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Say No to Child Sex Tourism in Morocco
10:01:14 PM Thursday Aug 9, 2007

Please sign the petition and say No to Sexual Tourism of Children in Morocco.

Pass it along, and help put an end to this vice.


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1:57 am    August 16, 2007

hudhud message
and one more thing...

(at the risk of starting to sound like Columbo...)

what about the rest of the sex tourism trade???? So it's not okay for kids - is it okay for adults?? wrong should be wrong regardless of age.. where are the stats on child sex tourism compared to adult sex tourism?? what's been done so far on both levels? is it possible to combat one without attacking and dismantling the other?


1:53 am    August 16, 2007

hudhud message
and one more question... what does the petition do?
I mean -- DO?

I used to get petitions in college a lot.. and ribbons. and buttons. this on'es for AIDS day, this one for international women's day, this one for palestine awareness, this one for islamic awareness, etc etc etc.

I never wore any of them. I never signed the petitions. I remember telling a friend of mine, but what does it actually DO? why not a boycott? pinch where it hurts?? why don't people do that anymore??

so here's the question - is there a way to pinch off the child sex trade as far as those dollars coming in and supporting the business??? how can you accomplish that?

if you find a way to dry up that money or pinch the pipe hard enough, maybe it would prevent those sex tourist freaks from coming. or the ringleaders from dragging these poor kids into the circus..

(probably divert all parties in other directions though..)

how do you pinch where it hurts?? make it stop...


1:45 am    August 16, 2007

hudhud message
I often wonder..
I mean...

isn't the sex trade as old as humanity itself???

and though it didn't seem to rear its ugly head as much in the old days and especially in rural areas where everyone knows everyone and just a sniff of some inappropriate sexual behavior was severely ostracized- still it existed, and yet now, somehow, when it's children or when it gains attention in now-touristic areas - suddenly people cry out.

you just kinda have to look at the big picture. someone is profiting. someone is desperate. and someone is a willing customer. so who do you tackle first? it's got to be a wholistic approach. do you blame the government for allowing such poverty to exist? do you blame society for condoning that poverty and condoning the practices? do you blame the tourists who probably couldn't care less and that's why they are there anyway? do you blame the poor themselves for not having enough pride to starve or dig elsewhere to scratch some sort of a living??

where do you start?


8:38 am    August 14, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
The sick thing is that there are promoters of this dark trade from within! We used to hear about it a lot in the 80's nd early 90's as the rate of suicide among young people in Marrakesh had reached phenomenal proportions. We don't hear much anymore.

Thanks for the link.


8:58 pm    August 11, 2007
mehdi abdalkhalki
Allahoma inna hada monkar!!!!!!!!!!

8:57 pm    August 11, 2007
mehdi abdalkhalki
Allahoma inna hada monkar!!!!!!!!!!

5:00 am    August 10, 2007
I sign the petition, and here , I say no to child sex tourism in Morocco

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Say No to Child Sex Tourism in Morocco..


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