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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Why we don't eat Porc?
12:00:00 AM Monday Oct 21, 2002

According to the teachings of Islam's holy book Quran, we should not eat Porc meat. Of course if we ran out of food and porc is available we should eat it to survive. It has always been a mystery to me why we don't eat porc! The only answer I found is that porc may not be a very healthy meat. I yet seek to find out more, I'm so curious that I want to hear your opinions. So Let us know what reason you know for this prohibition.

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4:28 pm    February 9, 2008
Centro [URL=] andes all los diario [/URL] ad lo si venta compra vivienda de.

10:52 am    March 25, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
I received this email today that expained the Halal factor in red meat. Consequently, the same explanation answered the question of porc. I thought it was a fine explanation, and that there is absolutely no religious mystery around it just as I expected. In brief, red meat is slaughtered in a way with the objective of the animal dying quickly AND losing maximum blood. The more the blood present in the animal parts, the more unhealthy it can be for consumption. There are two points where blood flows at abundance and could be target points: the heart itself, or the heart arteries still thick at the neck. When slaughtering the animal, you can't target their heart, it is not easy or straighforward. The neck on the other hand is accessible, and with the arteries milimeters underneath the skin. Now here is the thing, the pig does not have a neck.

Again, I knew this before, but it became solid now. I understand now that God doesn't really dislike or hate the pig like many Muslims reason. It is just not fit for human consumption. What the pig consumes, how it consumes it or how it behaves is none of our business and shouldn't be comparing apples with oranges. God must have a wise purpose for the pig. I think it is wrong to look down at pigs and abhor them.

----------- START ------------------
Bob: Tell me why is it that a Muslim is very particular about the words
Halaal and Haraam; what do they mean?Yunus: That which is permissible is
termed Halaal and that which is not permissible is termed Haraam and it
is the Quran which draws the distinction between the two.

Bob: Can you give me an example?

Yunus: Yes, Islam has prohibited blood of any type. You will agree that
a chemical analysis of blood shows that it contains an abundance of uric
acid, a chemical substance which can be injurious to human health.

Bob: You're right about the toxic nature of uric acid, in the humanbeing
it is excreted as a waste product and in fact we are told that 98% of
the body's uric acid is extracted from the blood by the kidneys and
removed through urination.

Yunus: Now I think that you'll appreciate the special prescribed method
of animal slaughter in Islam.

Bob: What do you mean?

Yunus: You see, the wielder of the knife, whilst tak the name of the
Almighty, makes an incision through the jugular veins, leaving all other
veins and organs intact.

Bob: I see, this causes the death of the animal by a total loss of
blood from the! body, rather than an injury to any vital organ. "

Yunus: Yes, were the organs, example the heart, the liver, or the brain
crippled or damaged, the animal could die immediately and its blood
would congeal in its veins and would eventually permeate the flesh. This
implies that the animal flesh would be permeated and contaminated with
uric acid and therefore very poisonous; only today did our dietitians
realize such a thing.

Bob: Again, while on the topic of food; Why do Muslims condemn the
eating of pork or ham or any foods related to pigs or swine.

Yunus: Actually, apart from the Quran prohibiting the consumption of
pork bacon (pig flesh); in fact the Bible too in Leviticus chapter
11,verse 8, regarding swine it says, "of their flesh (of the swine
another name for pig) shall you not eat, and of their carcass you shall
not touch; they are " unclean to you."

Further, did you know that a pig cannot be slaughtered at the neck for
it does not have a neck; that is according to its natural anatomy. A
Muslim reasons that if the pig was to be slaughtered and fit for human
consumption the Creator would have provided it with a neck.

"Nonetheless, all that aside, I am sure you are well informed about the
harmful effects of the consumption of pork, in any form, be it pork
chops, ham, bacon.

Bob: The medical science finds that there is a risk for various diseases
as the pig is found to be a host for many parasites and potential

Yunus: Yes, even apart from that, as we talked about uric acid content
in the blood,it is important to note that the pig's biochemistry
excretes only 2% of its total uric acid content, the remaining 98%
remains as an integral part of the body.

Note: Islam forbids not only pork but meat of all those animals who eat
their own or some one else's body waste; the most commonly known animal
in this category is pig or swine whose meat is commonly known as pork.
----------- END --------------------


9:40 am    March 25, 2007
well, pORC is forbidden to all the people of the book - jews, christians and moslems - and the reasons are many. however, in the religions sense , the 'pig' is the only animal that eats dead flesh as well as the flesh of the buried [ the pig will dig a buried body out and eat from it] .../ so it is regarded in islam as an 'unclean' animal >>// as many moslems in the west observe , peo,e of other books as well as some moslems do eat 'porc' arguing that this is a 'left-over' from ideas of the 'past' . However, to be a practicing jew/ christian/ moslem , porc is forbidden meat and as such should be avoided

2:38 pm    February 21, 2006
how r u? i very interested to egypt history .specially i interested know a bout place of dar u ssalam and its villages also i like know a bout city of sohag and compeletly place of saeed in egypt.i havent any sources and any fotoes .i very like see fotoes a bout them and specially i very interested know a bout culture of people in this places.
thank u very much

4:16 pm    December 16, 2005
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

1@Say : O ye that reject Faith
2. I worship not that which ye worship,
3. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
6. To you be your Way, and to me mine.

and thanks to who make all us not the seem cose we wre in his world not our and we have no thing belong to us just what we do by


4:07 pm    December 16, 2005


12:15 pm    December 15, 2005
Religeon divides people, spirituality unites us

11:28 am    November 21, 2005
I replied to this question two years ago and am delighte to see that this column is still alive. But sadenned to learn that muslims still do not agree on why pork isn't eaten.
In fact, the pork is a large animal that goes bad quickly in the heat. 50 people take one day to eat the animal. If there are only thirty, the next day 20 days of bad food can be served.
That's one of two provable reasons.
The other is just as simple and really we are all muslims on this point. We human beings do not, in general, eat carnivores - we don't eat animals that eat other animals - we eat herbivores. this is related to the first point in a way. It is the smell that this kind of meat gives off. It sets off a very basic reaction, that of disgust. Disgust is there to protect us from poisoning from rotten food. It makes us vomit.
Muslim or not muslim, pork is not a very attractive bet. The prophet gave voice to this. Like so many other things, he was probably right.
But let's not be too uptight or rigid about things. Each of us, in today's world, decides for himself what is right and wrong. Before, people just adopted the mores of the group. We are all little individualists today and want to have reasons for everything.
Isn't that what this column is about, after all ?
Best wishes to everyone.

8:28 am    February 7, 2005
It seems that Ayur provided some ligilimate scientific, nonreligion-related proofs. What Ayur stated are simple facts. Now if you disagree with any one of those facts, you should raise a question about those particular facts. Otherwise, facts are facts and Ayur's facts prove that porc is Harmful, therefore, answers the question that titles this topic.

