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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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How can corruption be.. minimized in Morocco?
12:00:00 AM Tuesday Oct 22, 2002

We all hear of the reality of corruption in Morocco both at high and low levels. Both in the souks, municipal offices, government offices, judges, police, companies and services. If you want to get your favor done you need to pay dirty money otherwise you are not served. If the rich practises corruption, it is labelled informal commission. If the normal employee practises corruption that is because he or she is so frustrated and intimidated by work environment and a corrupt boss. To help figure out a way out, you are invited to think about what is the root of this sickness that caught Morocco. Can the people of Morocco recover from it? Please do not spend time complaining about corruption in Morocco, but rather how about you suggest what could be the tools that the government and the people of Morocco can use to reduce corruption. Earnest discussion is open. Glory and Honor!

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12:25 pm    August 16, 2006
Hi everybody,
I think you are talking here about something which is in morocco's blood. Corruption and fraud can't be stopped in the bled. We are in the 3rd world where things dont go for the best. They just aggravate and go higher and higher, we have to change the background, orelse, we are going backward as we say in arabic (lore lore)

4:20 am    January 24, 2004

abdelilah message
Actually, right now there is a commission in the States investigating the corruption charges of a republican governor in Connecticut who had received gifts from political officials and accepted trips and paid vacations from them. There is also the reform of campaign financing. We have seen through Enron and other scandals that bribery has its place in the US. They have legal laws like auditing in tax reports and financing regulations and most importantly having media act as watchdog.

However, we witness then the emergence of legal experts finding loopholes in the system so for example many corporations register their headquarters in the Bahamas because it is tax-exempted. One way of dealing with corruption or tax evasion is amnesty for previous sins like a fellow Moroccan who evaded taxes in Morocco and opted for the cool breeze of Washington DC. He could not enter lebled until he was granted amnesty al hamdulillah.

So maybe instead of adopting an irrealistic moralistic discourse, we should normalize rechwa lli lkaaa yakoul besmellah koul we wekkel we dhan seer yseer.


7:10 am    January 23, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Does anyone know how does the US control bribery? I'm interested to know the measures US law designed to prevent and punish bribery. I expect these measures to be two-fold: explicit and implicit. The implicit ones will be most interesting. Measures that are part of the system, not seen, but by following certain guidelines you're automatically preventing bribery.

I ask this question because it is important to know how to prevent bribery on a practical level. One day you might be running your own business or have high responsibilities in a business and you will need to think about this topic. If you are able to establish a system within your business or association etc. and another one does the same, and another and another, things will be in a better shape.


3:50 am    January 23, 2004

abdelilah message
chhaaaal ta3teewni we nhayyed

This problem is endemic and if one is clean he or she will be marginalized in a society that eats it all. I think we should organize contests of who gives more rachwa.


12:24 pm    January 22, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I'm very interested in viewing your debate video if you have a link, or if you can publish it somewhere, please let us all know! I think it can be very informative!

Live Fair, Respect Life!


11:13 pm    September 17, 2003
It is very nice to read shuch articles and responses's debate. corruption has been a subject of mounting interest to me.
who among you knows the N.D.I?
NDI is the abriviation of National Democratic Institute and its head quarter is located in USA. It held a contest, in Morocco, of video films debating Corruption matter last May 2003. With proud the three prices for the National contest were taken by my class -among them was my video film. Wishing that the video films will reach the Moroccan society and provide some cure to the parties concerned.

5:33 pm    August 22, 2003
Even though an ANTI CORRUPTION LAW had been promulgated 2 years ago and voted on by the Reps. corruption will not die quietly or suddenly. It is an inbedded disease in the Moroccan Pschy. Short of declaring it a DISEASE of National Proportions, it will never disappear. Howevere the system can work against it by:
1/ Paying good enough salaries to take care of employees every day's needs.
2/ Establish a Social System that would take care of the elderly, so they are not a burden on the employed Children who have to "steal" to make ends meet.
3/ Promulgate a Law whereby the " Corruptor and the Corruptee" shall be punished severely and advertise such on all available media.
Morocco is still far away from "killing" this monster that is sapping the ECONOMICAL ENERGY of the Country.
Transparence does not come easy, however, I feel what Mohamed VI is doing might someday in the far future will solve Morocco's problems.
Wish Morocco the best as it hurts when I see such happening everyday.


