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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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Sid Taher Terminator
12:00:00 AM Thursday May 29, 2003

30th CenturyBa3 presents

An Adnane-Antr Production release

TL3at Sidi BannouR - Doukala

May 28. 1983. 04:39 AM

Still dark, the first marchants are pitching up the tents ready to display their merchandise. A dozen of people from different tribes are sitting around a a half sleepy ShefnaJ rotating the floating donuts while listening to the radio.
All of a sudden his radio got jammed, then started tuning from one channel to another by itself, then turned off... the ShefnaJ woke up, and automatically reached to a plastic box containing different type of batteries... Hamza, the educated looking young man interrupted him : - Ehum...I don?t think it?s because of the batteries...there is something else going on in here...

To their surprise, sparks of lightenings started emerging around LmaQla, caused by static electricity. Then a huge blue light ball appeared, inside of which was a metalic creature posing like a 100 meters sprinter ready for the start.

Everybody was frozen on his seat, the creature stood up slowly, looked right, then left, then for what ever reason stared straight at the poor the ShefnaJ and said:

- I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!

The audiance replied with a collective: HaHaHa-HaHa!"
Hamza intervened :
- We don?t have boots, and we don?t use motorcycles here, we have only Belgha and donkeys.

Automatically the robot stretched his arm, grabbed ShefnaJ from his clothes, lifted him from his seat, and started analyzing his dress, his appearance and shape... he seemed to be confused about the target.

The crowd felt that their breakfast was endangered, they surounded the robot, each one of them having in his hand what ever he can get: Stick, 3atla, Medra or a stone. Thinking that he was a "Jen" sent from hell, they circulated him and started reading Coran out loud. As he felt that his chances were getting small... The robot put Shefnaj back on his seat and said:

- I am a cyborg, model T3000, if you think that I am afraid of this crowd, you are wrong. If I haven?t had a bad knee..beep*...I would have fought all of you... but after all... maybe we can work things out together...beep*

Hamza replied:

- You see my friend... These poeple are peaceful, unfortunately they don?t speak englih, so you better check your files for something more exotic...

The Robot paused for few seconds, then said:

- mm...the calendar did work fine... I think the mapping program went wrong... You are right, I must have landed in the wrong place... I am not supposed to be in Dokala, I can sense it all over my circuits...Beep*

- Ewa matemshi ghir fin meshak?llah a si Robot...Do you mind if I call you "Taher" ? it would make it easier for us to communicate....

While Taher3000 was listening to Hamza, ShefnaJ and others jumped on him, put him on the ground, then dragged him to a fig tree (Karma), where they attached him with ropes. while another one was already calling Jadarmia. Hamza felt sad, as he was watching T3000 surrendering to his destiny with blinking light in his eyes, that looked almost like tears... So he calmed down the crowd, and explained to them, as much as he could...that Taher was not a demon... just a machine created by men living very far away...ehum*..and that he can learn from his surroundings. the crowd sat down on the dust, watching the fascinating machine, desperately making facial gestures, trying to communicate with crowd facing him.
Some weird athmosphere reigned over the place, the entire crowd felt pitty for T3000. Some were even holding their tears...

ShefnaJ stood up, came close to Taher?s face and said :

- Goul "Laylaha-ilallah mouahmmed Rassoullah", Al kafer!

Hamza explained :

- Listen Taher, if you want to become one of us, you will have to forget about the military mission you are sent for... Trust me, we have a better program for you.

Say loud :"La-ilaha illa Allah, Mohammed Rassoulo-Allah! "

As soon as T3000 repeated Shahada, green light lighted up his eyes. his head started spining... as if a magic password hacked into his system... Then his body relaxed, and he lifted up his head almost, in a charismatic way and said:


Hamza detached Taher3000, and gave him a jellaba, Tarboush and Balgha.
ShefnaJ was already suggesting that Taher3000 could be used as a Modden, since he doesn?t sleep. Others wanted him to use him as Berrah. Others wanted to give Mehrat and use him as Khemmass.

But Hamza objected all the suggestions, as he knew that T3000 does have alot of things to give to the scientific community... Before anybody was able to make up his mind, Jadarmia already arrived, followed by a special army unit, and 2 black cars with black windows. They chained T3000, put him inside a container then put him inside a truck. As they were driving away, the crowd could hear Taher screaming inside the container "Assalamu Aleikum...La ilaha ilallah!" While some of the crowd was crying. Since then, nothing was heard about him anymore...But, Rumors say that T3000 escaped, and became a Mejdoub, before turning OFF in Zawia.

They built a Darih on his grave, he is now called Sidi Taher Loghlimi.

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1:03 pm    August 6, 2007

hudhud message
I just read the credits.. lol @ said passpartout & jamel lkhabbouzz =D

where's the sequel??


9:53 am    August 1, 2005

hudhud message
cute story antr, thanks for sharing :-)

1:32 am    July 31, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
which ones specifically? the matrix? lascars?.. let me know

4:01 pm    April 3, 2004
I just wanna know where I can download all the sick shit u used to post , I mean all the videos photos and stuff like that .

