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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Sending Books To Morocco
12:00:00 AM Tuesday Jan 20, 2004

I have a suggestion for everyone in this discussion channel to contribute to the development of our education system (which is a priority as I see it) by sending books that you don't need anymore to your University, college or high school in Morocco. I believe everyone has books and if you don't have them go to a Thrift-store and buy a selected number of intructive books and send them to your college. Send a letter to the Dean or Director informing him or her that you'd like to contribute with few books quarterly or monthly or every semester depending on your finantial situation. We can get this organised better if we involve the embassy or the concerned department of the government to help facilitate these donations.

Books are very important and valuable in Morocco. I remember there were books that I looked for in our "University library" when I was a student and couldn't find them or they had only one piece of it. You had to wait for it to be returned in order to rent it. I remember there were books that were stamped as donations from the government of USA or the British Council which was nice. What if we have books stamped Donation from "Moroccans overseas" I believe it would look terrific!

Adnane (Raioo): I believe this is a good idea with noble goals. Please contribute pragmatically to this discussion by shaping the idea more and sharing any clues and hints.

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12:00 pm    March 5, 2004
I will investigate and let you know, sorry I could not get back to you right away I was extremly busy

9:01 am    February 23, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
That's cool you have books to give. I suggest you make an effort on your part to find a contact in your school back home and get a quote from the post office how much it'll cost you to send the books. You can send them to your familly who might give it to someone in the schools. I don't know how much it costs in the post office, that would be something to inquire about and let us know.

8:13 am    February 23, 2004
I am happy to have you added to the small list we have. I will update whenever I get accurate info. and good resources to facilitate the establishment for this project ..we are still for it...we'll keep it live...Thanks for your support!

5:41 pm    February 22, 2004
I already thought about sending books to my old university, or any school that can use them. I would like to see a gesture of support from someone in the embassy, or in the university, or any one who can make a decision, please let me know how. I have two boxes full of books, physics math, hydraulics, hydrology, and others???

7:54 pm    February 17, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
You guys rock, really you've got the heart in the right place. I didn't mean to be pessimistic in my last message but rather I was just checking, because lately I got that feeling that this was not going anywhere. Thanks God to know that we are here and alive!

The Books Tab sounds great. Actually I looked at it and it seems like it has already everything. Maybe we need just to make it exclusive to "Free" & "Needed" donations so things don't get too missy with the money and all that. The other thing that can be added is more information fields about the posters (Phone, address,ISBN, Organization/University...) The tab label can be more inducing like ?Books4Home? , ?Books4All?, ?Call4Books??

Yo'all have a great week,

Live Fair, Respect Life!

Now for Adnane?s other question: I'm in Morocco most the time but I travel around a lot. For contacts, just let me know exactly what you need and I'll try to work the lines if they are within my network?s reach.

Just keep in mind, people here are most the time helpless even if they seem like they might do something. Those people just want to portray themselves in that way from simple attention seeking caprices! Usually, you?ll find out that it was just a pure waist of time waiting for people?s input? On that, I have a lot of first hand experiences?

Rarely, it can be somewhat real efficient, if you?re dealing with the right people of course. The ?right people? are very rare here. Not because they are ?not right? naturally, but just I personally think that most people don?t have their focus usually on things that really matter: The ?right things?. Just flat contagious me me me me attitudes, that don?t get anybody anywhere! No need to be an anthropologist, just watch how people drive and that tells you their whole story!


3:55 pm    February 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I forgot to add that the Garage always had a category called: Books. I made the Garage in a way that people not only post things they want to sell or get rid of, but also things they're looking for. So whoever needs books could use it that way. For a temporary purpose I could bring out the Books category of the Garage into focus and expose it as a tab. Would that work for you folks?

3:50 pm    February 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
With all due respect, your tone is becoming pessimistic. Your subject line of "before we call it a quit" should mean "before I call it a quit", and the last call is your own last call.

The reason I proposed that whoever is interested in reaching out to a student back home with books do it individually for now is to avoid great virtual plans and milestones that may not be implemented as a group. Somethings are better executed individually than a group.

At any rate, although a section in raioo dedicated to sending books to Morocco is possible and I would enjoy working on it, I do not honestly have the capacity of time to do it now. May be later. I personnaly will keep on looking for some contacts in the couple of cities I am targetting, and will communicate my progress with you.