5:33 pm    August 22, 2003
Even though an ANTI CORRUPTION LAW had been promulgated 2 years ago and voted on by the Reps. corruption will not die quietly or suddenly. It is an inbedded disease in the Moroccan Pschy. Short of declaring it a DISEASE of National Proportions, it will never disappear. Howevere the system can work against it by:
1/ Paying good enough salaries to take care of employees every day's needs.
2/ Establish a Social System that would take care of the elderly, so they are not a burden on the employed Children who have to "steal" to make ends meet.
3/ Promulgate a Law whereby the " Corruptor and the Corruptee" shall be punished severely and advertise such on all available media.
Morocco is still far away from "killing" this monster that is sapping the ECONOMICAL ENERGY of the Country.
Transparence does not come easy, however, I feel what Mohamed VI is doing might someday in the far future will solve Morocco's problems.
Wish Morocco the best as it hurts when I see such happening everyday.


7:27 pm    July 7, 2003
Charaf, I feel like you are a bit embaraced about the fact that there is corruption in Morocco, ok we do have this illness in our society, however if you look around you in London you can see surely see that their society is no angel (Have not you heard about poeple abusing there children sexually and aunts sleeping with thier nephew etc,,,) I have compared the both societies before and I tell you ours is a lot better, and there is nothing to be ashamed or embaraced about.

I think they are the ones that should be.

Well to get to the main point of the discussion, I would say proper education and getting back to our fantastic religion plus loads of implementations in the Moroccan law, as well as starting to understand to certain extent the dangers of globalisition would somehow help to weaken the corruption virus.

Thanx everyone.


8:37 am    June 15, 2003
Hello everyone!

I am Moroccan and I feel so much for my country. Talking about corruption in Morocco, I feel that is one of the major proplems in the country and I feel that is partly because people don`t understand what honesty is.Education is a big part of it and the goverment is not helping at all if not encourging.It is so sad that we can`t do something about it. One reason I don`t recommened my country to my british friend is because of that.Once they arrive in the airport I am sure there will be someone trying to trick them.I even can`t go with to my own country because I know some stupid policeman would stop me in the street and ask me for ID or why I am with them.

Got sone comments?please let me know. Thank you for your wonderful services.Raioo.


8:16 pm    January 14, 2003
I think it s a problem of the whole country organisation. The leaders must have the real will to do this.



3:02 pm    November 14, 2002
The issue they have its something
been there for many years.when the french .,and the the jewish imigration from europe came there.they try and succede to put
a formula to make who we are.we
live very divided s shame
of our generation be trap the
same at the .A really
citisen doesnt let it happen .and they still trying to control us .with false ,etc ,capital,
inchallah we wil succede .
we will make together difference.
dont give up.
I thank you for this .

10:21 am    November 10, 2002
aji a antr, ki ka dirou f finlanda d ramadane? quand le soleil ne se couche pas ou bien quand il fait tout le temps nuit ki ka dirou bach tsoumou?

7:54 am    November 5, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
There is nothing wrong with attacking corruption starting from the top...A company that has a corrupt chairman, has corrupt workers...
On the other hand it would be also helpful to educate the ignorant poeple and help them get rid of their corrupt mentality.
Having said that, a society can not be run by moral teachings only...there is the need of a law that must be respected by all.


4:17 am    November 5, 2002
tat is what morroco needs.If law thrully respected, i mean if corrupted people were really afraid to go to jail, there would be less corruption and mess(it would not be eradicated but..)
But u know in our belived country law is also a matter of relationship networks and "tete du client" pattern.
In the tangier customs, with my car i refused to give money to one of the fellows usually handling there for help, in front of the real customs officers! well i had to wait 4 hours(!!!) to get my passport in order.
guess it is just another test tosee if we really love our country and if we dare to come back each year:)

5:27 am    November 4, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I was subjected to a kind of "similar" scenario than the one you have seen at Casa airport, although there was no corruption involved.

