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La Maison Jaune || The Yellow House film by Amor Hakkar
12:43:30 PM Thursday Oct 23, 2008

The Yellow House
Dir. Amor Hakkar
Feature Film
2007 | Algeria / France | 84 min.

Currently showing at the Arab Film Festival

10/17 6:30pm - Clay Theatre, San Francisco

10/18 6:30pm - Camera 12 Cinemas, San Jose

10/26 5:30pm - Writers Guild of America Theater, Los Angeles

This subtle and picturesque tale is as much an ode to the Algerian countryside as it is a simple film about a man's journey to keep his family in tact. When Mouloud learns his son Belkacem has been killed in a car accident while serving in the army, he leaves his daughter Alya and wife Fatima and embarks on a meditative journey across Eastern Algeria to bring back the body. Traveling through the majestic Aures Mountains, the obstacles he faces on his journey reveals the remarkable kindness and sensitivity of his countrymen in neighboring villages and town. Upon returning home and completing the necessary burial rituals, Mouloud finds that his wife has fallen into a deep depression. Determined to bring her out of it, Mouloud, with a heartwarming naiveté, struggles to remove her grief with simple gestures of his love. A poignant mix of beauty, loss and devotion, Amor Hakkar's beautifully shot film presents a sun-kissed Algeria filled with daily expressions of a dignified humanity.

La Maison Jaune - Le Film site officiel

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12:31 am    October 27, 2008

hudhud message
this was a beautiful film, simple yet very touching. it begins with a scene that really struck me very powerfully: a letter of notice about a son's tragic death while away at military service coincides with a village wedding cortege slowly winding down the road past the dead young man's family home. the young girl charged with taking the news to her father hitches a ride on the bride & groom's cortege to get to her father faster so she can give him the letter about her brother's death.

it reminded me this past december, when I visited my father's village in eastern Algeria, near where this film was set. The day I arrived to visit my uncles, I heard the news that my father's cousin and childhood friend Lakhdar was in the hospital, unconscious after a long battle with cancer, and was not expected to survive. The next day, it was a Friday, the skies poured rain, the village streets were a river of mud, and my uncle came back from joumouah with the news of Lakhdar's passing. I was tasked with calling my father to inform him.

One of my favorite moments from this film was actually a short sequence as the farmer Mouloud drives his tractor along the road to Batna. A road sign appears along the autoroute announcing with arrows the way to Constantine, Batna, Hamma, Oum el Bouaqi. My heart skipped a beat. I know that highway!! I smiled and thought of one of my young cousins who studies at Oume el Bouaqi, how he came home to my uncle's house last December for winter break, the day he walked in wearing a thin sweater and rubbing his hands from the cold. "But this is nothing." he said. "in Oum el Bouaqi it's snowing, and it is so very cold."

Faycal Salhi's oud pieces were perfectly fitting for the scenes in this film, as the countryside scenery takes prominence in the story which revolves around a farming family trying to cope with the loss of their son. I read a review somewhere before seeing this film that commented it was "an ode to the countryside." I think that's very fitting.


12:58 pm    October 23, 2008

hudhud message
Beautiful musical soundtrack by my friend and long lost French cousin, the brilliant, the talented Fayçal Salhi :)

showing this Sunday in LA if anyone is around. go see it!!


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