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Jocelyn t
Boston Massachusetts USA
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Moroccan baby boy names
06:32:43 AM Thursday Aug 23, 2007

I have been trying to find Moroccan baby names, while I have found three girls names I like, I am struggling to find boy's names. It needs to be something that an American can read and pronounce easily as well as being a name actually used in Morocco. All the Arabic baby names I have found in books, my husband swears aren't names actually used or the book has the meaning way off, and I certainly don't want to name my kid "fat" or "mouse" especially when a book tells me the name means "strong" or "light". I can't find any good source online either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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2:01 am    February 16, 2008

Salem message
Zouhair = little Zahr. "little" is for affection and love. Zhar or Zaher means means pure shining beautiful being, something about color like the beauty of the full pure white moon, or some kind of beautiful pure bright red of fire (Annar Zahra, lmajmar zher), the brightest and purest of colors. In the arab world, and as far as persons are concerned, I think it is about the beauty of a the white skin of a person (Eddenia Zahra ya weddy a khay!!!), taking in consideration that not every white person is beautiful :-).

11:13 pm    February 14, 2008
I believe it means lucky! :) ouahed 3ndou ezhar =D

8:15 pm    February 12, 2008
Couldyou please give me the exact meaning of zouhair if you know. Thanks

5:37 am    October 19, 2007
you can name it yahya or youssef or abd al mohaymine

2:47 pm    September 19, 2007
dammm i love that litte baby when he was hhhhhhhh here is my msn im a girl live in u.s.a

5:55 pm    September 8, 2007

Salem message
The chronological order is Da7ook, Maher and N.A. Enjoy.

4:08 am    September 8, 2007

Salem message
...When they start to talk, it's too late!


4:03 am    September 8, 2007

Salem message
... and what about Maher?


3:30 am    September 8, 2007

Salem message
Anyone mentionned Da7ook? although the phonetics might tough...


10:01 am    September 7, 2007

hudhud message
hey - has anyone suggested Sherif yet? it's a nice name, comes from sharaf - honor.

12:05 pm    September 6, 2007

hudhud message
btw - I think "ttaa" and "ddaad" and "ssaad" are all pretty hard too. "ghayn" isn't any easier. :o)

12:04 pm    September 6, 2007

hudhud message
you'd be a true hippie in north africa if you named your daughter "tree" :) but you're right it's a nice word.

have you heard the name "jumana" ? it means a small pearl. or "lujayn" which means the purest silver. both girls' names though, I guess you already have an abundance of those :)


11:35 am    September 6, 2007
Ok, I definitely will debate that Qaf is the hardest to say 3yn is the one that puts my mouth and throat into overdrive. I am sure I can learn to say all of the names beautifully (with some practice and avoidance of 3yn), it's really more for my family and friends. Everyone screws up my and my brothers names when they read them, so Americans basically don't do too well with names they aren't familiar with. I just want something that reads as it is written without possibility of being too wrong. I can't have my mom mispronounce my kids names. Now Shajarah, that's beautiful, that should be a girl's name. I also think there are Arabic letters that don't sound pretty, to my ears atleast (3yn and kha for example). I am pretty sure I will learn Arabic with my kids from their daddy or when we move across the pond.

11:15 am    September 6, 2007

hudhud message
Rowan - I actually like that name Zouhair. again, a very beautiful name with beautiful meaning. and it sounds nice too. Zouhair. Say it and watch how your lips move. It's majestic, it demands attention.

Joc - I think the more you learn Arabic the more familiar you'll get with some of these names and how to pronounce them. I don't have a problem admitting that Arabic is a tough language to learn, even for a native-born like me. But the beauty of the words and depth of meaning that each conveys truly is incomparable to any other language (let the debate begin - I will stand by my word.. :o)) Each letter itself conveys meaning, did you guys know that? For example the letter "sheen" connotes the spreading of something, so "shams" (sun) spreads light, while "shajarah" (tree) spreads shade. Letter "Qaf" is the most powerful letter and the hardest to pronounce. It connotes strength and forcefulness (just watch how your jaw moves as you say "qaaf"). Letter "haa" (soft 'h') is the most intimate letter, coming from the deepest part of the throat, so it connotes something deeply close to you and intimate. Letter "baa" forces your lips to make an outward shape, and connotes something come out into the world, showing itself. So the word "Houb" (love) is something deeply intimate, soft and close to your heart, and yet it has an outward expression and shows itself. Hence the meaning of love: an inward deep feeling that is expressed outwardly :)

(ok I just remembered that whole thing from a lecture that I'll probably never forget :o))

If you pick up a copy of the translation of the meanings of the Quran, you'll immediately notice how much text is needed to explain just one word or one verse, attempting to carry a concept over from Arabic into another language. It's probably one of the hardest languages to translate (perhaps Chinese competes here), simply because of the richness of each word. The very letters and sounds carry certain connotations.

