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Hrira Tastes Better with...
06:04:02 PM Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

I just had this debate with someone and thought I'd throw this out to y'all and see what you think...

Hrira Tastes Better with:




which one gets your vote??

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9:48 am    September 16, 2008

M3ayzou message
Bush will say...(while bouncing his head repeatedly ).."make no mistake about it.....(and the bouncing of the head...) Hrira with lamb is the best !

Of course, this will have to be read from a telepromter !


7:48 am    September 16, 2008

basma Benali message

8:51 pm    September 28, 2007

wedadeya message

8:48 pm    September 28, 2007

wedadeya message
since we talking bout hrira i thought 2post the recipe up from shomishas book :D thats book is SOO handy


& at the end u should get :


11:33 am    September 28, 2007

Reda J message
personally..i like the real harira kayass +rouz+lamb or beef ( but no no no chicken !! r u kidding me !!) lakrafess+9ozbar,m3adnouss,3dass...maticha dyal al 7ok+maticha triya ..o zid o zid

11:24 am    September 28, 2007

Reda J message
personally..i like the real harira kayass +rouz+lamb or beef ( but no no no chicken !! r u kidding me !!) lakrafess+9ozbar,m3adnouss,3dass...maticha dyal al 7ok+maticha triya ..o zid o zid

10:28 am    September 26, 2007

Raiaa message
Salam Wedadeya...Pumpkin soup is pretty easy to make (you could use squash or sweet potato instead)
-Roast the pumpkin pieces in the oven until caramelized(drizzle some olive oil on top)
-Blend the roasted pumpkin pieces with some warm chicken or veggie stock.
-In a sauce-pan caramelize little bit of onions then pour the liquid in it, and slowly add heavy cream until obtaining the consistency you like..little salt &peppa (you could add any seasosning you like ..selon ton gout, i personally add a bit soudania for the heat)
-Blend the whole thing again and put it back on fire.(feu doux)

ps: it's less heavier then h'rira :p

Bon appetit!


10:52 am    September 25, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
chieck=chicken (I need to go back to typing school)

You're right. Aziza are figuig dates (I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere else.) They're lighter shade relative to some other dates. Not very very dark.


10:41 am    September 25, 2007

hudhud message
chieck? what's that? i've never heard of hrira with fish.. doesn't sound tempting to me, i've never been a fan of seafood in soups at all.

i'm going to try it with chicken next time. one of my uncles' wife makes it that way. i tried it at her house last year, and it was pretty tasty. she makes hers really thick and creamy too, something I failed to achieve my first time round. I had added almost three spoons of flour in and still it was not the right consistency.

aziza are the dates from figuig right? are they really small and dark?


9:23 am    September 25, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
hrira with aziza dates on the side, and you soak the small pieces of bread in the bowl slowly, then scoop them up with the spoon. yummmm.... is it lmeghreb yet?

Hrira is good with all meat except fish, yuk. I don't like it with lamb, it makes it taste mshehhema; kind of fatty. Chieck is good in hrira as well (mostly likely all you'll get in jama3 lefna in mrraksh.)


8:30 pm    September 24, 2007

wedadeya message
hudHud hun yup at the very end jst add a couple eggs , it dosnt make a big diff in taste but is nice hihi.. n no worriez chomicha is on her way 2 cali :)

Raiaa how do u make ur pumpKin soup?


1:02 pm    September 24, 2007

Raiaa message
My hrira must have "Kerwia" !!!

But for now, i'm content with my home-made pumpkin soup, since I dunno
how to make h'rira..I must say it ain't easy :/


10:51 am    September 24, 2007

hudhud message
wedwed we missed you here :)
so how do you do the eggs part? do you add it at the end when it's almost done ouila kifache?? I was tempted to try it but considering this was my very first time making hrira I was too nervous to experiment.
yallah, i am eagerly awaiting your choumicha cd :o)

10:30 pm    September 22, 2007

wedadeya message
Hmm chicken+hrira? im use 2 it with lamb..

