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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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New Bus Service 0800.AJI.DINI
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

CASABLANCA, Morocco - New Bus Service from Casablanca to Airport Mohamed V, 0800.AJI.DINI (0800.254.3464) For your next trip to bled, you don't have to have your parents/family wait for you at the airport to pick you up. You call le no vert suivant 0800.AJI.DINI and the bus driver will pick you up at the terminal, et l'grissoun will load your luggage. You will be driven by this fine bus with air conditioning, a VCR and computers to check your e-mail and even phones to call.
It is unbelievable but you got to ride it to believe the comfort of our seat and features.
We would like to let you know that the same service is available from your house door to the airport. Just remember 0800- aji-dini to schedule a pick from either the airport to your destination in Casablanca or from Casablanca to the airport. One thing though, everyone in your derb, will know that you made it to town. Our busses are very hard to miss.

We hope you will enjoy your ride and happy to always serve you. Your suggestions are welcome any time

Thank you for your patronage

Aji-Dini Marketing Division

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1:28 pm    September 21, 2002
That's big lay there is no kind of bus on Morroco, our beloved country still 200 years
behand we are lucky we have KRWILA

3:37 am    July 25, 2002
kebir sabil
I am going au Bled and I would like to surprise my family. Unfortunately, when I called the AJI DINI bus company, there was a message that the company went out of business. Would you be kind enough to send me les coordonnees of another company of you know of any.

Thank you

K. Sabil


10:48 pm    July 30, 2005

Adnane Ben. message

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