After 6 hrs flight, we landed in Agadir. at the passcontrol, and among 360 Finnish passengers, devided into 4 line, we were like 5 Moroccans...I was behind some 30 poeple, when a custom walked towards me, saying nothing but "Salam, koulshi labass...", he literarely took my passport with the entry form, and told me to walk strait to the laguage belt. the rest of the Finns remained all quite. :)
later, he brought back it to me and said "Trik salama", and walked back to his box. He was polite and remained strict... I gave him nothing but "Shukran barakalahufik. :)
I was thinking why did he do that ? I know that the customs have been told to treat the Moroccan immigrants with "kindness", because of the different complains...but sometimes it does look confusing and unprofessional...Although the way I was treated did please my Ego (:P and made me feel special for few minutes... (>:D

Maybe they should just separate the Moroccan nationals from the none nationals at the airports, just like they do in the EU and the US. that way it would look more Correct...Well, you tell me what is "correct" and what is not in these days...? Ghir Lah yerzaQ Sahha Wsalama. :))


10:48 am    November 2, 2002
I believe that education is the cure for this epidemic desaster that is destroying our country day by day.Therefore each one of us has to hold himself responsable for this tragedy and plan for the future, for the next generation. Educating ourselfs and children would be the solution and the only choice we have, other than that it shouldn't be more than a waste of time and energy.
For that I agree with chamkar........
Tahiyati wasalamoaalaykom.

4:19 pm    November 1, 2002
My approach is bottom up. The poeple higher in the hierarchy should be held responsible because they are supposed to be role models. Education is the key, this is right; so we should teach our children about corruption. I heard so many times even from educated moroccans, how they display their pride saying:" Douart maah ou khallani ndakhal dik la voiture fi diouana". Je croix que la corruption est seulement une des forme d'une plus grande maladie appelee generalement la ouajhia.
Here is a simple example of Oujhia:
Last year I went to beloved Morocco. In the airport of Casablanca at the custom, poeple (moroccans, americans and other nationals) were patientely waiting in line to go through the customs. Everybody happy to see morocco again or discover for the first time this land. Suddenly, one of those custom employees (with a moustache of course), went back to the line to great a couple he seemed to know (nice !.), then he just asked them to join him, so there he took this moroccan yound couple from the rear of the line right to the custom officer who handles the passports. Everybidy was starring and wondering, where I'm here ? I don't mind waiting one more minute, but it is the principal of service and oujhia that sucks. I was in similar situation, but I always refuse to take advantage of others. We should refuse these favors and that's the only way to solve the problem.
Believe me, Morocco will get rid of corruption as soon as the average moroccan understands, that not allowing such things to happen is the solution. I don't ask you to protest, I don't ask you to revolutionize, just refuse favores that you feel are not righteous...

2:21 pm    November 1, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Youssef, cette expression de, c'est qlqchose dans le sang, .. c'est un probleme des racines, des ancestres, des grand-parents.. ca c'est une expression qui ne tient pas debout. Le pauvre sang est un fluide vital et son but est de vitaliser notre corps, je ne pense pas que le sang transporte de tel informations comme les habitudes, le comportement etc. Aussi, je sais que le sang se renouvle periodiquement dans le foie, alors si tels information existe dans el sang ca doit etre sauvegarde dans une memoire pour que la nouvelle generation de sang la transporte.. mais le foie n'a pas de memoire je pense.

C'est un probleme de racine.. mais l'on est adulte, l'on doit etre responsable de ses actions meme si ses actions sont une continuation d'ancien rituels adopte et devenu des dogmas.

?The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present? (Abraham Lincoln).


1:22 am    October 24, 2002

c`est qqc dans le seng,c`est un probleme des racines.