Are you in Morocco Simple Moroccan Citizen? if you are, do you have trustworthy contacts to share? I get the impression you're in Morocco.


3:34 pm    February 17, 2004
To respond to Adnane, I understand thouroughly the importance of face-to-face contcact with recepients and how to explain to them the project but I think this would be the last resort after exhausting all means of communications such as contacting them via phone, fax or e-mail which is faster and would do the job!
Depending on my Vac. would delay the donation another more year which I don't see it feasible or working towards our motive!
But anyway don't take it as if I am minimizing or stigmatizing the importance or the core of the's all beneficial and good as far as it's leading to this noble intention.
I agree with "last call" idea and if it will be implemented please do consider me pitching in..
Common guys let's stick to this and do it!
Don't let this shady idea of "Ittafaka laarabo ala alla yattafiko" haunt people's mind..

12:26 pm    February 17, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
This is a last call to save this idea from going down the drain, like a lot of other good ones before. It is all in our hands, if there is a will, there is a way!

Adnane, is it possible that you add one tabed section for MDC that will have different other sub tabs. The first one can be "Books4All". Then, we don't have to get involved with any page setups which might take our energy from the main focus: Sending Books to Moroccan Universities, Schools and Libraries.

The "Books4All" can be an interactive posting board like the one in the "Garage". This will be more for people in Morocco to post their needs in books and publications. The word to mouth will go around quickly. No marketing needed really, just like Google! When you're good, you're simply good!

To post requests, people should fill in a simple form with their precise info that will be accessible to the interested donors. Postings that are not serious will be deleted. Before any shipping, the sender needs to confirm with the person in charge of receiving the books so there will be no redundant donations.

This will also be a nice open window on the progress of the donations and success stories, feedback from the receivers...ect

With this in place, we can ask for sponsorship from different private companies for the great effort and the different projects the MD-Club will be involved with.

I believe this might make things a bit easier; the only problem is that it loads Adnane's plate with all the technical cooking behind. Therefore, if people in the Boston area can join you and learn and interact in these Sunday projects that will be great. It is so nice when you feel that you?ve done something worth a while!
Else, we all can participate if you tell us what you need. We will have a nice project layout and each person will take care of the part they feel he/she can handle.

Let us know what you think, and if there is anyway we can help, we are here.

That is all, and I really hope that we keep this going. Each person has more effect than he/she might think. Believe in your ideas and craft your life out of your dreams.


Live Fair, Respect Life! HELP AS YOU CAN!


8:47 am    February 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
My idea in a sense depends on your vacation to Morocco only at first. After you do it first, it is up to you then to choose to send by mail etc as many times as you can afford a year. The rationale behind doing this individually at first is to be there in person, and to establish your contact face to face.

8:29 am    February 17, 2004
Since this project did not attract a lot of participants except Jalal, Adnane and of course "Moroccan citizen" whose ideas were brilliant and boost for an enthusiastic desire to do a lot of things regarding MDC...I would suggest to everyone to do a beta-test and do-it individually and tell us about the experience.
I am trying to educate some of my buddies about the motive and the idea and if we can start sending books targeting just one institution and one city like my hometown and see how it's gonna work.
Some ideas --i see them--- far-fetched and very difficult to realize but maybe if we establish a good base/platform for it ...i believe we can manage having a website and get organized and have a good agenda too ..etc..
Adnane, Your #1 suggestion,,,,, just doesn't sound good to me at all....Do you think we go to Morocco 3 times a year???let's say i go to morocco once a year...the idea of donation would depend on my vacation then?...and sending literatures/ brochure via mail is much cheaper than cargo...
Well, let's hear from others and proceed individually and any relevant suggestions are welcome.
Another thing if we do good with sending books i believe we can go further to help handicapped afterwards or help needy people with food or hospitals...etc...
If we are stuck just with this project and we stayed in a status quo can we think about other stuff!!!
Let's revise the agenda then and start with the simple easy things.. start individally....Thanks to all..

1:02 pm    February 12, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Good ideas overall, and they could be prioritized. For now I honestly see only number 5 and 6 to be feasible. Ideas 1-4 are great and should be done at a later stage, but not now. As much as I get excited about designing interactive web sites, if done now, they risk to cloud the vision, exhaust resources, and create more issues.