Now why the relatively developed countries still consume porc's meat even after knowing or providing Ayur's facts. The question doesn't disprove Ayur's facts. In facts, the question itself might be a different topic for discussion as many speculation may arise starting with culture heritage to end with the effect of economics.



3:17 pm    February 5, 2005
I remember i faced this question long time ago!
so let's talk about this "developed" world market, where we can find many harmful products that still being sold, i.e: Cigarretes, Drugs (as in Netherlands)! yep they are harmful but still on the market! that's the same issue as the porc meat!
Nothing prooved that everything we find in the market is 100% secure!

9:11 am    February 5, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
to your research and the interesting information you provide, how come porc remains a player in food market of the 'developed' worlds? I tend to take Zinkh's viewpoint for now since it encompasses the iman, faith, as opposed to trying to justify things by pure science.

4:58 am    February 5, 2005
Zinkh, I totally disagree with you!
Les porcs, scientifiquement parlant, sont connus de leurs m?faits sur la sant?, surtout dans des recherches ?labor?es par des non-mesulmans!
quelle que soit l'hygi?ne de l'environnement dans lequel il est ?lev?, le porc reste toujours un animal qui consomme ses propres excr?ments. Compar? au m?tabolisme des autres animaux, celui du porc produit beaucoup d'anticorps, parce qu'il mange ses propres excr?ments, mais aussi en raison de sa structure biologique. Son m?tabolisme produit aussi, si on le compare aux autres animaux ou aux ?tres humains, de grandes quantit?s d'hormones de croissance. Naturellement, ces anticorps et ces hormones de croissance s'accumulent dans les muscles du porc durant la circulation du sang. En outre, le porc a de grandes quantit?s de cholest?rol et de lipides. Ainsi, il est scientifiquement d?montr? que tous ces anticorps, hormones, cholest?rol et lipides en grande quantit? qui se trouvent dans le porc constituent une menace pour la sant? humaine.
Y a aussi L'ob?sit? aigu caus? par la viande du porc, la trichine, un petit ver parasite qui affecte les muscles du c?ur lorsqu'il entre dans le corps de l'?tre humain pour ainsi repr?senter un risque mortel.
Ceci c'est juste un ?chantillon de qq exp?riences! ? vous d'en trouver plus!

8:53 am    February 2, 2005
Do you remember the story of Adam?
Adam wasn't allowed to eat the apple, and no on ecan tell me that the apple is not healty food.
but he wasn't able to retain himself.

In my view God just wanted to make the same exercise with us muslim people, just to be able to judge how our faith (foi je c pas si c comme ca en anglais) is strong, so he told us not to eat ham.
In addition to that there is no serious medical research that tell clearly porc is not good for health . so we schould stop lieing to each other, it's just about respect of the teachings.


1:42 am    February 2, 2005
Toufik, yep i agree with u, i just forgot to mention that it is a MYTH made by 9ouraych people!
sorry about this misunderstanding!

11:27 pm    January 30, 2005
no one yet entered kaaba and made love there , the second part of this post is completely wrong , allah protects the kaaba and the coran , kaaba will never be destroyed , and coran will never be falsified , god is protecting it , jewish could falsify Christianity , they have the original script of the christian bible , from the teaching of jesus ,something that u will never see , but jewish could never falsify coran , and they will never be able to do it

11:22 pm    January 30, 2005
islam or coran never said that u have to kill someone to go to heaven , in fact , coran says that if u kill someone u will never go to heaven , you have no CLUE , you dont know what you are talking about !! well u can eat porc or whatever as long as that doesnt hurt you , the effects will appear a little later , later when u approach your sixties , you will have serious brain complications , im a doctor and i know what i am talking about
salam alikoum

8:22 am    January 24, 2005
Couldn't Agree with You More!!

8:20 am    January 24, 2005
Zippo thanks for your understanding!

You know, the grim reality is that Muslims already knew and know the danger and savageness of radical muslims. Algeria experienced its horror first hand. No country cared about the slottering of Algerians through out the 80's, when Algerian radical muslims blew up highschools, elementary schools, and other public sites.


9:38 am    January 22, 2005
Well I apologize, I tend to get a little overboard sometimes. I will look into the subject further.

I do however believe, Arabie, that because and others here are "tolerant Muslims", you are a target for radical Muslims. They see you as just as much an infidel as me.


9:36 am    January 22, 2005

9:16 am    January 18, 2005
Dear Zippo,
I first want to remind you that you are on a Moroccan website thus amongst the most tolerating people in history. Andalucia sets a great example of the coexistance of the three biggest religions. In south spain, the Moors, North Africans (Morocco & Algeria), lived along side with christians and jews in total peace and prosperity. During that era, there was cultural, artistic, and scientific flurishment manifested in the greatest university on planet, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, and the oldest university in the world Karawiine in FEZ.

Zippo, I just want to remind you that Islam instructs its followers to respect the people of the book, Islam is against fundametalism, which I personally think it falls under the category known in Islam as "Rahbania". "Rhabani" is some one who deprives oneself of many goods to please Allah/God, e.g., Priests, Bishops, etc. Now "Irhabi" (i.e., terrorist) is just a MORE AGRESSIVE way of fundamentalism, i.e., depriving oneself of goods of life and forcing people to do the same. So you see Islam condemns "Rahbani" and therefore "IRhabi". Moreover, Islam allows you a one-to-one relationship with god, which allows you to challenge anyone who tries to get in the middle. As a muslims you always make your own decisions, and you can allways argue 'new' interpretation of the religion's details.

In fact, Islam is the first religion to give women more rights, e.g., right to inheritence. Of course, time have changed and I am a big believer in women's role in society, and I am for ameliorating the women's rights starting from Muslim communities to end in Christian ones in Utah.

To close this thought, we should all lighten up about the religion thing. It is one's choice to believe or not believe. There is dirty laundry in every family, let's not expose it all ;)

This is funny! My 'muslim' friend always joked saying "Bring me alcolhol, a bucket of pork, and Isreali women"... he called it the ultimate sin :P

P.S., Israeli women are different from jewish women.


5:12 am    January 18, 2005
-- The Quran also tells you to murder non-believers if they don't convert. Are you going to go out and murder people now? --

I guess you need to know more about Quran and the meanings of Quran! I wont talk about everything you might misunderstood, but i ll tell you about this non-believers issue! First, this order was given when muslims were in war against non-believers, and of course, those non-believers were trying to kill muslims! Quran told Muslims to NOT kill children, old people and woman even if there was a war or not! Quran told us also to respect churches as well and not destroy them!! anyway, after this war ended, Christians and Jews lived in Muslim areas peacefully, and they were secure!

-- Go ahead and look it up if you dare.
All of this is well documented. --

Sorry to tell you something, I have never heard about this in history! the only documentation (available everywhere) said that those people worshipped many gods, and Allah was the God of this gods, so if u want somethin from Allah, u have to ask it from those gods! and of course every culture had their own gods!
as for the Allat thing! Allat and Izza were 2 lovers; and their love was refused by their families! so one day they enter the -kaaba- and they made love in there! and Allah transformed them into statues to punish them! got it now?