12:36 am    October 24, 2002
La corruption est expliquee dans un dictionnaire comme le "pourrissement". Alors, les corrompus et aussi les corrupteurs sont des POURRIS. Chez nous au royaume du Maroc, ce phenomene existe dans tous les niveaux aussi bien qu'au sommet, qu'a la base. Pour le reduire c'est tres facile, mais il faut le vouloir surtout au niveau du sommet de l'etat, parmis les solutions :
1- Bien redistribuer les richesses du pays (phosphates, peches, etc) pour diminuer l'ecart sociale (pour eviter des salaires comme 40.000 DH de centimes pour un parlementaire/ministre et 931 DH et 10 centimes pour un instituteur)
2- Alleger les demarches administratives (bureaucratie) car un grand %tage de pourris logent dans des administrations publiques, va chercher un extrait d'act de naissance "de moins de 3 mois :-)" et tu verras, et surtout n'essaye pas de demander plus, comme demarrer une entreprise, construire, acceder aux resaux d'eau potable ou electricite, etc.
3- Revoir le systeme judicaire et durcir les peines contre les pourris de la societe.
4- Donner des lecons religieuses dans les medias au lieu de clips et films a la con.
5- etc.

et pour accelerer ce nettoyage de la societe, il faut que les citoyens s'abstienent de donner des corruptions, et il faut comprendre que si on a un droit dans qlc, on l'aura. Ca va prendre du temps, mais on l'aura. "Ouma da3a 7a9oun oura'aho Taleb".


11:52 pm    October 23, 2002
No comment, because i believe that gorvernemt does not do anything to stop it.I hope that this situation gonna change.

10:14 pm    October 23, 2002
salut tt le monde,
Rachoua, c'est un probl?me assez complexe, d'ailleur je pense pas qu'on peut l'?liminer completement, mais il est grand temps d'agir.
si on commence d?s maintenant ? enseigner a nos enfants, nos petits fr?res que c'est une chose de mauvais HARAM BAd, sure et certain qu'on cette generation occupera les postes, ils refuseront tout offres illegals (RACHOUA).
c'est vrai que c'une solution a long terme( il faut attendre 15 ? 20 ans) mais ca reste plus r?aliste que d'ESPERER que ceux qui prennent Rechoua ihdihoum ALLAH.
puisqu' on peut rien faire maintenant, vaut mieux faire de nos enfants et nos proches des bons citoyens. (c'est le seul moyen qui nous reste.)

12:30 am    October 23, 2002

it will not lol

12:00 am    October 23, 2002
in reply to Mr. Nabilchicago, the problem a khouya is not going to disappear by itself if you don't talk about it. Sme7 liya bezzaf oulakin rak ghalet a m3allam. There are 2 issues here: Lack of education and the enforcment of law of the land. Look for example at the cops here in the US some of them make less than $20,000 a year but they still don't take a bribe. because MOST of them were not raised like that. Also there is another reason: because they know that if they get caught they will pay for it ,lianna hadi blad l9anoun. and nobody is above the law. and that's what's missing in Morocco. but to say that let thoses people i trazko ??? that's not the solution and it's gonna raise a whole generation that will not think that rashoua is bad or HARAM, if that didn't already happen.... Makes you feel bad that before boarding the plane to go back to the state some 'diouani' asks you for shi 10 oulla 20 Dhs. Who carries moroccan money when leaving the country anyways? Allah yehdi ma khala9 ou safi.

10:44 pm    October 22, 2002
Is Reshwa really that bad???
No, it`s not. A lot of people in morocco are paied less than the smic (1000 dhs/m), so leave those people i trazko llah.
The following paragraph is for the one who had this great idea to talk about this theme :
Your sitting in front of your computer and one night you saied "How about if we talk about those "sobs" who take "dirty money". Think a little bit if you were in their places and shut the f.....
Thx, I`m sorry for my attitude.

9:50 pm    October 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

I understand what you are saying about manual paperwork and job security, but I wonder what you were thinking when you read my message about computerising the Moroccan government. I believe the same people who are working now in jama3a hadariya will be working with the computers and the systems. The computers and systems will NOT operate by themselves. They need people to type things in them, search for things, look up history, program reminders, program notifications to be sent by mail to people.. etc It is also a positive thing that most of these people are young because they could be excited enough to work with computers. remember that computerising the government will create many jobs in this sector, jobs for many many Moroccans who are doing the same kind of jobs outside of Morocco. I am not saying that this will minimize corruption, I am just sensing that it could lay out the ground for a certain transparency, a certain interest in serving people better when you know you will serve them faster.

