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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Helping Hoceima Region After 2/2004 Earthquake
12:00:00 AM Friday Feb 27, 2004

Earthquake Region: Hoceima and surrounding villages.

Earthquake Ritcher scale: 6.5

Dead: 600+

Survivors: Need your help.

Please give what you reasonably can. Find in the discussion organizations to donate to, while we compile a trustworthy list and provide it here.

Make an online donation to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Jalil Bounhar (AP)

Lluis Gene (AFP)

Lluis gene (AFP)

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3:00 am    March 28, 2011

liany g. message

Natural disaster. Burma, officially referred to as the Union of Myanmar, had 2 earthquakes in the afternoon of Thurs, March 24. I found this here: Double earthquakes hit Union of Myanmar, aka Burma The two earthquakes were 6.8 and 4.8 on the Richter scale. The middle of the earthquake was near the border of Thailand and China. These earthquakes were very shallow, however will not trigger tsunamis.

3:25 am    October 23, 2005
i want ur attention specially who are very rich towards the natural desaster in pakistan in shape of earth quake measured 7.6 on recter scale causing 50000 people dead and morethan 500000 people homeless. the third world country like pakistan is unable to over come that i personally request all over the world on the basis of humanity plz plz help us ?
would u ?

3:21 pm    March 6, 2004
First of all i didn't speak on behalf of anybody except myself. Please re-read my post "as i mentioned my personal view"!!!
You might need binoculars possibly?...I have to say I am able to back-up my about you... would you tell me which of all the arab countries is elected -democratically speaking- in a 4 years lapse of time. Is it Al-assad, Mubarak or Kaddafi, Benali, Mouaya or Saddam "opps he's gone" or the sheik's of the petro-states...You tell me what's the good example...Bouteflika presedential reign in Algeria maybe??
Please revise your readings and perceptions, you'd understand better why i stated that the monarchy is suitable for Morocco.

2:18 pm    March 6, 2004
The monarchy is most suitable system for morocco.Wow,how did u come up with that conclusion? Have tried others form of government.Please support ur claims with evidence.If the monarchy is the best form of governent,while most superpowers are rund by 4 years presidents and not kings? Please explain

12:01 pm    March 5, 2004
I'll make it short and sweet:
1) I have to say "Naala ellaho Elfakr." otherwise we don't need any assisatnce from anybody!! We have to admit that gulf countries priviledged morocco long time ago not because of the "hoos" we have but for the strong ties, mitual respect betw. the two kingdoms.On the other hand they might find what they want as well in Tunisia, lebanon and Egypt why are more priveledged? for the Hoos...nahh.

2) Although it was not expected from an educated initiate the notion of sucking up implicitly to Adnane etc..I would say we are here to support one another in terms of ideas and understanding without entailing any suck up... not my nature sorry..Royalist or not I see monarchy the most suitable regime or system for morocco..and that's my personal view....if not prove me wrong..Adnane's point of view it doesn't really concern me as long as i stick to mine...and have no idea about his previous posts on Sahara..i just tried to review...some discussions...when u raised this point!

3) My collection was with some good people that I know for years ....but thank you though for the advice...u might be right if u don't know u r friends and foes...


8:27 am    March 5, 2004
Hello everyone!
I wish to know about a Moroccan family with whom I lost contact. They are Najib El-Boudakhani and his father who worked in the Hopital Imzourem. If anyone can put me in touch with them I would be very grateful.

Ricardo Morales Vargas
Condominio Los Robles A.10
Moravia- San Jose


5:21 am    March 5, 2004

abdelilah message
1) The Gulf countries started helping late after Western countries donated money, and after the media mentioned the lack of help from those wealthy gulfies. I agree that they have a record of helping Morocco, maybe after all the nice girls that our authorities help gathering when one of the sheikhs happen to be in town for the sake of ...let's call it Entertainment.

2) Raioo= Adnane NOT

While we all thank and recognize that the brain behind Raioo is Adnane, I refer you to the topic of the Sahara map that sparked controversy. At that time, Adnane himself said that RAiOO was not Adnane. So ne soyons pas plus royalistes que le roi.

3) I donated personnally through the red Cross and I think it is a good choice. Just avoid Moroccan associations you do not know. Heet lkheffa moujouda chwiyya 3and lehbaaab!


8:50 am    March 4, 2004
1) Good News:
It was announced that Saudi Arabia will grant Morocco $50M which will help build the infrastructure of Al-Hoceima.I have to say that SA, UAE and Kuwait and some other Oil-countries they have really helped morocco a lot not only at this time but even before.We have to acknowledge that and credit is always due to these govs. for assisting our country whenever it's needed.
I hope that the $50M will go straight to the right channels who would manage it properly and relieve the gov. from this burden and relieve the poor citizens from the shock that is still traumatizing them.
2) Raioo = Adnane
I would like to mention that thanks to this website we discussed a lot of things and we got to learn a lot.We have to be proud that we have a site like this open for all moroccans abroad to discuss and share views fairly. So don't hesitate to speak your mind openly. We have just to respect some guidlines (common sense) and i believe there's nothing wrong with that.
Guys please continue to support Raioo with your views and ideas. I know that the discussions lead to an obnoxious level sometimes but we have to be tolerant, democratic and respectful to others. Please also don't forget who is behind this piece of art: It's Adnane and he deserves credit for gathering moroccans to get to know each others, discuss, and brainstorm.I don't see it reasonable that people start labeling him as un-democratic or whatever...please avoid going down that road coz it's an explicit insult!!!
Let's keep this site live with news, comments and ideas..
3) Donations:
I would like in the meantime to thank my moroccan friends who were part of my collection list to donate to the red-cross org. (Rachid, Abdel, Aziz, Ali, Chakib, Mohssine, Mo.) these guys really rock they didn't hesitate to contribute to this noble intention. Thanks to all of them and hope that is a good example that other moroccans should replicate..
Thanks everyone

6:33 am    March 4, 2004

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I don`t think Adnane, kicked any body out, it` people who kick them sleves out... most likely because of the behavior of somepeople here.

But yeah you are right that show is very very interesting....Not to miss...


10:07 pm    March 3, 2004
where is everybody ???
Adnane ??? did you kick everybody out or what ???
did anybody hear about the "life makers" project @ "ssoonna3 al 7ayat"
I recommend watching the videos ( introductions 1,2,3 and 4)
very interesting, a noble and brave cause.
let's all get together and contribute 1st as muslims 2nd as moroccans



5:23 pm    March 2, 2004
Hey Adnane, let people speak up their minds.What happen man are still terrified from "l'mqadem dial elhowma"?? If you're not afraid why don't you have a fee forum? The reason few pple contribute to this forum is because of censorship. Remember,most of us live outside the Makhzen jurisdiction. One only have to abide by the law of the country of residence.

