get married to escape some kind of INS wrath??.. like if a taregdy is about to unfold upon them. Like if this is the end of the world. I don't want to hurt anyone, and maybe there is something I am not understanding well here if only me and the anonymous were the ones who felt like that. Is marriage this cheap.. ? or is a rush marriage your only way out of the INS wrath.. ? questions I sincerely ask and hopefully expect genuine and mature answers to.

9:24 pm    December 26, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Obscene messages will be sensored and will not be accepted and tolerated here. We monitor very well who you are and this serves us in those cases we want to communicate with you. This information remains confidential (please read our Privacy Policy). Please respect the opinion of others, and if you disagree communicate back in a mature manner and spare us your obscene language.

9:06 pm    December 26, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
i3miha lik ila 3raf smaytak wallah 7ta na3lam bik INS and the FBI...I am going to teach u a lesson u will NEVER EVER forget

8:56 pm    December 26, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
that's what I am talking about! inchallah ghadiw ijam3ouk ouy raj3ak m3a lahyouch alli f7alak fel maghrib! KHALIW 3likoum labnat trankille! fin kountou t3arfouhoum 9bal 7tal daba 3ad 7law likoum! a7ssan 7aja darou had el miricane hiya ina9ou had lablad...

4:50 pm    December 26, 2002 warning. obscene language.
rouhi tkawdi ya bent ek kahba, it seems like you're an ugly ass bitch that masturbate 20 times a day, so we won't care about you bitch, we're talkin' to the nice moroccan ladies, not to the ugly bitches, zina tahcham 3la zinha ou lkhayba ghir lahdaha ALLAH, so shut your ugly ass up bitch

3:39 pm    December 26, 2002
FIN kountou kat 3arfou labnat fel maghreb? DABA 3ad kat zawgou fihoum i9ablou 3likoum ou itjawjou m3akoum! GHIR 3LA 7AJATKOUM! vous me degoutez tous!

8:23 am    December 26, 2002
salamo 3alikom,
7na mgharbba 7nan ila bghina .... allah i3awon kol maghribi et maghribia.j'ai gagn? ma yossama ""greencard" mais je suis pas encord en usa. peut etre en mars. yabanatt allah khalikom ila ma 3awno wladna el mgharbba .rahom ma7tajjinkom,
ya3ich elmra el maghribia... ya3ich ya3ich ya3ich.....

12:41 am    December 26, 2002
i know life s a hoe!! but what can we do stay together help each other!!! some of u girls got their papers so give the other guys a hand !!! let s forget about love for a moment and think about the futur specially in this country people here are like wolves they ll eat alive but if stand up as 1 no one will toch us !!! so show some support
u may need help tomorrow u don t know !!!
NO BAD FEELING we re just trying to survive
n.s they will never take us alive
Omarmo : u know damn well that dallas gonna be the champion this year so sorry bro!!!! the Nets blew their chance last playoff !! :-)

9:36 pm    December 25, 2002
Hi everybody,
brothers moroccans everywhere in the US, do you see what's happening to us, getting interviewed and shit, man that's messed up, so please to all maghribiate qui ont hadik lwarka khadra, 3awnou khoutkoum el mgharba, je veux pas rentrer au maroc ya 3ibad ALLAH, oui je veux rentrer mais avec des papiers, on peux plus payer l'ecole c'est trop cher, s'il vous plait les filles, et a tout les marocains qui ont lwarka el khadra, mariez vous a des filles qui ne l'ont pas, aidez nous on es tous des marocains, on se deteste c'est sur, mais until when, we have to change that man, please, I'm waiting for answers, make your brothers happy ya ikhwane.

7:37 pm    December 25, 2002
I like this spirit that i am seing; let's keep it alive.
By the way did you guys see the Nets vs Celtics game? It was a pure B-Ball 101.

4:06 pm    December 25, 2002
7na magharba , 7na mghaaarba
7na megharba megharba meghaaaarba
koulna rijal 7na 7na meghabaa
meghaaarba megharba megharba megharbaaaaaaaaa

fraternite , solidarite et respects a tous et a toutes


2:59 pm    December 25, 2002
Hillou :) ... Lli chafe chi meghribi khasssah chi haja oulla fi trouble ou ma3awnouche khouhe lmaghribi bghina dama tekhrej lihe zouina fi hade denya ... paceque en on a assez de pas etre solidaire ... svp mes freres et soeur ... bghina vraiment ndirou chi haja serieuse mene hade le site ... et ca sera un point de rendez vous pour nous tous marocains bache n3awnou be3diyatna ... fekrou fi une idee pour accomplir cette noble cause ... un pour tous et tous pour un ... imekene on a des differences ... mais on a qq chose en commun une seule chose ... mais c la plus importante des choses: NOTRE IDENTITE ... fine ma kenna hna dima mgharba ... (je sais j'aime pas lmaghribe ) mais pas en tant que blade et gens ... mais en tant que douk wlad#$%^## lli 9abtine les commandes ... thelllaw :)

2:57 pm    December 25, 2002
wanari i m back! sob7an lah m3a dakhla li mirikan galo khassik tchoff l INS office hado malhom 7ma9o
wa l3addab!!!!!
yalah mabrok 3wachirkom jami3an o thalaw lia fi ba3diyatkom!

2:39 pm    December 25, 2002

Zainab SR message
Salamou 3alaykoum
Just passing by, I didn't get to read everything, but I just wanted to tell you all.... Allah ykoon fe3waan ljamee3... And I mean it... Who ever hurt you Allah yakhood feeh l7e9, and just remember one thing... Prenez soin de votre prochain w7ennoo 3la be3dyatkoom.... I know it's not always easy, but we gotta put our hands together 7eet lyedd we7da makatseffe9sh....
Take care

2:04 pm    December 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
yup, and I didn't add it yet just because I haven't started programming it yet. I want to use my own version. I don't promise anything soon, but you will see it if it makes it. thanks for contributing to this site by the way.

12:32 pm    December 25, 2002
Hillou :) ... Adnane ... you should think about adding a find your soul mate section in this website :) ...

11:32 am    December 25, 2002
message to all morrocan girls in USA.

i think the situation in state is too bad,and there is many gays without green card,i beg all of you to help your brothers,the situation in morrocan is getting worst day after day,and imagine if one of the illegal morrocans is your brother what will you hope?.
well i am canadien resident i would like to help an illegal morocan girl by getting marring her.
so a3wnou khoutkoum a daryate ,rahna magharba khoute
yallah thalaw


6:40 am    December 25, 2002
contact me by email ... :) ... bache teb9a loumoure mestoura ...