10:21 pm    August 31, 2003
drari, what's upp a lekhout, how are y'all doing today? please but please, and I mean it. How can we watch those moroccan translated movies. from where can I download them??? Concernant Younes El Aynaoui, bonne chance au 4eme tour de l'US Open.....
Dima Dima Maroc.

8:39 pm    July 17, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Adnane, I f u have seen none of the previouse Terminators, I would suggest T1.
I never considered Shwarzenegger as a good actor, but his role in T1 as a none compromizing killing machine did fit him 100 % .
Probably, it was the best film role he ever had...(Beside "Read Heat" ..hehehe)

T1 had said it all... the rest of the extentions were not necessary, except for bringing more cash...


2:52 pm    July 14, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I have never seen T1 nor T2, but I saw T3... and let me tell you that Antr's story above has more success than the real movie T3. Terminator 3 sucked big time! Arnold is still mighty with his gigantic muscles, but the poor guy will never get his acting right. The little guy sucked, the T-woman was cool, too silent though, and too predictable. There were some nice car chase scenes, but other than that, I feel sorry for Arnold, the guy can be exploited in better movies!

11:24 am    July 12, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Guys :] actually this is not about Terminator 3 Moroccan remix video clip. It's just a text story Antr wrote. I'd love to see some twisted T3 moroccan remix just like you.

1:18 am    July 12, 2003
salam adnan !!! i wanna see terminator remixing how can i do please? thanks

4:17 pm    July 8, 2003

1:01 pm    July 5, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Anybody seen Terminator 3 recently ? please post your brief review, thanks!

5:20 pm    May 31, 2003
adnane i think that aswell :((:(:(:( cuz ive been lookin at that right side of his eye for long and i think thats the reason:(:(
really!! tell us a story about the khmissa i bet ya its like a moroccan mythology or somethin like that :):):)

Antr well shumacher is a real driver and if ya put him on a mclaren ,,, then he will win all the gp races for tha next 20 yrs :):):) and yaa well i also love the mclaren sports car not tha F1 car but the actual roadster.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wish i could have like that car in my 2nd lifetime :):):) or actually be tha car :)
antr weeen 3ablaa lou saragho 3ablaa mathaa sataf3aal haal 6a9tollo banaat al 3asheraa wi rajalaahaa yaa 3antr anjidnaa meen 3asherat abu 3abaas inahoum ya9tolo rijalanaa ya 3antr ya worrior dial bani 3abs anta 3abd wa aktharahoum 9owaa wa bint 3amaak 3ablaa satakoun zawjataak :):) damn i love that movie 3antr hehehe and also his son al ghadanfaar heheh hes also cool like his dad ... aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh ana 3antr farees foursaan bani 3abs :):):)

3antr is jamaican aswell ...

Jah Bless...


11:25 am    May 30, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
MCLAREN, for the khmissatt, i think it's either your imagination playing with your head or Sid Taher hypnotized you.. no actually, it's some old khmissatt, they're just hard to see "more transparent". I'll make them less transparent eventually. Each khmissa necklace has a story behind it

10:56 am    May 30, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
McLaren I though that you were a fan of Michael shumaker, the German Formula1 driver.
because he rides the same type of vehicule.

Arabi, thanks for the comments, believe me I did not read what I wrote more than once, not that I have a Shakespearian english,
bu most of the errors in the text are due to negligence
rather than t something else...
Adnane did corrected none of them, so that the story would remain spontanious as the thoughts hemselves , I suppose.
As for the style I dont know about the rest but carelessely I wanted to merge directly darija translated expressions into the story, so that it wold have a Popular Moroccan flavour to it....

Thanks for the advice anyways, I will consider it.


10:16 am    May 30, 2003
HBD man! Great story but I'd work on the style & grammar a little bit more. Otherwise, well done.

I hope my comment won't be taken as a sign of arrogance or jalousy but rather as a positive, constructive, and well-intented criticisim.

Practice make perfect.
Best of luck.

Peace N Love


9:03 pm    May 29, 2003
Adnane heheheh ooo yaa small world innit bro :):) i mean its really a nice bday gift for Antr tho u didnt know about it :) ooo yaa i cant wait to watch T3 damn it will be tha bomb ..... I'LL BE BACK
Well most of tha sequels ive watched till now turned to be amazin i.e tha matrix , analyse that .... so on lets see how T3 goes and yaa all the other movie sequels like 2 fast 2 furious aaaaaaaa damn tha cars in it will be way better than part 1 ....(NOS) ... bad boyz 2 and so on whohoo not forgettin charlies angels :):) cameron diazzzz :D:D

oo yaaa has anyone seen Almighty tha movie wit Jim Carrey daaaaaaamn he drive a Mclaren :(:(:(:( lucky bast...

Btw Adnane ive found out that Sid Taher has 2 more chains of that lkhemsa or whateva its called hiding under his jellaba .... is that a mystery u want us to find out ??? cuz i was lookin at his jellaba and it looked dirty but then i see this other thing inside his jellaba .... if that is right tell me if im imaginin stuff then oopps sorry :D:D:D
R we gonna see a sequel for Sid Taher anytime later .... i want to know what has happened to him ...
i heard rumours that he may be in jamaica now smokin some good ganja :) is that true or not plz let me now about that aswell ..

