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Abou Huraira
Duluth USA
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12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

I am from a douwar inside a big city 'rabat' and I remember smoking dope without intention (second hand) and who didn't? anyway 'alkaway' the guy that uses to fix holes in your berrad or maqraj.. man that guy was a number you reminded me of him with your mail. he use to come to our neighborhood and I use to be facinated with him I tought it was amazing how he can close that darn hole in the berrad and stop the tea from leaking, I even dreamed that when I grow up I'll become Kaway.. but the thing is the guy use to first start his oven located on the back of his bike (bisheklita) then warm or heat his tools, and while that is happening he takes out his 'matwi' the pouch where he keeps his dope 'kif' everything he does was in style.. then he takes out his 'sebsi' the pipe, he blows in it ooooof oooof few times then takes out the 'shqaf' the part of the pipe that holds the kif (dope) then he talks like a majdoub for little and tnagham 3la dak sebsi shwiya, then al walida or any woman for whom he is working at the moment goes inside and brings out a kass d'attay ( left over of attay that was served for breakfast) usualy its the best dark red, has more suggar or as viscous as honey, with little bit of tea leaves floating in it .. when he see that in front of him, he fils his sebsi with the noug3a he prepared himself from a rabta dal kif.. then he smokes couples all this while the tools are getting red in the oven on the bike 'ouf' then he sips the tea making a very distinctive sound that only those conoiseurs in tea drinking matters can immitate.. then his he smiles and go on talking about life, politics and how the americans didn't actually set foot on the moon.. etc man what a happy life despite the fact that it is miserable.. so I use to set right next to him trying to learn what he does.. and on the same time getting my high of the day. I use to think when I grow up I'll get me a sebsi just like his...

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10:35 pm    January 15, 2003
Khoya al kaway, I had water in my eyes when i read this artcile. It was a nice time. I am missing al that and think those moments will never come back. I am working on a PhD in environmental science here and I was happy to read that you earned a PhD in this field.

12:34 am    October 25, 2002
c`est de la tradition marocaine

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