7:28 pm    December 24, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Hey man Hook ur brother up
i really need to marry a white or any color girl that holds a blue passport

what is the scope and boundries of this project ????

i want to start beeing seen on radar ( stealth mode ) 9etalni


6:55 pm    December 24, 2002
Hillou :) ... l3azwa ... you did not apologize to me !!!!!!! have been rude to me too ... and to show you that I'm concerned about moroccans ... i know a couple of girls (nicelooking girls)who are willing to mary someone (white wedding) for the money ... I'm serious ... :) iwa chnou???? kayen ktere mene hade chi ???? and you know what ?@!!! ..... wessssel lkeddab tal babe dare :) ...

6:38 pm    December 24, 2002
Yes I was afraid you would come and ask me to marry you. I just spent my last penny on Christmas shopping and I m far from making it to buy a wedding ring.

6:28 pm    December 24, 2002

Give it up, or if I ever see you crossing by the symphony, I won't think twice running you over :)


5:34 pm    December 24, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Thnx bro ( amine ) for the info
as a matter of fact i was wondering what is ACLU
i also have another question
what will happen if u dont register , meanwhile u get married to a USC of course ???

Thank u bab merakech


5:26 pm    December 24, 2002

Rasta Gnawi message
To those who continue to struggle with the questions of what to do with INS registrations, I will not insult your intelligence nor your sacrifice by feeding you "I heard this" and "I heard that" lines. Many of you have family members that you are supporting home, many of you have dreams that you are pursuing, and many continue to be unclear about the next step. Please take the time you have available to think deeply about any step you might choose to take, and before making any choices, try as much as possible to get in touch with a lawyer (again the ACLU is offering free immigration legal advice.) For those in Boston, the Islamic Center of New England, both Cambridge and Quincy sites have set up a relatively large legal fund to help protect your rights in this country. These are resources that are available to you and that I would urge you use. You will not have to deal with regret if you make your decisions under the clarity of knowing your rights.
I pray for the courage to get you through these difficult times.

4:03 pm    December 24, 2002
salam to all. L3azwa, no hard feelings brother if I was to get offended by everything little word, I don't think I would be here reading all this. The lesson they taught us today was: that the key to avoid misunderstandings is to agree to disagree and still be able to have a dialogue. Apology accepted. I still can't see what the problem was though. Were you affraid I'd come over and ask for your hand in marriage after saying salam ? loll Was that the reason you got so defensive?I am glad you didn't have an indigestion hehehe sorry :) this is just too good and too funny.
Peace, forgiveness and the most important thing Respect. I just remembered something: when I was a kid they told us at school :if you can't think of anything smart to say just be quiet:) I think next time I'll be even smarter I just read and be quiet:))Salam to all.

2:12 pm    December 24, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Hi L3azwa, my question remains unanswered.. I'll catch up with the next discussion.

1:47 pm    December 24, 2002
Let's make an end to this.
If you read my message all the way down, you would have also read "my apology to those who got affended".
But here it is again : My apology.
Perhaps it takes more than once.
I ll be counting anyways :)

1:37 pm    December 24, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
L3azwa.. ok to dwell on this too much, but I want to understand your opinion better, maybe I didn't. And for Amine, he's a big guy he has his judgement and if he has something to say he will. I am only saying what I felt, and is not strictly brotherhood.

You said: If what people type here disgraces you. you can remove this feature smoothly and swiftly or shut down the site in whole.

First, you chose to use the verb disgrace to describe his emotion. Are you sure this is what he felt? let's make sure of that first, because the worst thing one can do is invent feelings and assign them to people.. that's what creates misunderstandings. To say Amine is disgraced is a big word my friend. I don't think Amine is nothing close to being shamefull by the Arabs or the Muslims. Not to mention his many community services to serve our people and to bring understanding to the people of America about islam and Arabs, all in good faith. If you are going to respond to people here or submit your opinions make sure you get your terminology straight first.


1:02 pm    December 24, 2002
The only person I might have been rude to is Zineb. Zineb: my apology.
Amine's statement was clear and straightforwad. There was no paradox nor a contrary statement in it. If you are trying to bend the meaning by your own philosphy then I don't blame you, it's called "Brotherhood".
One more time, my apology to Zineb and to those of course who got affended.

7:37 am    December 24, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

I respect your freedom of speech my friend, and as a matter of fact, if you are offended by anything assidi layssama7. It seems to me you were the only one complaining, you know why ? because what Amine said is a statement contrary to received opinion. It's a paradox. Paradoz my friend is a seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true. Fakkar fiha m3a khatrek, khod nhar, zouj, sh'har, 3am, 3shar ssnin, and one day maybe one we'll all learn it well enough to do good to ourselves. There wasa nice thought in Leniouz, a newsletter broadcast online by Nabil Andaloussi that said: ?Le paradoxe est le moyen le plus tranchant et le plus efficace de transmettre la v?rit? aux endormis? (Unamuno).

7areg, :) dak nhar 3la manddann tabbatt liya shi 20 dirham majjib fattoubissss... casa assa7bi wash ta hadik medina :)


5:37 am    December 24, 2002
Hillou :) ... l3azwa ... avec tout mes respects ... tout ce que tu as ecris ne comporte que insultes, et non respect pour l'opinion des autres ... (the thong thing with me ... redirect your indigestion with zineb ... ) it's rude bro ... faut apprendre a avoir une conversation civilisesa sa7bi awww ... :) ... dans tout mes messages ... j'ai jamais insulter ou offender qq1 ... mais j'exprime ce que je pense ... sme3 n3ame a sidi ... e7tarem ara2 nasse lekhrine ... et pour ceux li taychekkkaw mene usa ... 3lache a sa7bi 3aychine fi hade leblade ????? nekdeb 3lik a khouya ... layen3el bou chi maghribe ... et douke lli 7assine bi rasshoum me7gourine .... matayte7guere ghi lli 7aguere rassou :) .... chou nasse fine wasline hna ... bghiti dire frasssek khir ... ou ddire neffsse ... sire l' ... et 9ra 3la le marocain du mois ... et choufe nasse fine wassline ... hadak houwa lkifa7 l7a9i9i ... kafe7 3la mousta9balek ... .... ima filistine oula l3ira9 ... oula afghanistane ... ra ghi cha3be lmoutakhallif hadak ... hder m3a chi 3ira9i ou sewlou ach taydire seddam fi bladdou ... ou igoule lik nite ... ana ma3endi maneguoule lik ... kayen wa7ed lmatale .... tayguoule ... al9afilatou tamoure ... walkilabe taneba7 ... llli bgha ikafe7 ... hiya ikafe7 bache i7essen lwad3iya dialou ou dial la famille dialou ... hadak houwa lkifa7 ... thelllaw a lkhoute :) ... nabil chicago ???#@#@#@ a finek a sa7bi ... khle3tina 3lik ????!!!!@##$$