For number 5, it can be simply done individually as follows:

1. Next time you visit Morocco, take a bunch of books with you, even if you ahve to pay extra money to fill up an extra bag. Go to your favorite place where you want to donate them (maybe one of your old schools), and give them away making sure you establish a contact, you talk to the contacts about the vision, ask them for their needs and let them know about the URL to this discussion.

If you, you, and you do that, the word will start to spread hopefully. But most importantly, books will reach students and non-students, which is the main objective.

In parallel to that, let's try and find an existing infrastructure that already sends books to the needy around the world, and push books to Morocco through them if they kindly accept. I've already posted an organization that sends books to Morocco.

In parallel to that, let's find organizations in Morocco that serve the community in different ways other than books, and contact them for help on logistics. Their existing logistics should apply for books as well (they may deal let's say with receiving hospital equipment from overseas). I'll personnaly try to look in this direction.


4:41 am    February 5, 2004
First of all I have to apologize for not providing any addition to the Forum since long time and have good personal reasons in addition to being extremely busy with work etc..
I would like to thank "Simple Moroccan Citizen" for your ideas and dedication and the good intentions towards this project..
I would like still to point out that we're not going to call it "QUIT" for this program, but let's stick to the basics we are just in the threshold of discussing and making potential contacts as well as gathering info. When we are ready for the move to send books and finalize the whole process we will definitely set up the timeframe and decide about the recepient institutions and move forward.
For now we still need further contacts and info. and of course we need more participants....we have to discuss the results of our research and do a brainstorming and we go from there!!
Let's have more participants...Adnane ...any ideas for a bonafide promo...
Thx. and Eid Mubarak Saiid..

11:41 pm    January 29, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
All good things are extremely hard! Everything in life that is worthwhile is always difficult!

We have a good start; I suggest that we keep it moving forward. Let's build something solid and real first before starting the critic or theory sessions. Let's not neutralize our thoughts and flush them to vacuum. I neither want to be overly optimistic nor deeply pessimistic; I will try to be simply pragmatic for the sake of this noble project.

The previous experiences can be useful and insightful, and of course no one needs to recreate the wheel. This assumes the wheel is already created. Let me inform you that the case of this experience is unique and it is important that it builds its own path independently of what is already done. Organizations and governments always have agendas. When they provide help of any kind it is always for specific reasons. People, especially groups like Raioo audience, that have Goodness as their main concern and nothing personal, usually can make things happen for the sole purpose of Service to others.

Let's not dampen our energy. Let the progress of the idea take its natural path. We started with a brainstorming phase, which in my opinion was very fruitful.

The number of people involved at this stage is irrelevant. The nucleus size of any initiative is not critical. The WILL of the participants however is the determinant point.

This is an initial draft for this project:

+Assumptions: Honor and Citizenship of the participants.

1) Create an exclusive accessible webpage for the Moroccan Development Club: This club will be only defined by the concrete Actions and not projected plans. Ideas will be presented informally and discussed within the Raioo space. If any idea picks up momentum from willing participants then a project platform page will be created by the manager of the club site. This page structure will be designed to fit the project needs. For example, the Books for All initiative has build around it an executive group willing to volunteer time, energy, expertise, ideas, or money around it. (Due in 2 Weeks)

2) At this point I believe we need to create an independent page within the MDC site that will do the following: (Due in 6 Months)
Create a database of people traveling to Morocco and willing to take books with them. Donations can be sent to them locally. The shipper can select the number of books to be sent to him/her (online shopping cart style technology)
Create a database of people or companies willing to sponsor the shipping of books (RAM, COMANAV, Bus Co, Consulate, Association Med V,?)
Create a database of books to be donated with their sources (users can list all books that they are interested of donating)
Create a database of donators that are willing to pay the fees of periodicals and professional publications
Create a database of needed books, periodicals, references, journals? that will be entered by interested institutions and students back home. This will solve the issues of hosting the books and all. Moreover, the donations will be more effective and of value to the receivers.
Create an open public inventory of donated books (credit like: source and destination)

3) Raioo board and the club web site will be working in parallel. will be used for the incubation and MDC.xx will be used for the execution. (Like always, tx Raioo)

4) We need serious volunteers that will participate in all technical aspects of this project. Remember this will be a good addition to your resume. Plus there is nothing like serving the PEOPLE. (in progress)

5) Spread the word around universities in Morocco. People will post their needs and maybe even find a way of financing the shipping if we have a platform for them. (starts in 3 Weeks)

6) Let?s START! (NOW)

I think this should be a good realistic schedule. This is the real life test to see how much we can acheive when we work together as a TEAM.