I should email you those notes - I didn't forget, it's just been kindev crazy over here :) it's a real shame you're not in cali, mum could give you amazing lessons. she's a wonderful teacher. if you come visit we'll sign you up for a session or two :)


9:48 am    September 6, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Jocelyn - yes I know how Amine feels, and I feel the same.. about the old traditional names. See the thing, is those are pretty good names that have deep beautiful meanings, yet unfortunately these days are considered somehow low-class.. or people get the impression that their kids if named something like L'Bashir, or Abdellah, or Mostafa, Abdelkader, Mohammed, Moussa, Brahim, etc. will be marginalized by society or something stupid and ignorant like that. I'm speculating how Moroccans view this, not you. Your reasons are mainly phonetics. It is really unfortunate that people are not ready to go back to old traditional names. These days people in Morocco seem to search for the most exotic name out there, the softest or cutests sounding name there is as if they are about to name a celebrity star who needs a second name of fame. I find that ridiculous sometimes. It is actually not good for the Moroccan society since one cannot immediately tell anymore whether the person is Moroccan or not just by looking at the name. I will have no problem whatsoever naming my kid a traditional name. I believe that eventually the kid will have his/her own personality that will redefine his/her name. If a name is not very popular today or hard to pronounce, a person can eventually turn that name into an icon! But don't listen to me :) listen to your heart and husband.

9:18 am    September 6, 2007
Amine needs to come around to Zinedine as I am sure my parents will too. I like all the four letter boys names like Sami, but Amine didn't go for any of them. I think he wants an old school traditional name that my tongue trips over. Maybe we will only need girls names, atleast they aren't so tough.

8:52 am    September 6, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Salem - yes I bet it will be Zinedin (Zizou) :)

11:19 pm    September 5, 2007
I'm looking for same thing!! Our first boy is Sami Joseph or Sami Josef depending on whose family is saying it, my husband is moroccan, Zouheir, and everyone here calls him Zou. But can't find any good names for baby number two in case its a boy too!!

3:12 am    August 30, 2007

Salem message
Whatever you say, all you can do is enriching the list, good to know anyway, but Jocelyn is going to name her kid: Zinedin (Zizou). Why not ?

1:05 am    August 30, 2007
how about Malik, that s my nephew's name i love it :)

7:33 pm    August 29, 2007

hudhud message
naoufal (nawfal) and nadir are nice too.

11:41 pm    August 26, 2007

hudhud message
btw, hothaifa is a boy's name only and it ends in -a. like the sahabi's name hothaifa ibnul yaman (actually these names end in taa marbouttaa but b/c in arabic you don't have to pronounce the "t" it can be shortened to -a.)
(btw - yaman is a common girl's name in the middle east - and it's one of those unisex names also. just like "claude" in french - you find both boys and girls can have the name. meaning is not gender-based)

has anyone suggested Yasser? from "yousr" ease.

Zuhair / Zubair are nice too. zuhair i think means someone very lucky/fortunate. like zhar (3ndou zhar :) but zubair i can't remember the meaning. anyone know?

malik is nice too, doesn't it mean king?

for some reason "anas" strikes me as simplest. and they have it in english too, like bill cosby's son "enis" (just a different spelling, same name.)


11:32 pm    August 26, 2007

hudhud message
bla ma tez3af, that was just an example ;o)) i'll find the name of the poet i had in mind.

5:04 pm    August 26, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
maybe rab3ah, but rabi3ah? the kid is gonna have a complex!

4:17 pm    August 26, 2007

hudhud message
it's true, check your classical arabic literature and the names of the companions of the prophet, you'll find rabee3ah and wafa. the thing is this - nowadays we tend to associate most names ending in -a with female names, but that's not quite the way classical arabic grammar always works.
anyways - jood. think about it ;)

10:18 am    August 26, 2007
3abir sabil
Emilchil:it's a pure moroccan name.Emilchil is the gay who lost his love.He was so sad that a big lake was filled by his tears.In the moroccan mythologie,Emilchil refers to love and fidelity.Listen Jocelyn,if you don't choose this name,I'll flod my keyboard with hot tears.Snif..snif.. lol

6:25 am    August 26, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
rabee3ah for a boy!? that's tough! it's a girl's name just like wafaa. Never seen a boy with either name.