9:27 am    January 17, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
-- When he decided to break away and start his own monothiestic relgion, he naturally chose his favorite pagan God, Allah, to be the one true God of his new religion. --

It's actually the other way around. He didn't choose God, God chose him because he favored him over the people that existed at that time in Mecca. Besides, God chose him not to start a new religion, but to refresh the previous messages of Jesus, Moses, Ismael, Youssef, Ibrahim, Noah, Lot etc.


6:01 am    January 16, 2005
The Quran also tells you to murder non-believers if they don't convert. Are you going to go out and murder people now?

The Bible says it's O.K. for a daughter to have sex with her father on his death bed if he has not yet fathered any sons and there are no other women available to have sex with him. Do you believe this also?

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Let me tell you something about Allah. Before Islam existed, Allah was one of many gods worshippped by pagans. Allah was the Moon God and had 2 daughters, one of which was named Allat. Mohammed worshipped Allah as a pagan as his favorite God. When he decided to break away and start his own monothiestic relgion, he naturally chose his favorite pagan God, Allah, to be the one true God of his new religion.

Go ahead and look it up if you dare. All of this is well documented.


10:02 pm    January 15, 2005
Bible & Qur'an Say: DO NOT EAT PORK
Both the Bible and Qur'an Prohibit the eating of pork. Muslims are aware of this prohibition and observe it strictly. However, most readers of the Bible say they do not know where they can find this in the Bible.

In the book of Leviticus, Chapter 11, v.7, it is recorded that God declares the pig to be unclean for believers. Then, in verse 8, God says: ' You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you'. This command is repeated in Deuteronomy 14;7-8. Then, in Isaiah 65:2-4, and 66:17, God issues a stern warning against those who eat pork.

Some people are aware of this prohibition from God, but they say that they can eat pork because St. Paul said that all food is clean in his letter to the Romans 14:20. St. Paul said this because he believed (as he wrote in his letter to the Ephesians 2:14-15) that Jesus had abolished the Law with all its commandments and regulations. He seems, however, to have misunderstood what he heard from Jesus. In the Gospel According to Matthew 5:17-20, Jesus is reported to have said quite the contrary, as follows: ' Do not think that I have come to abolish the law...' Jesus then went on in that passage (in verse 19) to denounce anyone who would break the smallest commandment and teach others likewise. He also praised his true followers who will practice and teach even the smallest commandments. One of the commandments, as we have seen, is to stay away from pork.

This is why the true followers of Jesus, holding on to his teachings, did not let unclean food such as pork enter their mouths, so that Peter, the chief disciple, can say:' I have never eaten anything impure or unclean' (Acts of the Apostles, ch.10, v.14).

Five chapters later in the Acts of the Apostles, 15:29, we find that the original disciples still differentiate between clean and unclean foods. and this time Paul is in agreement with them. Six chapters later, in ch.21, v.25, their decision to impose food regulations on believers is mentioned without regret, and this time Paul is challenged to prove that he is in agreement with them; and he demonstrated his full agreement with diem.

What remains then, is that Jesus, on whom be peace, upheld the prohibition against pork. His disciples also upheld it, and so must ail his followers. Those who fail to uphold it need to be informed and reminded of this rule from God. This is one reason why God sent His final messenger, on whom be peace. God says:

? O people of the Scripture! Now has Our Messenger come unto you, expounding unto you much of that which you used to hide in the Scripture and forgiving much. Now has come unto you light from Allah and a plain Scripture? (The Meaning of the Glorious Qur'an 5:15).



3:28 pm    January 15, 2005
I guess u didnt find somethin more interesting to say! and what u said show us ur mentality level!
My advice: go visit a doctor and get a life!

2:34 pm    January 15, 2005
You are the "clean" people? What the hell is that supposed to mean asshole? If muslims are so fucking clean than why do most of them wallow around in shithole dwellings and walk around with filthy overgrown beards sweating their asses off. I'd rather eat a pork chop than fucking camel or goat meat any day. Eat shit and die you racist muslim prick.

5:33 am    October 17, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
" alach l7rir wdhab 7ram hakach l7tikak dialhom m3a jeld kaysa3ed ala ifraz hormounates ontawiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

-You are cute ...:)
and the jellaba Dar3a triggers the release of the male hormones .


10:56 pm    October 16, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Kenza, almost 2 years passed by after this discussion was started, and no explanation is unanimousely agreed on yet. I figure for myself that we just have to do our best to avoid what God warns us against. Avoiding these things blindly for the sake of God is better in my opinion than ignoring his warnings. After all, if one believes that God knows better then the problem of lack of knowledge from our side is solved. One just has to adhere to these warnings for the sake of God, admit to him our lack of underdtanding of this rule but that we're trusting his judgement.. because while doing so you're willing to get closer to God. I am sure he appreciates that a lot!

3:53 pm    October 6, 2004
I hope you the have the stomach for some serious criticism.

I hate to bring this to you, but you are ignorant -- you seem to be in a desperate need for some serious schooling.

Start with English first.

Furthermore, given your level of intellect, I suggest that for the long future, you limit yourself to asking questions and when you know better, then and only then open your mouth.

Go to school and surround yourself with people that can help learn few things.

Good luck


7:28 pm    October 5, 2004
some1 that founds muslim religion i
I found that all these reasons said has absollutily no sence to me...because i've been eating porc since 12 years now...and i have no desease or nothing that could affect my health....I also found that porc is like any other animals like eating chicken, cows, beef or any other kind of meat. Why specially porc??? U see it has no sence and its stupid...just the fact of being muslim and beleiving in the things that the (coran) says..has noi exemple...u have to kill some1 to go to heaven...what the hell????????? STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtv...i said my point and i hope u guys understood...and i'm not the only one saying that alooooooooooooooooooooot more poeple agree with watch out all muslims cz we talk behind ur back!!!!! Peace out Allah

6:27 am    March 20, 2004
chofo ana ghadi ngoul likom dakechi lkrit why we aren't allowed to eat porc, so listen:
galek l7am l7alouf fih wahed dowaydat wakha m3a a3la darajat l7arara makaymotouch so melli tayakolhom bnadem kayibkaw 3aychin fdat dialo
ewa rah 3la kbol hadecchi alach la7mo hram.

whaja and only for MAN: alach l7rir wdhab 7ram hakach l7tikak dialhom m3a jeld kaysa3ed ala ifraz hormounates ontawiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so allah ma7arem chi haja hetta andha sabab


12:38 pm    March 16, 2004
well i didn`t get to read all the comments but i found that people didn`t really answer to the question asked. why we can`t eat porc? you can`t just come and say i`m a muslim i`m not allowed to eat proc and that`s all about it. NO being a muslim you are supposed to know why you are not allowed to do things so u can convince people who do those things to stop doing them. anyway we don`t eat porc cuz it`s not good for our health it can cause many diseases. if you guys know the story abou the ship full of animal that were pooping and god sent an animal to clean it?it was the basically it`s a very nasty animal and god didn`t allow us to eat it because it`s unhealthy and anything that is unhealthy and can cause something bad to your health it`s haram. well i hope that i made a point or something like that. salam guys

5:17 pm    March 14, 2004
I do not eat pork because I am vegetarian, and pork is bad for health and we are not aloud 2 eat pork.. for istance in the holly quran allah said for us not to eat pork for a reason..and we must respect that..even if u r vegeterian or not..u must respect the fact that you are muslim..and that pork is only for christian people..who knows maybe be even christians dont like pork..well since i made my point im gonna leave now..

thank you..bye!