4:18 pm    March 1, 2004
chers compatriotes ,
je crois que dans notre discussions , on oublie un peu nos ames , et nous commenssons a nous battre aulieu de nous entendre avec ( la3kal) , e qui est pass? c?est tres douleureux pour le maroc , je comprends les reactions des uns et la col?re des autres , il faut savoire que cette situation est due au faite que le maroc a rarement vecu de telle chose , et que nous nous croyons un peu prot?ge?s des ses choses. il faut dire que nous avons reagi avec panique.
les amis ce ( ZELZAL) a montr? beaucoups de choses , la plus importante , je crois qu?il a montr? combien nous marocain ? l?etranger nous sommes encore tres attach?s au (MAGHRIB) , chaqun l?a montr? d?une facon ou d?une autre , il faut bien remarquer les amis.
S.V.P. arr?tez les engeulades ca ne montre pas notre vrai visage qui est la tolerance et l?humour . est restez confians en vous meme et en ( ALLAH) , (LI BGHAHA ALLAH LCHI WAHED RAH KI LKAHA) .

3:40 pm    March 1, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Good! sometimes disasters happen and they take lives, and at the same time they have a bright side. This is one of the bright sides. To reveal the likes of this official, and put the new judicial engine into the test.

3:37 pm    March 1, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I gave my opinion, I didn't stop you from giving your opinion. So what is your point exactly again? If you have a complaint about raioo that you can defend reasonably and rationally please step into the complaints section. Thank you!

1:01 pm    March 1, 2004
Allah i aafoo aalina, Allah i Hdina hna dima lour! things like this below make me so mad I wanted to break my computer screen.
I have a lot of hope (Incha'allah) but as long as oulad Al Haram continue to act like the bandits that they are all we will achieve = OUALOU and bring on us other forms of governments just as unpleasant (who wants zealots telling them how to live their lives?)

Allah i Khliha Salaa! I hope they **hang him from his genitals ** to make an example. BUT please don't let this it keep you from helping your brothers and sisters
Red Crescent Official Arrested for Embezzlement of Aid to Quake-Stricken populations

AL HOCEIMA, Mar.01 - The red crescent regional representative in Al Hoceima (northeastern Morocco) was arrested this Monday for embezzlement of aid destined to the quake-stricken populations.

The man was found guilty of aid misappropriation after being questioned by the police.

Moroccan Authorities have stressed that they will remain vigilant to see to it that aid is actually delivered to victims and that any embezzlement or looting attempt will be punished in keeping with the law.

At least 572 people died, 400 others were injured and thousands were left homeless by the quake, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, that jolted last Tuesday the northeastern region of Al-Hoceima.

In Rabat, the central administration of the Red Crescent said it will open an internal probe on reports of poor management of aid delivery to the quake victims. The probe findings will be made public, says the red crescent.


12:59 pm    March 1, 2004
Adnane.....why are we always hiding the truth? why our gouverment is giving this bright image of democracy and devolepment? did we forgot that we still getting donations from EU and other countries, even they didn`t manage to organize this help and some rescue teams returned in the second day of the crisis to their home country.Why Mr Simo6 vistied al-hoceima so late? where was the rescue teams of Morocco "SFANJJ FI L`AMBULANCE" .

It`s better that we shut the F..up say "GOULOU AL AAM ZIN".


10:33 am    March 1, 2004
allah ye3foo
Mr Adnane!
why don\'t you just leave it as a democracy.
if someone wants to bash the king ,he or she should have the total freedom to do so,if you believe the countrary ,and you think the king indeed is our holy beloved saviour ,that is still within your basic freedom and entitelment to democracy.
And if you want to hear my opinion in the matter, M6 needs to step down and let the country proceed towards the better through a democratic electoral system.Enough with this kingdom bullcrap.
This is my 2 cents about the matter.

9:30 am    March 1, 2004
Fink a Tarik bnou ziad et Moussa bnou Noussayer, tilka ayyamon qad khalate...
& Finak a mohammed ben abdelkrim alkhattabi ... ??

man yonkidona min 7okomatina which afraid of spain and throw moroccans into jahannam ??


8:29 am    March 1, 2004
i always go through diffrent feed backs on subjects raioo debates, and i am pretty happy with the way we young moroccans deal with those subjects and mostly about the concern every on of us has for national matters. however, i was particularly pleased to read the comments of baghi tikar (feb 28) and i just want to tell him that i am utterly with what he said and espacially with the way he sais it .

10:29 pm    February 29, 2004
"do not look for your rights, but see what you can do". bahja you can be a tarik beno ziyad or a moussa beno nossair if you believe enough to beacome one!

5:14 pm    February 29, 2004

abdelilah message
First of all let us not lose our temper and bearing in fact that most of us have helped Morocco in this tragdey in the best way we could have done it, let us scientifically discuss some points to learn from them in the future.

1) The debate here was about crisis management so those who wanted to construct a straw man fallacy and then attack it have serious problems understanding the matter here. The critiques were stemming from nationalistic Moroccans who like their land and people. We were not bashing the king here, so please do not associate our critique with bashing the king...that is the old style of the Makhzenian police who want to label their targets as such. Sidna Allah ynesrou we ykhalleeeh katdeer lli kayekdar 3leeh but some people of al hashiyya really speak when they shoud zip it.

2) The operation of looking for dead people stopped Friday and Saturday morning they found a new body. In other earthquakes, the operation went on for a longer time. Who took that decision? what expertise did they have? if they were geologists, then they were bad ones. If they were not, then they should have called it silence.

3) Some foreign aid was refused and no reasons were given there. The local population saw the city councillor missing for two days after the earthquake.

4) the minister of communication said that people of the rif are conservative and that they did not want to share their tents with foreigners. It is good that they are providing them with family tents, but blaming it on the Rif culture is a dangerous territory.

5) I love this comment " on fait ce qu'on peut" c'est la meme chose pour Casa, la meme chose pour setti fatma, la meme chose pour toutes les choses. The local population that we are helping is living in a disaster, the zawya sidi youssef was demolished. They got angry and they are th eones who blamed first th egovernment. Many voices from civil society blamed also th elack of organisation. Now, th elast thing those people want to hear is some "bourgeois" discourse about la logistique de la crise et le genie civil from the ivory tower of their safe harbor. Please, un peu de pudeur pour les gens qui souffrent!


4:12 pm    February 29, 2004
Please read this:

le Maroc est dans une situation lemantable:
Les h?ros de l'?lot Persil d?cor?s par Jos? Maria Aznar
LE MONDE | 26.02.04

I feel raeely bad about the way Spain treats Morocco (it is liek saying we are stronger than you, so we can dictate our rules). Fink a Tarik bnou ziad et Moussa bnou Noussayer, tilka ayyamon qad khalate...


8:16 pm    February 28, 2004
lah yr7mhom o lah y3awen nass li bkaw fel 7ayat el mouhim li ykder y3awn blado with wathever it might be plz do specialy at this time of tragedy but it's sad when i see things like this

3:27 pm    February 28, 2004
I totally agree with you Adnane! We should be more understanding. And Morocco is really doing its best to overcome that tragedy.

