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11:27:35 AM Wednesday Sep 3, 2008

First it's been a while since I visited Raioo. Adnane, I congratulate you for a job truly well done, as well as all the bloggers who contribute to make discussions intersting.

The minute I loaded the page, my attention was drawn to Ronda. I said NO WAY. I couldn't believe it. With ssiyame, most of you know what that means :-). Kill Bill ! I mean time ! :-). I am however disapointed at myself. I USED to KNOW how to play the darn game. I can't believe I forgot ! Anyways, I'll deal my sad moment later. Can any one please remind me of how it is played. Ghadi tadiw l'ajjar!
Thanks !

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7:28 pm    April 11, 2009

jnina100 message
i wanna play ronda guys

1:20 pm    September 3, 2008

M3ayzou message
Thanks Adnane, it's all coming back to me now. That was just a senior moment.....:-)
11 is called "Qabal" if the last of my brain cells serve me right !

1:00 pm    September 3, 2008 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Adnane Ben. message
Ronda game plan :)

The purpose is to fish (eat) maximum consecutive cards from the board using only one card off your hand until you have no cards left. If you find no match to fish from the board you must get rid of one of your hand cards.

Auxiliary rules:
1. if someone puts a card on the board without fishing, and you end up fishing it, he owes you an extra card from his bounty. If after you fish it, he fishes it back before you get a chance to take it off the board, you owe him 5 cards from your bounty.

2. If you sweep the board, the other owes you a card.

3. If you eat last and the game is over, you take all what is left on the board.

4. If you have a double (ronda) in your hand (e.g. 2, 2 and 5), the other owes you a card.

5. If you have a triple (tringla) (e.g. 2, 2, 2), the other owes you 5 cards.

6. Consecutives cards are:

1, laz
2, dos
3, tres
4, kwatro
5, cinqo
6, six
7, setta
10, sota
11, la7dash (?)
12, rey


M3ayzou's notes (2)
Golf anyone..

Boston Moroccan Tennis Club: Mini Tournament 2

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