We all look at services in USA, Canada and Europe and others, and get impressed with how organized people and workers are. This can be possible in Morocco too.

It will be hard my friends to eliminate corruption at the high class.. starting with the high class is not in my opinion the proper way to do things. Even the US senate is prone to corruption when a senator is bribed by dinausor companies to apply for a bill or vote for a bill. What I feel is possible is what people can do in their immediate community. Cities are chaotic spaces in Morocco and it's hard to approach a city. I have noticed that civilization in Morocco exists in villages.. Start a village.


6:03 pm    October 22, 2002
To minimize corruption, we have to get to the roots of this sickness. After independance the country has been given to the king in the perspective to save french interests represented by Credit Lyonnais, La Banque de Paris & des Pays-Bas. The oligarchy has to instaure terror and fear. For this purpose, administration will have to get its retribution from the people and the people will have to obey because of fear and terror. In that manner, the king is the only person in control of the wealth of the country and has no budget to plan for different services that the country needs, and foreign interest will continue to be saved because of no national political force. In resume :?quand le peuple sera ?duqu?, alors le peuple sera souverain?, as Victor Hugo said.
As an illustration, the monster is dead and his sight is still waving fearcly over the minds and the souls of generations of poor morrocans that make it just impossible to talk about all the things put by him in the depth of the society that has driven the whole country to hell.

5:22 pm    October 22, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Last spring I went to the Jama3a haradia(in Morocco of course:)
And all the workers I saw where young, and they still do everything manually.
One fills in the paper, and other carries the paper, a 3rd person
signs the papers etc...
It is a slow process indeed, but then again I was thinking,
what would happen to such a place if one computer and
one printer would be introduced ?
Probably nobody would stay there, except Ra?iss Ljama3a,
Na?ib Raiss and Shawesh...!

The structure of Morocco is not ready yet, to assimilate
technology as it is assimilated in the west.
So the traditional way of doing things does still serve it?s purposes.
think about it.



5:11 pm    October 22, 2002
Salamou Alaykoum
Je pense que ce phenomene reflete notre eloignement de notre noble relegion. Si les employes a qui on doit des services le font dans le sens que c'est une Aibada (Al Amal Aibada) ils ne peuvent pas annuler imediatemment cette Hasana pas ces maudits actes.

5:08 pm    October 22, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Here is problem made of a bunch of other problems.

what I am going to say might sound like a strategy planned by doctor.EEEEEEEEVIL
but, since corrupt poeple are sneeky, a sneeky plan should be
designed for them:

For the lawyers, judges, CEO?s and policemen alike, I would
manifacture fake cases, fake events and fake dossiers, so that
their credibility would be put at test, at random periodes.

The Scenarios are endless..

I would hire regular poeple to perform missions like :

Illeterate widdow who?s piece
of land is wanted by a big shot (willing to buy the judge and layers.
so that he could build a gas station, a bus station or what ever station...
A drug lord caught with 200kilos of Hashish ready to buy the poilce and the boss of Jadarmia.
A none qualified candidate applying for a Big job he knows nothing about, but he is ready to buy it.
A candidate who knows somebody...willing to buy his licence without passing the exam.
A business man who raped a poor girl, and is ready to buy his inocence by offering a permanent job to the lawyer?s relative.

A business man willing to cover up the income of one of his businesses, by giving a "smart plan", and paying those who would help him to achive it...Oh, and who brother in law works for minister of finance ;)
An ignorant citizen victim of an accident at work, who?s case
seem to be easy to be manipulate by an insurance company.

Such scenarios would created by an anti corruption board, wich is
itself watched and monitored, and would operate at random places and random times.

And who ever falls into the trap, he would have nobody to blame
but himself.