3:25 pm    February 28, 2004
Adnane, the truth is the's crystal "Shems"...please don't sugar-coat the facts...The government should have planned way better after loosing a whole city like Agadir in the 60's...(Agadir earthquake), floods that happened in the east of morocco couple of years ago, locusts invasion and lost of crops... The government sent people with scholarships to nurture the conscience and develop a great vision towards civilization not to depend on what the x-colonizer build for us and did for us and what boukersh is looking for!! Don't they have a ministry of planning, don't they have borj morakaba, arsad jawiya, and other advanced centers that predicts or says : Al-hoceima is under a seismic line, there's a liability down-there....let's move our asses and develop contingencies. check out Japan they have a high number of seismic movements monthly...(big diff. of course....but "Elli aaddou lhnesh ykhaf men lehbel")
As i explained our Gov. is a an organism of consumption and selfishness and they don't really give a fu**k what's going on as long as they are safe and secure and their money is growing and they are "untouchable"!!
I don't mean by that the king coz i have considerable respect to his person "aala ayni we aala rassi" the king is doing a great, he's trying his utmost and that's really a noticeable shift of power compared to his dad's era. In that instance I would rephrase the british anthem into "God save the King.." he's in the same status as any other king: Juan Carlos, or Elisabeth and we are happy and proud of that..But my main focus and concern is this non-dynamic executive committee he has (ministers, consultants, governers, advisers, cabinets) they are all running behind their ego...that is the REAL CHAOS that is behind the scene. These poor people they were neglected way before this earthquake and it looks like God is showing a sample of what poverty and need and lost of hope is ...that's why people manifested...coz there's no hope there..there's nothing.... an absolute obscure future...they were creating chaos because they were neglected and "fi khabar kana min zaman"...what should be done to a kid who lost all his family, parents and siblings? what future awaits for him if he is thrown in "Al-khayria"...You tell me? Adnane I know you are trying to be a peace-maker and a pacifier but still there are stuff here that we have to vent and voice our concern about it and you have to agree with that as an enlightened person and a webmaster of this site.
In the same way, We always have to keep in mind that all these debates it's because of a strong love that we have for our country ...and the strong ties with our people, culture and humanity in general. Our motive is just to try to be correct, do stuff straight and drop the old mentality of nothingness.. with respect of course to some guidelines and rules ...and everyone knows what is meant by that.

11:45 am    February 28, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Come on, let's not be so damn hard on Morocco! Since when do we get natural disasters frequently, since when do we get threats of all sorts all the time? you can expect a level of planning and preparation but you cannot plan for everything and know when you need to be ready.

Wiqaya madania, Moroccan red cross, firefighters etc are helping and doing the best they can, and more importantly they are learning. Everyone is learning. You have to understand that there was chaos among people in the earthquake regions to the extent that nobody wants to go back to their homes even if they're still erect. People with homes were taking supplies, tents, blankets etc away by force from the victims most in need.. the goddamn chaos was started by the people themselves! Why do you always have to blame the authorities?

When a disaster strikes other nations, Morocco is always there to help, Iran, Algeria, Turkey, Iraq etc. It is now time for them nations to help us, and I'm glad they are.

For those who were bashing the King, what can I say.. you don't know nothing about him, you have no respect and you have lost manners.



9:49 am    February 28, 2004

abdelilah message
Dear Youssef and Baghi tiqar,

I am Moroccan and I love my country so much. When I say khounnaiza land, I do not mean bladi lehbiba but the elite in charge, the corrupt elite that has been hijacking my country for a long time. If you think our elite is doing well, bessahha al bastila wellah yjeeb leena hetta hnaa chi khedma m3a sifara. lol.


7:49 am    February 28, 2004

According to some, maybe all these countries who are sending relief
to Morocco are making a huge mistake... since nothing ever worked, and nothing will ever work in morocco .

Ma dirou, mat khaliw men ydir

The sabottage attitude is not beneficial for any nation, group or team...


6:25 am    February 28, 2004
Hey..calm down people and take it easy?Please preserve for yourself that attribute of ?Khonaiza? about the country coz you lack respect and you don?t even know what?s going on there. It?s true that our gov?t is disorganized, mismanaged and not having a solid knowledge about handling this matter but still we can?t be obscene and call it like that?
Our gov. lacks visibility, managing for long terms as they stagnate in just daily agenda?s, not well equipped or prepared for any unseen circumstances. No planning for emergencies, contingencies plans or whatsoever.. It?s not the fault of Al-hoceima people nor our country but the elite in charge!! I never heard of an expenditure to finance training on emergencies or contingencies for flood, fire or any other disaster or send staff to train overseas in France our (Idol) or any other advanced country who are really willing to offer that kind of knowledge and skills! (Al-wikaya Almadania) they are just lolly-gagging not even knowing what they are there for!! They can handle traffic accidents maybe or minor incidents and that?s it. This is really showing that there?s lack of wisdom and organization (They are good just in showing off in TV bubbling Al-Fatiha)!!! --Sorry for the term--.YES-- There?s help provided and assistance is available but where?s management skills and teamwork, where?s common sense? I wished they could have just given leadership to an int?l red-cross team to handle the chaos there and just be there to assist and learn.
But I believe arrogance will never allow that obligation to happen. I heard they don?t have even maps of some areas (where?s Wizarat Takhtit??) what the heck they are doing there! (Looking busy doing nothing!).
But again, we are accustomed to such things to happen in our country no doubt like any other 3d world country but it?s a shame that we believe that the prosperity progress at the expense of many essential things .They have just to live up to that image embellished of Morocco, depicted on the internet and governmental brochures ..etc.!!
Last but not least for some raiooers who were upset with some countries that did not contribute to assist Al-Hoceima, I believe that they did it was just done on the down-low (S.A, UAE or Kuwait) but our big thanks should go to France, US, Portugal respectively and Andalusia they were a leading example to express their willingness to help?
There?s a saying: ?Elhemm ila ketar yedahakk /eybekki? to warp up the subject.:I was mingling with a buddy of mine I was like why Saudis didn?t show any assistance. He goes well they don?t go to Al-hoceima to spend their ?Layali e-lmilah?---he said apparently they were thanking God it didn?t happen in Agadir or Casa where they enjoy the fun!!
Finally, keep it real guys and contribute?contribute to help the needy of this disaster!!

5:45 am    February 28, 2004
toi , qui a qualifi? le maroc de khounaiza land , tu es compl?x? de ton pays ou quoi?!! c vrai qu?il y avait de la panique , mais c naturel , les gens sont frustr? des replications , et les marocains ne veulent pas que les gens qui sont venus en aide , soient mort eux aussi , tu comprnds un peu. soi realist , et ne fais de prejuj?es , .
je te dirais quelquechose, meme si tu es en colere sur ton pays , et tu cherches a l?attaquer , tu seras decu , car il ya des gens qui aiment ce maroc meme si est (khounaiza land) . et reste eloign? de ce maroc stp.