5:00 pm    March 12, 2004



11:20 pm    November 1, 2003
WOW, I never thought I'd hear a musulman calling his imam "towelheads". The point of Islam is to help us all live happily together so that our world survives. If times change, our behaviour must change. So it must be a living code of practise. There are still some absolute rules that must never change...what are these for you ? But is the pork rule an absolute ? It just seems a way of keeping some people from table.

12:49 pm    October 31, 2003
(for the previous message)
i can see that you are not very sure cos your claim sounds very untrue. and i think muslims(islam) are smarter than that.

4:41 am    October 31, 2003
I am not sure but this is the story I heard as to why porc was forbidden for Muslims. During the early days of Islam, porc was not forbidden. It was actually part of the everyday diet but it was hunted more than domesticated so we're probably talking about boar rather than porc although it's the same thing (PIG). Anyhow, in a small Muslim village, the men hunted a boar and this boar was to be shared amongst the small Muslim population of that village. Each family received a piece of the boar no matter how big it was. The important thing was to share. Anyhow, there was one widow who was not available at the time of sharing and hence her part was kept aside until she turns up. When she turned up, her share of the boar had been stolen i.e. taken by someone else who never declared. Nobody knew what part of the boar was stolen i.e. leg, ear, etc so the decision was to abolish the pig completely from the Muslim diet. If they new what part was stolen then probably that part would have been haram and the rest of the pig could have been in our diet. But everything happens for a reason...

5:34 pm    October 25, 2003
Yes it's haram to eat unless our survival depends on eating it in this case God gave us permission to do so...there is nothing "CONTRADICTORY" about this...on the contrary instead of letting us starve because we ended up somewhere where there is no meat except Porc, GOD OKed ...It shows that he is flexible and wants the best for us.....

1:59 am    October 7, 2003
The way that our friend raised the subject is very intersting, a very nice way!!
If we believe in Islam, we should believe in it with all the rules, and all the "halah" and "haram" clauses, but still asking question about it is not a crime.
The Porc was forbidden because it has a part of it that caries a bacteria that is very dangerous to the health, especially the stomach, and as they couldn't find which part exactely, it was forbiden all of it, more reasons is that Pigs can eat anything that they find, and this is more than enough to show that they can eat poisonous stuff that can be transformed to us by eating thier meat, and hurt us badly...honnestly they are ugly, thier look is the worst that I can think of, so why even try how they taste.
Thank for this great site.
All the best guys...

4:13 am    October 2, 2003
proofs for your arguments? any serious articles, studies?

8:14 am    October 1, 2003

8:48 pm    May 16, 2003
Dear friends,scientificaly speaking,the porc was and is forbiden for us for many reasons that science had strugled to prove.Among these reasons:
Porc is 85% responsible of blood vessel blow up( variscos).
Science people just found out about a little and very thin worm that resist the highest degrees of temperture.
Porc is responsible of Alzheimer as well.
And over all it makes you stink like a piece of shit.

11:36 pm    May 15, 2003
Everywhere in the world, pork meat is the cheapest, at least in the places where the other classical meats are equally available. Its meat is definitely less 'fine'. I do eat pork sometimes, but only "le jambon". I don't like the other parts. I tried the other parts but I definitly prefer beef or lamb...
Another reason is that porks look and behave like rats, they eat everything and have some weird biological things inside (sorry I'm not a biologist, but a friend of mine is, and he explained something like that to me).
So, I guess eating pork is like eating froggs or rats. It's not very good, it looks ugly but it may be eaten if you don't mind all that.

1:06 pm    April 18, 2003
Hello Mourad007:
I really appreciate your issue and the angle that you started from.
I?m Muslim but I don?t denied that I didn?t give myself time to learn deeply about Islam. My concern was about my religion as a whole. Islam now is the most misunderstood religion in the world. I was meaning that we should focus more about bring up our religion.

I?ve read again my message that I wrote and I found that I haven?t been realistic when I said that ?we do not have right to?..?. I apologize about that I?m totally wrong ??
So what I want Muslim people to do is to focus more about our religion?s picture.


On the other hand what?s happening to the Islam is a sort of pub. And all that might push other populations to think about our religion which is good.

Thank you Mourrad?..



5:37 am    April 18, 2003
Hello Said,

Both issues are related. It is definitely a topic that can not be explained in few lines, but the explanation can be summed up in one 1 word: dogma.
We have spoiled our religion by our fear to discuss and to look for real explanations of the Coran. Last time scholars have discussed and studied objectively (Ijtihad) the texts was 8 centuries ago (ended with the collapse of the Abbasid rule, 1258.) Since then, we have only stupid towelheads dictating us what they understand from the texts, without leaving their caves, and pretending that God speaks thought their mouths, and that is forbidden to discuss His word, ie., their word. No wonder we have allowed to birth of brightly mad scholars like Bin Laden.

Thinking that God has sent us texts that we don't have to uderstand is an insult to power of God's favorite creature, Man.


2:28 pm    April 16, 2003
Hello everybody...
Do we have right or time to explain why our god ?ALLAH? forbids things and allows others? What I want to say is: once we believe in that ALLAH (SWT) is he only GOD and Mohammed (SAAS) is his messenger, we should believe that everything that Allah has asked us to do is good for us in this Dounia and After_Dounia??
What I?m wondering about is our religion as whole. Our religion is getting a very bad picture and misunderstanding in other people?s eyes. The Islam has never been in this situation since Allah (SWT) had sent his Messenger (SAAS).
Instead of having a question about eating pork or not. We would rather ask about what we should do or behave to bring up the Islam?s picture in other people?s eyes.



5:09 pm    April 11, 2003
I think porc was forbidden for pure economic reasons, they could not raise porc in the midlle east, so it'll economically hurt the enemy if we don't buy their catle!!!!!!!!

1:45 pm    April 8, 2003
Search no further than ALLAH told us to do, no explanation why.

1:31 pm    April 7, 2003
i think that pork is forbidden because it eat the cheet and i'm living in spain and the old peolpe has ill to the fact of pork(jamon), they has sth in their feet ,it 's suck and they are not beautiful like muslims when they are older.