As for the corruption in the Souq, that is a mild one...and getting
rid of it, would require improving poeple?s standard of living,
building more schools and spreading moral teachings.

Wa 3allah wa 3asa..:)

Oh, By the way, I have a real BAAD case...(:\ Does anybody know some REAL NICE lawyer ? ;)



3:58 pm    October 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
I agree with KABILAX. Which brings me to think about the police and the justice system in Morocco, probably two of the most authorative systems to enforce punishments against corruption. How thorough, how respected, how practised are the laws of Morocco.. both against the average citizen and against the upper class citizen? If people in any class can get away with practising corruption, then there must something extremely wrong with the justice system and the police in Morocco. So, How well respected are these two systems in Morocco?

3:18 pm    October 22, 2002
I believe that corruption is obvious in Morocco because of its extensive practice. Unfortunately, Punishment against such a crime is considered futile and vain in our society. Where else, corruption is considered among worse human wrongdoings. A disciplinary system has to be settled on the administrative and political level first to help drive our society toward a corruption free environment.

3:16 pm    October 22, 2002
Corruption is indeed a vicious corruption without a corruptee nor a corruptor...As a people living in a 'developing' nation (to be politically correct) Moroccans have become accustomed to dealing with is part of life, and that is the danger..when something so treacherous gets incrusted in our way of life. Awareness is key which leads to educating the people. By that, I stick to showing the example to the People, meaning that one has to give an example: Show people the way aka. start from the top, the politicians, the leaders of our nation. Once they make it a taboo and not a way of life, then one can go down the 2 cents to MINIMIZE corruption at its best.

3:13 pm    October 22, 2002
First of all, I want to applaud everyone, that contributed with an opinion so far, for the quality of the debate and the good intention displayed by your words. I strongly believe that as long as we keep this ?conversation? in an intellectual, positive, and productive environment, we may actually reach a favorable solution to the current situation that is affecting all us including the people concerned in the bribing issue. Now, the bribery issue is an outcome of social situation in which our people live. For example, if you take a poor person and you put him under very difficult conditions where it is hard to survive, that person may do what it is relatively necessary in order to make the living. You may say that if that person has morals then he/she won?t take a bribe. I say, it doesn?t matter because that same person is put to the test many and many years and none of us can feel EXACTLY the same way that person feels. Therefore, that is not the original problem. The real problem is the fact of not having decent-paying jobs where one could have and be allowed to live in dignity. How to do that? The answer is very difficult to achieve because it is related to the state of the economy, which is remotely slowly growing. Well, I emphasize to whomever takes bribes that by such an act you are only making your reality worst, that is, corrupting the system which pressures the investors to look somewhere else (honest) for better foundation. Conversely, If you don?t take a bribe you will allow investors to do business locally that will create jobs and competition of businesses therefore you get paid more. Peace.

3:12 pm    October 22, 2002
impossible bash nhaddoha . le maroc kollo kaysrak . kollchi sans exeption. j'enmerde le maroc et les marocain

2:48 pm    October 22, 2002
Mr. Foufou
This is again just my opinion. When one is put in a corner and has no way out, given the fact that he is weaker than the perpetrater, he would then become agressive and dangerous. If one is pushed into a corner but does have a very reduced ways out, he would not be agressive, therefore not dagerous at all. This what corruption is to a developing country. If one takes it out, one put that country into a danger of retaliation since everyone (almost) lives from it.
There are no corrupted people without he or she who provides the corruption. We should then work into that direction, but can we?

2:39 pm    October 22, 2002
Je voulais juste mentionn?, que la solution de ce probleme,doit venir du peuple, et pas du
gouvernement. D'ailleurs tout le monde sait que le changement du comportement vient toujours de la personnalite. Alors vous allez me dire que le peuple est une victime d'un complot, je vous dis oui, mais c'est ici que doit commencer le role de la couche intellectuelle marocaine, qui doit sacrifier pour sauver son peuple. et nous on est loin de cette mentalite et commencons par moi meme :-(.
Alors ce qu'il faut c'est que la couche intellectuelle du peuple doit sacrifier en voyagant partout au maroc pour l'education des petits avec une mentalite et meme pour 2500 DH.