5:34 am    February 28, 2004

abdelilah message
An Austrian Team of humanitarian aid in Al Hoceima was due to come back to Austria yesterday. They were not allowed to come back because the airport was closed. The issue became big in Vienna. Allez Allez khounnaiza!

2:26 am    February 28, 2004
the problem that our goverenemet forgot the Rif , although in this catastrophe ..

ther are some villages which are forgetten until this time .. no one take care for them , they are in bad condition ! ..

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3on!


2:00 am    February 28, 2004
M hamed
Morocco Opens Account at Foreign Banks to Collect Funds for Quake Victims
RABAT, Feb.27 - Morocco?s central bank ?Bank Al-Maghrib? has opened a bank account at foreign banks for people wishing to make donations to help victims of the powerful earthquake that jolted last Tuesday the Moroccan eastern region of Al-Hoceima, killing at least 571 people, injuring over 400 and leaving thousands of others homeless.

People wishing to can make their donations by doing their transfer at any of the following banks to Bank Al-Maghrib?s account (swift code: BKAMMAMR):

In Paris, Banque de France, Paris, Swiftcode:BDFEFRPPCCT
In Frankfurt, Deutsch Bundesbak, Swiftcode:MARKDEFF
In London, Bank of England, Swiftcode:BKENGB2L
In Rome, Banca d'Italia, Swiftcode: BITAITRR
In Madrid, Banco de Espana, Swiftcode: ESPBESMM
In Vienna, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Swiftcode: NABAATWW
In Helsinki, Suomen Pankki- Finlands Bank, Swiftcode: PFBFIHH
In Amsterdam: ABN Amro Bank, NV, Swiftcode: ABNANL2A
In Lisbon, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Swiftcode: BBVAPTPL
In Brussels, Fortis Bank S.A/N.V, Brussels, Swiftcode: GEBABEBB

Middle East:
In Riyadh, Riyadh Bank, swiftcode: RIBLSARI
In Kuwait, Central Bank of Kuwait, Swiftcode: CBKUKWKW
In Abu Dhabi, Central Bank of the U.A.E, Swiftcode: CBAUAEAA

North America:
In New York, Federal Reserve Bank, Swiftcode: FRNYUS33
In Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada, Swiftcode: ROYCCAT2
A bank account (101) was opened at Morocco?s Central Bank ?Bank Al Maghrib? for people who wish to donate money to help the victims.
? MAP 2004


6:59 pm    February 27, 2004
This message is to all brothers and sisters in morocco or anywhere elses...
Please visit wafin at and make a donnations your brothers and sisters need your help now more than ever. If you want to see more pictures of what hapened please visit this website:
thank you and may allah bless your heart

6:46 pm    February 27, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
soumia, yes it's as simple as adnane at raioo dot com, thanks!

6:14 pm    February 27, 2004
thanks ooooopss for the link!

4:43 pm    February 27, 2004
un simple marocain a l\\ exterieur
khoya rachid, the earthquake occured last tuesday or wednesday? anyways, today is thursday, tomorrow will be saturday...
the king m6 is in morocco, right? What do you think would be holding him from visiting the people in Al Hoceima so that maybe the aids get there because that's how we are, if the king is here, we try to show him that everything is good and fine. I just read in an article that he postponed his visit until saturday, and about him seen in a motorcycle, believe it or not, but this is real stuff i'm talking about. I can't tell if it was a 103 sport or not, but believe me if i say so. I didn't see him w/ my proper eyes but others did...
I don't see why you're defending the king, I really don't see why... He's not doing anything when the ppl need him.
For his own good, I'll suggest that he stays away from that region b/c rwafa are so pissed at him right now...


3:47 pm    February 27, 2004 This is an unrelated or foul message..

2:35 pm    February 27, 2004
it is sad yes.. allay yarhamhom jami3an. i agree that donations are less likely to get there because of the corruption problem moroccans suffer from. but my friend! we can't blame everything on M6 , plus it was funny when u said he was seen on his motorcycle which i beleive is not true simply because he is smarter and at the same time better than that. the sympathy and compassion is present in our hearts for the lost souls but lets stop blaming everything on our king . he has done alot for the country and we should be greatful for that.

12:40 pm    February 27, 2004
un simple marocain a l exterieur
Whatever amount we can donate, no one from the people who need it will get it. It will just be a loss of time for us and them to keep them wait for nothing that's gone the second you give it away.
It was so sad yesterday when i was watching TV5 looking at people talking w/ the journalists, saying that so many nations sent help and they still haven't received nothing, that they still all hungry, they sleep whatever they can find a spot, It was just a shame.
Mr. the king M6 who was supposed to be there the day the tragedy happened, well let me tell you that he was seen in Tanger in his motorcycle just chilling and having fun while there are people dying. I think him so much for his generous heart. What can we do? it's just the way it is in morocco and it's how it will always be.

What can i say and what can i do? Nothing, but I'll say "3acha l malik" and sit my ass down.


10:47 am    February 27, 2004

Je crois qu\'il y a beaucoup parmis nous qui veulent faire des dons pour les sinistres du tremblement mais qui savent pas commment, Voila ce lien du Croissant-Croix Rouge ou on peut faire un Don On line (Credit Card), Tout le monde sait que la croix rouge est deja sur place Donc n\'hesitez pas svp a faire un petit geste envers notre cher pays (Fi sabil allah)


9:36 am    February 27, 2004
j'ai la honte de voir des sc?nes diffus?es par la t?l? et les journaux, les aides sont l? et je ne crois pas qu'on va oublier quelqu'un ; les gens n'arr?tent pas de se manifester crier se bousculer ? savoir il y en a parmi eux qui ont d?ja un toit, et qu'ils l'ont fuit par peur c?est leur droit certes mais il y a des priorit?s, 30 000 sans abri et c?est pas ?vident de g?rer ce nombre.
Je me demande pourquoi ces gens l? se calment pas et qu?ils prient dieu alors qu?ils sont tj en vie.
Faites un petit saut sur et vous allez voir si comme si on est pas sur notre maroc

9:20 am    February 27, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Add to that, a seism wich was registred and Clearely felt by the citizens of Agadir during last Ramadan...


9:16 am    February 27, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Natural desasters hit everywhere...the problem is that the muslim authorities are not prepared for any catastroph of any kind...
When I hear 40 Spanish firemen leaving Al Hoceima back to Spain out of frustration, because the Moroccan authorities with their lack of organisation, were making their rescue mission slow and difficult...that makes me angry !
And I don't see how I can blame/thank God for that.

Moroccan firemen, as well as rescue poeple and their coordinators, should get a REAL EDUCATION and continious training in the field, as they do in the west.