7:19 pm    April 5, 2003
Dear Friends,
We might take a long journey to explore the bad things about porc. but the fact isn't so .. although you might convince yourselves of more than one reason why the Qur'an forbid us to eat porc. you might say it's dirty meat and so on. but the fact remains ... search no further ... it is forbidden only becasue Allah told us it is forbidden to eat it. and He didn't give any explanasions. so, look no further ... you won't find the answer. this is the only answer.

9:18 pm    April 3, 2003
jai pas tout lu mais il me semble que tout le monde est d'Accord sur le point de l'elicit?s du porc,ce que je sais cest que :
1- le porc N,as pas de coup donc on peut pas legorger,
2-que les singes et les porcs etaient un peuple que Dieu msekh,houme, et cest pourcela aussi que les juifs ne le mangent pas.
3-pas de jalousie envers sa femme.
4-tres sale comme animal.

7:31 am    April 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Prince Charmant, refer to message number 5 by ycohen: NYC/NJ
2002-10-21 11:36:12

Apart from that there were some really diverse and good answers throughout this discussion. Take time to read all posts.


2:57 am    April 3, 2003
Why Jewish don't eat Pork as well?

1:45 am    April 3, 2003
Hello all,

I do not doubt that all the scientific explanations we have got previously are true. The pork might be a dirty meet, full of dangerous toxines, the probable source of many illnesses, etc.
But as a simple ignorant, I have only one question : There are at least 2 billion people who eat pork (Christians and Chinese), so why don't they ever get sick? And why are they healthier than most muslims?
Or put it in a funny way, why do they always beat us in the Olympics?

I totally agree with Oasienne (brussels). We have so many biases and dogma, and we really have to be clear and honest in our arguments.

Read you guys!


10:20 am    April 2, 2003
Vous pouvez voir ce qui a r?sult? de l'addition des restes des abbats de pocs dans l'alimentation du b?tail en Europe. Vous avez surement entendu parler de la vache folle. je suis d'accord aussi que le sang de porc contient une infinit? de toxines, et vous devez savoir que le virus porcin est parmi les virus qui peuvent coloniser tous les tissus.
Lahh Yahdi chi Ibad ou safi.

12:23 am    November 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

Ok Issami, then probably God gave an example of one of these animals who do not digest well: porc. Then we probably needed to know why porc was prohibited, and we would probably find many hygene reasons.. that we can then apply across all animals that share the same characteristics that we found in porc. Seems good so far.

I am also starting to wonder about the root, the origin, the true meaning of the word "Khinzir" - quoted from the Quran - in classical arabic. It could be immediately the animal as we know it: porc = khinzir. But it could be a name that has more definition to it.. a definition that was given later on to the animal as a name. If I find out, that will help because the definition of Khinzir might automatically explain the characteristics of meat the Quran is talking about. Then we wouldn't probably be singling out only porc, but we would realize that there is a whole range of fauna we are prohibited to eat. Quran says La7mo Al khinzir. The meat of Khinzir. So what I am saying I want to find out what is the true definition of Khinzir, besides what is commonly known as porc.


9:24 am    November 23, 2002
Hi folks,
The reason behind of the prohibition is the fact that pork (along with all other monogastric animals : animals that have only one stomach) Do not digest well or enough. So actually these animals have their blood not as clean as Polygastric (animals with more than one stomach such as chicken, cow goat ...). So scientifically talking, pork is a durty animal, and moreover it has many toxins in its blood that escape from the digestion as it lacks some microorganisms in its stomach to remove these toxins. i hope this is of assistance to some of you.

2:18 pm    November 14, 2002
I was so angry and frustrated when I read this artical in star tribune.
So, please tell me what do you think about it!!! and feel free to write to respond to that person on starrtribune if you want.
NB: the artical was written by an ex-director of an islamic ass"what a shame!!" here is the link:


11:50 am    November 13, 2002
As far as the reasons for this disallowance or prohibition, the Qur'an has not explained it. Nevertheless, because the Qur'an has clearly mentioned that the prohibitions are due to their inherent physical or spiritual uncleanness or due to the negative effects that they may have on the morality of individuals, it may be derived that the reason for the prohibition of pork also belongs to one of the two categories.

11:55 am    November 4, 2002
first of all i don't eat pork, but just to remind u soime thruths:
Second; it is well known thta on ne peut pas manger tous les animaux ? 4 pattes qio ne sont pas herbivores( par ex je doute qu'on puisse manger du singe)
Third: it is well known that the habit to avoid pork eating took place in the old egypt and in ancient mesopotamia too.Maybe jews and muslims just inherited those habits.
SO please inform yourself and think deeply before sending wrong affirmations.

8:50 am    November 3, 2002
guys a made a marketing research lately about the big chaines of fast food restaurants and you`ll be amazed about wt i found : Mc donald,burger king ,jack in the box ,and so on are using pork fat as a fryer oil so now you know how your french fries and burgers have been cooked .:_)
wa ssalamo a3llaykoume.

2:08 pm    November 1, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

As a quick tangent, has anyone read Maupassant, Ce Cochon de Morin ? :]

It cracked me up. It's part of a nice colection of short stories in his novel: Contes De La Becasse.


2:02 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
France - Salon International de l'Alimentation
Le yaourt au cochon a refait parler de lui ? l'occasion du salon de l'alimentation (SIAL). Le pr?sident de la commission des affaires ?conomiques de l'Assembl?e nationale a promis de se pencher sur le probl?me de l'utilisation de la g?latine de porc dans les yaourts et les confiseries.

Nos d?put?s vont devoir s'int?resser au probl?me pos? par le yaourt au cochon, ou plus exactement ? la g?latine de porc utilis?e par les g?ants des produits laitiers. Au cours d'une visite, jeudi, au Salon international de l'alimentation (SIAL), Patrick Ollier, pr?sident de la commission de l'Assembl?e nationale, a rencontr? tour ? tour les repr?sentants du comit? fran?ais de l'alimentation ?thique(CFAE), et ceux de l'association des fabricants de la g?latine incrimin?e, le GME. Ces derniers avaient "fait scandale" en publiant sur le site internet de l'association des informations concernant la teneur de porc dans les g?latines les plus utilis?es dans la fabrication des yaourts (next...)


2:01 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Les communaut?s musulmanes et juives sont furieuses
Parmi les personnes choqu?es par cette r?v?lation des fabricants, les plus vindicatives sont les membres des communaut?s musulmanes, juives, et, les v?g?tariens. Za?r Kedadouche, secr?taire g?n?ral du CFAE, s'est dit "scandalis? par le manque d'information" de la part des fabricants de confiserie et de produits laitiers, citant l'exemple de sa "m?re, pratiquante, install?e en France depuis 50 ans, qui a consomm? du porc sans le savoir pendant autant d'ann?es". Selon les pr?cisions d'un responsable d'une grande marque fran?aise de yaourt, la g?latine porcine a effectivement ?t? utilis?e pour remplacer la g?latine bovine. Le probl?me est que les fabricants qui indiquent bien la pr?sence de cette g?latine sur leurs ?tiquettes, n'ont aucune l?gislation qui les contraigne ? pr?ciser qu'il s'agit de g?latine de porc. (? suivre...)

