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Abou Huraira
Duluth USA
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Ba Jalloun The Connoisseur
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

Ba Jelloun is a Conoisseur bi ma fi al kalimati min ma3na. Ba jelloun 's life story is that of many many Moroccan men of his generation, let 's say ba Jeloun grow up in a jamaa somewhere in the heartland of Morocco, he could be 3abdi, shawi, doukkali, zaari, filali, barkani, tazi, gharbi, jebli, riffi, shleh, or mellali, or soussi... etc make your own choice let your Imagination take you where you it pleases. In any case, in his youth Ba jeloun was quite familiar with farming, and farm life, when agriculture was something (kan liha shan walqima) and when the crop was crop, and not genetically engineered Crap, oops, I meant crop. He had hands on training in the art of farming , grwoing fruits and veggies, selling and buying, and especially haggling. He Ba Jelloun also roamed the country and visited many towns and qssour, douawer and jamaat, he has his fare share in the art of cloth making he wore only the best when needed, and I am talking here about the Moroccan Traditional Dress. But when he was at the best years of his life he was snatched by the French and forced to join the 'Moroccan' french contingent called 'al goum ' which later became mkhaznia and later merda. Any how, like thouzands of his countrymen, he was shipped to 'L' indouchine' Indochina, actual Vietnam, to fight for France, he was given a few weeks of training and shipped offshore. Spent many years of his life there, was lucky and made it back not to his country but this time to fight the Germans ( Nazi Germany) somewhere in Europe or North Africa.. tell that to those Westerners who think they and they alone liberated Europe, Ignoring all those noble men such as Ba Jelloun and so many others, those who gave their lives so that Europe and America are what they are now.. those who made a sacrifice of a life time, and despite the fact that they were force into it, they fought with all their god given strenght; and we are talking about it, they were among the first to get inside Germany and liberate the jews, the French and so on.. wonder why no one went and took pictures of them as they did with the Americans, the Brits and the Russians, some of whom got their just on time for picture taking and not for the hand- to-hand combat. Any way, you get the picture now how Ba jelloun got his art of knowing, the best of the best, he traveled the world by boat, by truck, train and mainly by foot, he experienced free Europe first hand, and had his fare share of dancing, drinking and so on, he knew french women, Italien women etc etc... , then he came back to Morocco, only to find those whom he liberated and for whom he fought and sacrifices his youth are the masters, while his people are oppressed, the Farms he roamed when he was a kid are no more, his people were pushed to Chanty-towns , many become squaters. The Farms and the land he farmed once upon a time when he was young, now belongs to Jean Pierre, Michou, et jean Michel...The Jews he liberated and those he left behind in lablad are dreessed differently and moved to the best parts of town... the Moroccan Jews look Moroccan No more but are now more french looking than the French, they shaved their Faces, they Traded jellaba with the Kakki shorts and the Qaftan with the American Skirt and foulard, they are French jews now. The roles have changed... the fine clothing he was used to in no more, he is a second Class citizen now. But dont worry Ba jelloun is still a conoisseur he will manage. While its a dillema for him, he needs to start over, and defend what 's his and his people and now for a real, because, If he fought in Germany from his heart, now he has to make the ultimate sacrifice and fight form his soul, and give it all what he got, Ba jelloun will join the Moroccan Militia, and fight to free his Beloved Morocco, fight for the Independence of his homeland and of his countrymen and women... fight for the country that he dreamed about in those dark Moment in Indochina and Europe or in the desert of North Africa. a country and people that exist only in his Imagination a country that existed in his youth but it is no be continued if time permits.....

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9:19 pm    August 3, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
"To be continued if time permits..." been a long while now :) looking forwards for the next episodes Mahjoub!

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