It is sickening to think that probably poeple are still traped under the rubbles, between life and death as we speak, while the "rescue guys" cann't reach them .
"Oh... We have ambulances , but we forgot to build roads..!" !¤#&#¤*!

As far as I am aware of, Agadir is the only city built over seismic area, wich makes sure that all houses are built with enough metal and concrete withing the pillars, as well as the base of the house. The authority learned it the hard way after 1961 eathquake, wich basically erased the old town from the map.
At the top of the mountain, you could still see ruins of the houses that were demolished ... they were self made !

The poor victims of Al Hoceima region, where poor citizens who had houses made of mud bricks !
Just like the late earthquake in Bam (Iran), 40.000 poeple were killed, mainly burried under mub contructions !

We should do our home work first, then we can adress the teacher...


8:42 am    February 27, 2004
This is the perfect time for some cheap bastard to make some money. If you think that our donations will get to the victims of the earthquake, you are wrong. Sending help will not make any difference because the government controls everything. 20$, 40$ or anything else will get to the pockets of ministers, big bosses and the military not the poor Moroccans. Don?t get me wrong I already donated 50$ but I am absolutely sure that my money won?t help the victims. Our country doesn?t still have the basic elements and structures to even dig the ground looking for bodies. In any catastrophe, we wait and ask for foreign help why?!? Where all the country?s money goes?

8:41 am    February 27, 2004

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
Chronologie des r?cents s?ismes au Maroc

RABAT (AP) - Voici une chronologie des principaux s?ismes survenus au Maroc au cours du XXe si?cle:

- 21/22 janvier 1909: un s?isme d?truit la r?gion de T?touan (c?te nord), faisant une centaine de victimes

- 4 janvier 1929: un s?isme cause des d?g?ts ? F?s et Outat el-Hadj

- 29 f?vrier 1960: un s?isme de magnitude de 5,8 sur l'?chelle ouverte de Richter d?truit Agadir, faisant 12.000 morts

- 28 f?vrier 1969: un s?isme ressenti dans presque tout le pays est plus particuli?rement meurtrier sur le littoral atlantique, faisant une dizaine de morts et 200 bless?s

- 23 octobre 1992: un s?isme de magnitude 5,2 fait deux morts dans la r?gion de Rissani dans l'Atlas. Une semaine plus tard, pareil s?isme dans la m?me r?gion fait 45 bless?s et des d?g?ts.

- 28 juin 2001: une secousse tellurique de magnitude 5,2 est enregistr?e dans plusieurs villes de la c?te occidentale sans faire de d?g?ts mat?riels ni de victimes

- 27 mai 2003: un s?isme de magnitude 3,6 est enregistr? dans la province de Kh?nifra (200km ? l'est de Rabat), sans faire de victimes ou de d?g?ts


7:32 am    February 27, 2004
Assalamu Alaikum:

It almost sounds like something in the movie; wherever Muslims live, calamity strikes! Subhana\'Allah. It\'s difficult to understand how Allah (SWT) operates. HE definitely operates in a manner that befits His Majesty, in which the human mind will never be able to understand. All we can do is raise our hands and thank Him for whatever trial He puts us through, and help each other as much as possible in trying to make life easier among each other. The Muslims of the city of Al Hoceima in Morocco have just been tested in a manner that we have not seen in recent years, since the last big earthquake to hit Morocco in 1990. Women, the elderly, and beautiful children, among others, had their lives terminated in a very painful way. Let us remember the dead and those who survived, in our Du\'a.

Those from Al-Maghreb should notify us and others of any plans to donate towards the victims.

7:23 am    February 27, 2004
salam adnan

je vais reprendre ce qu eje t'avais demand? hier:

tu as un mail ? me communiquer comme ?a je t'envois un article sur l'historique des tremblements de terre au maroc; j'aurai aim? mettre un lien directement mais je ne suis pas dou?e.


7:21 am    February 27, 2004
salam adnan
je vais reprendre ce que je t'avais demand? hier:

tu as ? mail un me communiquer comme ?a je t'envois un article sur l'historique des tremblements de terre au maroc; j'aurai aim? mettre un lien directement mais je ne suis pas dou?e reply


7:42 pm    February 26, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I second Baghi Tiqar in what he said about Red Cross and Red Crescent. For me, they're the most trustworthy and the best solution if you want to help the victims in the short term. They were the first ones, even before Rabat reacted, who got much supply, food, basic furniture and human resources delivered in planes to the airports in Morocco after the Hoceima earthquake. The responsibles (or irresponsibles..) failed to receive them properly, failed the logistics, it is unfortunate. I hope they got their act straight now and got the help in. On another note, if there is a Moroccan NGOs channel in USA let us know.

But I still want to say that the accounts created by Moroccan government are a way to centralize the money flooding in from you guys, those in canada, europe and different regions of Morocco. These funds I think will be used properly in the long term for the victims. So just make sure you know your money is going to those funds as well if you want to be part of the long term solution.

So if you want, donate $20, $40, $100 to the International Red Cross, red Crescent now. $20 can buy a blanket or two for two kids in Imzighen, $40 can buy jackets, so don't say that my donation will not count and that I pass because those in Hoceima need Millions of $$$$ of donations. Anything you give to the Moroccan funds could end up a set of bricks in a new home for a victim familly. So Do it now.

Wallah y3awen ljami3.


4:03 pm    February 26, 2004
I suggest that people use their contact list and send emails to everybody that they know. Especially at work, you can email the general company list and people will reply. You will be surprised! Some companies will also match your total donations.

If everyone mobilizes within their work and social network, I think we can raise some funds that can make some difference. Here is an email that I used. You can copy it and paste it. It is based on the text from donations page. Come on we can do better than 12K. This is all Moroccans and Friends of Morocco in the US can give??? No you gotta be kidding me!

The victims of the earthquake in Morocco need you more than ever. The mountainous Rif region that was hit Monday with a horrible 6.5 level quake is extremely cold especially at night. Two towns were completely leveled and more than 300,000 people were left with no homes or shelters. Please contribute with whatever you can. Most of the affected were poor people who need all the help they can get. You can make your payment using a credit card at, or mail a check to:

Gourad Media Group LLC.
9 Mott Ave. Suite 107
Norwalk, CT 06850

We have received several requests asking us where the money will go. We will make sure that your donations will be sent to the right party that will make the best use of it. The funds will be invested directly and efficiently to help the most needy affected families.

You may also phone the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information at 011-212-37-66-01 77 or by fax at 011-212-37-66-01-12.