4:54 am    December 24, 2002
did anybody see that video about those americans bombing a mosque in afganistan ??? it's on
here is the shortcut
check out what a3da2 al islam ,that some people defend here, are doing :

remeber these people are freedom defenders and leaders of the civilized world
and tell me who are the real TERRORISTS



4:48 am    December 24, 2002

Silence? Well, consider it done


4:40 am    December 24, 2002
L3azwa don't get scared we won't eat you loll hehehe Indigestion? man that's why you got all defensive? Just said salam what's the harm in that ? I don't have to adress anything to you,didn't occur to you that some of us just want to know and learn, I do not take every little word in here personnaly.I just said my piece about an issue that I do feel strongly about. Anyway who ever said silence was best was right.Salam

4:14 am    December 24, 2002
I don't know what to say to you. What you just said is far from what I was talking about. I don't know why you had to addresse your message to me. I never called you a victim nor I sent any message regarding your opinion. Take your time, read again and redirect your indigestion to whom in concern.

3:58 am    December 24, 2002
L3azwa salam and salam to all. I just have to say this: for someone to shut me up well good luck to them, many have tried before and many have failed:) My comment is this:don?t tell us not to feel persecuted because we do. And please don?t call us victims either because we are Not, we do fight every day with the only weapon we have knowledge. If Muslims are victimised by anything it?s ignorance, ignorance in foreign countries: Racism, ignorance in our homelands: Dictatorships. They can own our dictators and our lands but they?ll never own our minds, because we choose not to believe the lies they feed us everyday. I rest my case by saying I am pride to be Muslim, I have no lessons to learn from them, I am as civilised if not more then they can ever be, the key to my world is Respect, peace and freedom. Well,they have come a long way in advancing technologies but the growth in their moral values have not been able to catch up with ours: ISLAM. This is a "victim" writing:) have a good day all Salam

3:39 am    December 24, 2002

Have I complained about anything? No
Did I attempt to affend anyone? No.
Would Amine's message shut people up? Well whether was intented or not, it showed rudeness and very demanding, and therefore it affended many.
Isn't this "Social Discussions" what all about?.
Yes indeed, he gave some useful informations to those in need, but as far as I m concerned, let people say what they want.
By the time you read this, you probably already read Zineb's email. seems she agrees.


3:12 am    December 24, 2002
Salam to all, Adnane thank you for your answer. I just read this maybe those concerned might find it interesting.
The Los Angeles Times said Thursday that as many as 500 to 700 men and boys over the age of 16 had been detained in southern California alone when the deadline for the first wave of registrations expired on Monday.Muslim leaders were outraged by the registration program and arrests, saying that the system would not help uncover terrorists living in the United States.
"What kind of terrorists willingly subject themselves to FBI?
Amine, I have an answer to your comment in here "For those generous enough to indulge us in fiery speechs about how the world hates Arabs, spare us your emotional monologues because no one cares. " I am sending it to you by email if you care to read it plz. Salam

12:30 am    December 24, 2002
D3ithoum lil wa7ed we7dou
Lillah ta3ala
wa kafa billahi wakila

:) t'as pas repondu 3ela 9adiyat jaza'ir


10:47 pm    December 23, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
7areg, nta drook rak fhad lablad 3ayesh, katakhdim 3lihoum ou3la rassek ou3la gouvernement dyelhoum, katkhallass les tax, ..etc.. lakra, wella shari.. ila ma3ajbaksh governement, wella ballek rah t3adda 3lik, kayen les organisations li taqder contactihoum bash tad3ihoum... seriousely, how much can you do assa7bi ? do you wanna fight ? :)

10:21 pm    December 23, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Ssalam y'all
merci a tout les sympatisants de la cause des marocains (7arguine )aux usa et partt dans le monde
ne nous oubliez pas dans vos prieres.
j'ete deagreablement surpris par ur post about ARABS complaining
we are MUSLIMS before beeing arabs , and we should complain, protest, deffend ..... and remind ALL PEOPLE on earth that this ain't OVER and it will never be OVER as long as our rights, people, voice , resources, freedoms are beeing abused by the SAME people claiming and calling themselves FREEDOM deffenders ( USA ) or should i say the Center of evil, they need to express their internal values externaly . It's just like saying citizens of the U.S are humans and deserve respect and freedom while other citizens ( iraqis , north koreans iranis ... ) are worth nothing and deserve death .
AMERICA stop the hypocracy.

I do live here and love the country and the people ( 'cause i make terf dial al khoubz with them ) but the gov't

" wa 9oul i3malou fassayara allahou 3amalakoum wa rassoulahou wal mou2minoun "

wa salam


9:45 pm    December 23, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

I was surprised by your reply to Amine. I thought people would appreciate what he had to say, suggesting that people who are in a not so friendly status, find out about the law of this country, the resources, the benefits they could actually have access to. I didn't appreciate your defensive response to him. We know this is a free social discussion and Amine didn't really shut people up in a way or another. He pointed out an important point which is to stop complaining about how the world hates the Arabs. Until when Arabs are going to emphasize this over and over JUST to market their being a victim to the world.. JUST to show the world yet how desperate they are.

Go on then, complain about America monitoring you. America acts towards what is its national benefit. Probably among this clouds, one should think about what is his/her benefit and go on, instead, and come to senses with yourself.


9:10 pm    December 23, 2002

I didn't notice anyone giving a decision nor did I see anyone doing what was suggested here.
Every message here is an opinion.
People see "Social discussion" and they click on Submit.
If what people type here disgraces you. you can remove this feature smoothly and swiftly or shut down the site in whole.


8:35 pm    December 23, 2002
Kayna (Adnane):
Years ago, Algeria deported Moroccans who lived there, It seperated them from their families. Ti now some of them never got to see their children or their wives. Algeria have been supporting Polisario all along. Algeria contributed on killing many Moroccans in the desert.
Concerning the creativity, that is non sense. Algeria never had the chance to taste Cocacola til Morocco opned its border. All the creativity they could come up with is some kind of soda called kazouza made with sugar water with different kind of concentrated fruits. Yes creative enough not to know what to do with all the ressources they have.
Sorry for the incident that happened to you with the cab driver. The man was outraged for you not to pay the full fare. If you didn't have an accent, he would have cursed you with other words anyways :).
One more thing, What on earth made you think you could survive in Casa with few Dirhams ? :)

8:21 pm    December 23, 2002

Rasta Gnawi message
There is no need to dwell on what cannot be changed. A lot of these decisions are personal decisions that should not be trivialized. If you are wondering what to do regarding your INS situation, get professional advice. Nobody here is qualified (nor cares enough) to give you advice that will be useful to you. Contact a lawyer and get in touch with some civil liberties group in your area. They usually have lawyers that are willing to review your case for free. Contact your Islamic center, they should have a list of civil liberties offices otherwise call the office of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and they should have the most up to date information and advice on procesures etc.
For those generous enough to indulge us in fiery speechs about how the world hates Arabs, spare us your emotional monologues because no one cares. There has been too much talk going for a few centuries already, with no results. So book it, roll up your sleeves, and start doing useful work that will in fact help you and people you care about.