1:58 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

90% de la confiserie fran?aise contient du porc
Le chiffre ci-dessus, n'incommode en aucune mani?re les fabricants, qui ont expliqu? que, l'utilisation d'os de ruminants dans la fabrication des g?latines a ?t? interdite en France depuis mai 2001, dans le cadre des mesures de pr?caution prises ? la suite de la crise de la vache folle. Depuis, le responsable d'Alliance 7, regroupant des F?d?rations de la confiserie, biscuiterie, chocolaterie, a r?v?l? que la g?latine utilis?e dans l'alimentation humaine ?tait "quasiment ? 100% d'origine porcine, ? base de couenne et d'os" (? suivre...)


1:57 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Pas d'inqui?tude perceptible, pour autant chez Danone et Nestl?, qui utilisent des g?latines de porc pour leurs produits ? faible teneur en mati?re grasse, et ont d?j? r?torqu? aux propos de Pierre Levy, qu'ils se "conformaient strictement ? la r?glementation fran?aise en mati?re d'?tiquetage". Selon les deux g?ants de l'agro-alimentaire, les "?tiquettes des produits vendus en France sont strictement conformes ? la r?glementation, et les produits distribu?s dans le Maghreb ou au Moyen-Orient sont exempts de g?latine.

Patrick Ollier a d'ores et d?j? annonc?, que la commission des affaires ?conomiques de l'assembl?e, qu'il pr?side, allait commander un rapport d'information sur le sujet afin de trouver des formules satisfaisant aux exigences d'une alimentation ?thique. Les repr?sentants des communaut?s concern?es ont pris bonne note et attendent des mesures concr?tes


1:54 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Not a long ago, I have read in a sport magazine that chocolat bars (Mars, Snickers etc ) contain the gelatin extracted from the pig?s skin. since then I dont eat chocolat bars any more.

12:12 pm    November 1, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Casaoui, salam

C?est la 1ere fois que j?entends cette histoitre de cochons qui ne sont pas jalous envers leurs cochonnes etc...
Si la viande du porc rend les gents moi "jaloux"... que dirais t?on de la viande du moutons ? et la viande des vaches ?
I know for sure, that by eating fish you will never learn how to swim...
D?sol?, mais ta "theorie" ne tient pas debout.


12:59 am    November 1, 2002
salam tout le monde!
A premi?re vue, il parait que la viande du porc est une viande comme les autres, pourquoi c'est 7aram reste pour plusieurs une question sans r?ponse, et comme nous sommes des musulmans, on croit ? tout ce qui est ?cris dans le saint coran, pour la simple raison que c'est la parole divine, c'est allah qui a dis ?a point!!, on sait aussi nous les musulamans que allah nous a laiss? beaucoup de questions ouvertes, justement pour nous pousser ? chercher pourquoi, pour avoir plus al iman, mais tout de m?me nous a donn? la r?ponse, y croire avant d'avoir la preuve tangible et scientifique sera croire a allah et sa parole, avoir la preuve par le biais de la science sera juste li yatmaina kalbi, ceci dis il y a 14 si?cles, toutes les v?rit?s scientifiques r?v?l?es par le coran ont toujours ?t? en accord avec ce qui se d?couvre r?cement, alors pour moi, question de pourquoi c haram le porc, c'est une v?rit? qu'il faut accepter et y croire comme d'autres cit?es dans le sain coran, autre chose, le cochon c'est le seul animal qui n'a pas de jalosie envers sa compagne ....:), alors le manger a des risques de ..., vous comprenez :)
salam o alikom et bon ramadan incha a allah

12:46 am    October 22, 2002
assalamou a3laykoume my bro`s and sisters,
Le porc est absolument malsain, sa chair ?galement est strictement prohib? ? la consommation. Allah a dit ? diff?rents endroits du Saint Qour??n ?Vous sont interdits la b?te morte, le sang, la chair de porc...? (Sourate 5, v. 4) .alors c`est haram point final.

11:37 pm    October 21, 2002
Salam all!
Look guys, I think god has forbidden us to eat pork. Because of one reason that is proven scientifically. Generally when we eat other kind of meat. It get transformed from animal meat to human meat. Which means our body absorb it with any kind of complexities or problems unless we eat more than we suppose to :)
what it concern porn it totally contraversial. It really doesn't get transformed in our body from animal to human. That 's why we can see some kind of white spots on the skin of the poeple who eat too much of it. This is all guys! I wish you happy Ramadan and happy halloween. You take care all.

11:21 pm    October 21, 2002
i dont have a new input but i like this healthy conversation , it is not a tabou or moharram, a simple lecture of the first centuries of islam shows how poeple were discussing every thing in an open mind and the purpose of course was to understund and face chalanges of other civilisations .

11:17 pm    October 21, 2002
hey people . what god and what pork ur talking about. pork is haram because our god damn parents filled our minds with these fairytails. guys eat it . it makes u healthier ... and forget about this retards that say its har.. har .. h a ra m

10:38 pm    October 21, 2002
of course cher ami hada mimma la jidala wala nikacha fih,walakine lli tay sawwal 3amrou mataytooh,et puis il n'y a aucun mal,right?
poser des questions n'a jamais ete un challenge ou un manque de respect envers la religion,bien au contraire tu vois bien que ns tous essayons d'aider la jeune personne qui a pose cette question,donc 7na ndiw l'Ajar ou hiya ttabate l'imane dialha:).
et puis surtout matk3ach,ok?;)

10:27 pm    October 21, 2002
DEAR Brothers and Sisters,as far as i am concerned,i would say that experiences showed that any thing that has been said to be haram is not good for human-body or human-doings. And pork was one of those listed things,thus,and very simple,it is H-A-R-A-M.AND,hwo ever dares to ask why it is haram ,is like he is chalenging GOD FOR SAYING THAT.

9:45 pm    October 21, 2002
obviously pork is haram for a reason!! latest medical studies prooved that pork meat contains blood and as we know blood is also haram (bismi llah rahman rahim)_ horrimat alaikom almaytato wa ddamo....._} sa3
and i think that y it's haram and im proud of islam as a religions that claims challenges to nowadays science.
wa ssalam

9:18 pm    October 21, 2002

9:13 pm    October 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Hold hold on historian.. prophet yousssef you said compared his brothers to pigs.. where are you getting your info from? I am having hard times believing a prophet would say that.

Also a note for someone's message earlier who said pigs and humans share the same DNA.. ;) interesting, I have no idea about biology so I cannot confirm that.. but I know that the only reason you would worry then if it was the case is if you're reproducing with a pig.. that's how the effect of DNA would come into the picture.. no? hmm I probably need someone to straighten me up about that DNA message.. I didn't understand its argument quiet.