2:54 am    August 26, 2007

hudhud message
Jood is a really nice name too. It's synonymous of "karam" - generosity but in a stronger sense, as in deep/vast generosity. it's pronounced the same as the english name Jude. and the coolest thing about it is that it's unisex - you can name either a boy or a girl Jood, just like wafaa and rabee3ah - classical arabic names that were given to both boys and girls.

1:30 am    August 26, 2007

hudhud message
it's true re: shakiel but not as common. there's shakir too, 3ala wazni fa3il.
bari is nice - forgot the exact meaning, something like kind? or kindhearted?

Amer is nice. Nabil = noble. Ziad and Zayd too.

just don't name your kid hoda if it turns out to be a girl. people used to call me HONDA and boy can I tell you the identity crisis stories. "are you russian?" one woman asked. but the best ever was the day i was watching a hockey game on TV and one of the players originally from japan had his last name HODA printed on the back of his shirt. my sibs laughed endlessly. let it suffice to say my name was chosen by accident after, what was it 3 weeks of being called "ettefla" the baby??... lol.

what about jawad or jaweed. very beautiful and good meanings too (generous). you can shorten to Jay, J-J, Jo, etc =)

I have a friend who had twin boys 2 yrs ago, she named them Sami and Rami. cute and they rhyme too. I still can't tell her boys apart lol =)


9:14 pm    August 25, 2007
3abir sabil
What about BADER??Tt means "moon".Many americans want to travel to it.

8:46 pm    August 25, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
Shakiel=thankful? Maybe shakier instead of shakiel... even then I would say shakoor instead of shakier (3ala wazn fa3oul)

In wujda, the word shkeel is used to mean 'non-sense', as in "a sahbi rebbejtna behad shkiel dyalek."

the kid would have a tough tinme in wujda.



6:50 pm    August 25, 2007
P.S. Regarding my last suggestions, just to give you the proper translations.
Shakiel means thankful and Zain means beauty.

6:47 pm    August 25, 2007
Hello from London. My sister loves the name Zain for a boy and Zaineb for a girl, I peronally like the name Shakiel, because that my best friends name and its the name of a famous basketball player too.

12:54 pm    August 25, 2007

hudhud message
what about zakaria. zak for short. ishaaq /isaac. ismail/ishmael. i think you're right joc the biblical ones are the easiest.

12:47 pm    August 25, 2007

hudhud message
shekib? like the poet :)
fouad is nice.

12:54 am    August 25, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
walid. already have that name, and he's a handful :)

4:16 pm    August 24, 2007

hudhud message

*no comment*

what about walid?


2:03 pm    August 24, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Zinedine is not bad, I like it. I just thought you wanted to stay away from long ones. In that case, check out Nouredine.

Najib is a very good name. There's a TV celebrity in France like David Letterman of Egyptian origin named Najib, pronounced in Egyptian dialect Naggyb (they turn j into g), and nicknamed all over France as Naggy.


8:49 am    August 24, 2007

hudhud message
actually Jocelyn most of the names on that list are easily pronounced, you just have to hear them a few times.
most of them do have cute nicknames too, but the cool thing is it's flexible enough that you can also make up your own nicknames. like nourdine - can go by dine or by nounou (although I doubt you'd like that one! =) personally I love Zizou - i'd be proud to call my kid that :)
I had a friend named tarik in college - people called him rik or riky. I had a gf named salwa, people called her sally.

what about something really easy like samir or faris.


8:29 am    August 24, 2007
Well Jocelyn is long, I am not totally opposed to a long name if it's easy to say. Everyone mispronounced my name growing up and it just built character for me, but I defiinitely had to grow into my name. I was Jocie when I was little and then Joc to everyone close to me and now Jocelyn professionally. I think Zizou is adorable and Zinedine would be a nice name to grow into, besides I was named after the women's golfer of the year in 1973, wouldn't it be fitting if my kid were named after an awesome soccer player, sorry football.

8:04 am    August 24, 2007
Well Jocelyn is long, I am not totally opposed to a long name if it's easy to say. Everyone mispronounced my name growing up and it just built character for me, but I defiinitely had to grow into my name. I was Jocie when I was little and then Joc to everyone close to me and now Jocelyn professionally. I think Zizou is adorable and Zinedine would be a nice name to grow into, besides I was named after the women's golfer of the year in 1973, wouldn't it be fitting if my kid were named after an awesome soccer player, sorry football.

7:34 am    August 24, 2007
Well Jocelyn is long, I am not totally opposed to a long name if it's easy to say. Everyone mispronounced my name growing up and it just built character for me, but I defiinitely had to grow into my name. I was Jocie when I was little and then Joc to everyone close to me and now Jocelyn professionally. I think Zizou is adorable and Zinedine would be a nice name to grow into, besides I was named after the women's golfer of the year in 1973, wouldn't it be fitting if my kid were named after an awesome soccer player, sorry football.

