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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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Morocco 5 & Khmiss
12:00:00 AM Wednesday Jun 26, 2002

It?s 8 O?clock at night, I was Driving back home after a long day at work, the weather was rainy and the visibility was poor . While keeping my eyes on the empty road, All what I am thinking off is reaching home, take a warm tea and lay on the couch.

My dream got interupted by a bang sound that came from behind the car. One of the back tires did explode . I maintained the car under control until I stoped. In full rain, I came out, took the tools and the spare tire out, and started changing the damaged tire, the rain was still "khaiT Men Sma", and I could hear the thunder echowing at the horizon after each flash of lightening.

As I was unscrewing the last bolt, I saw a lightning hitting the asphalte few feets away from me, all my body muscles got stiff...I knew it wasn?t my day, as not that many poeple get struck by the lightening. Electrical shock, shook all of me, I felt myself getting detached from my body...I refused the idea that I was diying, I kept telling myself : "Fight are too young to die now...#?%&()GRRR!%??#?%)")%?&?!" but it was all in vain, I was already transported by a powerful force through a tunnel of blue light at a very high speed.random Ideas kept running in head about God, judgement day, Heaven, Hell...But I knew that it is too late to return back, I just had to surender to what ever is coming next.

After few turns, I saw the end of a tunnel coming towars me quickely. I came out and landed hard on the ground, until my 94kg lifted the dust. I touched my hair, it was still wet and so were my clothes. I had a body again! I looked around me, and I saw cristal screen on wich it was writen: "Bienvenue ? Tanger".

I still had no idea what happened to me, nor where I was: I walked along a long road a couple of hour, until I reached a gate where it reads "Customs and Immigration Bureau" , where poeple of European and Asian appearance were queuing, holding small bright cards in their hand.

A Moroccan guy in uniform came towards me and said in a sophisticated Arabic : "Over here brother, only the none Moroccan citizens have to go through customs, Wecolme to your country! He took me to one small room , where I had to put my thumb on the surface of a cristall box, from wich he could tell that I was moroccan. it must be some technology able to read my genetic signatures. when I looked at the bottom of the mashine. it said : "Made in Casablanca by Rahhali and sons"!

Still under shock, I asked him:
"Where am I ?"
He replied : Common Wealth of Noth Africa.
Antr : "Ehum...Ok, liste...I like telling jokes too, but honetly I am not in the mood of hearing one right now!
CustomOfficer: "I like your accent, it reminds me of the begining of the 21 century!"
Antr : " Wait...WheN am I ?"
Custom : "We are in the year 2175...there is something strange about you...Aren?t you from here ?"
Antr:" Huh...Yes, I was born here..."
Custom: "*sigh*...Ah..thanks God, for a second I thought you were one of them Westerners trying to pass for a Moroccan so that he would enter the country and take adventage of what our prosporous democracy has to offer!"
Antr :"Gulp*...Keep talking!
Customs: "As you know, we are fighting illegal immigration from Europe and North America since the end of the nuclear war 1, We just cann?t welcome everybody. Especially those who have less than 2 PhDs.
Antr:"Gulp*!... I am sure that you have water somewhere...I am thursty like a camel !"
Customs: Of course we have plenty of pur water ! Thanks to our unpolluted seas and our hydrogene based energy... Do you think that were are some kind of Sweden or Canada type of coutry or what ?
Antr:" Uh...Why are those foreigners queuing infront of that box machine?
Customs:"That machine is called Aicha, it?s a wireless robot wich reads the ID of all non Moroccans and makes sure that they are clean and have "khemssaWkhmiss" code on their ID. Thanks to our youths, who made us the world leaders of the bluetooth and nano-technology!
A: And what?s khemssaWkhmiss code ?
Cus: It the equivalent of encient Greencard or Visa.

Thinking of myself as a Z?migr? I felt sadness that I lived in an ara where many of the moroccans wanted to reach spain by swiming. then I asked him : "What happened to the world ?
Custom- Well...After the nuclear war wich did break between the western nations wich was caused by their usual greed, We and some African countries did some how manage to survive, and rebuild the civilisation in a more peaceful and morally fair way. History is ironic Euh ?...they were refusing to let us get into their country during the last century, now they are risking their lives to enter ours.
But we cann?t afford letting Radio Activity contaminated poeple to enter our belloved country.

Antr: " I am very impatient...I want to go downtown...I want to see what it looks like, I cann?t wait !
Custom- No problem my friend, my shift is over after 15 minutes 35 seconds... I will take you by floating vehicule to Chinatown in Tangiers or any place you want.

Sitting on the floating bunch, I was watching Aicha the robot controling the ID of the new arriving immigrants, and giving a soft drink bottle to everyone who passes the control. I could see the name of the name of the drink on the bottle : "Maghribia" there was no police or merda, nor shabakouni around, just Aicha and the officer I was talking to. Although I know that I will no be able to see my loved ones, It felt like a rebirth..Finally I will be able to whitness the Moroccans enjoying life in a prosper and well advenced Morocco.

