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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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An Honest Truck Driver
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

Nokia - Finland - A few weeks ago, and while in Agadir I decided to rent a bike to travel out of town, and reach Ait Wrir village which is known for its traditional tagine restaurants surrounded by banana plantations. As I drove some 10 km with 3abla behind me grabbing me nervousely from the waist, a blue big taxi reached me, and the driver informed me that I did drop something on the road from my short?s pocket. When I checked my pockets I realised that my wallet was indeed missing! I drove back for some 3 km staring at the road hoping I would find it in the place where the cab driver told me I had dropped it, but there was nothing! I lost hope and decided to keep moving...

While continuing the trip, a red Berlier truck coming from the opposite direction (the type of trucks that transport bricks, stones, cement, etc) with the driver putting the horns on, and waving to me. As we both stoped beside the road, the driver told me that he saw the wallet falling off my pocket, he picked it and followed me with the horns on. Apparently, I couldn?t hear him because of the helmet. Then he drove back looking for us after he lost me from his sight. He thought that we were both non-Moroccans.

The nice gentleman (a simple truck driver) in his late 30s, probably, gave me the wallet back (nothing much was on it, just 180DH, and an travel inssurance card).

I was touched by his honest gesture and good intention, I wanted to give him the 80 Dhs but he swore that he wouldn?t accept a coin from me, and that he did it for the sake of God, and he drove away... All he got from me was "Shokran, Allah yketter Kheirek!"

No matter how small such an event seems to be, I will remember it for ever. After all, it?s those very special moments, and those special people we meet, who remain in tour memory for ever... all the walls, museums, streets etc, do fade away with time.

Now, I feel better after telling my story about that honest man, while he has no idea who is talking about what he did, and where...

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5:04 pm    September 23, 2006
Il y'? des imposteurs, il y'? des bons et
il y'? des Marocains honn?tes.
L'histoire "An Honest Truck Driver" est un model de marocain.
thanks Driver

12:07 pm    October 25, 2003
Aaaaaaaah how sweeeet. Good people Do exist, I guess.
(So he was a non-Moroccan?)

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