10:57 am    February 26, 2004
khoya baghi tikar, lah issame7 but i dont see anything that i said or you said that was wrong, I just felt like you were talking to me cuz i was the only talking about boukerch and the next reply you talked about it too but the opposite of what i said. Anyway, I'm not mad and so you are, we are here to discuss and know new people, not fight and have new enemies.
concerning what you said, let me tell you about those people you were defending: those over there will not have mercy on anybody even if you're dying in the street. They will only care about you if you have $$$ that they can get out of you, but if you don't and you are in a situation of asking money out of them, better kill yourself, cuz you won't get none. It's sad to explain it to you in those exact words but it's the reality.
God bless Morocco and you

9:51 am    February 26, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I know that they have no experience in anything...
But when it comes to a tragedy like this, no experience is needed.
Wiring money takes 2 minutes...
Eachtime I go to Morocco, I see moroccan airhostesses working for gulf airlines at the airport (because their women cannt do that...) = there are several flights taking place between those countries and Morocco...They could have stuffed 1 plane or 2 with clothes +medecine . if they cared ...
But maybe they are too high to think of such human gestures, because they have been chewing too much of that crappy plant called "9aT" .

Alla9wa nsha3llah !!!

Vive le Maroc !


9:32 am    February 26, 2004
it's ok i get it now but if am not wrong qatar has sent helps, also if you're talking about AS or U A E Bahrein those one don't have enough experience in this deseas ;
we never know may be later they are gonna send money or other stuffs

9:03 am    February 26, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

During this tragedy Morocco got help from the EU countries, USA, Algeria and even Egypt...
Nothing was offered by Saudia nor UAE or Bahrain.
Probably their are saving money for their next vacation in Morocco...


8:50 am    February 26, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

A Casablanca
SOS VILLAGE ENFANTS A IMZOUGHEN, accueillant et hיbergeant une partie des sans-abri, a besoin d'argent, couvertures, denrיes alimentaires, vךtements
Dons a deposer א Rיsidence Abdelmoumen (Erac, Immeuble 4, Boulevard Hamza Ben Abdelmoutalib Derb Ghallef, appartement n010) Autres villes: 022-99-21-65 ou 022-98-97-38 (fax)

- En France
COLLECTIF DE 15 ASSOCIATIONS Collecte d'argent pour envoyer du matיriel mיdical et vךtements
- Chטques א l'ordre de Maroc O Coeur - Collectif Al Hoceima 2004 .Achahboun Fatima, 11 Avenue Georges Hecq, 92270 Bois Colombes
- Virements au compte de l'Association "Maroc O Coeur" , Domiciliation : Credit Cooperatif, 4 rue Auber 75009 PARIS, RIB : 42559 00028 21026485803 06, IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 2821 0264 8580 306, SWIFT: CCOPFRPP ou 06-63-97-87-12

Au Canada

SOLIDARITE MAROC CANADA Association de Solidarite Canada-Maroc +1-514-362-1926 Compte No : 08971-003-101-027-1 א la Banque Royale Succursale ֶle des sours Le village, 40, place du commerce, Ile des sours, Montrיal (Quיbec) Canada H3E-1J6

You can use your credit card to donate.


8:47 am    February 26, 2004
just wanna know what's the relationship between al hociama's earthqueka and seing or hearing a bragging Saudi....

8:19 am    February 26, 2004
Can people here do something for our brothers in Al houssima???
or no body here think about it ??

8:17 am    February 26, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
The instinct of knowlledge unconsciousely obeys the deeper necessity of the preservation of the spicies, if necessary at the cost of the individual.
Therefore, at times when the ideal attitude threathens to disapear, we can at once recognize a diminution of that force wich forms the community and thus creates the premises of culture.
As soon as egoism becomes the ruler of a poeple, the bands or order are loosened and in the chase after their own hapiness men fall from heaven into a real hell .
Yes, even prosperity forgets the men who have have served only their adventage and praises the heros who have renounced their own hapiness .

Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler)

PS:... No need to bring up the jewish thing...just look at what you read above from "Al Hoceima"(Morocco or any nation) perspective...


7:57 am    February 26, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
From now on...
If I see or hear a bragging Saudi, UAE, or similar bragging coward... I will remember Al Hoceima Earthquake...

7:34 am    February 26, 2004
Don't be so defensive coz i didn't mention your name or hint about you because i was elaborating the idea in a vague general way that has nothing to do with you.
My msg was not initially forwarded to u--- it was just a chained msg following yours. To make a full-stop to this-as it's a waste of time right now to debate about trivial discrepancies like this- I was talking to Raiooers in general and all moroccans overseas -see the bottom of my msg you would understand- to do contribute to a trust-worthy orgs. without hesitating and without falling in the vicious circle of this and that coz it would lead to nowhere!!...etc.
There's no slight idea of depicting you as whatever you mentioned...and if you still feel like that ...too bad.. re-read my post again (vous etes majeur et vaccine) you'll grasp something...
"Wellah yessameh"

7:20 am    February 26, 2004
salam adnan
tu as ? mail ? me communiquer comme ?a je t'envois un article sur l'historique des tremblements de terre au maroc; j'aurai aim? mettre un lien directement mais je ne suis pas dou

7:14 am    February 26, 2004
The last article I wrote wasn't about at all where my money would go, and you were talking to me like i was crying for the money i would send and then make me the bad guy here, all i woud say is please go read thouroughly what i wrote yesterday... it was just my response to the article badr from NY had right before my reply. So please read everything before replying to anything...
thank you, god bless all

5:31 am    February 26, 2004
"Inna lillahi wa inna ileihi rajioon", first of all on behalf of my friends here in Chicago we express our deep sadness for the earthquake that shook El-Hoceima and it's regions. Our condoleonces to people who lost loved ones, properties, homes, valuables and especially the ones who lost hope...I would like to tell them that the Great and All-Mighty is watching so don't give up hope as there's God and as there's still good people on earth.."Inna baada lossri yossran"...
For people who are still suspecting "Boukersh" and keep thinking about where my money gonna go???.. I would say if u keep halucinating like that you will never and ever contribute to anything....We know after every catastrophy..(Karitha)..there's what we call "Aghniao l'harb" ="the rich of wars" or "les arrivistes" who are everywhere....but still we can have some trust on ourselves and follow our whom we would donate.My suggestion is:
Before doing any kind of donations..please do some reasearch beforehand and make a couple of calls. Instead of creating a paypal acct. and all that..I would suggest that we should rally together around making people know what's a donation and how it works and where it will go. I don't advice people to create an acct. or whatever..and if you don't trust anyone even our local moroccan organization please donate to "International federation of redcross and redcrescent societies" it's an international known org., well managed, well known and they are serious about supervising and controlling their non-profit business...It has a long history of helping most impoverished countries in the world and whereever there's a hotspot of war or country hit by a natural disaster etc..... They are the one who raised approx .more that $2M. more than anyone assisting us in Al-Hoceima. Please do not hesitate to go to their website and read about their history and mission statement as well as what they did....It's easy to contribute just go the website:
and give your donation via a credit card and thru a secure server. I believe other modes of donating (checks, wiring etc..)
Please make sure that the donation is going to "the earthquake in Morocco" which is the first one on the top of the tab-list. (You'll figure it out easily!!)
Last but not least, donating to assist morocco is a feeling of solidarity, nationalism and humanity....does it make u feel good!! Absolutely!! Please moroccans in US, Canada or anywhere in the globe...put yourself in the shoes of this needy people who are loosing hope and depending on the tiny bit help of the government and the other international orgs. and friends (countries)...but they depend on you too who is out there.Your help would make a diffrence....Please get in touch with friends educate them about this donation process and move forward...
"wa kol imalo fasayara ellaho aamalakom"..