7:28 am    August 24, 2007
I want to avoid having a 3 in the name and the kh- combo, neither is something an American would get right. Some of the names seem so grown up for a kid. I can see an adult Omar, but a little three year old? Omar just seems like this great big guy to me. It's too bad there aren't more nicknames so when you are little you can go by the cuter, simpler nickname and then grow into Omar. That's why I like Zizou/ Zinedine. Reda is nice, but to me it sounds like a woman's name. Amine, Slimane is the only name from your list that I can pronounce, and that might be because we know a Slimane.

7:23 am    August 24, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
zineddine is long.... and zizou.. I wouldn't name my kid zizou :)

I am starting to like Amine's suggestion of old-skool name BACHIR. you can change the spelling to: BASHEER. Athough it's a very cool sounding name in Arabic and has one of the best meanings (messenger of good news), it does sound a bit ghetto in english. Especially if you omit one E, BASHER is still a variation of the name, but in english you're now talking about a kid walking around with sledgehammer...!


6:56 am    August 24, 2007
I want to avoid having a 3 in the name and the kh- combo, neither is something an American would get right. Some of the names seem so grown up for a kid. I can see an adult Omar, but a little three year old? Omar just seems like this great big guy to me. It's too bad there aren't more nicknames so when you are little you can go by the cuter, simpler nickname and then grow into Omar. That's why I like Zizou/ Zinedine. Reda is nice, but to me it sounds like a woman's name. Amine, Slimane is the only name from your list that I can pronounce, and that might be because we know a Slimane.

6:34 am    August 24, 2007
I want to avoid having a 3 in the name and the kh- combo, neither is something an American would get right. Some of the names seem so grown up for a kid. I can see an adult Omar, but a little three year old? Omar just seems like this great big guy to me. It's too bad there aren't more nicknames so when you are little you can go by the cuter, simpler nickname and then grow into Omar. That's why I like Zizou/ Zinedine. Reda is nice, but to me it sounds like a woman's name. Amine, Slimane is the only name from your list that I can pronounce, and that might be because we know a Slimane.

11:15 pm    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
why not Khaled?? beautiful name! and a famous singer too!! from beautiful Oran!!

speaking of Oran, have you guys seen this 113 song un gaou a oran =)


10:48 pm    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
boubker, boulhenna, boulghenmi, boulme3za.... =D come ooon, too long and heavy for a lil kid!!

then again, hey, at least your kid will get his sandwich. call out "Karim!!" and a million kids stampede your way..

but 3adel?? gotta be kidding. that's soo egyptian. :/

what about sweet simple Omar?? beautiful name and easy to say and nice meaning too.

Bashir is nice.

when anyone says "othmane" or "bilel" i immediately think of this song.. =))


8:22 pm    August 23, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
miloud, bachir, boubker, 3adel, 3uthman, slimane.. all beautiful names

5:37 pm    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
Hamza is nice too. I think it means lion.

and Asad (as in as3ad, from sa3ada - happiness)

Rafik (companion) is nice too.


3:37 pm    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
Adnane is a mind-reader. I swear I was going to suggest Reda =) as in Reda of the grand voyage.. =)

then again.. you could name after Nicolas Cazale...

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* =)


3:21 pm    August 23, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Joc, whatever you decide Adnane ought to be out of your list for the sole reason that even I have trouble pronouncing my own name.. seriousely! although I'n honored to have been named by an elderly familly member who was well respected, I wish they had picked a different name.

One of my favorites is: Reda.


3:17 pm    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
el Hadi is my maternal grandfather's name. he was a great man. I like that name a lot. it means the guide.
Hani means happy i think. or joyful. cute name.

there are actually a lot of other nice names that are not so hard or long.. my list is short b/c I only included some of my own personal fav's =)
There's Rami, and Rani, and Mehdi, and Fethy (pron. fet-hee) and Hashim and Hisham and Wissam and Sliman and Dahman and Ramdan and don't forget Marwan, and Adnane of course and Adlane too (that means just - i.e. fair..). Then there's Taher and Taha and Jamal and Kamal and Kamil and Jamil too. And Yassine and Hakim and Mourad and Jawad and Jawid and Said (that's "sa3eed" i.e. happy. not sayid as in master..). and Lotfi and Fehmi and Amir and Samir and Jarir and Hassan and Tarek and Moloud and Daoud (dawud/david)..


