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Illy Billy
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Behaviour of abroad moroccans
12:53:21 PM Sunday Feb 22, 2009


As subject says, what do you think about how some abroad moroccans behave when they visit Morocco. Breaking traffic laws, shouting and generally are messy.

How do you think moroccans like being invaded every summer by maroceuropeans with attitude?

I have spoken to friends living in Morocco and they are concerned about this matter.

What do you think?


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8:02 am    March 5, 2009

youness yahya message
hi Illy:
Well let's see....
Btw May/June and August/Sep of each year, Morocco reaches the highest level of mortality during this period because of accidents. Why? Because of zmagriya euromoroccans. Why? Because once they enter Morocco they know that they can getaway with any traffic tickets. Something that they can do overseas. Yes most of them drive fast and most of the time are DUIs, ok here is an example. Who ever knows Tangier's port we'll see this accident as a pure fiction. These 2 guys driving in the port and manage to throw themselves with the car in the sea. How? well they said that because they were lost and it was dark.... but the truth that they were hammered to the max and they missed all the signed indicating that they should be driving where they were.
Adnane Most of the zmagriya who come to Morocco during the summer don't drive all year where they live and most of them have a rental car, and of course they drink like there is no 2morrow.
Regading the attitude i'd say some of them have it, They know that when they go back to their old neighborhood, khashoume i3i9ou 3la lwad dare, oh i forgot and they speak Arabic with an accent, i know this guy who spent 4 years in France and when he returned he talked in a very funny way, like if he was born over there not in sou9 sabte ( Saturday's market) ( where he's from and his parents still live there). BUT all Moroccans break the law with no exception.
By the way Adnane, your oujda's driving license if enough for you to drive in Casa:) we just need to have courage to do. i love driving in Casa:) every time i feel like an adventure going from Ain sebaa to Your place in M3arife:) i don't know what i'm gonna counter in my way. But i hate driving in Rabat....

12:08 pm    February 28, 2009

Illy Billy message

thanks for your replies. It is not that I strive to illustrate moroccans negatively.

This is what I've picked up from Morocco, there seems to be a feeling that euromoroccans feel that they are in a some what more inferior country were they can act as they please, just because they are relatively richer than many of the inhabitants.

This is what I was trying to capture, how do you feel about that.


7:42 pm    February 24, 2009

moha ouhmou message
If Moroccans really complain about these folks then what would we say about Europeans who put up with them the entire year!?

5:50 pm    February 22, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
I didn't see your comment before I posted mine. I echoed some of your points. I can drive in Oujda just fine, but I don't have the driver's license of Casablanca.. that place is out of my league.

5:45 pm    February 22, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Hi Illy, you're illustrating Moroccans living abroad with a total negative image:

1. Breaking traffic laws.
2. Shouting.
3. Messy.
4. Invaders of Morocco during the summer.
5. Attitude.

and to top it all, your friends living in Morocco are concerned.

I don't know where to start, but let's start by looking at your points.

1. Breaking traffic laws: the best of us have broken a traffic law at least once in their lifetime including in western countries where traffic regulation are clear and strict. You break a traffic law in Morocco, you might get caught by authority. You either pay, haggle, escape or luck out and be merely warned. I've seen all of these scenarios with my own eyes and the actors are both Moroccans living inside and outside. I would say, mostly locals. It's not right to apply collective condemnation when one zmagri is caught breaking a traffic law in the middle of the busiest traffic season - summer - when 100 locals are doing the same thing.

2. Shouting: not sure what you mean. So nobody shouts in Morocco?

3. Messy: again, not sure what you mean. Define messy. Do you mean they throw trash in the street? they drop ice cream all over the place? they wear different clothes?

4. Invaders of Morocco during the summer: this is a good one, it reminded me of a TV series on the Algerian channel a long time ago called "Les Visiteurs". So you think Moroccans abroad invade Morocco as opposed to visit? is this how Moroccans look at zmagria? This is interesting. Please elaborate more. When I was living in Oujda, I would look forwards for the summer season for three reasons: a) No more school; b) Saidia beach; c) and Zmagria flood Oujda and Saidia creating energy, activity and ambiance. Perhaps the fact that Morocco gets crowded during the summer, several defects of the Moroccan infrastructure get amplified. Could it be that Zmagria all of a sudden become the scapegoat? Zmagria, to me, were most welcome and their presence in Morocco was like a huge wonderful family reunion. I never qualified it as negative as I am reading in this topic.

5. Attitude: please elaborate. Give more anecdotes and stories. Do you mean they feel superior to locals? they disrespect locals?


5:30 pm    February 22, 2009

Abou Huraira message
I won’t go into the dilemma of comparing the driving habits of Moroccans who live abroad and those who reside in Morocco year around. I won’t contrast those who live overseas with one another. But I would say from Experience that Moroccans, Drivers and pedestrians alike do not respect traffic laws in general. There is so much road rage and “Li Ma 3ando mou 3ando lallah” oh gosh how I detest that expression. But it goes to show you that we solve our problems by pissing each other off. I do not drive in Morocco period. I have others drive me around because if I had to drive by myself I will be immobile in the same spot for hours. It scares the crap out of me how people cross the street and it sometimes feels like road signs and traffic lights are there for the purpose of decoration only. I am talking about large town such as Rabat, Fes, Casa, etc.

So from my point of view… all Moroccans, once on the wheel in Morocco, they drive alike no matter where they were the rest of the year. I mean like maniacs.

I didn’t talk about the stereotyping of people from certain part of the world by all Moroccans.


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Behaviour of abroad moroccans..


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