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A matter of pride!
06:55:19 PM Sunday Feb 22, 2009

I am living in Morocco in which I was born and raised. Life is tough but worth living! Blessed for being in the heart of the magical blend of dream and reality, of the universal and the specific, of the red and green colors, ...

Won't you think I lived in a cocoon! Like, a "highlander", I lived with many generations. Each generation, like a wave, had its own identity, its strengths and weaknesses, its frustrations and hopes.

Eager to know more generations than my own life is enabling me to know, I took a ride backward in time. I questioned history and virtually lived with previous generations.

In both virtual and real trips, all generations I got to know and live with, were magic and fascinating. And even when conflicts between generations arose, I ended up understanding the purpose, the reason to be a Moroccan.

The conclusion, my conclusion, is that this beautiful country is blessed be GENIUS. Strong with its nature, its people, its memory, its rich culture, it always falls on its feet no matter what dire straits it goes through.

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6:47 am    June 2, 2009

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I think the description of "pride" in the article above is rather poetic and nostalgic, there is nothing wrong with that, but it remains subjective...

If you replace "Morocco" with "Thailand" in the article, you will end up with a similar subjective description. I take it as a given, that every individual on Earth feels proud of his country of origin, and that doesn't need to be proven with logical arguments.

But if you want to step out of the artistic description, and try convince the "other", then you need to convert the subjective arguments into objective, observable and measurable ones, such as :

-% of literate people.

-Size of the middle class .

-Buying power of the average Moroccan.

-Index of corruption compared to other nations . (195 nations)

-% of unemployment

-Does the government represent the people ? (does your vote count)

-Do you feel safe in Morocco ? (crime rate)

-Do Moroccans respect each-other enough ? "how many "good morning, I am sorry, excuse me, welcome" words do you hear per day...(:p

As for the red tomato and green mint :) we all love them as much as the Chinaman loves his red sauce and golden noodles...


6:20 pm    February 27, 2009

Salem message
What I mean would definitely be untrue if we speak about mere short periods of time. The span should necessarily be large enough for one to be able to detect and capture the essence of things, the constant features of a nation. The evolution of nations is typically fluctuating. There are ups and downs over time. The bottom line is which general direction a specific nation is heading to over long periods of time, over centuries and thousands of years.

Let's come back to the specific case of our Nation. Over 14 centuries, since the inception of the State, there were ups and downs. Morocco was an empire that ruled many lands in Africa and Southern Europe. Sometimes it became even a larger empire. This had made of it a respected nation for decades and centuries . But one day, around the middle of the 19th century, the weakness was made obvious when Morocco lost the Isly battle (1844) against the french army which was then occupying neighbouring Algeria. During the 6o following years, Morocco was never before so fragmented (Siba; Alaa7jar Assaiba is the physical description of Sand which means no structure existance, no solidarity whatsoever between the particles of Sand). The nation ended up under occupation by the french and the Spanish colonizers. After a quarter of century of pacification pressure, the nation gave up the fight in 1936, and after only Eight Years of total domination, the nation resumed resistance in 1944. This lead us to the common consciousness I mentioned in my former post. That was an example. Once in its lifetime, over 14 centuries of existance, Morocco was completely put under control for ONLY EIGHT YEARS, which corrosponds to the liftime of a couple of pairs of shoes.

Now Morocco is an emerging nation that has more strengths than weaknesses. Be freee to use the comparison test. Go see the other africain nations, you'll see that Morocco is the best place to live in. So I see it, and I don't think I am too idealistic. You've got to look at it over the man's span on earth. ;-)


4:37 am    February 27, 2009

Zineb Benhssein message

I think that pride is a question of self esteem, I think one has to be proud what ever nationality he belongs to, the most crutial thing is the achievement one made. according to our friend salem pride means rather nostalgia!!!!!!

5:15 pm    February 26, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Exactly! and Moroccans nowadays need a real cause they can unite behind, and then achieve something worthwhile, only then can they feel the sweet taste of authentic pride. What we're feeling in this page is soft pride embodied by mere nostalgia. The hardcore pride has not happened yet for generation Xers and the Millenials. But that's just me, I'm usually always wrong when it comes to these kind of topics. Please take everything I say in all my notes with Grand Assault.

Mahjoub, are you still not see the video?


4:45 pm    February 26, 2009

moha ouhmou message
Dear Salem,
In your example (which is a good one) you provided Moroccan resistance to colonization as proof of the existence of a collective consciousness in Morocco. But one should point out that you had to go back more than 50 years to find something useful to stand on. The French/Spanish occupation acted as glue that unified Moroccans around a common ideal – the pursuit of Independence. But since 1956, for more than 50 years now, Moroccan society has been fragmented and dysfunctional. That in turn begs the question: what does it mean to be Moroccan? What are our common ideals? What is our ethos?

I personally don’t know the answers to these questions.


4:00 pm    February 26, 2009

rima raider message
i dont think that moroccans have such a collective consciousness yet because being proud of one's nation carries with it a great number of responsibilities so to speak that we moroccans are not courageous enough to perform

3:57 pm    February 26, 2009

Abou Huraira message
Adnane you must have posted a video which I am unable to see. is this normal that you post videos for yourself and not for your guests>

6:25 pm    February 25, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Now when I see videos like these, I feel so much pride of belonging to a culture that has always been a good host to different people, and in this case the jews. This video makes me proud because it illustrates how Morocco continues to live in people no matter where they are.


