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Jocelyn t
Boston Massachusetts USA
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travel with babies
08:37:54 AM Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

We are going to visit Morocco with our 4 month old twins. I was wondering if any of you have travelled with young babies. I am wondering about what to pack versus what to buy there as supplies go. If any of you has any travel advice with babies, things you didn't need to bring, things you wish you had brought. Also, if you have any advice regarding plane travel with babies I would appreciate it. I have heard to nurse them at take off and landing to prevent painful ear popping, but that's about it.

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8:18 pm    August 20, 2008

F.H. message
I guess it is too late to give you any advice now :)
But still, I am did you find Morocco? Did you find all what you expected there? Was it a smooth trip? ;)

9:21 pm    July 18, 2008

hudhud message
pack a pair of these for the little princesse :))

1:45 pm    July 18, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
I forgot to mention you have to get them vaccined according to US laws for travellers to Morocco.

8:33 am    July 18, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
I'm not a mom :) but I feel that Morocco has everything you will need. All kinds of diapers, sheets, lotions, cremes, powders; all kind of baby supply. Just pack the babies and their clothes, initial supply of diapers for 4 days or so, small towels, and you'll be all set. I can imagine it will be a hectic trip :) but you'll have plenty of help and support once you get there.

9:25 am    July 16, 2008

hudhud message
I flew with my cousin when her younger daughter was about that age. It was definitely hard.. the worst part was that my cousin doesn't like flying, so she was nauseous and anxiety-ridden the whole flight, which made it worse for the baby. I think the bottom line is if you can keep calm, the babies pick up on that. Make sure you are comfortable, hydrated, and relaxed, so that the babies can nurse and hopefully fall asleep comfortably. Keep smiling and take deep breaths to relax. Babies pick up on that. Find ways to stay calm even if the flight gets bumpy. I've seen some moms put a little bit of cotton in the babies' ears to help muffle the noise. I'm not sure if that works or not but maybe it's worth a try.

Take lots of extra clothes for you and the babies, as much as is reasonable to fit in your carry-ons. Plus a soft blanket for each baby b/c the ones on the plane can be scratchy and sometimes too hot.

bon courage & bon voyage!!


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