8:10 pm    December 23, 2002
I was going to type "no comment" for your criticism, but I have this instinct telling me few more words will probably do the job.
Again, I was talking about 2 types: Immigrant (who are either permanet residents or temp residents) and the Non-immigrants such tourists , students..etc.
If a tourist becomes out of status we still call him a Non-immigrant. and if you insist to use the word Illegal then we shall say "Illegal Non-immigrants".
This is not a presidential debate. If you still want to go on argumenting this issue, we can take this into emails so we can leave some space for others to give their opinions.
By the way, since you name yourself "WHY", why do criticize every message. I noticed every other message is yours.
Concerning the raioo Taguiya, no, thanks, I can see its side-effect on you, "9ass7at lik rassak", perhaps you should have gotten a Thong instead :)

6:59 pm    December 23, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
zainab, Ggrrrrrr I wrote a long answer.. but I lost it now!!! I'll try to write again later. but for short, INS, immigration and naturalization service, or as Why?!$# put it Innana Nantadirou Siyadatakom, is an agency of department of justice, and it also operates for many other bodies, department of state, health, human sources, united nations.. they're the ones who:
. adjust visa status, either to stay or to leave
. upgrade you from visa to green-card to citizen
. grant you asylum
. monitor fraud..

INS they know they had weaknesses in their system many years now, but they're somehow like offices back home, slow, lazy.. but september 9/11 woke them up.

mouhim, good luck ljami3, and may this be a test from God to all.. you start thinking about who you are and what you really want from this life. bonne chance, lay3awen, wassalam.


6:11 pm    December 23, 2002
Hillou :) ... 7areg & zineb ... ne me faites pas dire ce que j'ai pas dis ... au contraire ... j'ai juste voulu clarifier les choses a mes freres (lli machi legals) bache mayetzerfouch ou imchiw l'temmma (INS) ... my messages are still posted ... go back and read'em again and you'll see that I'm CONCERNED about my brothers moroccan :) ... et pour dire que ma7ache bi dakchi llli 7assine bihe douke llli machi legal (7arguine) ana brasssi kounte 7aregue fi l'espagne 4 mois ... (Mai --- tal octobre 1997) ... ... ok ???? tfahemna ??? re-9raw mes message 3ad guoule liya chi 7aja ) ... et en ce qui concerne mon opinion a propos de la dermarche entreprise par l'INS ... logiquement je ferai la meme chose si j'etait l'head dial INS ... it is a fact that the terrorists were arabs with student visas ... so the first thing I will do after spet 11 is to keep track of these people ... mene hadchi kamel hna ghi des victimes dial une dirty game la3binha chi nasse (ma3erte chkoune) ou iddebrou rasshoum ... lmouhim annnanna nchoufou chi tari9a nkherjou biha brasssna mehzouze lesssma :) ... kayna oula lla ? :)

5:23 pm    December 23, 2002
They didn't deport Nabil, he just didn't go, i heard about many cases here in chicago, the first one that they deport all the illigal whome try to register with the INS, anouther case is that they had an enterview for about an hour about the credit card, and the status of thier visa. but it doesn't happened to me yet to go to the ins, so all what i heard still "ishaaat"

5:07 pm    December 23, 2002
Why?? what if you were in their shoes man? What if you had no legal status, no way out? Do you really think you are working for the INS? Are you really Moroccan? so many questions from a"sister" who keeps wondering how can one be so thoughtless and uncaring when it comes to his Moroccan brothers!??
As for Adnane and the others plz explain to us (living in Europe) what the policy is in the states? What's the real purpose of the INS? what if you are illegal what happens then? I think this is like in the old days. I mean we all know "Arabs"couldn't have done the 9/11 without inside help: Americans themselves!
This is just a racist act you are arabs so you are a threat! ?A few decades back it was the same with communists now Arabs/Muslims who's next? Why not ask all Irish poeple to register too after all they do have the IRA a terrorist group over there too?What do we have in Morocco?Never heard of any terrorist group over there! Salam and peace to all.

2:22 pm    December 23, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
7areg... hehehehehehehe It's ironic but I thought it was funny what you said about nabil chicago hehehe.. I think he's legal though, he just didn't connect yet to raioo to update us :)

1:50 pm    December 23, 2002
bon derari , vous jujez notre situation alors que vous etes tous ( tebrkellah ) green.
7na la grine la walou , alors c'est bien de nous envoyer home < is that what y'all mean ??
wa baraka allahou fikoum ,
y'a mr WHy@# qui defending the INS action , malek assa7bi ?? la c''est pour tout le monde mais on va commencer pas des pays critiques ( les arabes ) , wa tebarkellah fina hiya karametek ( mais tu n'es pas concerne car ur legal here ) wa sidi llay yezidek min fadlou we yesser lik oumourek we yehdike. fekker lina gha shewiya

ADNANE , je suis desole pour le business a oujda , mais les algeriens 3aye9ou ils veulent le sahara ( ma7eshmoush ?? ) rah asni kanet ghir une sebba pour fermer nos frontieres car ils ont depasse les bornes , ils considerent le maroc comme une decharge dialhoum , alors qu'on a fais l'impossible pour eux ( fournire les armes pr leur straggle for independence , une armee pour combatre la france dans les 1800 , and what is our reward ?? they support polisario pour controler le sahara ( algeria is already the biggest country of africa ) ash beghaw mazal,
bba nabil chicago rahoum kourrah deportaweh messkine
wa llah me3ana ou ma3eh

wa assalam


12:42 pm    December 23, 2002
P.S: This message is for Nabilchicago: Chicago city ......... so ????!!!@$%@$%^ .... What happened ???

