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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Mabrook 3idkom, T3aidoo w't3awdoo
12:00:00 AM Sunday Feb 1, 2004

Whether your Hawli is Sardi, Bergui, Mshahem, Smeen, Cholesterol-free, 100% lean...just jaltita or madabe7sh :-), I wish you Happy Eid with the best wishes (For those unmarried ones, to find the right person soon, those married ones, to have kids sal7een, Hadj lil jami3 inshallah....and all that your heart wishes for)

I sincerely hope that you will have enough Cha7ma for your boulafab :-) save me a GUEDIDA. In Case you know of any Sta7 I can use to dry my guedid, please let me know :-)

I apologize for those that are far away from all the Eid Hailala in Morocco (Shwi Rass, jib al fakheer, sout.....) and you are not dab7een (like me), that I don't have any intentions of 3awesh you :-)

Yalah happy Eid with best wishes and watch how much you eat :-)

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6:57 am    December 9, 2004
salam 3alikoum wa fine a wlidate bladi?ca va?everything is alright jespere...ici cez nous ca va hamdollah on souffre un peu ms hamdollah comme tjrs...thallaw lia frasskoum et a bientot inchallah....ah oui wa ghnia hya sur lallemagne!Dj hmmouda allah ye3tik assa7a jebtiha hia hadik wallah.
Vous trouverai la chanson sur :
Mchimicha de la bas

4:44 pm    December 8, 2004

4:41 pm    December 8, 2004
saha eidkoum

10:17 pm    March 19, 2004
very funny

10:17 pm    March 19, 2004
wow cool;)

11:00 am    February 3, 2004
salam to all
first l want to said to all members in raioo and also to muslim eid moubarek who will give to us happeness and succeess and also peace in all the world.
anna tanskine fi agadir fi talborjt , l m member in thsi site since long days but l never try to use cause as l use more yahoo and hotmail, but hope now l will do allmy possibl to use it and try to get new friends and also try to sent the new msgs to all.
ok l said salam to all and again eid moubarek

4:50 am    February 3, 2004
al kabsch msikin, asba7a fi khabar kana, allah ayra7mu maskin, walakin wach tsada9tu bi 2/3 lalmosakan walfo9ara walmo7tajin walla t7antuh kollu .allah yahdiku wakhlas.

6:32 am    February 2, 2004
aid mobarak saîd a tous le monde, allah ay derelou 3elikoum bessa7a wel3afeya, wkul ma beghetou.

5:37 am    February 2, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Lekwamanjist : Asidi...Ana baghi ne3raf ashnou ghadi tbi3 lia !
Had Lhawli yla kan beldi, ghadi yeshtah... Yla kan roumi maghadish yet'harrek .

Moul boutika : Ya had LemkhardeL 3tina Btissa3, wla N3ayeT lek 3la Jadarmia !


PS: 3eid Mubarak to all of you !


4:37 am    February 2, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I have heard similar thing...
Rupert Shalderake, a contraversial biologist , came up with the morphic resonance theory wich, he claims, could help us understand the mechanism of thelepatic phenomenas, collective instincts etc...
He built up his theory by observing the strange behavior of animals
under certain conditions...

audio files included below :


9:11 pm    February 1, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Happy Eid, For all raiooers everywhere...
How happy and real it seems... Real natural, real grounded!

Love to all Al Mgharba Lahrar.

Soon Inchallah you will be all able to be HOME and celebrate your own holidays with your families. Finish of what you have to do and head BACK TO YOUR LAND.

Your Country Needs You! IT'S YOUR LAND. Always remember that! IT'S YOURS!

Live Fair, Respect Life!


5:38 pm    February 1, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I heard from Bibicha that in Morocco it is widely believed that on the day of eid lekbir, cats disappear from the streets, houses and yards.. She believes that this might be some kind of miracle.. but anyways, is this true that cats disappear on eid ? if yes, where do they go? I'm having hard times making sense out of this and I didn't want to blow up her baloon :)

11:52 am    February 1, 2004

abdelilah message
Mabrouk 3eidkoum bessahha we salama.

The man holding lhawli: Wa jerr 3leeha chi 3alwa rah lhawli sardi mayteb3ek ghayla chebbe3teeh 3ayta bel kamanja.

The man with the kamanja: rana jeet l sidi bahloul we kaygoul
3arregha koudbaan we 3rad lkoubtaan

fi leffaaad we tkalya rani nmout a sadati
fi souk ssebt bkherfanou dazet yamati

Laa tghourrek ghlem ferrbee3 sarha
wlaa telheeek klaaab fetreek nabha

The man with the red jacket giving us his back: oh la la mais c'est quoi ce bordel, j'ai la nausee avec toute cette violence, y'a pas de soupe au Tofu par ici?


8:12 am    February 1, 2004
Mbarekk eidkoum, bessa77a wel3afeyya, wkul ma tmennitou..
t3aydou wet3awddou f a7ssan dourouf inshallah...

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