10:55 am    August 23, 2007
Thanks for the lists. Adam was actuallly on my list, although not really Moroccan, the biblical names are the easy way out. I have a preference for the shorter names and avoiding the letters we don't use in English, sounds that would be hard for my family to say. I, too, was very biased to Zinedine because I think Zizou is the cutest nickname. So far my list included Driss, Hadi, Hani, Sami, and Zaki to name a few, but so far my husband has only acknowledged Driss as a decent name. My husband's name and several of his family members names are on your list Hudhud, it leads me to believe the list of boys names that are easy for Americans to pronounce correctly is actually quite short.

10:32 am    August 23, 2007

hudhud message
my girlfriend simply named her boy Adam :) Though her husband did choose an Amazigh name for his middle name, but Adam is pretty simple and cute.

I like Sami. It means "noble" and it's short and nice and easy to say.

but do you want a name that's not as common, or one that is pretty popular? There are lots of easy ones but they are also very popular.
any preference as to letters or sounds?

here are some popular north african boys' names.

Abdelkarim (I usually don't like names that start with abdel-something, but this one's nice, and you can shorten to Karim.)
Ouahide (pronounced waheed-multiple ways to spell most of these names)
Zinedine (yes I know.. I got a soft spot for this one.. ;o))
James Dean (oops.. sorry, scratch that last one... ;o)))


Essential thing is that it sounds nice, easy for you to pronounce, and also has a beautiful meaning.
I think my mom has this book of names at home that's pretty comprehensive. I'll try to dig it up. Not sure if it's any better than the one you already have though =)


7:27 am    August 23, 2007
Abida : se consacre à l'adoration de Dieu
Abla : en bonne santé
Achika : l'Amoureuse
Achwak : désir, passion
Adiba : lettrée, cultivée
Adila : bien faite, au corps équilibré
Adra : la pureté (Audrey)
Afaf : pureté
Afia : sauvegarde divine
Afifa : chaste, prude, fait preuve de retenue
Ahlem : rêves
Aïcha : pleine de vitalité
Aïda : récompense, pardonne
Akila : sensée, sage
Alia : élevée, noble, supérieure
Amana : fidélité
Amaria : a la foi (Anne-Marie)
Amber : ambre
Amel : espoir
Amina : digne de confiance, (Aminata)
Amira : princesse
Amra : vie
Anane : nuage, horizon
Angham - Anram : mélodies
Anika : gracieuse (Annick)
Anissa : cordiale, courtoise
Aouatif, Awatif : sentiments affectueux
Asma : a de beaux traits
Asrar : secrets
Assia : celle qui protège
Atefa - Atifa : sensible
Atika : noble
Aya : Verset
Azhar : blancheur éblouissante. fleurs
Aziza : aimée, qui est chère
Azza : grandeur, notoriété

Bachira : annonce de bonnes nouvelles
Bachra : élégante
Badia : délicate
Badira : aussi lumineuse que la pleine lune
Badra : lumineuse
Bahia : superbe
Bahidja, Bahdja : pleine d'allégresse
Bakhta : bonne fortune
Bariza : éminente, qui se distingue
Basma : sourire
Batoul : détachée du monde
Baya : distinguée
Bouchra : bonne nouvelle
Bouthaïna - Bettina : femme à peau douce

Camila, Kamila : parfaite
Chadia : enjouée, gracieuse
Chafia : guérit, apaise
Chafika : tendre
Chahéra : distinguée
Chahida : témoin de la vérité
Chahinez : (persan) la préférée
Chahra : celèbre
Chahrazad : finesse et sensibilité
Chaïma : marquée d'un grain de beauté
Chakera - Chakira : reconnaissante
Chakiba : généreuse
Chérifa : noble, honnête
Chirine : douce charmante
Chourouk : lever du soleil

Dalal : dorlotée
Dalia : fière (Dahlia)
Dalila : aimée, dorlotée
Deloula : choyée
Dawiya : radieuse
Dehbia : précieuse, très chère
Djamila : belle
Djawida : généreuse, gentille
Dora : perle fine et rare (Théodora)
Douha : matinée
Douja : qui protège
Dounia : la vie sur terre
Drifa :aimable

Emna : loyale, croyante
Esma : sublime
Fadila, Fadéla : digne, vertueuse
Fadia : qui sacrifie sa vie pour sauver quelqu'un
Fahima : intelligente, vive
Fahmia, Fahmiya : douée de compréhension
Fairouz : la Turquoise
Faiza : triomphante
Farah : joie, gaieté
Farida : unique
Faroudja :dissipe les soucis
Faten : charmante, ravissante
Fathia : a un caractère ouvert
Fatiha : qui ouvre toutes les portes
Fatima : fille du Prophète
Fattouma : jeune chamelle sevrée
Fella : fleur de jasmin
Feryel : (or.perse) justice
Fitna : charme, séduction
Fouzia : glorieuse