12:31 pm    December 23, 2002
Hillou :) ... a ssi l3azwa ... 7aregue ... hiya illgal ... sire 9ra 3la l'immigration a sa7bi ... non-immigrant fiha bezzzaf dial les category ... awwww a sahbi wa ghi goule chi haja lli tkoune tatedkhel lil39el :) ... je ne juge pas ton intelligence ... mais ma fiha walou al inssane yeghlete ... sire choufe les category dial les non-immigrants ... et tu verras chkounahouma les non-immigrants ... un 7aregue houwa dake al inssane LLI KANE NON-IMMIGRANT ... etmnine tssalate lihe la raisons bache kane non-immigrant wellla illegal ... autrement dis illegal stay ... biha mnine jate l'expression mnine taycheddouk l'INS tayguoulou lik 3lache nta gualesse hna illegalement ... sire le site dial INS et choufe chkounahouma les non-immigrants ... ila l9iti fiha une category dial bnadem gualesse hna bla wra9 (kimma kanou) nechri lkhouya tarbouche dial raioo lli kayen hna fi le site ... yalllah kayna chi hedra ktere mene hadi ??? et gueddam rjale ... jatek taguiya raioo 3la 7ssabi :) ... thellaw a lkhoute :) ...

10:37 am    December 23, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

shoof ba3da ghir les Marocains kifash kayt3amlou m3a les Algeriens aux Maroc. L'Algerie ya7assrah un pays voisin, frere et musulman, oulmaghrib SHUT OFF 7ouddoud and made VISA sooooo hard for Algerians to come visit Morocco for the past 10 years after the Marrakesh Hotel Issny incident. Many Moroccans don't treat Algerians with respect, especially authorities.

Myself, being Oujdi I have an Algerian accent, I remember one time a taxi in casa was about to start a fight with me because I only had 4 dirhams in my pocket instead of 5 dirhams.. he insulted me and said GO BACK TO YOR COUNTRY ALGERIA YOU S*** bla bla..

Oujda used to be very prosperous when the Algeria frontiers were open. I used to go to Oran almost every 2 weeks. Oujda was packed with Algerian tourists, was great all year around. Frontiers shut off, and Oujda became a dead-end. Now my brother tells me that all these years that Morocco closed interaction with Algeria, Algeria found creative ways, like they always do -- very creative people --, and now deal with the asian and african market, and built many manufacturing developpment efforts inside Algeria. Basically, ujda people now buy Algerian products most of the time, because they are high quality and cheaper. Also, He mentioned that a study by Rabat realized that opening the fronties with Algeria will hit Morocco local businesses hard, people will be buying Algerian products.

The morale, the INS new laws are ok, they apply to all non-immigrants but they start now with a few countries because they're critical. The INS new law is nothing compared to the Moroccan-Algerian paradigm.


10:35 am    December 23, 2002
Mr or Ms. Why. a Non immigrant means someone not legally resident. a Student with an active status or out of status is considered as a Non Immigrant. There is no such thing in the INS book that is called 7arag or illegal. Two things: Active or out of status. INS are trying to keep track on who is where. and of course it's a big deal as you said "mankabrohash". People were already deported for falling in the idiotic trick of the INS

9:48 am    December 23, 2002
Hillou :) ... iwa ... 3endi l7e9 oulla ma3endich ?

9:39 am    December 23, 2002
Hillou :) ... Alkhoute ... malkoum tatekebrou lmachakil ... hade stoone dial registration logiquement est tout a fait normal, et legal ... tkhayel rassek nta ... nta daba houwa lmoudire dial INS ... le 11 sept ... 4 tiyarate 9enblou bladek ... les auteurs de ces atentats koulhoum des non-immigrants ... bien sur que la premiere des choses a faire c'est de changer les lois afin d'etre plus preventives ... lmouhim mene hadchi kamel ... ila kenti non-immigrants et legal ... ma3endek matekhaf ... walakine ila kenti 7aregue ... tu n'est pas concernes bi hade l'enregistrement ... parceque tu n'est pas un non-immigrants ... tu es 7aregue ... donc asslane ma3endek lache temchi ... ila mchiti rake kanebbou ... ou kassoul ... makate3refch te9ra ... wa non-immigrant a 3ibade llah ... machi illegal resident :) ... donc ... khoulassate l9awle ... 7na fi hade leblade khassna nteb3ou 9awaninha ... oula ma3jebnache l7all ... nerj3ou l9announe zerwata :) ... ma femmes (a US citizen) mnine kenna fil maghrib et darete la meme chose ... un etranger fi blade akher khassou itenregistra :) ... thelllaw :)

9:24 am    December 23, 2002
"if you are a non immigrant, you need to register with the INS"?, what an idiotic thought. Whoever came up with that must be the damnedest person on earth. The worse is he must be one of the INS decision maker. My suggestion is run and hide.

6:43 am    December 23, 2002
Galou liya nass fass kount fel maghreb, Elli Bgha El Kharij Allah Ya3t?h liHHH !!
Alors maintenant je sais bien ce qu?ils voulaient dire par cette expression

6:17 am    December 23, 2002
All the non-immigrants who have recently tried to register with the INS ,as supposed to, have been detained and being precessed for deportation. Be careful guys out there. Hell with registration, what is it to break the INS law one more time if you are already illegal.

6:08 am    December 23, 2002
ali zawa
hi guys!ma3andi mangoul likom,lah ikon m3ana ou safi had l`blad mabaki fiha maydar ana ban liya namchi nchouf chi blad okhra ama hadi mabkatch barana!! to be honest i1m pretty sure they well catch us one day and u know the and of the story.let`s go home guys mahd lkadiya mahmadetch

8:34 pm    December 22, 2002
rashad, If you're outside of USA and you're coming back after January 10, 2003 don't worry :) they will process you thouroughly when you arrive at the airport :)

8:07 pm    December 22, 2002
yo guys ,what if ur in vacation outside the usa at the date of registration (jan 10) . will u be able to return ?? if yes then when should u register?? thanks for answering my question

5:50 pm    December 22, 2002
Hillou :) ... Ze3ma choukrane li hade le site almou3tabar :) ... derte khir fi bezzzaf dial nasse lli makenetch fi rasshoum :) postite l'Add dial INS bilinglisiya et 3arabiya fi tlata dial boumbate dial lessence :) moulahoum 3ira9i :) gualle liya bezzaf dial s7abou chi nasse taye3refhoum ghadi imchiw ... surtout mnine 9raw la fin dial dak al i3lane :) ... bla bla bla will be subject to deportation, dentention, fines and/or bl bla bla ... et aussi fi jame3 dial la ville li ana fiha :) ... wakha matane ... (neb9aw subject related) lol ... lmouhim derna khir fi bezzaf dial nasse lli makanetch fi rasshoum :) ... choukrane ... etplease ... reddou hade le site un rendez-vous pour nous tous ma-requins et marocaines :) pour partager notre knowledge bi toutes sa diversity :) knowledge is not just php, programing, hacking oulla dot NET :):) :) ... thellllllllaaaaaaaawwwwww ---Khoukoum le Ma-requin

4:13 pm    December 22, 2002
I`m going to the immigration thing on monday, hope i won`t have no problems. i`ll tell what happend in details monday night.