1:33 pm    October 22, 2002
this is an answer to what Mr/Ms foufou had to say...
i think you are mixing psychology and human characterisation, with a visual act of life, corruption is more than a human bad thought , it's a real filthy aspect of social life we have to deal with.
when you gave your example about the kid and good grades that is a form of motivation and it's allowed , cause the human mind with it's lazy feature tends to crave for certain things in order to be put in full function, but in our case of corruption, i can care less about the mind of that corrupted worker , and i sure don't give a damn about leaving him Ba3shish or pourboire or a tip...he is governement worker he follows rules and has a salary and the service he is about to provide is worldwide known to be not the kind of service people leave a tip for..when i leave a tip i leave it out in the open , not sneaked in an envelope or in my palm to be given in a sort of a brotherly hand shake.
i respect your opinion , but i disagree with it...
no tipping no bribry no a slogan of a future Morocco that we are all hoping to establish...

1:26 pm    October 22, 2002
Here is on thing a friend of mine did, he made photocopies of all dirham bills he used for the corruption and took them to the authorities from there, this is one way to take these people to the place they belong: JAIL.
In order to eliminate or minimize corruption, we (I am hoping the new goverment) should design a clear policies and projects to target where most of the corruptions occur: Police, local jama3ats, mo9ata3at..etc.. I know we dont have money to setup hidden cameras, but we should considere something like that.

1:08 pm    October 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

From what I noticed and grew up with in Morocco, there are people who will always get their stuff done because they have connections in government and municipal offices.. they don't even have to bribe.. and there are the rest of people who don't know anyone in these offices and have to go through the though experience of bureaucracy or find their way out by giving up some of their savings. I wish Morocco could revolutionize its government and municipal infrastructure to take advantage of information systems and databases. This will remove a lot of clerikal work that has to be done on papers, and will shift towards information systems controlled by programs and routines.. which are in turn controlled by ME =) - just kidding, I mean by a bunch of young people committed to information development and its effect of changing the life of society. maybe this will cheer up the average Moroccan knowing that he or she can get their services in a systematic way without having to deal with an annoying clerk who frowns at you all the time and pretend that he's the King of Morocco. Of course not all clerks are like that.. some of them are very honest and nice, and some of them are also nice but lah ghalab they really have no other choice.. they have to get extra money out of you because their boss or boss'es boss is reaping his/her benefits. Please notice that I started this discussion with the focus on REDUCING and not ELIMINATING corruption.

1:05 pm    October 22, 2002
je pense por combattre la corruption il faut cr?er des lois anti-corruption qui respecte la culture et la mentalit? marocaine...

Importer une loi de la France (par exp) ne peut pas marcher au Maroc, car c est pas la meme culture!



1:02 pm    October 22, 2002
Corruption can never be stopped, nor can it be dealt with intelligently.
It is just the human nature, it is incraved in all kinds of people. Can one stop prostitution? No.
When you tell your kid to get good marks, then he or she would get a present, that is a form of corruption that we all tend to accept. I really think we should pay those needy of bakchich a bit more so they can feed their families up to the logical standards. The biggest corruption lay exactly where we all are, Russia, US, China...etc.
Corruption has become a habbit, like sbah al khir, it is impossible to fight a whole country, government leaders would then get ejected so quickly out of their duties if they were to take that path. We should as many other stated concentrate on education.
Allah i3aouankoum and Ramadan Saiid.

12:32 pm    October 22, 2002
salam!ikhwani akhawati...
wa ba3d
as a moroccan that lived most of his life in Morocco"great country of corruption and unjustice"i find it rather difficult to eliminate a very radical existing factor of life (corruption and bribry) but there is always a first step , the question is:how to dare to take it in a place where democracy and human rights are not served to the people.i would say that we are about a couple of centuries behind in the issue of democracy and human rights, but before we reach that there is going to be sacrifices and blood shed, blood shed needs a revolution, revolution needs good leaders, good leaders need a conscious nation to lead, to become conscious and alert of ur rights you need we are just circulating in a closed circle,,,as far as "analphabitism" is close to 70 % in great Morocco, there is absolutley no need to take that first step , you will be just volunteering to spend the rest of your life behind bars in our beautiful moroccan prisons...