Gamra : astre
Garmia : maîtresse
Ghada : belle et vertueuse
Ghalia : précieuse
Ghania : libérée, riche
Gh'zala : antilope
Ghizlène : gazelle
Habiba : amie, bien-aimée
Hacina : chaste
Hadda : chaleureuse
Hadia : offrande
Hadja : Pèlerin
Hadjar : mère d'Ismael, ancetre des arabes
Hadjira : noble
Hafida : protège
Hafsa : lionne
Hakima : équitable
Hala : auréole
Halima : douce
Hamida : agréable
Hanane : douce
Hania : tranquille
Hanifa : croyante
Hanna : affectueuse
Hasna : belle
Hassiba : respectable
Hayet : vie
Hawa - Haoua : Eve
Hébara : Colombe
Hiba : Don, Cadeau
Hind : caline
Hosnia : vertueuse
Houda : la voie
Houria : pure

Ibtissem : sourire
Ihcène ou Ihsen : vertu
Iklil : diadème
Ikram : générosité
Ilhem : inspiration
Imane : croyance
Ines : compagne
Insaf : Droite - juste
Izdihar : prospérité

Jahida : qui s'efforce
Jalila : majestueuse
Jawed : générosité
Jawida : tendre
Jazia : récompense
Johar : perle fine
Joumana : joyau

Kahina : Reine des Aures
Kamar : lune
Kamila - Kamelia : perfection (Camélia)
Karima : généreuse
Kawtar : abondance - fleuve du Paradis
Keltoum : a des joues colorées
Kenza : trésor
Kewkeb : astre
Khadidja : précoce
Khadra : Bien née
Khalida : éternelle
Khaoutar : voir Kawtar
Kheira : la meilleure
Khrofa : agneau

Labiba, Lebiba : sage
Lalla : dame
Lamia : a des lèvres rouges
Latifa : jolie, fine
Leila : compagne de la nuit, fidélité
Lilia : comme Leila
Lina : esprit de conciliation
Linda : du portugais, belle
Loubna : Arbuste donnant du miel
Louisa : Louis d'or : précieuse
Loundja : Héroïne d'un conte populaire
Loutfia : délicate

Mabrouka : chanceuse
Madiha : Digne d'éloges
Maha : le cristal
Mahbouba : aimée, populaire
Mahdia : sur le droit chemin
Mahera : astucieuse
Maissa : jeune fille élancée
Majda : qui a du caractère
Majida : glorieuse
Malika : la reine
Manel : Don
Mansoura, Mansouria : victorieuse
Maya : grâce
M'Barka : comblée
Mellina : séduisante
Meimouna : dernière épouse du Prophète
Meriem : Marie (la Vierge)
Messaouda : chanceuse
Mordjane - Mordjana : corail
Moufida : utile
Mouna - Mounia : souhait
Mounira : illuminante

Nabiha : attentive
Nabila : noble
Nacira : victorieuse
Nadia : tendre
Nadira, Nadera : prospère
Nadjia : sauvée
Nadjiba : studieuse
Nadra : parcelle d'or
Nafissa : précieuse
Nahla : première gorgée d'eau
Naïla, Neïla : bonheur
Naïma : délicate
Najet : secours
Naji :Qui échappe au danger, sauvé, délivré.
Najiha, Najia :Qui échappe au danger, sauvé, délivré
Nariman : agréable
Narjes : Narcisse
Nawel : grâce, faveur
Naziha : loyale
Nedjma : étoile
Nedjwa : confidente
Nezha : vertueuse
Nesrine : Eglantine (fleur)
Nora : lumineuse
Noria : éclatante
Nour : lumière

Ouarda : voir Warda
Ouardia : voir Warda
Oum El Kheir : vertueuse

Rabha : victorieuse
Rabia : printemps
Racha : le petit de l'antilope
Rachida : bon guide
Radia : satisfaite
Rafika : bienveillante
Rahima - Rahma : bonté maternelle
Rahifa : délicate
Raihane - Rihana : le basilic
Raïssa : la croyante
Raja : espoir
Ratiba : ordonnée
Rawda : jardin fleuri
Razika : qui comble de bienfaits
Riheb : les quatre coins du monde
Rima - Ryma : gazelle blanche
Rita : secours
Rokia : de nature élevée
Rosa : grain de riz