6:15 pm    February 25, 2004
I suggest that the boukerch responsible motherfu**ers over there fund for what is needed for those people instead of, after this disaster, looking at this situation a good opportunity for them to get more money for their pockets.
we all can help, but our help is not enough, we are talking about serious money here. They are now expecting now Aid from Europe and I hope it arrives the sooner inchallah.
I mean it's so stupid, those people pay taxes for a moroccan government not to europe, so it's morocco's govt duty to get them for what is needed not just sit there hands crossed and wait for a foreign european country to help... I just don't get it

Shame on us to have those articles about our beloved country that are humiliating but in facts are true b/c that's how it always was in morocco and that's how it will always be :(
Et de plus, ce n'est pas l'image que l'on veut avoir 3 mois avant le vote de la coupe du monde.


4:49 pm    February 25, 2004
I suggest that Raioo opens a Paypal account and starts
to collect donation, I will coordinate with him from New York
to make sure the donations go to the right place.
Goods and food will take too much time to get there, as I know by experience. Money will open all the doors. So Adnan
If you are interrested, please start with the paypal account.
and you will have all my support from where I am, plus it will come as a donation from everybody that conects to Riaoo.
Waiting for your suggestions.

3:26 pm    February 25, 2004
Hello all:
as you can see from the article it is hard to get aid to disaster victims. As always contingency planning is not our forte but LETS GET TO WORK. $ is not the only way to help albeit the easiest but usually what's needed is basic goods. I propose we start setting up aid banks for donations in the different cities where we reside and pool them together to send needed help. The red cross needs 1,500 tents, 30,000 blankets, 15,000 mattresses etc. we can probably send through the embassy, USAid and other specialized NGOs. I'll get more info. At the least we should send goods from NY, Boston, DC and Chicago where many of you seem to reside.

think about what it's like to be out at night in the cold windy Rif mountain, next time you are at Walmart.
More to come.


Protest after Morocco quake kills 565 By Souhail Karam (Reuters) - February 25 2004 16:33
AL HOCEIMA, Morocco (Reuters) - Angry homeless survivors from an earthquake that killed nearly 600 people in northern Morocco have blocked a main road in protest at the lack of government aid to rebuild their shattered lives.As hopes dimmed of finding any more people alive in the rubble of mud-brick homes in villages around Al Hoceima, dozens of demonstrators staged a sit-down protest on the road linking the Mediterranean port city to the interior, interrupting all traffic."We spent the night under the rain, in the cold. We want this to stop," said Ahmed Mnabhi, 26, and unemployed. "We want building material, bricks, cement, iron to rebuild our homes".The death toll from Morocco's worst natural disaster in more than 40 years rose to at least 565 when aftershocks sent two buildings in the nearby village of Im-Zouren crashing.A casualty doctor at Al Hoceima's main Mohammed V hospital said the latest tremors had badly rattled the survivors: "The people coming in today, especially following the aftershocks of this morning and midday, are suffering from severe hysteria."All we can do is to support them and increase psychological support available at the hospital," he said.Officials said the death toll would likely rise as search-and-rescue teams reached hamlets far up the Rif mountains. Forecasters said plummeting temperatures and rain over the next few days would only hamper the rescue effort.
Mohamed Benhaddou, in his fifties, taking part in the sit-in outside Al Hoceima, said aid was sorely missing."On TV, they say food, blankets are being delivered. We've seen nothing of this relief aid. Grocery shops are closed (for fear of looting) so we can't even buy food," he said."In nearby Im-Zouren, where many houses were flattened, survivors were also bitter."They brought us two tents that could accommodate maybe 20 people when there were more than 200 of us out there," said Abdelmajid Nachat, 47. "We got no bread, no milk, no potatoes".Many of the newly homeless spent the night in the open, in trucks or under sheeting and other makeshift shelters.Most Moroccans were asleep when the quake, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, struck early on Tuesday in an area that is home to 300,000 to 400,000 people.Fatima Moussaoui, an elderly veiled woman, said she spent a bleak night in pouring rain with no drinking water. "My daughter has broken legs, she got no treatment," she said.Khadija Ouhand, a one-legged middle-aged Berber woman, lost her husband and son in the quake. "I rely on people here to take me to the toilets. What I want is food and medicine," she said.Mourad Boutssount, 12, stood outside the debris of what was his home. The three-storey building collapsed on Wednesday morning and buried his father inside. "He did not want to leave the house, he was afraid of looters," Mourad said, sobbing.
Many injured were treated in makeshift clinics or airlifted to hospitals in the capital Rabat, Casablanca and Meknes. Villagers, some digging with their bare hands or shovels to search for survivors, said heavy equipment, sniffer dogs and field hospitals were needed.Former colonial power France led European states pledging rescue workers with sniffer dogs and heavy-digging equipment. In Brussels, the European Commission said it had earmarked 500,000 euros for initial emergency aid for the victims.The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) appealed for 2.8 million Swiss francs (1.2 million pounds) to provide supplies including 1,500 tents, 30,000 blankets, 15,000 mattresses, heaters and food. In Al Hoceima, a fishing port and beach resort of about 70,000 people, damage was limited but authorities were trying to cope with the dead, injured and homeless from nearby areas.Tuesday's quake was North Africa's worst since 2,300 people were killed last May in neighbouring Algeria. Morocco's worst recorded quake killed 12,000 in the city of Agadir in 1960.
? Reuters Limited Click for restrictions


12:40 pm    February 25, 2004
Inna lillahi oua Inna ilaihi rajioun. mes sinceres condoleances a tous ceux qui ont perdu un/des proche(s) lors de ce terrible evenement.

25.02.2004 | 17h02 MAP

Ouverture d'un compte ? Bank Al-Maghrib sous le num?ro 101 au profit des sinistr?s du s?isme d'Al Hoceima

Conform?ment aux Hautes instructions donn?es par Sa Majest? le Roi Mohammed VI, que Dieu L'assiste, au gouverneur de Bank Al-Maghrib, il a ?t? proc?d?, ce mercredi, ? l'ouverture d'un compte sur les livres de Bank Al-Maghrib sous le num?ro 101 en vue de centraliser les dons p?cuniaires vers?s par les citoyens r?sidant au Maroc ou ? l'?tranger au profit des sinistr?s du s?isme d'Al Hoceima, indique un communiqu? de Bank Al-Maghrib.

