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01:00:56 PM Tuesday May 30, 2006

Anyone here on Raioo seen the film Indig?nes? Intro from the site:

1943. Ils n'avaient encore jamais foul? le sol fran?ais, mais parce que c'est la guerre, Sa?d, Abdelkader, Messaoud et Yassir vont s'engager comme 130 000 autres "Indig?nes" dans l'arm?e fran?aise pour lib?rer "la m?re patrie" de l'ennemi nazi. Ces h?ros que l'histoire a oubli?s vaincront en Italie, en Provence, et dans les Vosges, avant de se retrouver seuls ? d?fendre un village alsacien contre un bataillon allemand."

They have some cool fotos on the website too. I really hope they bring it here to the US, would love to see it. This is a really important piece of North African history, and it would be awesome if more Americans could access and learn about it, and what better way than a good film? Jamel Debbouze is Moroccan and the director Rached Bouchareb is Algerian. I am not too familiar with the other actors, but they must all be a very talented group as they have won the best actor award at the Cannes film festival. I really liked Jamel Debbouze's work in Am?lie. He was so convincing and played such a sympathetic character, it didn't feel like "acting" at all.

The trailer is really tempting. Chapeau to these guys, and please post if you've seen it or know more about the other actors. Or if you know if/when/where this film might be shown here in the US!!

IMDB's list of Filmography for Rachid Bouchareb

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1:29 am    March 21, 2008

hudhud message
thanks to a sweet friend, I have my own dvd copy now. It was a pretty touching film and hit on some very hot spots that French society is still struggling to deal with today. one of the main characters poses the question at some point: if I fight for this country, it becomes mine, right?

one of my favorite moments from the film was when Jamel Debbouze tries to bring back the donkey that got loose in the woods in the bitter cold winter.. aji, aji lahbiba.. Debbouze is just too cute, no matter what role he plays =)


2:45 pm    May 30, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
I heard about this film this month from Cannes Film Festival news. It's supposed to make the French people, especially the youth, aware of what North Africans did for them.. a chapter they never learned about in school history books. Which reminds me of a piece Mahjoub wrote a while back.. Ba Jelloun The Conoisseur

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