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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Chahma by the Yard While Supplies Last
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

Boston, MA - It could be very frustrating to find that your hawli Eid has not enough Chahma for your Boulfaf, kordass, mssimin dial chahma....

It could be very frustrating to look for a big Hawli to get big chahma for your Boulfaf, kordass, mssimin dial chahma....

It is could be also very frustrating to stay within your hawli budget and get a big Chahma for your Boulfaf, kordass, mssimin dial chahma...

We have the solution for you, no matter what is your problem in getting a big Chahma.
You don't have to buy a big Hawli to get a big Chahma anymore.

Our company could deliver chahma to your door step by noon Eid Day. It is a fresh chahma and upon ur request, we can have it Cholesterol free too.

So why wait and take the risk of having a small chahma for your boulfaf?
Why would u take the risk of having ur kids ya3wajou or even yourself?
You want to have a big chahma to show off in the neighborhood
You want to get a big chahma, because your wife is ghalla9a
You want to get a big chahma because u want to tfal3iss 3la nssabik wa dawi9hoom.

It is a simple as 1, 2 and 3
1- Call: 1-800-CHAHMMA
2- Select the number of yards you would like to get. Note that we have different width of chahma. The bigger u order, the bigger ur chahma surface would be
3- enter your name, info as requested and press 'SUBMIT' or 'ARA BARRI3'
It is as simple as that..

Don't let other chahma companies fool you because the quality of our chahma surpass your expectation. It is stamped by 'touctour dial al baladia'. Chahma offered by our competition is far from being the fresh one. It is JIFA and tastes like plastic.
So from where would you order your Chahma this Eid?

We guarantee our quality and your chahma is fully refundable. If u don't like it, just return it UNOPENED. If it is opened, just add some salt to it and khali3ha and u will eat it in a few months.

We will be waiting for ur order
Charma Express President
Rakoum 3arfinha

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3:44 pm    August 8, 2005

hudhud message
"It is JIFA and tastes like plastic."

of the whole ad, this line really cracked me up :D


9:16 pm    September 5, 2002
salam gazzara dyali je veux 30k de chahma separee en 30 paquet vus que je consomme 1k par jour comme les voitures du maroc dont tu en a deja parlee hahahah et vus que je suis de la meme marque que ces ferraris :))ou zedi 3lihoum chy 3deemat fabour yak?het ana dial alfabour je les acceptes meme si les 3dimats sont perimees et bon pour la ferraille hahaah
waaaaa bouchra wa malky m3a lhouala hahahah ?les mots les plus frequent sont chahma lahma ghedid boulafaf houli btata zitoun hahahahh qu est ce que t as avec la bouffe bouchra ;)mais pour dire vrais tu connais tres bien le point faible des marocains li houa krouchhoum hahahh yak?
mais la plus part taychmou rehha te chahma safee.tu sais j aimerais bien etre ton partenaire dans charikate tchahma je me trouves tres bien dans la facon dont tu prend le marketing de la societe hahah ce dont j ensuis sure c est qu on auras pas de reclamtion tout nos clients seront me9anfejeen ila kalou chahma dyal la societe dyalak had lemarra jaya ma3merny nchry laham men3andek

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