Live Fair, Respect Life!


4:39 pm    January 29, 2004
There's two reasons for my delay of giving you an update. First of which there was actually no update yet because I just recently sent my e-mails to the concerned parties and I didn't hear from anyone yet...(It's a slow motion process as you may know..!)
Secondly I tried to wait and see the outcome of our decesion! I was expecting that this channel would be bombarded with questions and suggestions since the 23d. It really reflects that a minority of Raiooters are interested (which is fine!!) because 5 people can still do it.
There's one thing I would like to mention is if we can't move forward and do it as a group we can still do it individually..
and then may be we can post our experience...what we did and the outcome etc.. ...BUT...the only problem with that is sending books individually whichis a good act but would be regarded in the meantime as not enough or not helping a lot..
Let's consider that I am sending an average of 6 books per 2 Agadir University..It looks like tiny.. not if we send as a group (even indivudually..) and avaerage of 20 per 2 months!!...
I am not gonna speculate a lot...let's hear from you again and see what we gonna do...
Adnane, it's absolutely true what you explained in your's very astonishing to look at ideas as ideas and ideas when it comes to implementing them...
Assistance is badly needed to push this program...
Thanks to all.
P.S. Adnane, Would you please put this channel in the top of the topic lists with bold features that make it look still visible for would help to have this channel be still active!!! thanks for your support.

10:16 am    January 26, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Let me use this discussion as a placeholder for some interesting bookmarks I keep finding either from online searching or from people I know. Here are some interesting models to look at and to contact for possible help or guidance. These orgs are doing much more than just sending books to the needy, but as you explore you might get an idea or two about sending books to morocco.

Libraries For the Future

Literacy Volunteers

It's interesting to experience once again the phenomenon of ideas that sound noble and simple at first, and the more you think about them the more complicated they become. It's like a mountain seen from a distance, you see all its glory and you feel you can control it :) the closer you get to it, the bigger it gets. I've talked with some friends about sending books to Morocco and it was interesting to hear their reaction. Some say, is their demand in the first place? to some extent she asked a valid question. I personnaly am sure there is demand especially in the technical areas. Many of you wrote about your own experiences trying to find a technical reference in English. I thought about my friend's question for a while and came up with another question: are schools ready to receive books? do they have established libraries to host them? control them? and so on and so forth. For me, the bottom line is if they don't, they should. Another friend said students nowadays don't read! they're obsessed with the new lifestyle in Morocco themed around cellphones, tones and smses.

Which led me to ponder e-books for a while...

But then I stepped back because I don't have much experience with e-books. And they sound like a big potential for encouraging piracy..


3:25 am    January 25, 2004
Un nouvelliste marocain, Ahmed Bouzfour, a annonc? vendredi qu\'il refusait de recevoir le \"Prix de la cr?ation litt?raire\" qui lui a ?t? d?cern? par le minist?re de la Culture, critiquant la politique sociale du gouvernement et le faible taux de lecture au Maroc.

M. Bouzfour a ?crit plusieurs recueils de nouvelles en arabe, comme \"Qounqous\" (nom d\'un oiseau mythologique) qui a ?t? prim? par le minist?re de la Culture le 16 janvier.
\"J\'ai honte de recevoir un prix pour un livre dont j\'ai imprim? 1.000 exemplaires, et dont je n\'ai distribu? que 500 pour un peuple de 30 millions d\'habitants\", ?crit-il dans un communiqu? publi? par le quotidien marocain Al Ahdath Al Maghribia.
Le nouvelliste critique ?galement la politique du gouvernement, notamment dans les domaines de l\'emploi, de l\'?migration et des droits de l\'Homme.
\"C\'est le taux de lecture tr?s bas au Maroc qui constitue la cause principale de ma d?cision\", a d?clar? ? l\'AFP Ahmed Bouzfour. \"Nous en sommes responsables, mais la responsabilit? de l\'Etat est plus grande\", a-t-il ajout?.
M. Bouzfour ajoute qu\'il esp?rait vivre \"la joie de recevoir son prix d\'un gouvernement qui veut et peut ?radiquer l\'analphab?tisme, d\'int?grer tous les enfants du pays ? l\'?cole et qui fasse en sorte qu\'ils ne se finissent pas dans la rue\".

