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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Fully Loaded Toys
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

In case you want to own your own Porshe, I would like to introduce you to other types of cars, with more horse power, nicer colors, and of course more options (EXTRA fully loaded)

I would like to draw your attention that the dealers in Morocco are in competition now and have very attractive prices as well as payment plans. For leasing or buying, you find your beautiful toy waiting for you at one of the pick up location, Khmiss Zmamra, 7ad Wlad Fraj, Khmiss Sidi Rahal, Tnin Al Hgarbia... The dealers are well-computerized to locate the Porche, Ferrari or whatever toy you choose at your nearest souk for convenient delivery.

Now, there is the other option of getting a used but well-maintained toy. I am warning you that it is not in its original color but the dealers have changed the colors to make sure that not two toys have the same color so that your toy has a unique color. In this case, you have got to pick up your toy in DOUKALA.

Monthly plans, khaisha dial dra, 7awli bougrounou plus other form of payments are well accepted by the dealers. Dealers will wait for the rest payments until you get ur recolte but they don't care if there was no rain and that you could not get a recolte. They will seize your 'Matmoura' and sell the contents in the Ra7ba.

For more info, please contact:

Al Arbi al Hater Weld 7raga

Kerbek Kerbek Kerbek.......

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8:51 pm    September 5, 2002
salamou3alikoum,dis moi?qu est ce que t as avec les voitures je te dis que je travaille dans la location et tu commence deja tatchouhee bia yak?hahha et la deuxieme chose c est que j etais sure que t es une gazarra de vrais hahhah tu penses tj a (7alouli bagrounou)hahhah tj ma9adda fee leed wou makayen rir dbeehhh yak?
pour finir je te dis que vraiment t as un sens de l humour tres avancee pour une ma9adda mais en apprend tj dans la vie n est ce pas?
j ai jamais vus une ma9adda tadhaak hahhah 3echna ouchoufna :))et qui as de l humour a en revendre
mais je veux pas finir ma critique sans dire que j ai bq aimee et j en suis sure de trouver les autres essai plus humouristiques que celui la, bon continuation bouchra

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