The officer came back riding a silent floating type of vehicule with a top made of glass. I got on board, and he asked me :
-Where shall we go ?
-"Casablnaca" I said, the machine obeyed, the lights started bliking, we rose up, then moved forward at high speed..." in agony I said: aahhh...I...Aie...I am not used to such a speed...slow down..! I felt myself getting detached from my body again...then found myself inside a blue tunnel ...wich did remind me of the previouse one...That?s it...I am still inside the same blue tunnel I was travelling through after I got hit by the lightening...God, what the hell is this ? Few zigzags...Uhh...few turns...I see the end of the tunnel coming towards me at a very high speed...I came out and landed on my back. *BonG* (:@

As I opened my eyes, I found my self looking at a ceiling I do recognize...the alarm radio went off : "...According to the Korean security, 10 english football holigans were arrested in Seoul, after the end of the Match..."

Pfeewww...God, what a nightmare!!!

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10:04 am    October 27, 2006
3 words for you hon..

4:01 pm    September 26, 2006
Take it easy AntrTrek !!
What a wonderful dream !!

6:17 am    September 23, 2006
Khamsa oakhmiss 3lik a antar.
IL faut avoir de bons meninges de faire ce r?ve, et de l'art de le raconter ainsi.
Merci, et Bravo

12:21 pm    October 25, 2003
Cool ! Great "Moroccan Dream" .

8:24 am    April 2, 2003
Nice story reminds me when i was back in Morocco, after school (sa3a mat9ouba) me and one of my friends sitting outside the school door chatting , it was a rainy day ,somethimg catches our eyes , this 30 years old lady passing by blond hair blue eyes (American looking girl) my friend said driss can u imagine , we America and America is us now , girls like that coming to u asking u for marriage (Lawri9at) people coming from all over the world seeking the Moroccan dream , everything looks good .Economy is up stock market is roaring people try (la7rig) from tangier and Lagwira they even use feguig in the east side , anyway after a short beautifull dream we back to reality , zahraoui bus passing by and the smell of smoke wake us up , damn that was a good ....
location : BD Mohamed V Casablanca

2:10 am    October 18, 2002
Tres bonne imagination mon ami. c'est realisable, mais 2175 loin :-), elle peu se faire, en partie, en moins de 10 ans en appliquant une equation bien connue qui est la suivante:
"la yoghaiiro allaho ma bi 9aoumin, 7atta yoghaiirou ma bi anfossihim".

je pense ?????


1:58 pm    October 15, 2002
that`s a very nice article....and very optimistic vision....and u never know wha`s gonna happen....ppl r fighting to get out of morocco...this idea could be turned to its head...starting with forigners trying to get to morocco......we never knoww...dima dima l maghrib

3:53 am    July 25, 2002
kebir sabil
great imagination

12:51 pm    July 24, 2002
VERY nice article.
You've got to let us read you more often. :)

10:33 am    July 23, 2002
oulaaaaaa... g ador? :):):) c'est TOP :):)

10:26 pm    July 3, 2002
such a nice xfile episode, je pourais meme dire que le realisateur xfile doit se considerer un amateur (d?butant) devant ton oeuvre qui est malhaureusement une vraie realit? dans plusieurs pays du monde en l'occurence l'un des pays que ton boulisi a cit? avec m?pris......all what i have to say now is hard luck for those poor citizens of year 3000 or whatever.......

10:30 pm    June 30, 2002
I have always a fan of ur writings!!! Great imagination and a wonderful story- Got to sell the rights to Hollywood :-)

10:13 pm    June 29, 2002

BentDreyfa message

u get some weird a-- imagination man :-) but I like the story , maybe someday U will be one of the most famous raioo authurs .
Good Luck to ya



1:25 am    June 27, 2002
J'ai lu cet article en conversant avec Adnane qui m'a informe du nouvel> Vraiment extraordinaire, un travail d'artist_a l'instar de Zafzaf, Driss Al khouri, med Berrada etc..En plus du music, des blagues, et du service exceptionnel dont Adnane ne menage aucun effort de le rendre aux emigres a travers le monde et speciallement aux marocains resident au USA, JE N'AI QU'APPLAUDIR TOUTE L'EQUIPE ET ANTAR BNOU CHADDAD OF COURSE>>> N.B: RAHHALI VEUT DIRE UN ENTREPRENEUR MAROCAIN SPECIALISE AU CONSTRUCTION DES CAROSSERIE DES AUTOBUS ET AUTOCAR DE BENJDIA_Casa??

1:04 am    June 27, 2002
nice article ! Reading the first lines I thought that it would be a real story!
Stupid I am :) ??kind of XFILES??or who knows! There are many
realities and stories like prove that rou7e exist.
That??s what attracted me to read the entire story??but as I don??t
know the ??style?? of Antar I didn??t expect that the article will be
like that! Anyway good imagination Antar, but let me nekoube 3elike
setale diyake lema never dream about it again or you will be arrested
next time you enter morocco :P. By the way it??s not the Korean police but inaae you forgot!



10:10 pm    June 26, 2002
Antr, you're one creative mind man! Love you!

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