I can not eat hrira without bread, i have to cut the bread into pieces put it in the bowl then pour my hrira in hihi , i dun know why but thats how i always like it... n with eggs wa shwya dyal roz wa shwya dyal 7omes wa shwya dyal 3des wa ya salammmmmmmmmmm


10:16 am    September 21, 2007
Hrira is better with Lamb of course, are you joking, It's the first I hear of anyone adding chicken to Harira!

2:01 pm    September 20, 2007
3abir sabil
Since most of pregnant women have anemia,7arira Tartare is indicated because it contains iron and folid acid(if you add to it fresh zegzaw or alwarguiya).But if a pregnant is Rh(-) she won't drink 7arira made with blood Rh+ (Brand:7arira Dracula).Becareful !! It's an incompatible 7arira. lol

NB:Business is business,every body who asks for a dietetic advice,should pay ten dirhams or one buck:"Thre is no free lunch"!! lol


12:29 pm    September 20, 2007

hudhud message
waaaah 3la la nostalgie!! the sound of gharnati is so relaxing.. reminds me of last ramdane with my cousins.. we'd break our fast with a little baguette and some warm nourishing chourbaa, and right after the athaan, they'd always bring a classic andalousi group on tv, and the night would begin..

11:37 am    September 20, 2007
Nothing beats hrira Magie ahhaha just kidding.

Here is what I like in my bowl of hrira:
- Sha3riya (not too much)
- 3dass (not too much)
- Rouz (not to much)
- Hamass
- Hardened yellow part of the egg in one piece
- Although I am used to beef but I would have to pick lamb

Accessories that should come with the bowl:
- Shebakia
- Tmirat
- Mliwat m3amrin (pick your stuffing, I prefer L'khli3)

and this is the part that makes the experience heavenly:

BTW, if you have any information about this artist, please share the wealth. Got she is an angel. Her name is Sanaa Maharati.


5:56 am    September 20, 2007
Please, could you tell me if a pregnant woman with Rh- blood group could drink HRIRA TARTARE ? ( is there a compatibility between
(Rh-) blood group and HRIRA TARTARE ?).Thank you

4:42 pm    September 19, 2007
3abir sabil
Hummm..!! It seems to me that I could make money with this business.Dieticians advise that food must be compatible with blood group.Let us do it:
Group O likes meat :for this group I'll suggest harira with lamb or beef-kefta(I'll call it by its brand-name:Harira tartare or harira MacDo).
Group A likes vegetables:I'll suggest harira with lentils or chick-peas(Brand:Harira 9atani)
Group B is omnivorous:all kind of harira are indicated but I'll suggest harira with shrimps (brand:harira pil-pil) or harira "quatre saisons"if we add various stuff.
Group AB is enigmatic(known as the chameleon):For this one I'll suggest harira with snails(brand:harira ghlala).

"Tell me what food you like,I'll tell you what blood group you are".Do you believe it ??
NB:Most of maghrebians are Blood group A !!


3:48 pm    September 19, 2007

hudhud message

i just found yet another hrira recipe that calls for both lamb and chicken!


2:24 pm    September 19, 2007
beef and eggs

1:56 pm    September 19, 2007

hudhud message
Adnane - i've never tasted it with beef! i thought lamb is the standard. lbegri yji charref, it's tougher meat than lamb. agreed on the carwiya, it makes anything with meat taste and smell amazing.. but now what zlabiya do you mean?

3abir sabil - some people add a couple eggs at the end for texture - but then again that's what the flour is supposed to be for, to thicken it. but hrira must have some kind of meat flavor! or maybe i'm just a carnivore.


1:28 pm    September 19, 2007
3abir sabil
The rbatis and slaouis make harira with eggs!!In Europe,instead of chiken or lamb,some moroccan immigrants make couscous with merguez.In USA,they would make harira with hot-dog!!Why not?? lol
PS:I prefer harira wthout meat at all.

8:44 am    September 19, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Hmmm ... I don't think Hrira is cooked with lamb, I always thought it was beef! and I like it better with Beef, not chicken - with a little bit of zlabiya, salt and carwiya

5:45 am    September 19, 2007
Without spoon, I prefer HRIRA with lamb.

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