9:09 pm    October 21, 2002
well i was watching tv awhile ago in this game show,& the question was : what annimals DNA is most similar to Human's well i thought l9roouda lol but the right answer was Porc iwas like whaaaaaat! probably this is one of the reasons en+ 7alouf mosekh ewww and i they have too much fat lol beurkkk anyhow mataklouhch o haniw raskom as long as it's in our holly book

8:59 pm    October 21, 2002
El-Guedid as we all know it in Morocco, came originally from Egypt where the pigs were the poor man's food.
so when the prophet youssef was abandoned by his brothers " the sons of jacob" and ended up in Egypt, The pharoes made him a VIP because he introduced his much superior herd "cheeps" to Egyptian pigs.
Youssef compared his brothers to egyptian pigs, and thus this innocent animal "pig" became associated with the dirt.
to be continued...

8:54 pm    October 21, 2002
i m really impressed by all ur messages that u guys wrote . and i say it is interesting . Since Islam is a religion of logic , everything that we r persuaded not to do or avoid has good for us humans.
everyliving susbtance on earth throw what we call wastes of the budy . our famous pig keeps around 75% of it piss acid in it s body. so if a person eats it the meat of the proc gets to make a chimical reation on in our body , and one of effect that you can get from porc is blood clutter . that means sometimes u see people having those big nasty vains in there legs or on there hands . and it is also bad for the skin when u get old .u ll be looking as hell with all that skin falling apart .
Finally i m proud of all the moroccans that thought about making this site . chapeau a megharba .

8:11 pm    October 21, 2002
Pegs are simply discusting everybody knows hey're so dirty.. they eat their own Pou !!I used to eat this shit a long time ago ....not anymore......

thn god


7:24 pm    October 21, 2002
au fait la vrai raison wara'a ta7rim le porc c'est que RASSOUL SALLA LLAHOU 3ALAYHI WA SALLAM kane tayslakh un porc ba3d ma deb7o ou houwa ijra7 iddou,et comme on le sait tous koul ma tayjra li RRASSOUL SALLA LLAHOU 3ALATHI WA SALLAM houwa bimatabate risala mina LLAH TA3ALA.
Notez que rah le porc machi koullou mamzyanch walakine une partie fih est tres nocive a la sante
mais cette partie n'a pas ete determine ni par RASSOUL ni par LLAH,IL A ETE MOU7ARAM FI LQURAN LKARIM EN ENTIER:LE PORC 7ARAM KOULLOU et puis comme je vs ai dit tte a l'heure rien qu'en le regardant ikkhkhkhkhkhkhk....

5:34 pm    October 21, 2002
wa hak ellah ema tanakul pork anymore, nor the alchohol, in a mother of fact he just got two polich hotdogs two houres ago, hram is hram.

5:30 pm    October 21, 2002
Samir is my friend here in Chicago, He just ate 2 Pork polishs one hour ago.
He`s not the right person to advice me, so I`m waiting for another requests.
Thank u.

5:26 pm    October 21, 2002
nabil has a brilliant bran, nabil how smart you are?.

5:21 pm    October 21, 2002
Why is pork Harram??
Pork is Harram because when Mohammed (alihi salato wa salam)
recieved the Coran, they had no cooler (fridge), and Pork meat cannot stay a long time outside and especially in some countries which the temperature average is 38 degrees, like Saudi Arabia.
If you take some Pork meat and you leave outside for 48 hours you`re not going to be able to go in the room you left the meat in.
In my point of view, that`s why Pork is Haram.
Please respect my opinion.

5:02 pm    October 21, 2002
Hallouf Hraam and dirty animal, we never say "you are so beautiful as a porc!""

4:40 pm    October 21, 2002
It's HARAM and if Allah say it it means he's right in his words...and just looking to the meat you get disgusting..I don't know how people can eat it???

4:29 pm    October 21, 2002
I like the way everyone is getting involved in this conversation, I used to eat pork a while ago for the only reason that I can~{!/~}t make discrimination between animals since there is no danger on your health to eat pork, but since I went to morocco and I met someone (who I trust) who told me that pork and human have the same DNA~{!-~}
How can we eat something that is similar to human meat, liver, heart~{!-~}? Islam got the answer more than a thousand year ago~{!-~}.

4:26 pm    October 21, 2002
I always tell myself this: Why complicate my life...if it's forbidden, there is a reason behind it. There are so many meats out there, if Allah said that it's Haram, who am I to question him. Allah wants to test our strenght and see how much do we obide and to what two cents...;)

3:55 pm    October 21, 2002
They eat their excrements and the excrements of all the animals. And I have to add that it is omnivore like dogs, cats, wolves, ...
Il y a une mauvaise odeur dans leurs etables, elle est meme insupportable. Au canda, ils sont responsables du virus E-Coli qui vient de leur fumier et contamine l'eau des sources. Des chercheurs Americains ont decouvert que quelques virus qui viennent du porc comme Yersinia,...sont introuvables dans les pays islamiques.

Christians become surprised when they see that chinese eat dogs but they don't know that dogs are clean than pigs, dogs live even with them in their houses. It is forbidden in the bible too.

The flesh of the swine forbidden _ (a) "Of their flesh (of the swine) shall ye NOT EAT, and their carcass ye shall NOT TOUCH; they are unclean to you " LEVITICUS 11:8
Jesus (pbuh) destroyed 2000 pigs to heal one man? (b) "And forthwith Jesus gave them leave (permission). And the unclean spirits (the devils) went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea (they were about two thousand); and were choked in the sea MARK 5:13

Voici quelques sites: Bon appetit:)

Wassalamu Alaykum


3:30 pm    October 21, 2002
because c est 7araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.en plus de faut jsuet savoir une chose .c est que l une des raison pour laquel on mange pas du porc c est le fait qu on peut pas l egorge car il n as pas de coup .cela implique que le corps du porc ne se debarasse pas de son sang.alors certain voont poser la question et apres?bein apres c est juste que les sang quontient de l urique(filtration des reins) qui est le deches et qui devient urinan.urique est un acide toxide que le corps des etres vivant se debarrasse de 98%,et pas le porc que lui se debarasse juste de 2%.alors deux raison pourquoi on mange pas le porc car car il n est pas egorge et car son sysytem e de purificacion n est pas efficace
qui veut encor manger du porc??

3:10 pm    October 21, 2002
a mon avis,on ne devrait meme pas se poser cette question car,L'ISLAM dine annadafa,right?et puis serieusement lorsque je vois les porcs soit ds la tele ou ailleurs et bien je trouve que c l'oppose de la proprete,je le trouve degoutant.Donc pas besoin de trop y reflechir:) mais je te felicite pour ton courage car en general les gens eprouvent une HONTE dial lbahlane lorsqu'ils posent des questions 3la l'ISLAM,wa rah hadi hyia la HONTE dial bessa7.