Le Matin /AFP


8:32 pm    January 23, 2004
I would like to thank everyone for the feedbacks and I think doing a research and making contacts would be the preliminary step since we are on the threshold of this pilot program.
About throwing the name i feel like I am in the middle betw. the people who are For and the ones who are Against the idea! I will leave it for you guys and we will resort I am sure to a compromise.
To let you updated, I am intending to contact the following assoc. below on behalf of everyone (No MDC will be mentioned in this regards but "Moroccan benovelent" will be initiated instead)
I will personally contact a couple of Associations:
1) Fondation Hassan II please (check out their website!)
2) Federation des Marocains au Canada
5) The Moroccan Embassy in DC will be the last!
Since we have to rally around the same goal and get support from other Assoc., -Remember that our first goal was an act of Unifying...- and in this regards our purpose is consulting and seeking more advice and ideas rather than throwing the burden on anyone!
So we will do seek advice and support and we will go from there!
I will update you guys soon--sorry for the delay as i was a little busy- but we'll elaborate more the idea in this channel..
Let's do it pals!
Thanks to Adnane, Simple Moroccan Citizen, Jalal and all others who are caring for this programand sharing ideas!!

5:55 pm    January 23, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I see your point. I think the students who will benefit most of this are high school and university students.

2:44 pm    January 23, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
What is the school level BWB help focuses on?
It seems like they are more into the primary school level. I thought we are planning to send books to Universities! Since these two plans are completely different. Let's please make this point clear.

Thank you,

Live Fair, Respect Life!


10:29 am    January 23, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I think Mourad Benali is a good start. I'll try to find his contact info. Read what this association say about him:

Mourad is an experienced high school teacher in the city of Oujda, Morocco and enthusiastic about assisting disadvantaged schools in his home country. Mourad is responsible for coordinating the BWB program in Morocco and will distribute books and materials to the places that it will do the most good. Books Without Boundaries will, at a later date be helping Mourad with programs and lesson plans for teachers in both city and rural schools planning internet policy and assisting with internet and computer projects.


7:58 am    January 23, 2004
Hi Folks,

Thanks simple Moroccan for your reaction.

I just want to clarify my posistion, my idea was it just a suggestion with a noble goal far away from any kind of personal profit.I hope that i am making myself clear in this point.

I agree with you Adnane that contact and communication is very crucial on this process, but i want just to add the if we are well organised we can achieve better result, i mean teamwork, so i am calling all Moroccan "Lhrar" to support this simple action to show our solidarity and our Moroccanity.



9:51 pm    January 22, 2004

Adnane Ben. message

5:44 pm    January 22, 2004 This is an unrelated or foul message..
fa3el kheire
i know a guy whose name FAIZ HILALI he was trying to do the same thing you should really contact this he is a brilliant student and he worked on big companies in the FAIZ HILALI know all this stuff. he really can help you reaching ure goal for the MOROCCAN DEVELOPMENT CLUB. anyway guys FAIZ HILALI he is so famous in the boston area just ask somebody on the net or somebody who lives in boston i want really to know more about or to meet him personally.
thank you very much

11:00 am    January 22, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I haven't had the chance to check raioo in a while now, I'm extremely busy these days, but I had to get my little dose today. For this idea of sending books, how about if people think independelty for a while about it, and share what they find. I also want to point out that it's better to focus this effort only on books, and it's better to initiate it without any club, association etc. Moroccan Development Club seems to me broad, vague and lacking focus. I do not believe anyone should throw in the faces of Moroccans that Moroccans overseas are their saviours. When we initiate this inshallah, it should be a modest effort, a way to check the pulse of the idea, check the interface of Morocco. I think what is needed now is research, and stopping by raioo to share results. Some of you already wrote good ideas, which need to be compiled in a more organized format to produce a meaningful flow (maybe someone can volunteer to create a brief Word or pdf document to illustrate).

Contacts are the other piece of the research. Some of you already mentioned potential contacts in Morocco and overseas. These need to be organized in a document along with contact info so volunteers can start talking to them and share in raioo the results of their communications. Embassies (government interface), NGO, schools in Morocco, NGO abroad, Peace Corps etc.

