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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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passport on vacation
08:25:38 AM Monday Aug 15, 2005

Man, I'm still waiting for my passport. The consule general is on vacation and it's backing everything up. Should I buy my ticket to Morocco anyway and assume that I'll get my passport before september? A little frustrating that I took a trip down there to hopefully return with it in hand.

I met this guy down there from Oujda. I could tell he was Oujdi from his accent as he was very vocal about the service, and why they don't have enough people working there etc. I was behind him in line, and I was very sleepy. I had to wake up before 5am that morning and run to the train station, then spend 4 hours on the train working on my models for work and fielding phone calls from my team. There was little room left in me to deal with more negative energy. I finally told him to chill; that getting all worked up won't make anyone's day any easier. He said "3ndek ssah." And turned around. I felt bad after that. There was a million different ways I could have told me to take it easy without cutting him off the way I did. I could have started conversation about something else, or tried to see what he was there for and if he needed extra help, or just try to ease his anxiety a little bit. But no, I chose to tell him that he was not making MY day easier. I felt very selfish. So I tapped him in the shoulders and apologized. I told me him that I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet (typical moroccan excuse: mazal ma ftert.) He was very calm and very friendly and said he hadn't had his either. It turned out we were there for the same reason. We both needed to go and get 4 photos and one express mail envelop. He felt even happier when I said I was from Oujda; he asked me where I lived, and I said "geddam hmmam lagar." he asked approvingly "rah 3ad temma dak lhemmam?" We chatted for a little more, and I ran out again to catch the 2 o'clock train back to Boston.

The thought that in a country of 250mln people, the one chance that I got to meet someone from my hometown in Morocco, I decided to be rude. I hope next time I will chose to be more accomodating.

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2:05 pm    August 17, 2005
Moroccan Lady
Maaaaan!!! I wish I can see Moroccans where I am!! Rasta wassa3 khaterek, but you prove you have a good heart because you carried a little regret later!!
I decided to go to the Moroccan embassy once, I needed to see a Moroccan, speak to a Moroccan after a 6month period there, so I went, it was far(in btw, I still dont know why it is not in the capital where I live) anyway, they were rude, and I felt unwelcomed eventhough it is supposed to be home, the rule say that as a Moroccan you have to register in the Moroccan embassy of the country you live in, and when you go they dont welcome you, so I decided I will never go back there or any other embassy, and if I need any official paper I'll try and get it from home!
I heard a lot of stories about the embassy in Washington, I dealt with them one time, they were nice BUT ONLY because it was a death case I think!!

7:03 pm    August 15, 2005

hudhud message
yeah when a consul is en vacances, things get delayed..
good luck hope it works out..


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