Jah Bless.


8:40 pm    May 29, 2003
amazing story adnan! i love it man, keep it up!

7:58 pm    May 29, 2003
i love this story, we definitely need a sequel to this. i also love the animation. vive le Moroccan Terminator

7:52 pm    May 29, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
ANTR!!!! I just noticed you said the event took place on your birthday! I am surprised now. Yesterday I said to myself with the coming movie Terminator 3 it'll be nice to resurrect an old story you wrote last year, so I brought it back to life, gave Sid Taher some life, I didn't know it would have been your birthday! Now that's PURE coincidence.. but maybe a good sign, or what do you say MCLAREN! :]

Thanks Aziz, yes please ya guys, push Antr to write a sequel or whatever. I will be resurrecting his old stories slowly, they all have stimulus for potential great friendly discussions here.


7:44 pm    May 29, 2003
My baddd, Sorry Antr i didn't know that it's ur storyy, well thank u though and thanks for u too Adnane!!!
Antr, Guess what? My birthday is May 28th tooo wowwwwwwwwww nice surprice dear gemini!!!!!!
Peace and Love to u all

5:40 pm    May 29, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Hello all
Terrfic job, the more you read it the more you enjoy it.Stories like this should hit the zenith, great imagination, the most humorous part of it is ashahada. It represents a typical Moroccan comedy, the whole idea of bringing a robot to the midst of a sfengi-store, and the reaction of the crowd makes it easy for the reader to imagine his own scene,not to mention the pleasant and fabulous composition.
The first thing i read coming back from work,and i laughed my thank you guys.

*****Antr are you the one who goes bear hunting,well stop killing animals:), and give us more of your talented work.i wish you could
stretch more your story, let it go it will never become boring.

*****Adnane, Sid taher loghlimi looks so funny especially with lekhmissa and lbalgha.I love the animation with sidi yahya alwali in the background. the gun reminds me of my childhood and sidlmiloud.
Bravo yahya and Adnane. Keep up the tremendous work.


1:20 pm    May 29, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I am Glad to hear that you enjoyed the story Lezami.
Adnane's crazy illustration :) goes in paralelle with the story line merging futuristic high tech robot with an encient moroccan mystic powa' :)

The event took place on May birthday . ;)

Antr McShaddad is not real ;) My real name is Yahia Loubbidi.



9:56 am    May 29, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I am hoping we can get a sequel to SID TAHER, defnitely. Maybe also make it into either a BD (comic) like some suggested, or better yet a bigger project: an animation cartoon. I like to put BHAGs ahead, Big Hairy Audatious Goals. Life is no fun without BHAGs. It will be hard to accomplish in the short-term since it requires a lot of focus which our daily life responsibilities at work don't allow us.

9:31 am    May 29, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Thank you folks, and baby^love not me not me, all the credit goes to ANTR :) I'll let him reveal his real name if he wishes, I only know his first name: Yahia.

9:21 am    May 29, 2003
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Adnane!! This story is hillarious and terrific i really loved it and enjoyed reading it. You re an imaginative person.... keeep it up hunn!!!!!
Peace and Love

7:02 am    May 29, 2003
assalamou alaikoum:

Pas maaaaaaaaal!!!
vous avez une imagination digne des plus grands illustrateurs de bandes dessin?es!!!
en fait, ?a serait bien si vous mettiez votre savoir faire ? la disposition d'un plus large publique, en faisant des bandes dessin?es!!!
?a serait bien de voir des bandes d?ssin?es ? la marocaine!!!?a nous changerait un peu d'ast?rix et ob?lix.....

je vous souha?te beaucoup de courage et une bonne continuation.

amicalement Toc.


2:30 am    May 29, 2003
hahahaha this is amazinnnnnnn hehehe very touchin tho i mean y did they take him away they could have told tha djadarmiya that it was a false call and let taher 3000 live in peace wit them ... is it cuz hes a robot ... thats not fair :((((

Goul "Laylaha-ilallah mouahmmed Rassoullah", Al kafer!
hahhahhah this is tha best part in tha topic heheheh damn u moroccans come up wit some good sh.. lol
btw whoz tha director and plus there r alot of roles in tha movie that havent been spoken about in the movie...
neways loved it tbrakallah 3leekoum hope u guyz will come up wit some more of this stuff heheh...
Jah Bless.


12:53 am    May 29, 2003
very very impressed, la partie qui m a plue est celle ou les paysans commencent a reciter le Coran, et bien D'autres parties qui n etaient pas moins bien redigees. Tres bon travail creatif , et excellente illustration faite par Adnane. cet amalgame entre vous deux fait tout ce que le Maroc is all about. bonne continuation !!

12:51 am    May 29, 2003
An Adnane-Antr Production release!

Thanks both of you for the laught :) Tala9itou! "he seemed to be confused about the target.." Shxxx :))

It's really very nice imagination. We could have better imagination at the end ;)

Poor stuff!


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