3:08 pm    December 22, 2002
masi amis, c se qu'il faut faire, finissez vos etudes et allez a vos maisons, il rien a foutre ici entre des gens qui ne veulent pas de nous, mes amis les 7araga: canada et votre solution

2:41 pm    December 22, 2002
salam alaykom ya l2ikhwan ,

ana fi nadari . li 3araf rasso legal yamchi 3lach la ? w lli illegal , yaglas lard , matamchiwch w tjabdo 3la raskom sda3 , ma b9a 9ad ma fat .. w lah howa li tayjib li fih lkhir , wala tadfa3o bi 2anfosikom ila tahloukah !!
patience les freres et soeurs :) lah m3akom


11:38 pm    December 21, 2002
Kan doune, because Al houkouma fi al maghrib chafouna kantkalmou bazzaf fi had Al ns avons cru que nous avons traverse Al Oued nd our feet r dried.. wa lihada al hokouma in order bash tathaddana(ns defier).. galt let's give away what's called zone of free exchange: phosphates.. fishing in the national water since Assiyada dial maghreb still using Assannara et chabaka Attaklidia etc etc.. and in exchange morocco will handed all these guys who their mouths were very open at raioo.. to be continue..

8:25 pm    December 21, 2002
Apparement, raioo est populaire parmi les 7arragga dyelna =) layssahhal, layjib tisssiir, oula3allhou khayrr.. ila msha 7atta shi wa7ed fikom treporta lelmaghrib la3allahou khayrr, yamken yji Rzerq felmaghrib khir menhna, ouhadik bledna wakha hakdek shwiya nshfa dans les yeux de plusieur Marocains, les chances li fiha kayshoofoohoom nass qlal.. layaj3alna men hadook nass li yshoofoo les opportunities li flebled.

kay3awedli wa7ad sayyed mnin msha INS special registration f Boston, kan tamma wa7ad Somali, sawllou moul INS, do you have ID, jawbou Somali, No, gallou do you have any ID ? gallou, Nope. gallou ok, what's your status, gallou Somali, I am illegal :).. walmouhim you guess that he is attemoting to play the refugee card, I don't know what happened to him. Moushkila dyel mgharba, makayensh had la carte dyel refugee, walmouhim layssahhal. Tkoon niya dyel wa7ad maziana, yemken y7ann 3lik laqder, dania s3iba. rda lwalidin, rda lwalidin. which reminds me I need to call my parents tomorrow nssallam 3lihoum.


8:10 pm    December 21, 2002
Hillou :) ... INS (Innana Nanetadirou Siyadatakoum ) ila jiti maghadich terje3 ... :) bi ma3na akher ... baraka matberztou 3ibade llah :) ... Les 7arguine :) ... L'INS hiya chi miricania ... hedra ekhra ... ikdebe 3lik lkeddabe ... tkewene ... ou koune derwich ... :) oumatkhafche ... a sidi manesouguech ... a sidi nerkebe tobisse :) ... kayna oula lla :) ... ama nemchi talbirejli li 3endhoum :) ouhou ... hadik hiya NCHIBA ... thelllaw :) ... ou zirrou ... ou matkhemmmouch :) ikoune khir ... kima dazete le3wame lli dazete :) ghada ddouze le3wame lli jaya ... :)
P.S: moule 7anouta dial raioo ... wa ziyene bache tbi3 ... dake thong :) ... khassou ikoune melbousse ... bghina nchouffou ki taybane melbousse 9blle manechriwh ... :) wa dire lina chi tesswira dial chi zine n3ame assidi labssou ... bache nchouffou wache ijji m3a zine dialna :) lol ... thelllaw a lkhoute

1:14 pm    December 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Hay hay, 7atta Shawesh darab uniform dyel INS officer hahahaha, yak ma Raioo shawesh wella spy ?? :]

12:43 pm    December 21, 2002
i alrady went
hey guys if you have your papers it is nothihg you just have to show up and wait for the slowest system in the world to move and get your case, you will have to wait a lot but once you get there it is mather of the time they will put the information into a system they do not know how to use yet, other than that it is nothig.
for thise of you who are 7argine stay at home and wait for the faraj inchaalah.

12:43 pm    December 21, 2002
to answer your question "7areg", they can simply hand-cuff you and keep you there for up to 6 months in jail before your case gets processed and decide to deport you back home,if they judge it to be necessary. It's really getting serious, don't look for trouble. They already arrested people like that starting by a traffic ticket followed by status questions and then you know the rest. May God help us all; we've gone far too long to stop now, it ain't easy. We really wanna stay, and we wanna go back home at the same time to simply go with our heads up and not stay stressed like that with no rights whatsoever always scared of getting caught for the simplest thing even when we're legally staying here..

12:37 pm    December 21, 2002
je n'ai qu'un seul mot ? dire :
vivez votre vie et profitez en bien tous en sachant ce que aplaton(aflatone) a dit un jour " fais ce que tu veux faire mais avant soit sur que tu ne le regrettera jamais.
Et n?oubliez pas de penser de rentrer chez vous au MAROC il vous attend avec grand patience et c?est au maroc que vous aurez vos vraies valeurs en tant qu?humain qualifi? ou non, actif ou non , sage ou non, religieux ou non , et comme le proverbe le dit (kattrane bladek wa 3assel li bldane )
Merci .


11:38 am    December 21, 2002
supposant mamchinache ( cas particulier ) : i don't go to school , stopped going , but i am staying in this land because it's the God's land not theirs.
Anyways the only way they can get chu is thru SSN
let's say that u don't have the rent or any bill in ur name and u work cash and don't use the car ( or seldomly use it )
how can they get cha ?

Hey 7arguine Brothers " InNa al faraja la 9aribe "

"isbirou wa sabirou wa rabitou " and i am gonna put the word "rabitou " under the microscope because it means : stay , hold on , be strong , and do not move

wonderful word of GOd ain't it

May God help us all 7arguine or not .
one last word : if ur not in proper status dont bother going to them let them look for ya
at least do not sell ur skin that cheap

.... wa man tawakkala 3ala allahi fa houwa 7assbouhou


10:44 am    December 21, 2002
what can they do ?