4:30 pm    February 25, 2009

Salem message
Thanks to those who reacted to my note. The last two comments from Moha and Adnane were a bit challenging over two concepts:
- What is it to be Moroccan? and,
- Has the Moroccan nation really Genius?
These two issues induce new dimensions to the discussion.

1) About being Moroccan:

Yes, first of all, "it happens that we were born in a country called Morocco", true, but that doesn't make of it necessarily an "Accident". Otherwise, it would have been an Accident to be born American, Russian, Vietnamese or Somalian.

The Roman Catholic Church lists pride as the most deadly of the seven deadly sins. Most religions consider pride a sin. This is one of the pride's negative faces. But "one definition of pride in the first sense comes from Augustine: "the love of one's own excellence." In this sense, the opposite of pride is humility". "Pride can also manifest itself as a HIGH OPINION of one's nation (national pride)" (Wikipedia). Being Moroccan actually carries a meaning beyond the technicality of having been born in Morocco or being of Moroccan decent. There is not the slightest doubt about it. Is there any?

Now, being proud of being Moroccan, doesn't mean there is nothing I am ashamed of. If you excuse me, I won't go "awaking that camel". But still I'm damn proud of being Moroccan.

The question of whether Moroccans have a common consciousness lack precision. When Moroccans, resisted colonization, many of them gave everything for independence including their lives, and those who didn't simply supported them with whatever they could, this for me was a common consciousness that one cannot measure in a square centimeter.

2) About our Nation being Genius:

I like to quote one of the brightest minds when he said : "I was a man who stood in symbolic relations to the art and culture of my age...The gods had given me almost everything. I had genius, a distinguished name, high social position, brilliancy, intellectual daring; I made art a philosophy, and philosophy an art: I altered the minds of men and the colour of things: there was nothing I said or did that did not make people wonder...I treated Art as the supreme reality, and life as a mere mode of fiction: I awoke the imagination of my century so that it created myth and legend around me: I summed up all systems in a phrase, and all existence in an epigram".
Oscar Wilde, in De Profundis

If Morocco was a person saying that, I would say : TRUE!


11:04 pm    February 24, 2009

moha ouhmou message
correction: Do we, Moroccans, have a collective consciousness?


11:02 pm    February 24, 2009

moha ouhmou message
The author is obviously proud for being Moroccan. But could one or should one be proud for something that has happened to them merely by accident. None of us chose to be Moroccan - it happens that we were born in a country called Morocco.

However if an individual can experience pride by the mere fact of being Moroccan, that means that being Moroccan carries a larger meaning to it - beyond the technicality of citizenship. So what does being Moroccan mean? Is there, in fact, a common denominator to being Moroccan, something that we should all be proud of? Do we, Moroccans, have a collective conscious?


9:16 pm    February 24, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
"The conclusion, my conclusion, is that this beautiful country is blessed be GENIUS"

Genius? that's such a big word. Please come down to earth and elaborate :)

The posts below define being proud from the exotic and cultural, aspect. However, how about being fully proud when one contributes to Morocco in some novel and selfless way? when the country itself reciprocates the feeling of pride towards one? isn't that a more prestigious feeling of being proud?

What does it mean to be proud? and what does it to mean to be proud for being Moroccan?

Are the revelations, in Salem's note, Abu Houraira's and my notes, true? or are we just being culturally correct?

Once again, what are we really proud about? which begs the equally relevant question: what are we not proud about?

or... as a matter of shame.


9:08 pm    February 22, 2009

Abou Huraira message
As a Matter of Pride, we are equally proud as well.

I lived in Morocco for a while and lived abroad for a while, I can say I've spent half of my life in Morocco and half of it abroad mainly Europe and US. I think I am blessed to have both these experiences. Living in Morocco in spirit while we live abroad is in my opinion equally fulfilling. Because we do enjoy every bit of it, we take pride in the culture we carry with us and that make us Moroccans in Europe or the Americas... We enjoy the little bit of mint leaves we buy at the market despite the price. We enjoy and cherish the mint tea as much as anyone leaving at home... We enjoy/love every aspect of the cultural and the mundane life in Morocco while abroad. With the advent of internet in all its aspects, we can and we do follow everyday life and cultural events and advancement/changes in Morocco as it is our base culture and traditions, as well as we keep an eye on the larger cultural picture in the Arab and Muslim world and their influences on Morocco as well as on the west. We are culturally active communicating with our homeland and the world on a daily basis more than the average Moroccan would. Because we are abroad, we have a certain urgency that compels us to find out, research discuss and participate.

As I said earlier, I personally enjoy and take pride in many aspects of the Moroccan culture more than I ever did when I was home (Morocco), I appreciate listening to a piece of Malhoune or Andaloussi in the privacy of my home more now than ever. I take time to cook or bake Moroccan food and invite friends who enjoy such food and culture. At times I go out to an Arabic music event and/or go to a restaurant where aspect of my culture, food and traditions are of celebrated. Of course we will never have the Life you folks who are on the spot have, Just the fact to have your loved ones around you is priceless, but we do our best and of course we go once in while on a pilgrimage to Lablad to renew our allegiances and immerse ourselves in the culture.


7:43 pm    February 22, 2009

hudhud message
great positive spirit baba salem :) it's good to hear this from someone like you who has lived and breathed the spirit of le bled.

7:34 pm    February 22, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Amen ~ Proud to be Moroccan! and I look forwards to the reunion with Sweet sweet Home Morocco.

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