Sabah : clarté
Sabiha : gentillesse
Sabrina : (or.italie) apparenté à Sabr
Sabriya : patiente
Sadika : loyale
Sadjia : amie
Safia : loyale
Saïda : heureuse
Sajida : qui se recueille pour adorer Dieu
Sakina : paisible
Saliha : vertueuse
Salima : pure
Saloua : consolation
Samia : noble
Samiha : généreuse
Samira : bonne compagne
Samra : brune
Sana : splendeur
Sania : magnifique
Sara, Sarah : épouse d'Abraham
Sawsene : Iris mauve
Selma : pacifiste
Sihame : récompense
Sofia : l'amie
Soltana : reine, princesse
Sonia : vertu
Soraya : prospérité
Souad : félicité
Souhila : douce
Soumia : voir Samia Tahani : voeu de bonheur
Tahera : intègre
Tamara : origine dattes
Taous : sereine
Thania, Tania : hommage
Tasnime: Source paradisiaque réservée aux " rapprochés de Dieu ".
Tlidja : neige
Torkia : turque
Tounes : tunis
Touraya : voir Soraya
Wafa : fidélité
Wahiba : généreuse
Wahida : l'unique
Walida : la mère bien aimée
Warda : fleur
Wassila : lien
Wided : affection

Yakout : Hyacinthe
Yamina : heureuse
Yasmina - Yasmine : jasmin
Youmna : bénie
Yousra : douce - conciliante

Zahia : radieuse
Zahida : qui se voue à Dieu
Zakia : pure
Zanouba : Reine de Palmyre (Syrie)
Zayane : jasmin sauvage
Zehouania : joyeuse gaie
Zeïna - Zina - Zouina : beauté
Zineb : petite fille du prophète consolatrice
Zohra : éclat
Zoubida : élégante
Zoulikha : belle


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Prénoms masculins
Abbes : lion, qui a un visage sévère.
Abdallah : serviteur de dieu.
Abdechahid : serviteur du témoin
Abdelaziz : serviteur du Tout-Puissant
Abdelbassir : serviteur de Celui qui voit tout
Abdeldjalil : serviteur du majestueux
Abdelfattah : serviteur de Celui qui ouvre
Abdelghafour : serviteur du Tout-pardonnant
Abdelghani : serviteur du riche
Abdelhadi : serviteur du guide
Abdelhak : serviteur du vrai
Abdelhakim : serviteur du sage
Abdelhalim : serviteur de l'Indulgent

Abdelhay : serviteur du vivant
Abdelkader : serviteur du puissant
Abdelkarim : serviteur du généreux
Abdellatif : serviteur du bienveillant
Abdelmadjid : serviteur du glorieux
Abdelmalik : serviteur du souverain
Abdelmoumen : serviteur du fidèle
Abdenour : serviteur de la lumière
Abderrahim : serviteur du Miséricordieux
Abderrazek : serviteur de Celui qui pourvoit
Abdessalem : serviteur de la paix
Abdessatar : serviteur de celui qui protège
Abed, Abid : qui adore Dieu
Abou Bakr : successeur
Achik : l'amoureux
Achir : ami
Achour : sociable
Achraf : très noble
Adam : premier homme.
Adel : qui est source d’équilibre
Adib : lettré
Adil : juste
Adnane : aieul du Prophète
Afdal : meilleur
Ahmed : le plus doué
Aissa : Jésus
Akmar : Eclatant de blancheur
Alaeddine : la noblesse, la grandeur de la religion
Ali : élevé, noble
Allal : calin
Allaoua : grandeur d'âme
Amar : emploie sa vie au jeûne
Amine : digne de confiance
Amir : destiné à une vie féconde
Amjad : très noble
Anas : ami, proche
Anis : cordial et courtois
Anouar : très lumineux, éblouissant
Antar : héros à la bravoure légendaire
Arsalane - Araslane : lion
Ayachi : très vivant
Ayoub : Job, se repent et revient vers Dieu
Azhar : brillant
Azzam : déterminé
Azziz, Azzouz : qui est cher, aimé

Bachir : annonce de bonnes nouvelles
Badreddine : la plénitude de la religion
Bahi : éclatant de beauté
Bakir : précoce
Baligh : éloquent
Basile, Bazil : généreux
Bassim : radieux
Belgacem, Belkacem : juste
Bilal : 1° muezzin de l'Islam, rafraichissement
Boualem : distingué
Boudjemaa : rassembleur
Boumedienne : Piété et dévotion (St andalou)
Bouziane : élégant
Bouzid : prospère

Camil, Kamil : parfait
Chabane : 8ème mois du calendrier islamique
Chafik : compatissant
Chahid : témoin de la vérité
Chahine : Faucon pèlerin
Chaker : remerciant
Chakib : qui donne beaucoup
Chamseddine : soleil de la religion
Chawki : sympathique
Chedli : Saint marocain du 13° siècle
Cheikh : plein de sagesse
Cherif : noble
Chokri : béni