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:) سبب توقف ا..
The Charter To Dismantle The Arabs..
Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani: On The Meaning of Ritual Worship and..
A Perspective on Woman Virginity: Sheikh Khaled Al-Joundi..
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Lammalless Lands Again Yet Another Funny Video ;) ..
Free-spirited Young Moroccans..
Georges Moustaki: Le Métèque..
Wali of Oujda Giving Students a Final Exam on the First Day ..
Modern Morocco Lives Off Old Baraka..
Algeria Unleashes Its Sitcom Wings: Jam3i Family..
Human Tetris: I haven't laughed like this in a while! :)..
La7kaam Game Japanese Style..
Nedjim Bouizoul: The Gypsy Maghrabi Genre is Born..
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Mostapha Skandrani: The Mozart Chaabi Virtuoso..
USAID Opportunity in Morocco..
Urban Road Biking: America Takes On a New Passion!..
Michael Jackson: May God Bless You Brother..
Kesang Marstrand and Khobz Sh3ir..
Lesson of Respect..
Will Morocco's Saidia Beach Survive? Fadesa = Fade7a ~..
The First Moroccan Parliament Representative of Moroccans in..
How To Cook Bibi ..
Nouria El Yacoubi From Figuig: Moroccan Champion of Karate C..
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I Play Soccer (El'Foot) Like a Binocular-Equipped Japanese ..
Moroccan Weddings Under One Roof..
Government Motors Propaganda, But Still Better Than McCain..
BAC 2009..
My Dream Gadget..
The Future Of Cigarettes Looks Brightly Blue..
Dialogue with a Moroccan Farmer Faqir (1975 Kevin Dwyer)..
Nador and Hashish..
Please Complete Survey about Language Code-switch..
Moussier Tombola: Dédicasse au Maroc..
Become Who You Are ~ Nietzsche..
From Torino to Morocco..
Morocco Therapy..
Sourate Arrahmane in Kabyl Berber..
Deux Zach C'est La Guerre, Attention Le Loup Est Revenu.. FO..
Bird-Men ~ Any Moroccans Dare?..
From The Treasures Of Arabic Morphology: Min Kounouzi Assarf..
Words of Advice From A Moroccan Sheikh..
Sheikh Party? Sadaqa? Entertainment? Serious Worship? What i..
Boston 5K Race/Walk To Send Medical Equipment To Morocco..
Muslim in SLAMI ~ MY RESPECT!..
What is Saved of My Old Animation Archive: Sheikh Wins!..
Sala Morocco's Cha3bana et La Tradition Du Malhoun..
WOW! The Most Beautiful Moroccan Song of 2009 by Malhoun X..
Great American Public Entertainment in Paris: Street Dancers..
My Interview About The Role of The Internet in The Life of M..
Tai Chi Semlalia: Classic Moroccan-dubbed Martial Arts Film..
Nice Songs About Henna Tradition in North African Weddings..
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Moroccan Mobile Consulate: Boston March 21-22, 2009..
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Do you love me? do you, do you?..
James Brown's Cape Finale (Boston, MA '68)..
James Brown: Please, Please, Pleeeease.. and Nomore Trivial ..
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حلاقة الم..
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How To Type in Arabic Using Your Keyboard for Windows..
ATMAN: Algerian Batman Spoof..
Is Hollywood Abusing Morocco?..
Abdelkader Secteur: L3id Lekbir..
Abdelkader Secteur: Kelb wel 7mar 7ashakoum!..
Pro-Israel Rally Features Low IQ..
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Libyan Soccer Video Game Star in the Making..
Obama's Stimulus Package Already in Effect in Morocco..
Bush and the Mysterious Handshakes..
Never Get a Police Ticket Again!..
Middle East, USA and Israel As seen By Michel Collon..
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Town Hall Meeting in DC Regarding MAC (Moroccan American Coa..
Highlights of a Meeting: El Yazami President of the Council ..
Please Donate For Mariam: A Cancer Child in Boston from Iraq..
Congratulations Barack Obama!..
American 401k and Moroccans..
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How to eat a watermelon..
Looking for US-based Travel Agent to book a flight or tour t..
Drop Down Pants! ..
Muslims in America: An Experiment...
Buy From Your Local Farmers Market !..
Yassir Chadly: An Inspiring Multi-dimensional Moroccan in Am..
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Conversations About La7rig (Illegal Immigration)..
Shakira Wa Akhawatouha..
Moul Taxi: A Trip to the Airport..
Morocco on Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern..
Hanane Fadili Strikes Again..
Freedom of Expression According to Raouf Ben Yaglane..
Cheikha Djennia & Cheikh Djilali Tiarti..
My Taste of a Christian Moroccan Interfaith Dialogue..
Angels singing Allah Ya Moulana by Nass Elghiwane..
A Call From Algeria to Help Suffering Little Boy Mounib!..
La Secheresse... de l'internet et de ezzehar..
Parents and Family from the perspective of an immigrant..
Do you want to Volunteer Abroad? VOLUNTEER in Morocco ~ Sign..
Moroccan Playing Cards Game ronda v1.0..
Sid El-Miloud 2008: Koul 3am Wentouma Bkhir..
NEW: Raioo Groups..
Call to Moroccans in Greater Boston: Help Provide Meals For ..
Moroccan American Television Program..
A promotional video for the Al Huda Summer Camp in Maine..
Une compo intitulée Alger..
Sidi Mohamed Ouali (Ou3li): Berber..
Moroccan Amazigh girl name "illy": DENIED...
What's That Song in the Kia Spectra Commercial?..
A Beautiful Burda Recitation!..
In Memory of My Father-in-law, Si La7bib..
Al-Qaeda Freak Show in North Africa..
The Girl Who Picked Up A Moroccan Rose..
Les Oiseaux De Figuig!..
Paul Bowles: A Witness of Moroccan Traditional Storytelling..
Mick Jagger of Algeria!!..
ZOGO: Rock Fusion Hailing from Algeria Lalaland!..
Cheb Mami, The Fugitive Prince!..
Local Moroccan Businesses, freelancers and services Deserve ..
From Los Angeles to Casablanca!..
Halloween SPECIAL 2007: La Mort D'une Souri!..
