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youness yahya
Never mind Morocco
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Rain and storms hit Morocco
09:45:30 AM Monday Oct 27, 2008

I don't know if you guys are following the news about the weather in Morocco, but for the past 2/3 weeks and specially last Thursday, there was a rain storm that hit the north of Morocco specially Tangier , Nador and region and Oujda, Figuig also was hit the week before.
to check what happened to Nador go this site:
I guess the storms that they usually hit the US have switched their routes to Morocco. There is on more big storm that's gonna hit the North region this week. allah i7fade ou safi.
The train line btw Casablanca and Oujda has been stopped till later notice.

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4:29 am    October 31, 2008

youness yahya message
si amine:) how are you? joc? the twins?:)
safi rani chrite l mayou bache manchi n3oume f lab7are jdide dial oujda:).
Today a huge storm is coming to Morocco and we have prepare anything to welcome it:) it's gonna last till monday. allah ir7amra ou safi

2:42 pm    October 30, 2008

Rasta Gnawi message
Ahlan l'haj Youness. Ca va? ma3lik ghir techri shi chombrayere. mate3ref. Hatta oujda apparement derbet'ha shta. ga3 torqan fado.

9:14 am    October 30, 2008

youness yahya message
F.H? ana ca va ca va ghire l ghadma ou tammara ou safi. F.H?

4:22 pm    October 28, 2008

youness yahya message
who knows?

11:00 am    October 28, 2008

F.H. message
Allah yaster ou safi...ban liya lfa9ha diyawalna d3aw bazzaf bach ti7 chta :) ma9adch 3la chi 7aja...ach dah liha!

Wa fiiiine a Ssi Youness?....How are you man?...long time not gearing from you :)....Hope everything is going well for you...take care dude :)


10:39 am    October 28, 2008

hudhud message
"Figuig is the last one to be rescued."



8:53 am    October 28, 2008

youness yahya message
yes we all heard about this kid. oh well live and learn:).
You have to know that judges in Morocco are all scared of the king, and they should because they know that they don't do there job at all. So when someone does something like this, they can be judged in a heart beat without having an attorney of any legal representative. So these judged follow the rules only when they want to.
Anyway we still have a very long long long way to go. In the mean time, the king , as always, to mobilize all the government sectors to help the victims.
Figuig is the last one to be rescued.

2:28 pm    October 27, 2008

hudhud message
they can't because their wasting money on other trivial affairs.. like jailing teenagers who pledge allegiance to their favorite futbol team.
just in case anyone doubted where our priorities lie. who needs proper flood prevention, waste water treatment, and shelters or disaster relief supplies?? bah.

11:39 am    October 27, 2008

youness yahya message
i don't think they know the meaning of "prepare":) they can't because there is no infrastructure in the region

10:36 am    October 27, 2008

hudhud message
salamat, allah yehfad.
they've been having crazy weather and bad storms next door in algeria too for a while now. the entire region needs to be better prepared to handle natural disasters.

youness yahya's notes (3)
Move back to Morocco or not move back..
Morocco vs Cameroon OR Egypte vs Algeria..
Rain and storms hit Morocco..


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