Daoud : David, le chéri
Djafar : charitable
Djallel : majesté
Djallil : grand
Djamel : beauté
Djamil : le beau
Djelloul : important
Djillali : respectable
Driss : Voir Idriss

Fadel : supérieur, excellent
Fadi : qui sacrifie sa vie pour sauver quelqu'un
Fahd : le guépard
Fahim : clairvoyant
Fahmi : doué de compréhension
Fares : le cavalier
Farid : l'unique
Farouk : distingue le bien du mal
Fathi : conquérant
Faudel : honnête
Fawzi : prédisposé au succès
Fayçal : l'arbitre
Ferhat : joie
Fouad : coeur

Gebril : Gabriël (l'ange)
Ghalib : vainqueur
Ghanem : triomphateur
Ghani : Riche
Ghazi : vainqueur

Habib : très cher
Hachem : généreux
Hadi : Guide
Hadj : Pèlerin
Hafid : protecteur de la religion
Hafs : lionceau
Haider : beau et fort (Edouard)
Hakim : sage, philosophe
Halim : clément
Hamdane : bonté
Hamid : digne d'éloges
Hamza : vif
Hani : heureux
Haroun : Aaron, frère de Moïse
Hassen : beau
Hatim : Juge
Hichem : généreux
Hikmet : sagesse
Hilal : croissant de lune
Hosni : Vertueux
Houari : courageux

Ibrahim : Abraham
Idriss : premier homme ayant écrit
Ikhlas : sincérité
Ishak : Issac
Islem : soumission à Dieu
Ismail : Fils d'Abraham
Ismet : protection

Jabar - Jaber : réconfortant
Jahid : qui s'efforce
Jawed : généreux
Joudi : bon
Jounaidi : combattant

Kaci : sévère
Kaddour - Kader : puissant
Kamel : parfait
Karim : généreux
Khaldoun : Eternel
Khaled : éternel
Khalil : compagnon
Kheireddine : le bien de la religion

Labib : a du bon sens
Lakhdar : de bonne naissance
Lamine : Voir "Amine"
Larbi : l'arabe
Lotfi : doux

Maamar : prospère
Maarouf : bonne conduite
Mabrouk : béni
Madani : raffiné
Mahboub : le bien aimé
Mahfoud : protégé
Mahmoud : méritant
Makhloufi : mon remplaçant
Malek : ange
Malik : roi
Marouane ou Marwan : généreux
Mehdi : le guide
Mekki : de la Mecque
Mohamed : Prophète de l'Islam
Mokhtar : le choisi
Moncef : juste, équitable
Mouley : maître
Mourad : voulu, désiré
Moussa : Moïse Mustapha : élu par Dieu

Nabil : noble
Nacer : triomphateur
Nadir : brillant
Nadji : sauvé
Nadjib : studieux
Nahil : (Naahil = assoiffé - Nahiil = désaltéré)
Nassim : zéphir
Nazim : méthodique
Nouh : Noé
Nourredine : lumière de la religion

Okacha : rassemble
Omar : longue vie
Osmane : jeune dragon
Othmane : serpent
Oussama : lionceau

Rabah : profit, prospérité.
Rachid : raisonnable et sensé
Rafik : ami et compagnon de route
Rahal : Nomade
Ramzi : vivant symbole
Raouf : bon
Rayan : vigoureux
Razi : le conquérant
Réda : satisfaction
Redouane : satisfaction
Riad : paisible
Rochdi : droiture

Saadi - Said : heureux
Sabri : patient
Sahrane :
Salah : Droit - Loyal
Salim : sain
Sami - Samy : noble
Sayed : maître
Seddik : sincère
Sofiane : pur

Taha : Nom d'une sourate du Coran qui commence par les deux lettres ta et ha
Tahar : vertueux
Tarek : voyageur conquérant
Tayeb : généreux
Tijani : Saint algérien du 18° siècle
Toufik-Tawfik : montre la bonne voie

Wahid : l'unique
Walid : le fils
Wassim : a de beaux traits
Yacoub : Jacob
Yamine : fortuné
Yazid : supérieur
Youcef : Joseph
Younes : Jonas

Zahi : vif, gai
Zahid : qui est détaché de ce monde
Zaïm : Chef, prince
Zakaria : père de Saint Jean-Baptiste
Zaki : pur, vertueux
Ziad : fécond
Zoubir : fort
Zoheir : éclat
Zyad : généreux


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