Looking for a Moroccan folkloric harvest hymn....
Allah Made Me Funny @ Boston..
MPK20: Sun's Virtual Workplace..
Morocco Mall 2010: Largest Shopping Mall of North Africa..
U.S. House Passes Historic Ramadan Resolution..
Looking for Arabic or French to English Translator..
Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi..
My Top 5 List of Quran Recitors 2007..
Samurai Jack of Algeria..
This Moroccan Barry! and his Baraka Men La3yaqa..
Doodling: Sheikh L7ouma..
How Moroccans Put Together a Government..
Hillareous Cat Wrestles Mouse claymation!..
ABSOLUTE RAIOO Summer 2007 Rai vol.2..
Oujda Folkloric Musicians after a long day....
Iwighd Adar by Amarg Fusion !!!!..
Alalla Yallali ft. Nabila..
Jews Support the Boston Mosque..
The a la Menthe: Maghreb French RAP..
Ya Ghrib !..... ft. Khaled, Lamine, Rai NB..
Hazzou Bina La3lam: Hajja Hamdaouia!..
Ha Elkass 7loo: Hajja Hamdaouia ft. Hamid..
Boston Moroccan Tennis Club: Mini Tournament 2..
Sidi Hbibi by Mano Negra - the unexpected :)..
Le Bachir ..
Cheb Mami.. L'ancien :) Pas Le Nouveau :(..
Summer Hidden Stress..
Fanfaraï - Rai Cuivre !..
Darouha Biya Mchaw L'Mekka w'Khallawni..
Zoo Event Organized by Al Huda..
Navigating post-divorce..
Just what is Civic Engagement?..
To Fly Boston <-> Morocco or Not..
Meetings with Moroccan Consultative Council on Human Rights..
J'irais dormir chez vous au Maroc..
Support Morocco Autonomy Initiative to solve the Sahara issu..
Les Frères Zergui..
On the Word "Plethora"..
When The Moors Ruled In Europe..
Ya Rassoul..
BARRAKA duet Cheb Khaled & Chebba Zahouania..
Cheba Zohra & Mahadattes de Rilizane..
SKyouz Me While I Light My Spliff!..
HAMIDOU, Algeria's Playboy!..
First mnanauk. Then mahdisean!..
Karima Skalli, Nassima et Leila Hejaiej..
Rym Hakiki: Matsalni Ma Ansalek..
The Road To Guantanamo..
Matejebdoulich by Djenet..
Cuban Chaabi! Guantanamera!!..
Hadj Menouer: El Batoul !..
Parske Ana Nebghi Wahran Bezzaf!..
I declare Moe a Star!..
Ahl Zin El Fassi!..
Morocco on current TV..
My South Park Character!..
Ummah Films on !! HELP NEEDED..
Ana Smayti Sa3id!..
Al-Hawli Jokes..
Zawiya Qadiriya Boudchichiya Open Air Speech..
US Patent by Sa Majeste H. Roi du Maroc..
Jahh Bless Mon! Feeling down to earth tonight!..
Cannot Believe These Idiots!..
NESS LA CITY: All?e Sans Retour! LOL..
When Lotfi Attar Rides Matabkish wave! You Lissann mon!..
KUDOS TO Cheikh Sidi Bemol & Band!!..
No Comment! DARRITOUNI.....
Mortality Meets Online Status..
Michael Richard Busted and Sorry!..
The UMMA Clinic..
Hanane Fadili Take on Shouaffa(tt)..
Hijab: Strict Code or Fashion Barcode ..
To The Fasting Darling..
Rimitti: Ana Li Ghrasset aNakhla....
Reminiscing Tex Avery Cartoons!..
Happiest Guy in Morocco!..
The Super-cool Hanane Fadili..
Cette Affaire d'Avions ? Londres..
Watch 2M Television..
American Muslim Fun Video Blogging!..
Open War in the Middle East?..
Touche Po a Mon Zidane!..
Ronaldinho Joined Zawya....
Draw Live!..
Zoo Animals Need e'space..
Les ABRANIS: Prodigy of Rockabyl..
Sofiane Saidi: Cet Algerien Trip-rai Hopper..
Lemchaheb Legacy ..
Zahra Hindi, Beautiful You!..
Jajouka's Winds of Moroccana..
Google Language Translation: English to/from Arabic..
Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the US..
Google Shoots Microsoft.. One.. More.... Time!..
Monsieux Mehdi Ben Barka: Un Marocain Assassiné Qui Visait P..
Yale, Taliban and Weld L'Hashemi....
Near-eastern Muslim Scholars..
Three Algerians on Highway =]..
Moroccan Riverdance!..
Moroccan Candle-toe Dance..
Moroccan Qassida: Vraie Poesie!..
LA3MARNA Legacy..
Chilling Like a Mqedem in Morocco..
Alone in the Wilderness..
Are Iranians and Americans Blowing it Up?..
Are we a virus..?..
How come Morocco is silent to Dalfour, Sudan?..
Barreling Towards an Iraqi Civil War..
Pomme and Kelly ..
Intelligent Design and Evolution in not so American lands..
The Prophets animated by Steve Whitehouse..
More with Claudio Bravo..
Muslim Texans..
Hajj Stampede Gone Ugly!..
Self-portraits 001-002..
Why Faith?..
Online 7awli Souk!..
2006 !..
Derbouka Bled Attack..
Adopted HIV kids from Romania..
Operation Mapping Raioo Love!..
They burnt themselves.. Come'on!..
My Winamp Skin: The New Beetle..
The Forbidden Zone film that electrified me!..
Cousins skyblogging..
Chilean artist in Morocco..
Moroccan Blue tops colors!..
Osama in FAMILY GUY..
Baraka Art..
Itsy Bitsy knowledge..
The most misunderstood [and growing..] world religion, Islam..
Moroccan Christians..
Polygamy in USA..
Architecturing to joy!..
This Moorish cult in America..
The Magnificient King Vulture..
Al-Rashid and the Fart..
On the subject of Evil Eye..
Anecdote on Life and 3ibada..
Anecdote on Giving in Time of Need..
T-shirt design: L'Amoureux!..
Craig Thompson art..
The Real Origin of Smileys :)..
T-shirt design: Happy Sailor!..
T-shirt design: threadless in Kufi..
T-shirt design: Magic e-lamp..
My August '05 T-shirt Designs ..
Your Living Space..
The Raioo Story: 2. in the garden..
The Raioo Story: 1. intro..
Arabic Beat and Instrument Music Wanted!..
RA?NA RAI Legacy..
Algerian Chaabi..
Nour L'Koufi (Gharnati)..
Hidalgo in Morocco..
Le Secret d'Elissa Rhais..
Imam Shafii. Soni N'nafssa..
Feqqas (Moroccan Biscuiti)..
Casablanca Connect..
ZEBDA! Un Groupe Genial!..
Al Moutanabbi. Idha Ghamarta..
Imam Shafii. sa'fir tajid 3iwada..
Long Distance Honey ..
The Working Wife and Husband..
The Hammam Public Bath: Do you still go there?..
Hip Hop Classic Favorites!..
Down With Love..
Lord Of The Rings..
How To create a Moroccan remix of a video clip ? ..
Why we don't eat Porc?..
Do You Play Music?..
Hidoura: Your Moroccan Natural Carpet..
Khaddouj Slam-dunking From Marrakesh To New York..

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