2:19 pm    October 21, 2002
to leila ,i think the function 4 pigs is 2 carry on being pigs eating dirt & that ....but never a good healthy source of nutrition .

2:14 pm    October 21, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Prsonally I don?t have a problem not eating porc, regardless
of what is said in the Quran.
The site of a porc?s slice of meat, with it?s pale color...brings me the picture of a slice of human body, taken strait out of a morgue.
GRBLUUGBGG...Ah..uh...muh... Tsaghfillah (:@
Where as a red, lean, low fat slice of beef, looks much more yummy* (:P
I guess, now you are all converted. :)

Antr the vampire (>:[


2:14 pm    October 21, 2002
B.A.R.R, Wa Ma Ta3lamouna Illa 9alilah, S.A.A
It is said and required to research and know about your religion and its practice. Try to get answers to all your questions, that's why we have 3oulama2. But like it's said in the Kur'an, we know only little of what God created, including all reasons and solutions. El 3oulama themselves keep on researching and submitting new indications and explanations from the Kur'an and Hadiths. Do not feel guilty of not knowing everything, noone does. If we knew everything, what would be left on Dounya (Earth-Living)? We would be already in Alakhira (Afterlife) !

1:48 pm    October 21, 2002
Why we don't eat porc? Here, all my americans friends ask me why I don't eat porc. Pour etre franc, je ne savais pas la reponse moi meme. Je savais que c'etait hram et c'est tout. Mais une fois que je suis rentre au Maroc, mchi 3and Bba sidi (encyclopedie vivante de la famille) et je lui ai pose cette meme question. Sa reponse fut courte et tres convainquante. La voici: "A ouldi, lhalouf hram hitach houa lhayaouan louahid li tay yakoul ses secrements" (le mot en arabe est hchouma).

1:34 pm    October 21, 2002
I have always believed that in order to understand people's ideas we should try to understand the context for which it they are adopted. Both MUSLIMS AND JEWS consider eating pork as a sin. Christianity that permits it has in my view altered its ideas as a way to become more popular at its time especially through the Roman empire, for which pork was a major meal in their diet. This shows a sacrifice in ideas to become more powerful.
Today more and more people are discoverring health problems that result from pork. and if they are not understood yet We shall understand in the future! PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE bros

1:32 pm    October 21, 2002
it s said in quran and because porc eats dirt and mud
bismillahi rahmani rahim: 7ourrimat 3alaykoum l mitatou wa la7mou l khinzir..) sada9a lahou el 3adim

12:44 pm    October 21, 2002
well as the guy sed, its medkoura fel 9or2an!!! thnx

12:31 pm    October 21, 2002
r?by galha fel 9r2an..

12:31 pm    October 21, 2002
I also wanted to add, responding to ycohen, that the idea of resisting our envies and gifts God offered us is, in my humble view, not the main reason why we are not allowed to eat porc meat. The religion itself and the Kur'an in particular guide somewhat praticers to a spiritually and physically healthy way of life. Religion in itself is all about spirituality and self-control, but people forget it is also about being healthy and avoid hurting the body by any means. It's like a science with an open book on prevention and medications. Preventing by avoiding some nutrients helps as well.

12:18 pm    October 21, 2002
It's interesting to compare our knowledge about all topics and you did well bringing up this particular one, especially that it addresses all people living abroad and daily confronted to cultural and religious clashes and differences. What i ahve been thought back home by islamic lessons at school, family members and readings might be slightly, if not completely different : porc meat has been banned from muslims nutrition as a result of a bacteria resistant to methods of cooking at the time. The bacteria in question may be eliminated by long time cooking at high temperature, but there is always the risk for people to undercook the meat. Therefore the risk was eliminated by simply banning it in the Kur'an. Adding to this, porc meat is not a necessary nutrient.

12:17 pm    October 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

I also recently been to a farm in Vermont, and saw a bunch of pigs in their living area.. mud, dirt and piss. The disgust was somehow amplified by the fact that deep in my mind there's that message that I'm not supposed to eat it. But I still want to move away from that thought and try to absorb more ycohen opinion.

12:07 pm    October 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
I admire ycohen answer... I find it very spiritual.. and actually convincing to an extent. All the reasons about health and dirt.. somehow are still not very convincing really. If it was thaaat unhealthy how come millions in the world still eat it... My brain can somehow absord ycohen opinion since it doesn't invite me to be disgusted by porc, which is let's not forget yet another creature of God worthy of contemplation, study, respect and admiration. I was watching once a documentary called I beileve Frontier Houses or something like that. There was a time when he familly had to sacrifice their porc to use it for a festival. The little kid in the familly had gotten very attached to the domestic animal.. PAF! the animal was dead in minutes.. anyways, what I mean is I don't want to look at porc as just that dirty fat animal, and limit that to why my God wants me not to eat it.. limiting one self to only this reason will most likely get you to look at porc as an inferior creature.. I'm not sure God wants us to look at it that way.

11:59 am    October 21, 2002
Interesting topic. I think we can all agree that porc is forbidden for health-reasons. However, Allah did create the pig for a reason, and personally I'd like to know that reason is. Everything has a function in life, from the little grasshopper and various insects to larger animals like whales and hippos. What is the function of the pig then?

11:36 am    October 21, 2002
well, it is true that pork is a dirty creature but giving this reason to any non-Muslims has ended in being not very convincing to a lot of them. Being that now days technology has made pork an eatable and a quiet safe meet. So I looked at other possibilities for its forbid ness, TO MY OPINION God is testing our abilities to resist one of his meets out of all the available one and proving our commitment to him as it was in the case of Adam and Eve and the fruit.

11:35 am    October 21, 2002
well this is a really nice topic for discussion. the pork meat is forbiden in islam for many reasons some that i know of are ;firstly the pork is a dirty animal the port is one of the animals that shit and eat thier own shit!!!also some british scientist found that the pork meat nomatter how long you cook it there are some bacteria in its meat that can never die .every body knows that every meats has bacteria.also pork mainly is forbiden in all the devine books .because the jewish they do not eat pork as well .also in the christian faith .they believe that the devil when lives in tthe pork body .and i did encounter a lot of christian that they do not eat pork for this reason.also the pork is one of the most fattning meat ever .

2:14 am    October 21, 2002
Je crois que le principale raison est le fait que la peau du porc ne respire pas contrairement a tous les autres animaux.c'est a cause de cela que la viande du porc n'est pas tres saine.

1:56 am    October 21, 2002
I think eating pork is forbidden in Islam because of health and social causes. Pork meat has alot of stuff that's bad for your health. Also pork is one of few creatures who don't get jealous about their females! For example a pig can watch his female getting around with another male and won't have any prblem with it!

1:38 am    October 21, 2002
well, this is a very important and open discussion since many times i start wondering why really we, as Muslims, can not eat pork. Since God has forbiden to eat it, so there is for sure something wrong with it otherwise it will be allowed. i think because Pig are not very clean since they live only in dirty places and eat only dirty stuff.

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