Le premier versement enregistr? au niveau de ce compte a ?t? effectu? par SM le Roi Mohammed VI que Dieu L'assiste.
Les dons peuvent ?tre effectu?s aupr?s de toutes les agences de Bank Al Maghrib, de la tr?sorerie g?n?rale, ainsi que des guichets des banques et des bureaux de poste, en esp?ces, par ch?que ou par virement bancaire, pr?cise le communiqu?


11:56 am    February 25, 2004
Quand tu t'adresse ? une association ou une fondation je crois l? tu auras l'esprit tranquille c'est pas comme tu donnes ? un inconnu ! un conseil avant toute donation essayes de demander quelles ?taient les ex actions de cette fondation ou association.
autre que ?a et c'est par rapport ? toi meme tuas fait ce qu'il faut faire et tua s ? avoir la consience tranquil il y a un dieu qui l'acceptera m?me ?a ne serait que niya et les autres m?me s'il ne la recevront pas rizkohom ala allah


11:33 am    February 25, 2004
Je remercie tous qui ont contribue a poster les addresses et numeros de telephone pour aider les victimes du seisme. Mais j'ai une question, Je voudrais bien aider les gens qui ont perdu leurs biens maisons et qui sont surement aujourd'hui des demunis... J'aimerais bien donner des donnations pour aider, mais quelqun responsable de la collection de l'argent peut me confirmer que l'argent ira chez les survivants et leurs familles ou bien dans d'autres poches.
Je ne veux meme pas penser a ca, car je sais que nous ne sommes pas tous pareils, que nos mentalites sont differentes et qu'il y a toujours le bon et le mal

Merci a tous, and sorry for those who'll get offended by this comment.


10:49 am    February 25, 2004
salam adnan

pr ne pas etre confus, il faut juste appeller le num de tel que j'ai communiqu? tout ? l'heure, je les ai contact? hier pr demander des informations c'est qu'un cousin r?sidant au usa voulais faire une donation(pr les vistimes du tremblement) et ils m'ont donn? ce num
Rappel: 0021237263640 Mme Belmkadem khadija/fondation med v pour la solidarit


10:45 am    February 25, 2004
Assalamo 3alaykom,
AMA BA3DE , ayouha al ikhwa wa al akhawate,
yesterday was and still is a day of grief for morocco and all the world. It's a tragedy, Lots of folks have lost their families their goods, their houses and most of their dear possessions.
Allah ikoune m3ahoum.
WE as a strong community got to get toguether and help our brothers and sistes out by all means a phone call will make a huge difference! But not only that we can also donate money little or alot whatever one could give so let's not be lazy
for help beleive me it pays off with Allah soubhanaho wa ta3alla.
You can do that by visiting the site there are many ways to send money or volunteer IT's ALL UP TO U.

That is not the only thing i would like to reflect to u today
i am going to make short because i know most of us got busy life styles and u don't want to sit there read what someone u don't even know wrote.
But this is it i would like all of us to fight TAKLID AL AAMA
in all it sense we have a culture to preserve let's nourish it and Hold on tight to it. We got a culture of brotherhood Iman
hgard working smart curious innovative and most of all proud,
proud to be a muslim and moroccan sharing the mother continent with some other bright cultures.
So brothers and sisters this is something we can apply to our daily life it our only way to keep our faith and country going strong.

Wa akhtimo kawli hada wa assalamo ealaykom wa rahmato allah.

PS please donate anything will be appriciated.


10:07 am    February 25, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I'll create a new discussion for Al-Hoceima help as soon as I get a chance. For now here are some ways you can help:

From: Nabil El Andaloussi
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 12:05 PM
Subject: Al Hoceima - Bienfaisance

Pour les dons
A Casablanca
SOS VILLAGE ENFANTS A IMZOUGHEN, accueillant et h?bergeant une partie des sans-abri, a besoin d'argent, couvertures, denr?es alimentaires, v?tements
Dons ? d?poser ? R?sidence Abdelmoumen (Erac, Immeuble 4, Boulevard Hamza Ben Abdelmoutalib Derb Ghallef, appartement n?10)
Autres villes: 022-99-21-65 ou 022-98-97-38 (fax)
BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE Collecte de v?tements pour remplir un camion ? destination de la zone sinistr?e.
Points de collecte :
MAARIF 7 Bd Bir Anzarane, Casablanca, au showroom de Richbond, pr?s du caf? Op?ra
CIL : 15 rue Tisnit, hay Essalam (sur Yacoub El Mansour avant d?arriuver ? Pfizer sur la droite, tourner ? droite juste apr?s le Cr?dit du Maroc, puis premi?re ? droite jusqu?au fond : portail gris)
AIN SEBAA Si?ge de Richbond, en face du si?ge de ZIZ
Ou 022-94-63-25 ou pour envoyer quelqu'un
b>A Rabat
VOLONTAIRES Camion de volontaires partant vendredi 27 avant midi pour emmener ? Al Hoceima tous les dons (draps, couvertures, v?tements, farine, riz, pates, conserves, sucre, lait en poudre....).
Demander Mme Yacoubi ? l'USAID (10 avenue Mehdi Ben Barka). 061-16-42-10
En France
COLLECTIF DE 15 ASSOCIATIONS Collecte d'argent pour envoyer du mat?riel m?dical et v?tements
- Ch?ques ? l'ordre de Maroc O Coeur - Collectif Al Hoceima 2004
Achahboun Fatima, 11 Avenue Georges Hecq, 92270 Bois Colombes
- Virements au compte de l?Association Maroc O C?ur, Domiciliation : Cr?dit Coop?ratif, 4 rue Auber 75009 PARIS, RIB : 42559 00028 21026485803 06, IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 2821 0264 8580 306, SWIFT: CCOPFRPP ou 06-63-97-87-12
R?union ce soir 25 f?vrier ? 20h au local de l'ATMF 10 rue Affre 75018 Paris (Mo La Chappelle)
Au Canada
SOLIDARITE MAROC CANADA Association de Solidarit? Canada-Maroc +1-514-362-1926 Compte No : 08971-003-101-027-1 ? la Banque Royale Succursale ?le des sours Le village, 40, place du commerce, Ile des sours, Montr?al (Qu?bec) Canada H3E-1J6
You can use your credit card to donate.


7:30 am    February 25, 2004
salam bard
il y a un num sur rabat que tu peux appeller c'est la fondation mohamed v 0021237263640 mme Belmkadem khadija elle aura ? vous orienter pr tout envoi de vos dons.

6:02 am    February 25, 2004
Il faudra s'organiser et envoyer des dons pour aider ceux qui ont souffert au Maroc du temblement de terre.
Si vous etes interresses contactez moi

11:35 pm    February 24, 2004
ina lillah wa ina ilayhi raji3oun pour tous les victimes marocaines

2:04 pm    February 24, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi raji3oun. May God have mercy on the injured and help the famillies with patience...

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