So in a nutshell, this is I believe a time for research and communication. You may choose to communicate in raioo or create a seperate web page. The latter is low priority I think.

ps: Ina, it wasn't my original idea :) but I do endorse the message (I feel like I'm in a presidential condidate commercial).


9:44 am    January 22, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Jalal, your message was very touching. On behave of the PEOPLE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We all appreciate your help and leadership.

Please let's go ahead and setup a domain name and the space for the webpage. Also, post any related fees, so you give us all a chance to participate. When it is shared it becomes feasible. Keep us updated. I hope we will have more people involved in putting the Club together, starting with your initiative for a webpage. Are there more experts in the House?

We can also try to coordinate our efforts with the Med V Association. They have the resources and support to make things happen in Morocco.


Live Fair, Respect Life!


5:00 am    January 22, 2004
Very nice idea..j\'avais jamais pense.
I will do it.
Best Regards,

4:00 am    January 22, 2004
I want to offer a disk space and Maintenance for the Moroccan Development Club website for free, please let me know if you want me to register a an official domain name for this experience.


3:42 am    January 22, 2004

abdelilah message
Very good idea Adnane. I am ready to send some of my books. Two logistical problems have to be solved: The language problem since English is not the forte of many high school students, and one has to make sure that my books will not end up being sold in the black market by the director of the institution or worse end up as sanitary napkins for his secretary.

10:24 pm    January 21, 2004
I didn't intentionally say that you are implying that but i was just hinting about something else that would possibly pop up after-wards and from somebody-else possibly!!!.
There will be people who will go further with your question to another level and may be this would entail a lot of questioning and interpretations and will diverge the whole channel into a different path!!.
I just tried to clarify things before questions arise and go beyond what we are expecting with translating this act into something!!!!
Furthermore, by responding like that I wanted to make it crystal clear for everyone that it has only beneficial motives and there are no hidden ideologies --that's all...
I do apologize again for this discrepancy---and No harm done.
Thanks again for your support!

8:13 pm    January 21, 2004
where did you read me talking about crash or civilisation? or westernization? it's only in the back of your mind not mine...what i meant is books in english will not be accessible for as many moroccans as we want and this is a truth...i didn't say this to undermine your actions ( i am planing tp participate) but it was an autocriticism that should be accepted by everyone (the supposedly enlightened ones).

3:31 pm    January 21, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I am all for Morocco Development Club (MDC) as a name. We can add Hosted by It sounds very professional with an open source culture.

Adnane, one more time we will need your artistic gears up and running. I personally like your art style and to make sure we have your TOUCH in this initiative stamped forever, I suggest that you propose for us three or four logos so we can all vote on the one to be used. Again, I can not thank you enough for what you put together for us here at Raioo. I understand that can be time consuming, but I just thought I will pitch it in case it is possible.


Live Fair, Respect Life!


11:13 am    January 21, 2004
I am in the process of preparing a draft and i will let you guys know..asap.
Raiooers.......if you guys have any other better or different approach plz let us know..."Morocco Development Club" sounds formal and to give credit we have always to add to it "Under patronage"
I have to thank you too "simple moroccan citizen" for your strong support..
You guys Rock!!

11:01 am    January 21, 2004
Sorry for the typos in my previous posts...I meant "It happens @ Raioo!!" ...
Adamus, the intention to send books is to college libraries which means a certain caliber of colleges and schools...we are not sending them to primary schools.....If I was in Egypt or Paris I could have tried arabic or french books instead but I can't help it.....just to let you know that books in Arabic or French do exist in Morocco in Abundance...English books were rare and when we used to get the syllibus for the calendar year as far as I remember and go buy books for school it used to cost me an arm & a leg and they were the most expensive books in the market ...e.g.:a Penguin edition book for Hemingway's used to cost up to $15 in comparison to Tawfiq alhakim's or Najib Mahfoud' novels for just $10 by dozens!!! (do the math for it)
Sending books in English has nothing to do again with a westernization motive or cultural invasion...etc. we are not gonna go into hair-splitting and discuss cultural clash. Our motive as I stated is beneficial driven is to:"Do something to help your School, college, university, library" books are cheap here and available everywhere in US. Scientific books mainly are not taught in Arabic and IT books are much better in English than in French coz we have the silicon valley here in US not in France! I am defending this action plan and please pals reserve comments that hinder our process to yourselves-I am not trying to be rude- but here again we will fall in (les tenants et les aboutissants!!!) this and that... Take it easy pal...contribute if you want..if not help to push for the idea at least!!
Did I over-react?.....sorry Adamus..I apologize to everyone..but let's assist with whatever we have and whatever we can offer even with ideas as i said..