12:23 pm    October 22, 2002
we have to start from the top what do you expect from a government
that give most of annually budget to RA3Y? who is not doing anything.
and the remaining of the budget to all service men, why we still have MA9ADM, SHIGH


11:39 am    October 22, 2002
Salam ou3alikoum :) All I need to know is how can I receive 2M ???@@##$% as for corruption ... I think it's too late ..... they should change the name of the country to: The Corrupted Kingdom of Morocco .....I'm a derwich person ... and I need a birth certificate... i need it today.... to get it.....easy .... 10Dh...otherwise ..'I'll have to wait till I die opinion long as the M9eddem is still alive ....the corruption will never die....dont forget merda ..... :) request: How can i receive 2M via satellite ?????

11:22 am    October 22, 2002
Beside education issue, I think we need before all to install a political system based on democracy in all its levels as well as changing these faces we grown up seeing them on tv, news papers with the same damn speeches..

till now the moroccans are considered " RAIAA" and those governing them" ROUAAT".. WHERE IS THE CITIZENSHIP..
Don t we deserve to be Citizen yet?!
I think is to early to talk about corruption before political and economic changes.. OULLAH OU AALAM.


2:04 am    October 22, 2002
Combattre la corruption au Maroc n'est pas impossible mais plutot trop difficile.le seul a mon avis est que chaqun d'entre nous commence par lui on arrive a dire NON A LA CORRUPTION c deja pas mal car llouma rah machi ghir 3la lli tayakhoud rrachwa mais aussi celui qui la donne,comme a dit RASSOUL LLAH SALLA LLAH 3LIH WA SALLAM: NA3ALA LLAHO ARRACHI WA LMOURTACHI WA LLADI YAMCHI BAYNAHOUMA"
JE SAIS QUE CE N'EST PAS FACILE puisque nous vivons helas ds un monde corrompu,mais avec de la bonne volonte et surtout beaucoup beaucoup de patience et de sang si chacun se decide a faire ce grand pason reussir tot ou puis n'oublions SURTOUT PAS QUE :INNA LLAHA MA3A SSABIRINE.:)

1:54 am    October 22, 2002
i think that to stop or at least reduce the level of corruption in Morocco, the level of education should be increased and enhanced, i believe strongly that education is the number one solution to economic, social and political problems. People will understand more what means to be responsible and help the well-being of the community instead of taking advantage of that position. So, since Morocco has more than 60% of illiterate people, i don t think we will be able to overcome this issue in the coming 5 years. it will take some time
Job number one is Education :)

1:41 am    October 22, 2002
Corruption is at a worldwide range! It exists in all continents all countries and all socio-cultural divisions. Today, the US is experiencing corruption as have all developed nations always have. The real difference is that while it touches the elite and political figures in the US it is widely spread around all Moroccan classes. The real way to limit is to allow people oppurtunities to the point that they can live without it, a Moroccan policeman is hired once his boss knows that he can bring a specific amount of money after each day... It has become a real part of our society and our way of life. Most people would be starving if they could not live off from corruption. I believe that I am being over optimistic, but there are unique characteristics that make a Moroccan always different from others! OVERAMBITION, while it is undoubtedly good for business... It is not good in Morocco because this means exploitation. US cops although they can get cash... they dont do so, are ther under ambitious??? All this is educational and from the roots of our society. A change in mentality is required and this can only occur from generation to the other!! And if we really want to, which is debatable! :)

1:23 am    October 22, 2002
Fighting corruption in Morocco is not a simple solution and it will take some time. The first and foremost step to be taken is to start from the top...and yes, everyone knows what I am talking about: When we see that the people governing our country still live like pharoes and are allowed to live that life style, others get "l'hagra".
The question is how to "minimize" corruption and not get rid of I still say: "start from the top". Education is key.

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