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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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12:43:01 PM Monday Aug 29, 2005

I love my new garden. Just dug up the ground yesterday and put some new soil. Planted a few flowers, planted mint, and even found some shiba. Got to get back soon and water the garden.

Anyone has any tips on gardening or knows where to find some help on gardening?

Jah bless

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12:20 am    October 2, 2005
Banjour Lezamis
You guys Lucky here in oklhaoma shity you can't plant a thing, its either to hot or too cold.
I planted some mint, some shiba but not a damn thing grew.
All what the rednecks here plant is Maria jwania if you know what a mean.
Peace and please check my website:

10:44 am    September 6, 2005
Thanks zine!
It's very sweet of you to offer to send me the plant!
I actually found the plant at a botanical nursery in a town nearby. I'll let you know how it works out. It is holding up well so far (masha2a llah :)...
Thanks again and glad I stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago. You guys make a difference :)

10:10 pm    September 3, 2005

hudhud message
Tasnime, i'd love to send you a cutting but it would probably die in en route since i'm on the opposite side of the continent. ask any of the moroccan or dzayri 3issaba in ny, someone is bound to have some. my cos will be moving there later this year, if you really get desperate for shiba say the word and i'll hook you up ;-)

Rasta: I found out you can't grow mesk ellil from an ordinary branch cutting :( try to get a piece with some roots still attached, transplant and that should work.

some other ideas: apple and plum, orange and lemon, guava and fig (but this also depends on the weather in your area), and kumquat trees. kumquats are actually edible. there are different varieties, the one i grew up with you can only eat the peels (sweet) not the flesh inside (bitter).

fruit trees are a really special thing in a home garden. i remember when i was a kid growing up, my sis and i used to climb the plum and apple trees, and play tag up there, back and forth, chasing each other.. up the shed, the trees, along the huge wall's edge (were always so terrified of falling into the neighbor's yard!!) it was true childhood, fun, and innocent and throughout it all the sweet smell of the plums, we used to pick and eat them just like that off the trees.. and the guavas too smelled great, it was an *enormous* guava tree in the corner by my mom's window, and we had a swing hanging from it. my mom swears it's the guavas that saved my lil sis when she was a baby and went through some very serious health problems..

my god when i think of the plants and their smell, i smell my childhood :'( fragrant memories..

iwa bottom line: plant fruit trees! :)


12:16 pm    September 2, 2005
Thanks for the tips. Indeed I want some, Hudhud. In fact, I began hunting for the plant already.
Although I'm not a tea person at all (9ahwajiya m3a rassi), I love tea with shiba. In fact, the only time I would drink it would be with shiba and I miss it so much f had diyar sa3ida!
Thanks again Guys!

12:48 am    September 2, 2005

hudhud message
Tasnime, I got my shiba from some libyan friends :D special vip gift from gaddafi regal gifts, llc. :P
Adnane: are you sure it's prohibited in usa? should i transfer mine to the closet under some heat lamps ;)

what else on shiba: it grows fast, fragrant, good in tea.. though mine after planting from a cutting tastes a little bitter :( but it's still a great garden plant. doesn't need much attention, just a little trimming now and then, plenty of sunshine and water and space to grow. but don't expect it to taste like the plants back home!! same goes for mint, roses, etc.. here they just don't have as strong a fragrance and taste!! :(

$o, Tasnime, do you want $ome? ;-)


7:19 am    September 1, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
Shiba here is called artemisia wormwood. I think. Since I am still growing I can't vouch for the authenticity of the taste, but I will let you know as soon as it grows long enough that I can make some tea with it.

9:42 pm    August 30, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Mesk ellil is Jasmine.,. In the US it grows in Florida and Hawaii, but probably nothing close to those in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia).

9:41 pm    August 30, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
I think it's from the familly of Absinth. But I'm not sure. Absith plansta re so many kinds, I don't know which one of them Shiba is.. Absinth is used to make liquor, and is actually prohibited in the US.

9:50 am    August 30, 2005

hudhud message
i think in america most ppl call mesk ellil "jasmine".. even tho it's different.. it has lovely, lovely small white flowers that open at night and close during the day.. so fragrant.. go walking just after maghrib time, that's when you smell them full force!
i'm not 100% sure but i think it can be planted from a cutting, if you see a bush try to get a bit..
i'll find out..

meantime, some references:


9:46 am    August 30, 2005
How did you get shiba? What is it called in English? You wouldn't believe how long I have been looking for it!!!
I'd be grateful for any leads.

7:26 am    August 30, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
thank you. does anyone know the english name of mesk ellil? I can smell it here in Cambridge at night, but I don't even know what it looks like.

We have a good 2 months of planting season left. After that, it's nothing but ice, rain, wind, cold, and snow; until next March that is.


4:38 pm    August 29, 2005

hudhud message
they may not allow you to import plant seeds from back home..

but mint is great even if they don't allow you to eat from it, since it makes a nice garden plant, aromatic.. it grows fast though, and it may take over the space.

here in cali we're darn lucky and spoiled (and lazy :P since one can plant almost anything almost any time of year.. east coast i'm not sure what plants are best there, but geraniums, zinnias, lavender are some of my fav's -- easy to care for, beautiful, colorful, pretty flowers... :-) i also love jasmine, and mesk ellil (but it's so hard to find the real thing here in america!! the misk ellil back home is so fragrant, here it's just lame.. :/

enjoy your garden, 3ouqbal jannat alakhirah :)


2:27 pm    August 29, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
Unfortunately I can't lpant anything edible until they test the soil for lead. besbass?!

2:07 pm    August 29, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Plant a banana tree :) we used to have one back home! They have beautiful green leaves. Bring Verveine seeds from back home. Try bessbass from back home..etc

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