10:57 am    January 21, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
This is Great news!

> Let's put together a list of Universities and Schools with maybe their specialization so the books can be distributed properly. I don't have any problem to start with Agadir. We have to start somewhere, plus we have to have a trial run to workout the bugs of our logistics. The list will be ranking all the institutions by the level of government contributions. I think it will be a good idea to start with the most needy as Baghi-Tiqar noted.

> The Moroccan embassies in each country should be actively involved. It will be great if every participant within each country sends the books to their embassy. After a certain number of books are collected (say enough for one full container) the embassy then pays for shipping to the concerned university. An inventory of books and their destinations should be kept and made public.

> Another source to pay for the shipping can be Med V Association. I think they will be more than happy to participate.

> I agree completely with the fact that lots of people have to be involved in order to guaranty the proper handling of the donations.

> Let's work on two things to make this initiative perpetual: a name and a logo. This will make the work independent of the people involved. I personally like Raioo-Morocco Development Club. Adnane, let us know!

> The books can be in any language and I think that is a plus. This will give our students back home access to a diversity of cultures and concepts. This also might help the initiative for translations. Some students can even translate a book as a senior year work.

> The universities on the other hand can post lists of needed books or publications, the participant members can then choose to buy those books or participate on their purchase. I see this also extending to lab instrumentation and computer equipments.

> Let's brain storm within Raioo about a formal presentation letter that can be sent to different interest parties to let them know of the Raioo Initiative. Baghi-Tikar, please let us know if you have a draft and we can work on it together here.

That is all I can think of right now... have a great day!

Best regards,

Live Fair, Respect Life!


10:06 am    January 21, 2004
you forgot the language barrier, as you know most moroccans don\'t speek english!!

9:57 am    January 21, 2004
Thanks Adnane, Jalal and Bea..and for everyone supporting the idea.
I would appreciate more support from Raioo-members..
I was thinking about addressing a fax or e-mail to the Dean of (Ibn Zohr University-Agadir where I graduated) and CC H.E. the embassador in DC and the minister in charge of Moroccans abroad just to let them know about our interest in contributing even with a little to make our libraries look better and provide more books to students, it's a goodwill act and a thank you to the University or Library we used when we were students. By cc-eing those big shots my intention is not getting the spotlight!!!--"Coz i can address it on behalf of Moroccans abroad" or "Raioo-Morocco development club"---if Adnane approves that of course...or somth...but the goal is if you send it to one person which is for instance Library director only... who knows what gonna happen to these books.??? it's very questionable in morocco....when you cc others it makes it under control on the other hand we would like to see if the embassador himself would just agree to facilitate shipping thru the embassy because by doing that it will waive the fee and would be more appealing for everyone to participate especially the ones hesitating....(how much shipping ..@#?$$...Nahhhh...) but it's understood!!
Many will question why Agadir University? I am suggesting to do offer help to the most needy (you know the criteria for that!!), I mean by that if I send books to Agadir University it's the smallest compared to others. furthermore, the ones located in the capital or Casablanca they get more attention from the government more than any other institution as they reflect the image of the Gov. and the dept. of education!! (I am not gonna push it)To be fair let's start with honoring Agadir as we launch this program this time and move forward to other regions..
I would like to suggest as well-and I am not being picky or acting as a CEO of this pilot program- to make sure to pick up-to-date books not outdated, except novels, literary or history books. IT or related to any technological/management would be the best...I just wanna say let's be selective.. I know shipping is a bit expensive to Morocco (check but I believe for books/literature it's not!! let's do it...I didn't take action on what I expressed here but I need everyone view...It's happens @ RAIOO...

6:39 am    January 21, 2004
This is a great idea that can brings a lot of benefits for student in Morocco, it needs only a good strategy and a little bit sacrifice.

My first point is how do you want to organize this ? you wanna create an organisation or just a small units located around the world? how do you want send this shipment to Morocco? who`s the first recepient? which rules you want to implement to keep the \"Shaab Lhaal\" away from this?

Let`s start something, we need to support our brothers in Lblad, i am quite sure that people will appreciate this....!


6:04 am    January 21, 2004
Je Suis Partante Pour


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